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This is my first time here, what do I do?

How about creating an account? Once you've done that, go ahead and start adding anime to your list. You can also edit your profile, post on the forums, change your list colors, and tons of other stuff!

How does help me?

Written by Aisakku is a comprehensive tool to catalog, and share your opinion on both Anime and Manga alike. The Anime list feature allows users to keep track of every series watched, every series you plan to watch, every series you're currently watching and more. The scoring system allows users to create compatibility ratings with one another, making it easy to find new series you have missed. MAL's list is fully customizable, and is only the surface of features offered.'s extensive and international group of users are able to communicate through forums, clubs, and private messages. Find friends to share your Anime watching/Manga reading experience with! Write and read reviews, make recommendations, browse the most popular anime/manga, compete in list design contests, list your favorite voice actors, and much much more! Sign up today and see how can help you!

Can I watch anime or read manga on


Is free?

Yes! It's 100% free.

Does MAL have an API?

Yes. You can read about its documentation here.

How do I use the "Recently Watched Series" image in my forum signature(s)?

First, be sure to set your sig settings and customizations here:

If you know html, you can use this code: <a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>

Or, alternatively, you can use BBCode like this: [url=][IMG][/IMG][/url]

Be sure to change YOUR_USERNAME to your own MyAnimelist user name.

My signature isn't updating?

Signature and history updates may take up to 10 minutes to reflect your latest list changes.

How do I Register an Account at

Click to our registration page and fill in the required information.

What do I do now that I've registered?

Head on over to the add to my list page. From here you can type in the name of an anime/manga title and click "search". If it found a match, entries will pop up over to the right. Click on a title and data fields will pop up. Input the desire data and click "add". You've just added your friend entry.

I Have an Idea for a Feature

Awesome! If you have any suggestions or ideas on ways to improve, head on over to our Suggestions Forum. Create a new topic explaining (in as much detail as possible) what feature/idea you have. Thanks for helping out!

Can I Link to

Of course! We always appreciate people advertising the site. You can use any kind of advertising you want (so long as it isn't illegal or spam, spamming is lame). Or, if you'd prefer to use some type of button that we've created, use this little image:

I found a bug! How can I get it fixed?

A bug? Say it ain't so! Unfortunately though, accidents do happen. If you think you've found a bug/mistake/problem with the site, please be sure to post in the support section of our forums. I will be sure to respond to your message as soon as possible with my findings.

Does have an IRC channel?

We sure do. We're located at #myanimelist on

Does have any clothing apparel (MALWear, hehe)?

Yes we do. Head on over to our shop here:

Check out our very own MAL Model, generously and beautifully provided by ReverseHarem. Hands off guys.

How can I donate to MyAnimeList?

MAL no longer accepts donations, but you can still see previous donors here:

Who Made is the sole creation of Xinil (Garrett Gyssler).

How can I report abuse, nudity, excessive profanity, threats, etc...?

If a user is abusing a feature on MyAnimeList, or if you've found a picture that contains nudity (or anything else not PG-13), please use our report feature here: Please note that you must be logged in to use this feature.

Can we have...?

- Anime scrobbler?
We already have one.

- Decimal Ratings (8.5, 9.5, etc.) for anime/manga scores?

- J-dorama/K-dorama/other-dorama lists?
No, the asian discussion board was created as a compromise for this. Anime and manga lists are already enough for us to handle.

- Video game lists, OST lists?
See above.

- More slots for favorite anime/characters?

- A way to find users most compatible with us?
We used to have this option, but it was too taxing for the server. This may come back in the future.

- Scanlator information?
This may be implemented in the future.

Note: Keep in mind that with overwhelming support most of the above rejected suggestions would have a chance at being implemented. However, being on this list means that they have been turned down numerous times before.

Where can I help add anime/manga to the database?

You may add anime here and manga here.

I think Avatar should be added to the anime database.

No, Avatar is not an anime.

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