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Dekiru Otoko no Sodatekata
--/10Manga , , 2006, YAMATO Nase, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Yaoi, Mukuchi na Koi no Tsutaekata (Spin-Off), DRAMA CD, complete
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Ginchou Kidan
--/6Manga , 2007, Drama, Mature, Romance, School Life, Yaoi, HONJOU Rie, complete,
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Kagakushitsu e Douzo
--/20Manga , 2003, Comedy, Drama, Mature, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Tragedy, Yaoi, HONJOU Rie, oneshots, complete
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Kibishiku Aishite
--/6Manga , 2008, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Smut, Yaoi, HONJOU Rie, oneshots, complete,
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Kimi ga Ichiban Soba ni Iru
--/6Manga , , 2004, CHITOSE Piyoko, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Smut, Yaoi, oneshots, complete
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Kimi no Ai wa Mienikui
--/8Manga , 2005, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life, Yaoi, HONJOU Rie, Licensed, oneshots, sequel "Kimi to Iru Asu", complete
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Koi Shika Dekinai yo
--/7Manga , 2009, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Yaoi, HONJOU Rie, sequel "Sono Toge wa Nukanai", complete
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Konna Otoko wa Aisareru
--/6Manga , 2007, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Yaoi, HONJOU Rie, sequel "Himitsu no Yoasobi", side story "Ai no Kotoba mo Shiranaide", complete
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Mikansei na Karada
--/7Manga , 2005, Drama, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life, Smut, Supernatural, Yaoi, HONJOU Rie, prequel "Amaiyo Maiyo", complete
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Namida mo Tooku -Aonibi no Nemuri-
--/5Manga , 2009, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mature, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy, Yaoi, HONJOU Rie, adapted from "Ginchou Kidan", complete
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Senya Ichiya: Shitone no Himegoto
--/6Manga , , 2009, OKADAYA Tetuzoh, Drama, Mature, Yaoi, complete
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Wagamama Dakedo Itoshikute
68/26Manga 2003, TSUKI Kaname, Drama, School Life, Yaoi, DRAMA CD, complete,
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Ze: Kami no Hon
--/35Manga 2012, SHIMIZU Yuki, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Supernatural, Yaoi, Ze (Adapted From), oneshot, complete,
Chapters: 8, Volumes: 2, Days: 0.10, Mean Score: 6.0, Score Dev.: -1.51

# Manga Title Score Chapters Type Tags
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"Boku wa Senpai ni Josou wo Shiirareteimasu."
76Manga Pretty much this is about an outgoing girl who pins down this cute guy and crossdresses him, takes his photos and sells them to willing boys. Talk about ecchi *fans self* whoa
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1-en no Otoko
66Manga ♥ I couldn't read the characters which made it surprising. I didn't like the uke and didn't see what the seme saw in him?! The art was good, but not my cup of tea really. All n all 'Fine'.
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110-Ban wa Uketsukemasen!
76Manga ♥ About two cops working together. The new recruit ends up staying with another cop who always teases him but eventually falls for him. I like KITAZAWA Kyou's art and have read many of her other works.
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17-sai no Hisoka na Yokujou
86Manga ♥ This started out as smut, i mean, just some sex filled scenes BUT then the story starts to get really cute and sweet! I really liked the romance in this. The sex was a bonus, in the end.
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2 Dome no Koi no Hajimari wa
66Manga ♥ I like Lemon's art. It's fresh and modern. Bunch of oneshots that didn't really interest me. Same old stuff, really.
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2 Shuukan no Adventure
48Manga Child rape?! Hell no!!!!
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24 Jikan Eigyouchuu
78Manga ♥ First manga from this managka although the art is very familiar?? Anyway, cute little stories and nice art. Might look into this mangaka some more.
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24-jikan Kiss Dekinai
63Manga ♥ Another Student x Teacher pairing. Also the art changes mid manga because this was continued after 8 years (according to the Mangaka's notes)
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51One Shot ♥ A random oneshot by NAKAMURA Asumiko. A mini model train starts talking to this guy. Weird!
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A Fairytale for the Demon Lord Publishing
7-Manhwa umm what to say? the art was AMAZING but the story was dark and sad. The story follows the making of demon lord. It's different and kinda depressing and unfinished? Volume 2? I wrote a review
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Abarenbou Kareshi
95Manga ♥ Another manga from Junko. This was cute with love/hate acceptance towards the relationship. Junko really knows how to draw cute boys. When they blush... It makes me blush haha ↓
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Abiru Junjou
76Manga ♥ great art by YUZUHA Ougi; juicy and glossy, however, plot was okay. This had good drama and love scenes with typical StudentxTeacher pairing.
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61Doujin ♥ I love Mentaiko's art and follow him on pixiv. I'm not a fan of bara but I can't go past the art. So hot!
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After Morning Love
65Manga ♥ This tried to be deep and meaningful about a male prostitute being saved by a straight guy. They tried to drag out the drama and in the end i got bored and skipped dialogue. Took 3 pages to say one thing. Also the topic on AIDs was a huge turn off.
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Age Called Blue
57Manga ♥ Didn't like this at all. Didn't like the story or the characters. i liked the art... but that was it.
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Ai dano Koi dano
66Manga ♥ I am reading many of Miu's works and i love her art but not this story. It was sweet and enjoyable until he rapes him. RAPE IS NOT LOVE PEOPLE! Come on!
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Ai ga Aru Kara
59Manga ♥ Bunch of one shots. Not gripping or exciting. Art was soft but even that was nothing too fantastic. In the end they were nice little stories but i wouldn't read them again.
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Ai ga Love shite You Nano sa
86Manga ♥ The school square falls for the delinquent and tries to form a relationship. This had such cute and funny scenes. I liked the art and the romance.
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Ai ni Somare
46Manga ♥ Boring and uneventful. So wishy washy. I was rolling my eyes all the way through it. So lame.
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Ai ni Yuku
82Manga ♥ I'm glad it ended there, though really I'm not glad, but it would have been painful to see the human grow old without the god. So sweet :)
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Ai no DNA
46Manga ♥ This was lame. About 2 brother who share each others pain and pleasure through blood. The art was plain and the characters were annoying. Didn't like it.
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Ai no Gebokutachi
55Manga ♥ Beyond silly but juicy. That is all.
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Ai no Konseki
77Manga ♥ Even though I didn't like the art or the smut, the love scenes were pretty juicy. Stories were okay. Not bad overall.
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Ai no Kotoba mo Shiranaide
66Manga ♥ the art was pretty but I didn't really like the story. About a honour student who has sex to release stress but falls in love.
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Ai no Kotoba wo Uragaeshi
79Manga ♥ ABE Akane's art is good; her men are hot! Espically when sleeping half naked 0.0 I only liked the first arc, the one about the abandoned kid living with the lay-back guy and eventually falling for him, it was so cute.
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Ai wa Karada de Kataru Mono
67Manga ♥ A bunch of oneshots by TSUKIHARA Mayuri. They were pretty smutty and over theta sex scenes. I didn't really like the art. Some stories were okay but nothing rememberable.
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Ai wo Kou Kemono
67Manga ♥ Yeah. Started out okay, then went to crazy town. About a boy who is sleeping with his father ends up sleeping with his unknown brother. I thought maybe the uke would get better but he actually got worst; lost cause. The art was pretty but the drama wa
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Airyouran Gakuen
55Manga ♥ I got bored at chapter 1. Same old scenarios with popular seme vs cute-shy uke. Read one: read em all!
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Aishi no Sweet Voice
45Manga ♥ The art was terrible. The facial structures annoyed me. The story was... okay but in the end annoyed me as well. I noticed the mangaka likes drawing butts though. Lots of butt scenes :/
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67Manga ♥ So cute. I like Hoshino Lily (Demon Girl Zakuro) art. This is a bunch of one shots with a mix of everything.
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Aishite Baby
57Manga ♥ Another 'Asia Watanabe' manga = smut with no plot. This wasn't too bad but so predictable and kinda boring. Whateves
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85Manga ♥ I love Fujitani Youko's art and stories. She has a way of keeping you hooked with everyday situations and romance. No over-the-top drama or stupid actions, just pure love between couples, including this one.
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67Manga ♥ Typical famous person x civilian relationship. Originally i gave this a higher score, but after re-reading it, not now. I did like the drama but not the art.
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Aiso Tsukashi
77Manga ♥ I'm not a fan of prison, the Yakuza or prostitution but the pairing was really sweet. The art was okay but high scores for the couple/story only.
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Aisubeki Fujitsu
75Manga ♥ Neighbour (uke) takes high school student's (seme) virginity one night while drunk. I like the relaxing atmosphere around the characters. Their relationship is cute and easy going. Other arcs are nice as well. Happy feel good romance.
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Akanai Tobira
85Manga ♥ The first arch was hawt! Uke attracting guys left right and centre gets protected by forceful Seme. The art was good and the stories all have one dysfunctional character haha
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Ake Nure Goyou ni Furu Yuki wa
66Manga ♥ The art is amazing but the plot follows a few people, because of that, each couple didn't get enough screen time, hence my low score. I also got a little bored :/
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Aki-chan no Iibun
71One Shot ♥ A short extra story about Akinobu and how he reacts to the incident which happened in "Kodomo no Iibun".
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730Manga oh! i've read this! I was drawn in by the art and stayed because of the se… plot! This actually had a good story underneath all the orgies and smut. Huge fan of the style of art. The brother was so dam cute!
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76Manga ♥ I don't like the situation on how they met. It wasnt cute or romantic but kinda dirty instead. The art was cute even though the kid cried a lot. It was different but still good.
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75Manga ♥ I really liked the style of art: sketchy and loose but also modern and pretty. I did't like the drama around the blackmail.
