Hillis, Ali

Hillis, Ali

Birthday: Dec 29, 1978
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Birth Place: Huntington Beach, California, USA

Twitter: @missalihillis
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Naruto: Shippuuden
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Shin Hikari Shinwa: Palutena no Kagami
Frost, Emma 
Frost, Emma
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Sister | Mar 6, 2014 3:58 AM
Funny how she voices Karin, but complete change on Lightning. Great job though.

celticchristoph | Jan 7, 2014 5:43 PM
Just because it makes people so mad... Liiiiiiiightniiiiiiiiingggggggg!<3

Also, to a lesser extent (because I'm not a fan of blue people), Liara!

KFreezeOfFire | Jul 18, 2013 7:18 PM
She did a great job as Liara in Mass Effect <3 It's also pretty cool that she had a small part in one of my favorite live action movies.

BloodCalibutt | Nov 4, 2012 7:53 AM
shut the fuck up u cunts if i see Lightning one more time im gonna punch my mom in the face

GuessMyUserName | Mar 10, 2012 3:25 PM
Really didn't like Lighting, she's just got a terrible personality. Not Ali's fault though, voice is fine but it's a terrible script.

Amazing job with Palutena though.

Spoc | Oct 25, 2011 11:15 AM
Lightning &lt;3

Keilis | Jul 5, 2011 11:20 PM
Reeeally did not like her Lightning... Just came off as a cranky bitch. Voice was suitable, but acting was totally lacklustre.

xXerxesx | Jun 7, 2011 6:02 PM
yay! people says lightning! LIGHTNING!! <3

InnerMokaLover | Jun 7, 2011 2:37 AM
Lightning <3

PlayLife | Jan 26, 2011 3:44 AM
Just love her voice.

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