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Akuma Bengoshi Kukabara
71One Shot This was the one shot release before the 'Defence Devil' manga was released :)
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Akuma de Keiyaku
67Manga ♥ At one point I just zoned out. Human and demon sex. Yeah. It had some cute moments but overall it was just silly/smutty.
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Akuma wa Hohoemu
65Manga ♥ I can't understand MADARAME Hiro's art. The panels are so busy it's SO hard to read.I end upsweeping stuff or re-reading it. I get her comedy but I don't like her drawings.
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45Manga ♥ the art was terrible, at the best of times. The story was okay, but still boring and melodramatic. Yawn!
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Amai Jouken
65Manga ♥ The art was very nice. The reason behind why the Seme saved the Uke could have had more depth. Like, he knew him before or something more than just 'he had nice eyes'. It was sweet but lacked depth.
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Amai Kimi ga Suki
76Manga ♥ Nice little bunch of one shots. More shounen-ai than yaoi. Same mangaka as Koketsu Dining.
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Amai Yuuwaku
61One Shot ♥ One Shot. Ootsuki Miu. Part of Ijiwaru na Hito.
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Amane no Uta
85Manga ♥ This was a slow paced romance - which i like. It dwells on the emotions and feelings of the characters with added romance scenes. I liked this a lot! *PURCHASED
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Amasugi Monster
78Manga ♥ This was really cute with good art but lacked in the 'BL' department. Although there were heart flutter scenes it could have have more *PURCHASED
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Amayadori wa Bus Tei de
54Manga ♥ So this rude guy (aka Queen) has a soft side that another guy witnesses and starts following him around. It's cute but the cover had good art that lured me in but the manga didn't live up. It was just wishy washy.
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Ameiro Koigokoro
65Manga ♥ Boy likes boy in school but doesn't confess. Years later they find each other and confess. That's it really. It was cute but nothing more. *PURCHASED
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Ameiro no Toge
71One Shot ♥ a oneshot by HAYAKAWA Nojiko. About a boy who liked the aloof painter in his class.
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Anata no Jinsei Hikiukemasu!
65Manga ♥ It was okay. I liked the little rabbit chibis of the manga artists. It was cute but that's all. Simple comedy and very mild drama.
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Anata no Tame Nara Dokomade mo
811Manga ♥ This had very odd art but I liked it a lot! The designs were appealing and exaggerated. I also liked the comedy and tsundere uke haha About a detective and a wedding swindler. This was completely different and I loved it.
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Anata no Tonari ni Suwarasete
75Manga ♥ It started out slow, which was good, and wrapped up nicely. I didn't like the art, as it was too old for my liking. Simple story about a furniture craftmans and his fan.
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Ano Hi no Kimi wo Dakishimeta nara
612Manga ♥ Kotetsuko did the art (Like a Beast mangaka). Pretty disheartening. I don't agree to the abusive relationship morals and this isn't a happy fluffy romance... until the end at least. Not bad, but not good.
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Ano Kado Wo Magatta Tokoro
66Manga ♥ I've read this many times because i can never remember it. Sounds weird but i always look at it and say 'what was this about again?". It's okay... from what i can remember :/
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Ano Koi no Tsuzuki
74Manga ♥ I liked the uke character; he was so sweet and pure and not an idiot. A story about childhood friends meeting up and remembering their childhood bond.
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Anti-Romanticist no Yuuutsu
711Manga ♥ I couldn't connect with the characters. The art was detailed yet it lacked. It was a gripping story about trust and love but I just couldn't have cared less. Maybe it was the manga, maybe it was my attitude at the time. Might try reading it again. Mig
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Aoi Kizu to Doku no Ringo to
77Manga ♥ Pretty cute but limited back-story and random events that confused me. I liked the island people arcs and I liked KUJU Siam's art.
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Aoiro Keiyaku
65Manga ♥ Love the art. As i was reading i was thinking "i recognize this art?" and i was right. Same mangaka as 'Not Equal'. I found the story boring and uneventful though. Side Story to Bi no Isu
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Aoki Umi no Toraware Hime
512Manga Started out great but became boring. Typical weak shoujo.
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Aozora no Sunda Iro wa
76Manga ♥ My first manga by TENZEN Momoko. It was a nice story about a kid who became a teacher finding his old teacher and fell in love. It had some drama around the kid's past and some cute romance but very light love scenes. Mellow but nice.
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Arashi no Ato
76Manga ♥ HIDAKA Shoko does such good dramas. She takes her time and adds the reality to each scene. The work aspects did bore me at times though. I like the drama around the romance and the characters.
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Ashita mo Tanin
66Manga ♥ One-sided love for 10 years? It was nice how the "in denial" same took care of the uke claiming "their friends". But I don't see the reasons why the uke rejected him after he realised how he felt. Nice art and story.
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Ashita no Kimi wa Koko ni Inai
75Manga ♥ Another manga where YAMAMOTO Kotetsuko did the art and it was written by SAKIYA Haruhi. The story is a student x teacher relationship. I didn't like how the student kept pursuing the teacher. Great art. Simple story.
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Asobi ja Nai no
66Manga ♥ i swear i've read this *goes and checks* oh i have read this... long time ago. Short yaoi stories but great art!
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68Manga ♥ this had under tones of sadness revolving around young boys trying to find love. I followed along, painfully waiting for Ata to find himself only to have a half-arsed resolve. This was more about the dialogue than the art/scenes *PURCHASED
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Atashi no Bambi
64Manga This is JUST like 'My Little Monster'. So a like it's uncanny! And so a like that i didn't like it.
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Ayashi no Kimi no Koiwazurai
97Manga ♥ Ahhh hawt Fox-Boys! About two fox gods at a shrine. I like the comedy/romance and hot scenes. The ears are so cute!!! I'm tracking down other works from this Mangaka as she has good art.
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46Manga ♥ old, dark and twisted. No thanks.
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811Manga ♥ I wrote a review ↓
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Baby★I Love You
65Manga ♥ according to Baka-Updates, I've read this?!
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76Manga ♥ Not a fan of bara or smut... but i like the art.
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Bamford Koushakuke no Shitsuji
66Manga ♥ Supposedly this is completely scanlated? Baka-updates says it's finished? I dunno but I'm sick of it being on my Hold list.I'll mark it off for my sake only.
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55Manga ♥ I didn't like the art. The stories were a little depressing. I kinda liked the first story, about the mute-brother and the servant. The rape-arc was was terrible though :(
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Bara to Dangan
81One Shot This was really cute! The art reminder me of Jiu Jiu mangaka's works. Even though the girl looked like a boy i really liked her. Their relationship was deep and touching. I wish it was a long series!
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Bara to Yaban
87Manga ♥ I liked the art and the characters blushing; so cute! I liked the second story the best, called "In Your Hand and In Your Hand", about a sculptor and a painter. Cute romance and hot love scenes.
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Barairo Mitsubachi
65Manga ♥ Fujikawa Ruri has good art, but that's all. Bunch of one shots with predictable endings and simple characters.
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Beast & Feast
86Manga ♥ I thought this was too short. This could have easier been a great-long series. The most impressive part was the 'together' and 'after being together' scenes. I liked the cuddling and pillow talk which is rare in yaois. Chibis were cute but awkward.
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Beast Master
79Manga Boy who snaps when he sees blood and starts attacking people like a wild animal - gets tamed by a high school girl. Very sweet :D
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Beauty Stock
86Manga ♥ I am loving the art. The eyes are so big and cute. Cute stories about guys in the beauty industry :)
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Bed no Ue no Tengoku
76Manga ♥ A bunch of oneshots by NOMORI Mina. I liked "Bedtop Paradise" the most but the others were sweet and cute.
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Bed Room Tour!
67Manga ♥ A bunch of oneshots that are cheap and slutty. Not very interesting or emotionally moving either, although some chapters were quiet dark. At least it's not censored, even though it's not very pretty. Whateves.
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Before Daylight Love
77Manga ♥ I love FUJII Mitori's art. I have read "After Morning Love" but didn't like it at all . This was much better, about the bar manager and the owner.
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75Manga ♥ A bunch of one stories about different workers at a Handyman business. Not bad. Cute but that's all.
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Best Ending?
86Manga ♥ The art is OUTSTANDING; fresh new modern art and clean lines. The stories are a little cliche but still enjoyable.
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Birikketsu no Mahou
57Manga ♥ It was boring. The art was okay. It was heavy based around the comedy which was annoying. I liked the last arc the best, the one about the computer geek.
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Bitansan Ekisu
66Manga ♥ A bunch of one shots that I don't really remember. Nothing outstanding and a tad boring. Nice art.
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Bitansan Renai
85Manga ♥ I liked the simplicity of the romance mixed with drama. The art was soft and likable. I liked the younger brother pairing more than the older brothers. The romance took ages and I felt it was going no where but concluded nicely at the end.
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Bitter Virgin
732Manga About a girl who was raped by her step father, got pregnant and gave birth all in secert. A boy at her school finds out then he starts to like her. Good drama/ romance :)
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Black Sheep Down
77Manga ♥ Typical girly-uke who attracts every penis in range and the seme who ends up protecting them... and then abusing them.
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Blood Honey
65Manga ♥ This guy was suppose to be a vampire... but the only thing did was drink blood and not even through biting?? I liked the second arc better about the boy and the priest.
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Blood+: Yakou Joushi
85Manga KISARAGI Hirotaka's art is amazing. His characters are always so beautiful. I liked the bromance and the action. This could have been a great long series; I just wanted more!
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BLT - Burning Love Twin
47Manga ♥ I couldn't finish it. Skimmed the last chapters. It was boring and confusing. Bah.
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Blue Eyes
71Doujin ♥ HOSHINO Lily, Very very cute art. About a mermaid and a man. Just a one shot. Not bad but too short for any real meaning.
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Blue Nathanael
91Doujin ♥ I wrote a review ↓
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Blue Sky Complex
87Manga ♥ I like reading shounen-ai as a refreshing change and this was exactly that. It was slow paced and charming. I like how we also got a view from Terashima at the end. Really sweet boy love. I also like ICHIKAWA Kei's art.
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Blurry Moon
46Manga ♥ About a host who was dating another host, who raped him when he was younger. It's stupid. It's not love. The boy raped him and didn't regret it, at all. Stupid and boring.
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Body Talk Paradox
66Manga ♥ A bunch of short yaoi stories...
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Boku dake ni Kiss wo Shite
66Manga ♥ more generic yaoi short stories. Nothing worth remembering or nothing that stood out. meh.
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Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai
723Manga It's shoujo, so lots of moe moments. This is good: girl falls for teacher because he saved her but turns out it was his younger brother. I like the art.
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Boku no Ai wo Shire!
76Manga ♥ Not bad. I'm not a fan of hosts and night clubs but this was okay. Nice art and scenes.
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Boku no Ano Ko
77Manga ♥ A boy was promised a wife, and given a picture of his bride, as a child. He grew up being in love with his bride, the only catch is that his bride turned out to be a guy. This was pleasant. Art was nice and the romance was sweet.
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Boku no Kawaii Hito
68Manga ♥ Just some cute smut ;)
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Boku no Kichiku Megane
76Manga ♥ another 'rape then love' story. I don't care how damaged they are, rape does NOT mean love! The last arc was the best, it was sweet, and because no-one rapes anyone.
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Boku no Pico
--Doujin ♥ 2007, Hentai, Yaoi, Saigado, WHY!?
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Boku no Shiru Anata no Hanashi
76Manga ♥ WTF is with the roll swap AND the toothbrush up his....! Confused??? Still, love Suzuki Tsuta's and characters.
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Boku to Neko to Hatsukoi Kousa
85Manga ♥ Really like the art. Clean and modern. Cute panels and scenes. Such a cute "best friend's becoming more" story.
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Boku wa Kimi no Tori ni Naritai
96Manga ♥ 15yr with intimacy issues falls in love with his sister's boyfriend. I really enjoyed this manga but didn't like the ending. You're expecting this big emotional scene and i felt like it was rushed. Still good though ↓
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Boku wa Oniichan.
107Manga ♥ I wrote a review *PURCHASED
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Bokudake no Peach Sapuri
66Manga ♥ A bunch of smutty oneshots by HIAMA Yuki. I don't really like this style of art: very shoujo with big eyes and fluffy scenes.
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Bokura ni Matsuwaru etc.
56Manga ♥ Finished. That's all I've to say.
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Bokura no Mitsudomoe Sensou
66Manga ♥ Another Shoowa manga. A bunch of oneshots about high school shenanigans. The latest arc is weird: about the boy who required daily "penetrations".
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Bokura No Unsei
66Manga ♥ Teacher x student pairings. Simple one shot yaois based around school scenerios. Art was cute. Plot was generic.
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Bokura wa Sore wo Hitei Dekinai
84Manga ♥ I like Kyuugou's art. I've read a few of her works. This is about high school friends becoming something more. It's got the same emotional drama and scenes as all high school yaois but it's really hot and cute. See comments...
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Bokura wo Shihaisuru Kotoba
75Manga ♥ drama mixed with light comedy and cute scenes. Two half brothers falling in love. I like the truama around the brother's sleeping and the blushing scenes. Short but cute.
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Bokutachi Futari ga Koisuru Riyuu
76Manga ♥ The art was amazing. Detailed yet still cartoonish. The story was touching but still didn't shake my soul. A young boy falls for a guy who dies but his twin brother takes his place without him noticing... at first.
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Bokutachi wa Asu ni Mukatte Ikiru no da
77Manga ♥ I like ZAOU Taishi (Eiki Eiki; Love Stage!!). This is about a guy whose mother was lucky, so everyone is after him to get some supposed luck. It was typical Eiki Eiki: funny, silly, witty, cute and sexy.
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95Manga ♥ Same mangaka as 'Rutta to Kodama'. Same kinda of high school romances. Really cute pairings. I liked the school prez arc the best ↓
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68Manga ♥ pure smut from SAKIRA
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Boys Love
61One Shot ♥ almost no dialogue and mainly a oneshot about two boys falling in love, hence the name. Short, juicy and simple.
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78Manga ♥ I've read other works from KIJIMA Hyougo and I'm not normally a fan of bars or smut but this actually had a cute little story about a boy idol who cross dresses but none knows who he is, expects school nurse.
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410Manga ♥ A relationship between 2 step brothers. Didn't like the drama, art or how the relationship developed. I mean they got stuck in a hole together and then 1 brother decided to 'have his way' with the other... yeeeeah :/
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814Manga ♥ Ohhhh i've read this before! why was it not on my list? Anyways it's about 2 step brothers who loose their parents. Very sweet and touching. Same artist as Honto Yajuu (one of my fav mangas).
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45Manga ♥ bfft haha so stupid. As soon as the animals started talking I knew it was gonna be bad. Cute love-scenes but that's all.
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Byousoku Zero Mile
86Manga ♥ so cute! About a boy who cherishes a river bed where he was found and then adopted. He falls in love with an architect who wants to redevelop the area. I like the art and the innocent scenes. The kid has daddy issues but it's kinda sweet.
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Café Relish ni Oide
65Manga ♥ i don't remember finishing this? that says alot, doesn't it? :/
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58Manga ♥ A bunch of oneshots by WATANABE Asia. I've read 4 out of 8 chapters. See comments...
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Canvas ni Kuchizuke wo
77Manga ♥ Series of One Shots. Smexy times. Gave me the Yaoi fix. The art was great. Plot was different but generic at the same time. Recommended from Fabe and enjoyed it :D
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107Manga ♥ I wrote a review *PURCHASED
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Castle Mango
712Manga ♥ the art by OGURA Muku was amazing. The story was simple enough but still touched my heart. I wish it had more love scenes but the story and the drama made up for it. I like their relationship, even though it was difficult. * PURCHASED
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Cat & Master Dog
71One Shot ♥ One shot by Yamane Ayano (Finder Series)
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86Manga ♥ really good art by ICHIJOU Lemon. I like how the uke had a thunder trauma that only the seme could calm. I didn't like how controlling the seme was but it was still cute overall. Also included "Daryl" story.
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Cherry na Teacher
65Manga ♥ merrrrrr what can i say? This was about a virgin teacher being sort out by some other guy. It emphasized on the 'blushing' and the 'cute' stuff more than plot. It lacked depth, among other things.
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Chikakute Tooi
85Manga ♥ I really like NARAZAKI Neneko's art. Sherds big eyes with cute blushing moments. I also like her romance where it's simple but oh-so sweet. High school boys at it's best.
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Chikatetsu no Inu
56Manga ♥ I have too many questions: why is he trying to find him a box? How did they find each other? what the hell are they talking about half the time??? confusing :/
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Children's Time
74Manga ♥ VOL 3 of 6: The dialogue can be exhausting and sometimes I don't get the point of the drama, but overall it's good.
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Chime: Peach na Seito to Banana na Kyoushi
79Manga ♥ Another Ootsuki Miu manga. Great art! Love the characters. So cute and glossy! But her works are kinda smutty. Lots of sex and lacking plot. High scores for art alone ↓
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Choco Strawberry Vanilla
87Manga ♥ Woah. Holy shit. This was hot. If you like threesomes then you will LOVE this. It was a little twisted and at times I felt like their relationships wrong but it was so juicy and in the end I really liked the romance, kind of.
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Chocolate Surprise
97Manga ♥ So cute. I like Hoshino Lily (Demon Girl Zakuro) art. This is a bunch of one shots with a mix of everything. I like the main story the best.
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Chou ni Naru Hi
66Manga ♥ Typical Sumomo manga where her plots can lift you up but also rip your heart out. This is a bunch of one shots ranging from Shoujo, Yaoi and Yuri relationships.
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Chou yo Hana yo
66Manga ♥ About a guy who steals his sister's kid, raises him and then they falls in love. Stupid comedy. Lots of smut. Typical WATANABE Asia.
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Chuchun ga Chun
712Manga ♥ I can tell this is early works of Kotetsuko. It's cute but minimal and focuses on random 'nothing' events more than the relationship. Still good read and good art *PURCHASED
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Close Your Eyes
71One Shot ♥ Why was this so short. This could have been a good drama :)
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Colorful Line
66Manga ♥ A little plain and boring. Two guys who can't communicate about what they both want end up getting mixed signals. Nice art.
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520Manga ♥ The blind kid had a messed up life cos of his hair/eye colour so he keeps wanting to die. Also everyone is out to have buttsmex with him. Just kill him already so he stops whinging. Geeez
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Count 0
67Manga ♥ the concept was different: a guy who can see how many times someone has lied by numbers appearing over their heads. The art wasn't too bad but I couldn't tell characters apart. Overall, it was okay.
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Cream Pie
61Doujin , 2010, Adult, Bara, Yaoi, Mentaiko, Doujin, aww! this is kinda sad. If you can get past the "creamy" parts it's got a sad ending :(
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Critical Lovers
713Manga ♥ I like TENNOUJI Mio's glossy art, cute characters and hot love scenes. Silly plots filled with sex but still enjoyable. This was about a few boys in a hostel. I like the one about the boy who had a trauma after being molested on a train.
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Crown Craze
77Manga ♥ about non-blood related brothers who fall in love. Why did the brother kill the cat?? I don't get that part. A half-assed sex scene and a lot of drama. Meh.
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62Doujin ♥ So, this is a cross over between some of Ougi's characters from Darling and others. Really, this should have been just an extra from Darling instead of having it's own profile.
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Crystal Harem
79Manga ♥ Not bad little drama around a homeless kid and a cop. It was more about the kid's life coming back to haunt him some how. A bit smutty but still nice.
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66Manga ♥ I had actually read this before. Anyway, I don't like the art and the story is depressing. Not bad but not what i normally like.
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Daigishi no Ichizoku
77Manga ♥ From first glance, the art looksold and terrible but I think it's just the designs. Thad some nice moments but I didn't like the semes or the rape/ romance/ smut. Cute stories but that's about it.
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Daikirai na Aitsu!
66Manga ♥ Guy who lost his job as an actor starts working as a house keeper for some rich guy. They fall in love. The end. Had to view the last chapter un-scanulated but i got the idea of what happened. all n all short n sweet but nothing special
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Daini Button Kudasai
714Manga ♥ A spin-off from "Hey, Class President". Cute and sweet. I could only find 6 chapters but apparently that's all you need to read.
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66Manga ♥ Bunch of one shots with supernatural properties. Nice stories but not sure about the art. Not really my liking.
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Dame BL
512Manga ♥ A bunch of messed up one shots. The first one was the best, everything else sucked or didn't make sense.
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Dame na Kurai ga Choudoii
66Manga ♥ Bunch of one shots with some juicy art. I like the second one the best. Besides that, nothing terribly exciting with plots or character developments.
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Danshi ing Girl!
64Manga A girl hates boys but after near death she swaps bodies with one and then falls for the best friend. It had comedy, moe moments and was cute but went in circles, hence low score.
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721Manga ♥ "i rape you because i love you", sure you do Seme. I can't believe how stupid ukes are sometimes. The drama irks me and it's SO predictable but hawt action with GOOD art.
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Datte Ai ja Nai!?
57Manga ♥ so this guy borrows money from a loan shark and can't pay him back... WHAT EVER WILL HE DO NOW!? OMG HIS LIFE IS OVER. I guess he can sex him up. Cos that's what normal people do! 8|
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Datte Asobi desho?
75Manga ♥ Typical white collar gay romance. One guy wakes in bed with another and so it goes. Liked the art the most.
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68Manga This has all the ingredients for a good story but just didn't deliver. The art was very good but the plot and amount of dialogue/sillyness annoyed me.
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Dear My Mister
76Manga ♥ Bunch of onsets by YAMADA Fumika. I liked "Target" and "The Happy Egg" the most.
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Defense Devil
8100Manga This is awesome. Bishies, action, drama, supernatural and romance. Ticks all the boxes. Started out slow but sucked me in to the very end! If they don't make an anime i'll eat my hat!
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Dekiai Rule
74Manga ♥ I like NATSUKAWA Shiori's art but not the story. Thsi was about a teacher trying to change the school-sluts ways. It was slow and uneventful until the last chapters. High score for art alone.
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Devil x Devil
66Manga ♥ Cute demons x fallen angels. Nothing too indepth. Just yaoi-fun. If you like blushing demons with comedy... then this will suffice.
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Devil's Honey
77Manga ♥ Same mangaka as 'Tight Rope' and just as good! This is between a student and teacher and was interesting. The build up was good but a little disappointing at the same time *PURCHASED
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Dia Game
86Manga ♥ Really cute art. I like the cute vampire and hunter themes.
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Dog Style
520Manga ♥ I read this years ago but never added to my list. It's brutal, too brutal for my normal likings; it has rape, violence, rough sex and crime. I don't like the art or the themes.
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Dokidoki Renai
76Manga ♥ I didn't realise this was a sequel. I read this first and gave away the ending. Silly me *PURCHASED
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Doko e mo Yukenai Ki ga Shiteta Publishing
8-Manga ♥ OGURA Muku. So cute. A rude-outcast boy looks in the window reflection at his crush everyday. This is Hiatus at 3 chapters. I hope it continues.
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Doko ni mo Nai Kuni
77Manga ♥ Bunch of oneshots by KUSAMA Sakae. I like her art, sketchy yet detailed. I don't like rape, even if he did love him, but I like how he beat up the teacher for him. I like the first arc about the soldiers the best.
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Doku no Aji
71One Shot ♥ Just a one shot about a demon stuck in a cage and a blind man rescues him. Kinda sweet and nice art but short with light 'romance'. Found this after Three Wolves Mountain.
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Double Mints
57Manga ♥ I didn't like this at all! It was so dark and twisted. I only gave it a score of 5/10 for the art.
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Doukyonin no Binandomo
67Manga ♥ So, the younger brother goes to stay with his older brother in-house with two other guys who both like him. It wasn't very meaningful and very simple.I don't like the art. Not too bad, overall.
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86Manga ♥ I really like NAKAMURA Asumiko's art. It's misshaped and sketchy with clean lines. I also like the simple romance. Very funny and cute.
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Dounimo Nannai Soushi Souai
84Manga ♥ The art was amazing! the plot was a little odd but still had moments of sweetness and comedy. It made me smile and feel good. High scores for romance and art.
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Dounimo Naranai
56Manga ♥ I am so sick of plots where someone forces their love onto another. Now matter what they call it... It's still rape. THEN the stupid uke starts to fall in love with them?! That's manipulation.... not love!
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Doushitemo Furetakunai
99Manga ♥ This story is about two work colleges who fall in love. It's slow and very serious and heart-felt. I've re-read this many times *PURCHASED
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Doushiyoumo Nai Keredo
714Manga ♥ I enjoyed this. Typical 'Seme is rude to uke but secretly loves him' but still good. I like how the seme uses him as a pillow lol
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Dragon x Boy
81Manga ♥ This has been dropped and will not be finished. Only 1 chapter ever got released. Sad really. I wrote a review.
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Egoistic Blue
75Manga ♥ typical TENNOUJI Mio; very nice art with simple romance stories *PURCHASED
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82Doujin ♥ I love Naked Ape's art. So detailed yet so beautiful! This is the only Yaoi they've done. Although dark it's good. Not a fan of vampires but whatever ↓
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Eien no Aida ni Miru Yume
71One Shot ♥ MURAKAMI Yui's art is amazing! This one shot is a little disheartening but touching.
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Eien no Shichigatsu
87Manga ♥ LOVE the art. The uke was soooo beautiful. That smile *sigh* so cute! The drama and uke's personality was interesting. I read this because of a recommendation for the extra 'Lips'. Which lived up too it, but main story was still the best!
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Empty Heart ~Itsuwari no Koi Dakara~
72Manga ♥ Not a fan of the style of art but the story was touching, about a brother being the substitute-lover for his brother's best friend.
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Endless World
68Manga ♥ That was traumatic. I need a hug.
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Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki
75Manga ♥ this is really cute and simple. About a delinquent kinda guy who starts teasing the quiet guy over his long hair. I like the expressions when they blush. So cute!
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71Doujin , 2013, Adult, Bara, Fantasy, Yaoi, Mentaiko, Doujin, Not a huge fan of bara...but I'm a fan of Mentaiko.
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78Manga ♥ This is a yaoi about Centaurs. Those half man-horse creatures. So you can guess what happens right? Short and creepy. Has dark drama and undertones.
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Eros in the Stoic
61One Shot ♥ only 2 pages. No joke. I like Yoneda Kou, a lot, but this was random.
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61One Shot ♥ oneshot by Kyuugou. Sex friend becomes jealous and rapes him because he loves him. The end. 2 reviews and high scores because the characters are so"real". Whatever. I don't endorse rape so no high score from me.
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76Manga ♥ Going through 'Amayo Tsuge' works because i like her art. This one was about boy robots and their masters. Cute n sweet :3
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Fairy Tail x Rave
61One Shot haha cool, will have to read Rave Master now XD
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61Doujin ♥ Another pointless smutty oneshot by WATANABE Asia. The full colour pages were nice!
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67Manga ♥ I really like Miu's art. It's smutty but her characters are so cute! The drama was very shallow and i felt it could have been delivered better. About step brothers and dealing with one of them being gay ↓
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75Manga ♥ The stories had underlining depth. Both were about people with some family issues that needed help to overcome them. Mainly physiological reasons. Although sad i was happy with the endings.
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Feng Yu Jiu Tian Publishing
7-Manhua ♥ I purchased the english translated volume. SuBLime is only licensing that one volume, but, I can read the manga online, although, I don't plan too read it *PURCHASED
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Final Impression
56Manga ♥ another "I rape you because I love you" story. He treated him like dirt and why did he stay? because they were friends in middle school. Stupid and shallow.
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55Manga ♥ Woah! Too much coverage on the ball sacks, HAZUKI Tsuyako. That was an experience. I don't remember anything else because ball sacks were in my face the whole time. Ewww
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Fortune Fortune
47Manga ♥ cat boys, which I love, but the art is so old and crap; sometimes it was good but most times it was bad.
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Free Punch
76Manga ♥ I've read many of Natsume Isaku works and she does great characters and stories. This was 2 little stories whcih were both good.
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Fruits Basket
7136Manga OMG! i finally finished this. I pushed through a weekend and finished it *wipes sweat* The ending was great but getting there was a pain in the BUM: drama this, drama that....yawn! The ending made me smile though, very satisfying :)
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Fujunna Renai
53Manga ♥ This was SO confusing. I read and reread this cos i didn't know who loved who or who confessed to who?! It jumped around. The art wasn't fantastic either. Overall it was "average".
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Fukurou-kun to Kare
86Manga ♥ God I love YAMAMOTO Kotetsuko's works. This is a side story to Tweeting Love Birds and I just loved it. Next is "Love and Baseball".
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Furachi na Cherry Voice
76Manga ♥ I wrote a review *PURCHASED
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Furue Tsumore Shiawase no Hana
77Manga ♥ simple story about a student falling for his friend whose also his teacher. I like the art. Parent story: Koi no Shizuku.
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Furueru Yoru no Himitsugoto
95Manga ♥ cute little one shots! I really like these and i love Ogura Muku's art! She also did Sentimental Garden Lover *PURCHASED
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Futari no Maharaja
75Manga ♥ This seemed very exotic and at first I though this would be very good... But alas, another shallow yaoi. It wasn't all bad and the threesome was pretty awesome but it could have developed more with the romance. Rape is NOT love!
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Fuyu Kaze wa Dare ga Hiku
71Doujin ♥ a oneshot by HAYAKAWA Nojiko. See comments.
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G-Senjou no Neko
819Manga ♥ I liked the drama. I was really pulled into the story and felt for the kid, after finding out about his abuse. The last couple of chapters were the best! It was a good read and I'm glad I bought all 3 vols. *PURCHASED
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Gachinko Battle
61Doujin ♥ I love Mentaiko's art and follow him on pixiv. I'm not a fan of bara but I can't go past the art. So hot!
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Gakuen Heaven
63Manga ♥ V.1 - Gakuen Heaven
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Gakuen Heaven - Calling You
67Manga ♥ V.4 - Endou Hen - Calling You
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Gakuen Heaven - Closer to You
63Manga ♥ V.2 - Nakajima Hen (Closer to You)
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Gakuen Keiji Love Mission
62Manga ♥ Short. Great art. Silly plots. Typical AMAGI Reno.
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76Manga ♥ What is it with this artist and her fantasy for men to bare children?! Besides that not bad little stories. I like the angel one ↓
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Gekkou Teien
58Manga This is okay. Art is soft and plain. Story is okay. Girl was bought up as a boy because of her family and starts to attend an all boys school.
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52Manga ♥ I really like the art. Same artist as 'Maiden Rose'. Just a one shot about a solider who kidnapped a preist. You can work out what happens :P
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Gin no Kajitsu
77Manga ♥ I like the sketchy art. My first manga by SAKAMOTO Mano. The love scenes were tame. The drama was different but not inspiring. The romance was sweet. I liked the art and blushing scenes the most.
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Ginkaku Hakase to Marmot
66Manga ♥ same mangaka as Not Equal. It's okay. Not a fan of machines rapin' people n stuff. Yeah.
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Giocatore, Hokaku Keikaku.
57Manga ♥ I don't like Bara. Too smutty for me.
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76Manga ♥ A good plot twist. About a guy who woke up with amnesia and was part of a big yakuza group who was assassinated. His keeper assaults him but cares for him. I'm not a fan of gangsta themed plots but the art and the drama were very good.
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Glow Vampire
61Doujin ♥ A smutty oneshot by WATANABE Asia. This is apart of "Shin Toukyou Yuukaku Monogatari".
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67Manga ♥ short n sweet. "eating sausages in bed" LOL
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Gohou Drug
716Manga ♥ So this is the first 3 vols dating from 2000-2003. The artist then put the manga on hold but continued again in 2011. The continued manga is now Drug and Drop.
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Good Morning
76Manga ♥ Simple yet good. Gay guy tricks straight guy that they 'did' it. After finding out he didn't though the straight guy falls for the gay guy *PURCHASED
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Gosan no Heart
86Manga ♥ Another Chise Ogawa. Uke announced he was dating the seme after he couldn't shake some pesky girl, however, they actually fell in love. Smutty love-scenes and good drama.
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Goshujin-sama ni Ki wo Tsukete
76Manga ♥ A bunch of one shots. Really cute art and nice stories but that's about it. Just makes me happy :3
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Goshujinsama to Wanko
69Manga ♥ pure smut from SAKIRA.
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64Manga ♥ The characters were hard to tell apart. I didn't really like the art and I felt the story was a bit boring. I liked the aggressive brother, though. He was fun.
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Hachimitsu Darling
88Manga ♥ This was so cute! I love Akira's art (sister of Homerun Ken). This is heartwarming and funny. A guy starts working for a vet as his wife after his kitten got sick. After a while he falls for him. Hot art and love scenes * PURCHASED
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Hada no Ue no Renai Jijou
66Manga ♥ another series of one shots by Naono Bohra. The one shots are all over the place - internet wise. I think I've read 3 out of 6?
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Haikei, Niisan-sama
810Manga ♥ This is a very serious take on a brother complex that goes too far. It's mature and cute but ends how all incests should end: as siblings only. The mangaka took three years to complete this. I love her art but thought it was frivolous, in the end.
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Hajishirazu na Yoru
76Manga ♥ I like Naono Bohra's stories as they have real depth and real issues but she has an obsession with older males. Most, if not all, of her pairing have a huge age gap between lovers. This was a bunch of oneshots aimed around disabilities, if some kind.
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Hakase to Neko
51One Shot ♥ Tentacles and Nekos. That is all.
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61Manga ♥ this box was blank *goes checks manga* i can't remember this. Couldn't have been good then?
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Hana no Miyako de
85Manga ♥ I love Rihito's art with a passion! And i'm so glad this was a Yaoi and not a Shounen-Ai. Some juicy scenes and cute story ↓
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Hana nomi zo Shiru
814Manga ♥ I wrote a review *PURCHASED
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Hana Sakasemasho
83Manga Serious bromance between brothers. I'm not a fan of History but i really liked the art, drama and events. Nice short story with a declaration of sibling love.
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Hana Shinobu no Koi
76Manga ♥ Typical body-guard-master plot. It was funny and cute but kind of random and silly. The art was nice, I guess. The other oneshots I don't remember.
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Hana wa Junai ni Junjiru
79Manga ♥ the art was STUNNING! The stories were heart warming and sweet. Although i don't like prostitutes i liked the way a 'Hana' escort was designed: only one master to love.
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Hanamachi Monogatari: Hatsuzakura Mau, Yoru no Shitone
56Manga ♥ Terrible rape=love plot; I despise these stories. So sad and heart-wrenching about a boy forced into prostitution. Amazing art though. Based of Visual Novel.
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Hanamai Koeda de Aimashou
65Manga ♥ just a short shounen ai. Good for time wasting
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88Manga ♥ Another HOSHINO Lily manga. Prequel to "Hanayome-kun".
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88Manga Nawwww what a beautiful story! A mother made a deal with a demon to save her daughter's heart. 16 years later the girl must return the heart but the demon and the girl fall in love. Really good manga :)
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Hanaya no Nikai de
710Manga ♥ VOL 6 of 6: this is the last of the series and the best. This had higher reviews than all the other vols and I can see why. I bit more action but good drama to match. Same as the others with heaps of dialogue but a nicer story/pairing.
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88Manga ♥I like anything by HOSHINO Lily. She's one of my top favourite mangakas for her art, romance and plots. This one was about males marring other males over old family traditions.
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Hanazono no Kioku
76Manga ♥ I thoughts was going to be shallow but it SO wasn't. About a guy who gets drunk and marries another guy. Their get matching ring tattoos. It's deeper than you think with some serious emotional issues and dramas.
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Hand Which
78Manga ♥ I love SUZUKI Tsuta's art., she draws such hot scenes and characters. I like the last arc the most; about the boy-neighbour with the photographer.
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Harapeko Usagi to Koisuru Ookami
83Manga ♥ about a suit who has a stern face but loves bunny rabbits. He comes across a guy who reminds him of a rabbit and starts to like him.
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Harem Days
75Manga ♥ I'm 50/50 with liking NAONO Bohra works. I like her stories but not her art. I like her drama but not her choice of men. She has some cute moments but her sex scenes can be graphic and distasteful. Overall, I still read her works but am torn on how I
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Harem de Hitori
86Manga ♥ HOSHINO Lily. The art is amazing! Her stories are very fantasy themed. Lily likes the gender bender; drawing cute boys who look like girls. Very tame sex scenes. All stories are about prostitutes.
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Harete Bokutachi wa
86Manga ♥ one of YAMAMOTO Kotetsuko's earlier works. Pity this is only shounen-ai because was really cute! I actually read the sequel before this *PURCHASED
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Harlem Beat wa Yoake made
827Manga Son of the devil escapes to earth. So soldiers go after him and the only way to tell who he is is from a tattoo on his back. So the entire manga is them trying to remove his shirt. It's really funny and I love the art :3
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Haru yo Koi
66Manga ♥ I like NARAZAKI Neneko's art: it's fluffy-shoujo type BL goodness, however, I don't like the lack of love scenes and romance build. Bunch of oneshots with no depth what-so-ever.
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67Manga ♥ the uke was so easy going and uncaring that he seemed stupid. The blushing and loves scenes were cute I didn't like the characters or scenes; too simple and boring.
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610Manga ♥ pure smut from SAKIRA
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Hatsukoi ni Kiss
81One Shot ♥ HOW is this NOT Junko?! I don't believe it. The art is IDENTICAL! Cute little story with oh-so delicious art.
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Hatsukoi no Atosaki
76Manga ♥ This touches on the 'What if' topic about first loves. 'What if' you had never broken up? 'What if' you met again after 10 years? What would you do? I really connected with this story and is was interesting with nice art.
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Hatsukoi no Yamai
76Manga ♥ A bunch of oneshots by TOJITSUKI Hajime, who I swear was KOTOBUKI Tarako (Sex Pistols) because the art was so similar. I liked the first chapter.
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Heart Stop
66Manga ♥ Stalker stalks guy who ends up dating him. I like the blushing but it got tedious, at times. I skipped dialogue. Baka-updates says there are 5 chapters, not 6(?)
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75Manga ♥ Host falls for Mafia boss. Some stuff happens. They end up together. This was a short-nice Yaoi. Nice art, simple story and nice 'moe' moments. That's about it really *crosses off list*
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Heaven's Love
76Manga ♥ Shimotsuki Kairi (Brave 10). Art is hard to follow because it's so busy but tolerable. Funny how all her character look the same in all her mangas though. This story was good :)
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Henai Prince
66Manga ♥ This was one of those 'couldn't pick the seme/uke until someone pins someone down' manga. Plot was kinda boring but nice art!
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Henshin Dekinai
86Manga ♥ Same mangaka as 'No Money' and it's a side story involving Honda the mechanic. Really cute and i like the drama. Who knew Honda was such a sweety ↓
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Hibi Renren
77Manga ♥ Bunch of one shots. I like the first and last one the best. Those blushes were cute! Besides that, nothing really exciting or different. Slice-of-life yaoi.
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Hidari no Futari
61One Shot A very simple onset by Nakamura Asumiko about a stuck-up school council girl and a scrawny swim-team boy. Very short and random but nice art, as always.
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Hidoku Shinaide dj - Imasara Briefs no Miryoku ni Kizukimashita
91Doujin ♥ Doujin: Maya is enamored with Nemugasa's underpants.
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Higouhou Junai
713Manga ♥ This guy loves that guy, while that guy loves this guy who loves another. Love triangles. This is sweet and not smut - for a change. This proves how hard a one-sided love can be.
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Hikari to Yami no Logic
76Manga ♥ I like HIIRO Reiichi works: cute with fluffy romance and sex scenes but this was a little boring. About a policeman who can read people's thoughts.
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Himananode Hajimete Mimasu.
85Manga ♥ Hot. OMG hot. No censoring here folks. Two friends start living together. One is kinda slow and gets hard-ons at the drop of a hat, which stirs something the other friend haha
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Himananode Okujou ni imasu
81One Shot ♥ One shot prequel to 'Hajimete Mimasu', on how they met.
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Himegoto Asobi
815Manga , 2011, SAKURAGI Yaya, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Yaoi, Licensed (SuBLime), Yume Musubi Koi Musubi (Adapted From), complete, see comments...
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718Manga This had all the ingredients for a BL but it wasn't. It was pretty funny and cute, at times, but somehow it was kind of pointless. The new kid at school becomes best friends with some other guy.
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Hisho Ikuseichuu dj - Kawaii Hishosan
71Doujin ♥ Great art! Like, very clean detailed art. Story was simple and smutty. Don't like the plot: forced sex through owning debts. But not too bad. Uke was very innocent and naive.
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Hisho wa Shachou ni Kudokareru
67Manga ♥ bunch of oneshots about business men and their romances. Cute little stories by Takakura Tomoko.
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Hitomi No Dokusenyoku
77Manga ♥ The art is amazing; modern, clean and glossy. I don't like semes that are rude and forceful towards ukes; which is a turn-off. The plot gets better after chapter 2. High scores for art and ending.
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Hitorijime Theory
66Manga ♥ A bunch of oneshots by KITAKAMI Ren. I don't really remember them. I'm not a fan of the character designs. I find them very generic with super-pointy chins. Meh.
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Hizamazuite Ai ni Kogarero
67Manga ♥ Fujikawa Ruri has nice art and awesome sex scenes but her stories lack soooo much that they are so predictable and boring.
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Hokenshitsu no Target
76Manga ♥ A guy was dared to seduce the school nurse and ends up falling for him. I liked the art and the cute blushing scenes. This was sweet and had some nice moments. I like both stories.
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Honenuki ni Saretai
-7Manga ♥ About a model who is kind of slow and loves his tsundere housemate. Nice art and cute scenes. I like the chibies
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Honeycomb Child dj - Honeycomb Child S
62Doujin ♥ Extreme incest by WATANABE Asia, although I think they are all half-brothers-fathers whatever. Still, mega daddy issues. I've only read one of the two.
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Honki ja Nee kara
76Manga ♥ This was cute. Basically a gay student starts hanging out with some straight guy. Of course the student likes the guy so he slowly enforces a relationship. I liked how the student was shy. Really cute :3
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Honoka na Koi no Danpen wo
67Manga ♥ This was weird. Men who are swords are controlled by masters who fight demons. I didn't like the pairings and found the romance and drama jumped around. It was like the mangaka didn't know what to concentrate on? *shrugs*
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Honoo no Suna
76Manga ♥ I like TAMAQUIS Wrens seme's. Typical "prince takes sex-slave" plot but i still liked it. It had some hot scenes, although shallow. Sequel "Nessa no Kusari".
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Honto Yajuu x Suki tte?
72Manga ♥ A crossover between the couples in Honto Yajuu & Suki tte Iwasete whereby they swapped their roles as in Tomoharu & Aki becomes university students, Eiji, Shun & Hidekazu becomes policemen while Shou becomes a yakuza.
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Hoppe ni Himawari
63Manga ♥ I like MITA Ori's art. The story was a little weird. It's about a guy falling for the fat-kid. I kept thinking "oh, he'll loose all that weight and look hot..." but he never did. It was cute but I'm too shallow to like this.
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Hoshigariana Kimi to Futsutsukana Boku
67Manga ♥ This was on my list as completed but i couldn't remember it? After re-reading it i realized I've read it ages ago. Art is very detailed, which is okay but not great, and story is simple. That's all really.
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Houkago no Love Call
57Manga ♥ Meh. Typical yaoi trying to deliver a good story with some smexy scenes. I like the art but don't personally like the plot. Whatevers
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Houou Gakuen Misoragumi
622Manga The art is good, the plot sounds good but the story is...well I don't know. It's very comedy/chibi based which annoys me. It does get better though and the romance is sweet but thats about it :)
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Hug Kiss Akushu
86Manga ♥ I like MOTO Haruko's art. This was relaxing and cute. I wanted to see more from the brother and the sensei (the first pairing), more than the friend and sensei but was still happy. Love triangles and cute scenes.
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Hyakujitsu no Bara dj - Halloween Special
75Doujin ♥ Another Doujinshi from Inariya
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Hyakujitsu no Bara dj - Luckenwalde no Heya de
104Doujin ♥ It's like some extra smexy scenes for Maiden Rose. Hawt!
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Hyakujitsu no Bara dj - Nikukyuu Techou
73Doujin ♥ Just a little DJ from Inariya
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Hyper Love Power
815Manga ♥ I didn't like any other works by Hiiro Reiichi. I liked this as it has that "animal desire" towards sex. Other than that, it was predictable and silly at times. But, hot sex scenes and cute moments.
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Ichiban Chikaku de Koi wo Suru
86Manga ♥ About an adopted brother who was abandoned by his partners and falls for his new brother. He's a pervert towards his brother by stealing his underwear and going through his trash.It cute and has funny moments. I like the art.
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Ichizude Karen na Ore-sama
71One Shot ♥ I like AKIRA Norikazu's works. A oneshot about some hosts falling in love. I like how her works are always sweet, even if they involve manly men.
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Ienai Itami wo Daiteiru
81Doujin ♥ I am a huge fan of OGAWA Chise. This is a cute little oneshot about two half-brothers. So sweet!
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Ijimetai Hodo Aishiteru
75Manga ♥ Bunch of one shots. I liked 'Little Lost Lamb' the most.
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Ijippari Love Panic
76Manga ♥ I liked the art. Nice and clean with good designs. I liked the middle arc story more than the main one. High score for art.
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Ijiwaru na Kuchibiru
56Manga ♥ Stupid plots. Stupid characters. Stupid rape then love scenes. Gagh.
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Ikemen-kun to Saenai-kun
85Manga ♥ This was SO CUTE! I love Hideyoshico's art. This was about a guys dead girlfriend who possesses some random guy every time he blacks out. So much feels!
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Ikezu Kareshi no Otoshikata
76Manga ♥ I like SAKYO Aya's art but not sure about this plot. About a ero manga artist who needs "work" from his editor. I've noticed that all of SAKYO Aya's sex and characters (uke and semes) are very similar. high score for the smut.
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Ikoku Irokoi Romantan
87Manga , 2003, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Smut, Yaoi, YAMANE Ayano, Licensed, I've seen the anime, complete
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Ikujinashi no Shiawase
76Manga ♥ Bunch of oneshots by NAONO Bohra. I like the first arc, about the little guy and the tall guy - the cover story.
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Ikumen Datte Koi Shimasu.
76Manga ♥ a more recent manga by MISHIMA Kazuhiko. Same younger semes with older ukes. It was cute but generic.
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Ikusen no Toki wo Koete
78Manga ♥ I'm not a huge fan of the art and the character designs. The story was bitter-sweet and a tambouring at the sam time.
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Inferior Doll
55Manga ♥ Another manga from Kairi (Brave 10). I noticed the art was hers straight away. I can tell she thrives on costume design and you can see this in this manga. I think the story is weak though. Oh well, just a one shot.
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Inu mo Arukeba Fallin' Love
66Manga ♥ 3 short stories. The one where a guy adopts a dog that turns into a human is the best :P
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Inu to Kamisama
61One Shot ♥ oneshot by Hideyoshico. About a white-collar guy who is stalked by his bully. The bully greets him everyday. It's cute. I felt sorry for the bully but then again, he did tease him...badly. It was sweet but short.
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54Manga ♥ It was smutty. A guy wins a dream-machine and goes on sex-adventures only to find one guy who he falls for (and has heaps of sex with). The mangaka dropped this, so it doesn't have a ending, but you can pretty much guest where it was going.
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Iro wo mo Kaori wo mo
75Manga ♥ HIIRO Reiichi art is easy to pick out, she draws her uke's all the same; blushing horny boys. This was about a blind incense maker finding his first love. I didn't like how he couldn't control his sexual urges, but at the same time it was hot.
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75Manga ♥ VOL 5 of 6: Getting a little bored and find my self skipping dialogue - because there's so much of it! So much drama.
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Isso Mou, Kudokitai!
76Manga ♥ i love Mishimas style of art. This yaoi is kinda cliche' story but it has hot guys, so it's good :P
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Itai Itai Itai.
84Doujin ♥ I love Mentaiko's art and follow him on pixiv. I'm not a fan of bara but I can't go past the art. So hot! This story is actually quiet sad. I feel sorry for the boys. Is this complete?
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Itazura Neko ni Goyoujin
55Manga ♥ The art was really different. Those lips were weird, at first. I didn't like the kid. Even if his intentions were for love, he was an asshole for 80% of the story. Yeah. Toshiya should have stayed with the manager.
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Itoshii Akuma
68Manga ♥ This is part 2. LOVE the art... story? meh BUT DAT ART!!!
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Itsuka Koi ga Kanau Made
76Manga ♥ This had a good twist and the back story for Rio was actually sad. Rio's story made the manga. It added the heart felt moment of their reunion. Good art. High scores for Rio's story.
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Ja-Dou: Tenmou Yatan
55Manga ♥ I didn't realise this is a sequel. Makes sense now, because i didn't really understand a lot. About demons and celestial heaven beings. The art was too old for my liking, but it was still okay to read. Light love-scenes. Confusing drama. Too fast pace
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Jappa no Amane
78Manga ♥ The scans were terrible, but, beggars can't be choosers. The chibi's annoy me and so does the comedy, although the characters are hot and the so is the sexy times. I liked the twin's arc: hot!
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Jigoku Iki Bus
77Manga ♥ I don't like MEIJI Kanako's art, it was plain and sketchy but her love-scenes were smutty and HOT. I like the first arc, the best, but like how the second one ended; it wasn't expected.
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Jigoku Meguri
810Manga ♥ This was amazing! The art. The romance. The characters. The plot. Everything. I like how everyone was re-born into the human world and got a second chance as love. So sweet and different. Would read again!
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Jin to Neko wa Yobu to Konai
56Manga ♥ I like Shoowa's art. This was a mix of her other characters together in random stories. I didn't like these stories though. I was only following this after Koujitsusei no Tobira (which is her best i recon)
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Jiujiu: Jujuu
723Manga Ending was SO DISAPPOINTING. But overall i liked this a lot. I loved Snow and Night and loved viewing them on day-to-day rituals. Pity about no romantic ending otherwise i would rate this higher *PURCHASED
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Joker Trap
62Doujin ♥ a Doujinshi by TENNOUJI Mio. I like her art but this had a weak story designed to deliver pure smut.
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Joushi no Okiniiri
57Manga ♥ One shot yaois with romances between white collar workers - which i don't like. Art was plain and boring.
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Joushi to no Hitoban
76Manga ♥ I actually liked this. The art was modern and clean, the story was cute and funny, the romance was sweet. It based around the same bullying-the-uke but in a cute way.
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Jungle King
56Manga ♥ Hahah well it's a yaoi and you can guess what's it about from the title (i'll give you a hint: a yaoi version of tarzan)
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Junjou de Wagamama na Kare
66Manga ♥ I think there were side stories cos i got confused half way through? all the characters look the same. I liked the art but yeah typical love plot.
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Junjou Minimum
87Manga ♥ About when everyone was little and how they all became friends.
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Junketsu Drop
86Manga ♥ Great art and facial expressions. 'Moe' factor is high with this one. Story is simple, yet different, about high school boys 'teaching' each other things. Art is worth following Mangaka for ↓
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Junketsu Ningyo
78Manga ♥ a bunch of short yaoi fantasy stories. One with a merman, a beetle, a snake etc Good art and chibli characters but nothing more than that
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Kaeru no Prince-sama
66Manga ♥ office romance between the hot guy and the guy with the stutter. It was cute with nice art but the guy's stutter never really got any better and most of the story was about how pathetic he is.
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Kafe Kara Hajimaru Love Life
76Manga ♥ About a timid guy who starts working at a gay cafe ends up staying with a custom who, yep, you guessed it, uses him for sex in exchange for board. I'm not a fan of the art. It's too old for me but it wasn't bad. A cute little story without much depth.
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73Manga ♥ The art is AMAZING! but the ukes are soooo girly. This is based off a game. I like the typical damsel in distress scenes, even though these were a bit weak. High score for art.
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Kamisama ga Yadoru Kotoba
71One Shot ♥ The art reminds me of Rihito Takarai, like, i actually thought this was one of hers. Cute little one shot about childhood friends making a vow of love and for filling it when they grew up.
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Kamisama no Ude no Naka
820Manga ♥ I love Nekota's art. This has more drama than BL and follows a few characters but focuses on a young boy with stagmata scars. Cute but most of all the art is really good.
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Kanashii Doubutsu
75Manga ♥ I like Koizumi Kiyo's other manga better. This was so depressing on a level of self-rape-abuse. The uke put himself through some trouble experiences as he felt he deserved nothing better. I gave high score for art only.
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Kanashii Kotoba
86Manga ♥ A guy was traumatized over his father's suicide, so he stopped talking. Some hot-shot in school starts to like him and pursue him. My heart was caught in my throat over the kid's abuse. The manga was vague but you got the idea.
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Kanemochi-kun to Binbou-kun
86Manga ♥ Hideyoshico manga. The story is touching, although weird. Two boys: one rich, one poor. The poor one becomes the lover to the rich-boy's grandpa because the grandpa loved his grandpa when he was 16. It's weird but sweet.
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Kanmitsu Danshi
55Manga ♥ by Enomoto Tsubaki. Meh
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Kanojo ni Naru Hi Publishing
6-Manga A guy turns into a girl and his best friend falls for him. In the end it was a shoujo manga. Not bad but same old "do I love them?" dramas.
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Karada Meate de Warui ka
76Manga ♥ I liked the characters and the romance... to a point. It went in circles and irked me at times but overall it was cute. I like the uke cos of his weirdness and shyness. Also the Seme was just HOT.
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Karamari Jijou
76Manga ♥ *PURCHASED
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Karasu ni Diamond
95Manga ♥ One shots. Typical Ootsuki Miu; gorgeous characters and art with amazing sex scenes. I love the crow story the best; so cute!
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Kare no Barairo no Jinsei
86Manga ♥ I like 'sketchy' art. It's rough but still presentable. Lots of moe moment in this yaoi along with some hawt moments! This was a happy-feel-good little vol.
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Kareshi Glamorous
89Manga ♥ this was pure smut BUT very good smut! I found the art, the characters, the plots very entertaining. The smut was a bonus and the punishment in the last chapter *nose bleed*
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Kasa no Shita, Futari
66Manga ♥ I like the art but during the smexy scenes they looked like chibis? Nice story with some drama but predicable. Not one of my favourite Junko mangas.
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Katappashi kara Zenbu Koi
87Manga ♥ Best friends who become something more. I like the art and the smut. Slow but very cute!
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Katate ni Kenjuu, Kokoro ni Hanataba wo
66Manga ♥ Same mangaka as 'Hyper Love'. Not as good i recon but still okay. Lacked in 'love' scenes but interesting drama/action. Mangaka does similar uke-saving-seme even though the uke is still useless haha
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726Manga ♥ Student falls for home tutor. Nothing more, nothing less. Fed my yaoi addiction :P
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Katsubou no Manazashi
75Manga ♥ This has the typical twist where the seme forces the uke at first but they end up in love. It was really sweet after you find out the Uncle is actually a good guy :3
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Kawaigatte Kudasai
87Manga ♥ HOT! OMG this was steamy! I like cat-humans and this was oh-so-cute. Sure it's smut and shota but I love Hoshino Lily's art and love scenes.
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Kawaii Akuma
76Manga ♥ I have a Love-Hate relationship with this manga. I love the art/drama... but don't like the rape-then-love plot. OH but when Naruse comes back from summer holidays HE'S HOT!!! B)
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Kawaii Beast
76Manga ♥ Going through 'Amayo Tsuge' works because i like her art but i've noticed that most of her works are a series of one shots. This one included. Not bad but stories are too short for my likings.
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Kawaii Hito
715Manga ♥ Not a fan of the art style but still cute. Just 2 boys who love each other and the struggles with their daily lives. Typical dramas: jealousy, insecurities, lack of communication and sexual desires with Girl vs Boy in a same sex relationship.
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Kawaisa Amatte Nanika ga Hyakubai
76Manga ♥ I didn't like the first arc but I liked the last two. The one about the transvestite was cute/funny. The art was hot!
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Kayashimashi no Yuugana Seikatsu
621Manga ♥ slow, boring and simple. Sure the love-scenes were hot and the events were sweet, however, it had no drama or depth. About a rich outcast lonely guy becoming a lover with the gardener.
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Kedamono Nanbiki?
78Manga ♥ A bunch of smutty oneshots by HONJOU Rie.
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79Manga ♥ Seme client falls in love with uke body guard. Great art. Like, breath-takingly beautiful! Comedy was annoying at times but drama/romance was great.
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Kemomimi Shouji
56Manga ♥ The art was okay... but the ears are random and not well drawn?! Boring and pointless. Whateves.
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Kibun wa Joujou!
76Manga ♥ I like TENNOUJI Mio's art but not the chins, crazy big chins! A bunch of people living in a share house and all their relationships. Smutty and instant-love.
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Kiken na Otonari-san
78Manga ♥ I liked the second story, about the doctor and the kid, better than the first. I liked the art. The sex. The romance.
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75Manga ♥ Depressing spin on happy stories. Like a boy who wants to escape his father's abuse tries to kill himself and is saved by another boy. So, good ending but kinda emotional. I liked the art.
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Kikoenai Koe
96Manga ♥ i don't like the art but i feel that's the way the mangaka intended. The story is cute and heartfilling. Simple yet pleasing. Not really Yaoi but really heart warming. I really liked this *PURCHASED
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Kimama ni Tanteigyou
63Manga ♥ This feels like an intro to an idea of a manga series. Because of that it was short and lacked development. The comedy annoyed me a little. Good art and VERY VERY light BL.
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Kimi ga Inakerya Iki mo Dekinai
1012Manga ♥ naww when he abandons him it's so sad. Its like anyone who has ever been dumped can relate. What a touching little yaoi. I re-read this a lot. Great pairing!
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Kimi ga Koi ni Midareru
812Manga ♥ Sequel to "Kimi ga Koi ni Ochiru". About a silk-artist who was harassed by a stalked. I read the last chapters raw but I still got the ending.
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Kimi ga Koi ni Oboreru
818Manga ♥ Sequel to "Kimi ga Koi ni Ochiru".
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Kimi ga Koi ni Ochiru
86Manga ♥ I love TAKANAGA Hinako's love scenes; tasteful and juicy at the same time. This was really cute. Unrequited love for one but falling for the brother.
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Kimi ga Terasu Koi no Hikari
71Manga ♥ A cute little one shot about a guy who stumbles into a Planetarium and falls for the guy who works there.
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Kimi no Iru Sekai shika Iranai
76Manga ♥ First arc started out rocky: the older brother 'rapes' the younger brother to 'hurt' him but ends up loving him?! The other arcs are sweeter than the first. Very good art!!!
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Kimi no Karada ni Koishiteru!?
76Manga ♥ I love the art. You can tell it was drawing digitally with clean lines and shading. A bunch of oneshots about boys in school doing naughty things. The stories were light and boring but the art was good.
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Kimi Note
77Manga ♥ It's about a guy who likes the smell of another guy. There are also some other one shots. Hot art/scenes and nice feel-good plot. Love Junko ↓
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Kimi to Date
71One Shot ♥ A oneshot by SUZUKI Tsuta. I love her art, although not really her plots. This was about a rude/abusive guy who has a live-in helper. The bathroom scenes was uncomfortable but overall it was okay. High score for art.
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Kimi wa Amai Amai
87Manga ♥ Very good art. I've read a few of Ichika's works. This is a bunch if stories about how hard one-sided love can be. Very sweet with no comedy.
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Kimi wa Girlfriend
74Manga Cute short story. A girl had a bad mouth and can't make friends until she meets a gay guy. She ends up falling for the guy but can she tell him her real feelings without being rude? So cute. Same author as 'Special A'
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Kimi wo Mukaeni
66Manga ♥ About a guy who leaves for the big city but goes back to the country with his friend. Very confusing at times. Didn't understand the dialogue or scenes or who was who - typical SHIMOTSUKI Kairi (Brave 10), really.
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Kimi wo Watareba
66Manga ♥ Not bad but kinda predictable. Guy from pass appears in future and falls for a boy that looks identical to his grandfather for who the guy has a crush on. I didn't like the ending but art was good.
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Kingyo Sukui
51One Shot ♥ I love Hideyoshico's art, I really do, but her stories are weird and sad sometimes. About a useless guy who achieves nothing but being lazy and being unreliable. He made me angry.
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Kinjirareta Taion
75Manga ♥ the first arc, about the younger brother, was the best. A boy who was abused by his older brother was rescued by a detective. I don't really remember the other arcs.
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Kiraboshi Dial
76Manga ♥ New doctor relocates to small country town where he meets a strange guy who has some dark issues circling him but the doctor also has some issues that he can't resolve. Odd couple but really nice.
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Kirai ja Nai kedo
96Manga ♥ Volume 3: this would have to be her best story / pairing XD
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Kirakira no Hibi
77Manga ♥ A guy has a fear of cats so he goes to a cat cafe to get over his fear and he meets one of the workers and falls in love. Nicest. Simple story. Okay
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Kirara to Shiroi Ookami
51One Shot 2012: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo - Not bad. Very childish. Sloppy art. Cute.
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Kirikago-hime to Mahou Tsukai
89Manga This is so cute! About a wizard who takes a fairy for his collection but falls in love. Their relationship is so cute, as the wizard is cold and mean and the fairy is innocent and sweet. Love the art by NESUMI Chisato.
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Kishidou Club
517Manga ♥ Boring smutty yaoi. Okay art but weird story line/ concept? whatevers... it passed the time.
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Kiss Wood
834Manhwa This is a webcomic with beautiful drawings.The story has a feeling of depth but is pretty easy to follow, until towards the end everything gets a bit crazy. It's mature and has some deep morals. Enjoyed this even though didn't fully understand the ending.
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85Manga ♥ This was really sweet! I liked the characters and the mild drama. I liked how the seme waited for the uke to come-around with his love confession. Nothing terribly exciting happened. Just nice romance and events.
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Kizoku no Aoi Seppun
66Manga ♥ Nobleman seme makes a bet to win uke's love. They fall in love, seme breaks his heart, they break up. This all happened in the first chapter! It would have been more believable if the romance dragged out, instead of smut-filled sex. High score for art
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Kodomo no Iibun
710Manga ♥ VOL 4 of 6: FINALLY some love scenes, but only after some melodramatic drama, geez. I do like this series but mainly because I want to see it through to the end. The dialogue can be exhausting and sometimes I don't get the drama, but overall it's good
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Kodomo wa Tomaranai
78Manga ♥ VOL 2 of 6: so much dialogue. So much fighting. They spend more time fighting than resolving anything. It's exhausting to read, but eventually good scenes do appear and they do deliver good drama.
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Kohitsuji Project
87Manga ♥ This is like the yaoi version of Vampire Knight but with more comedy.
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Koi Cha No Osahou
617Manga ♥ About a guy being forced to join the Tea Ceremony Club to learn some manners and meets a guy. This follows them right up until school ends. So relationship ups and downs but nothing serious. More about life choices. Not bad but not great.
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Koi Kaze
735Manga I have seen the anime so thought I'd read the manga. It's exactly the same until towards the end where scenes are chopped up. Still enjoyable though :)
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Koi ni Nare!
86Manga ♥ This is SO CUTE! I'm not a fan of the seme but i like self conscious ukes. Student falls for dorm supervisor - who's a playboy and friendly to everyone. I didn't like how he fell for him but it was still kinda cute. I like the blushing. Feel-good read
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Koi no Iro
77Manga ♥ a bunch of oneshots about random little romances. Soft art and cute scenes * PURCHASED
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Koi no Kamisama
86Manga This is a one shot about a guy who has the powers of transformation given to him by mother Earth. Humans call him 'Apple'. Amazing little story about friendship and amazing art. It was touching.
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Koi no Mannaka
79Manga ♥ This is kinda sad. The kid had a messed up life. Starts out kinda shallow but gets more deep. Good drama. It had a satisfying ending with two troubled kids ending up together.
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Koi no Mimi Yori Chuuihou
78Manga ♥ I like the mangaka's other works better but this still delivers really happy Boy Love. No yaoi just happy romance and moe moments *PURCHASED
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Koi no Shizuku
66Manga ♥ Another series of one shots. Cute little stories but nothing worth remembering. Chapter 4 was the best. Nice art and characters.
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Koi to Karada wa Senaka kara
65Manga ♥ this started out good with the best friend supporting the broken hearted uke - I also like how he was scared of thunder, so cute - but then it just got boring and smutty. Oh well.
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Koi to wa Yobenai
824Manga ♥ Drama and romance. This was intriguing right from the moment his rescues the cat.... and some guy holding the cat. This was a nice change as the drama was meaningful and deep. Although there a lot of chapters I never got bored or impatient.
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Koi to Wana
76Manga ♥ A bunch of one shots including the introduction to 'Blooming Darling'. These were a little more deep compared to Yamaoto's current works. Also her art has gotten a lot better *PURCHASED
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Koi wa Ina Mono Myouna Mono
75Manga ♥ About a guy who can see the future and predicts a gay relationship with a school friend. Heaps of comedy but not enough smex. Oh well
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Koi wa Keiyaku no Ato de
85Manga ♥ Wow. A seme who doesn't rape the uke! The romance is consensual! OH MY GOD STOP THE PRESS! lol
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Koi wa Maiorita
75Manga ♥ consequential romances based in historic japan times with empires and arranged marriages. The romance and drama was mild. It was touching but also bland.
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Koi wa Tenka no Mawarimono
55Manga I've only read the one shot 'Ikenai Candy Love'. It was short, stupid with okay art.
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Koi wo Suru DNA +
54Manga ♥ Side story to 'Finder' but not as good.
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Koi wo Suru nara Kono Machi de
67Manga ♥ odd story about a guy who breaks out with hives when touched by a good-looking male. Also including the oneshot "First Love is Difficult". Sequel "Kizutsuite Romance".
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76Manga ♥ hot art by HIYOSHIMARU Akira, she can really draw cute hands and fingers. I like the animal chibis, so cute. The story was confusing, at times, but overall it was cute and had some good drama towards the end.
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Koibito wa Hatsujouki
59Manga ♥ bunch of smutty one shots. Nothing more, nothing less.
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76Manga ♥ Part 2 to Koibitogokoro. I'm only reading what's being scanulated (6 chapters + omake). See comments...
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75Manga ♥ Part 3 to Koibitogokoro. I'm only reading what's being scanulated (2 chapters + omake). See comments...
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Koishite Daddy
76Manga ♥ About a guy falling for a father who has a young child. Nice art with good drama. It was a good read. The Sequel about the son is call 'Love Kids'.
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Koisuru Barairo Tenchou
77Manga ♥ About a guy who opened a florist and fell in love with the previous owner's widowed husband. I expected this to be good but it came out kind of okay. It had some cute scenes but was kind of boring.
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Koisuru Bitch-kun
88Manga ♥ Sensei was so cute. Sure, he came across as a slut but only towards Sugiura-kun. I like the "Kiss to Glistening Stars" arc.
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Koisuru Boukun
864Manga ♥ Sadly, after re-reading this I've come to realise that this is about a gay guy who forces his love onto a straight guy. It has it's ups and downs and I was a huge fan of the love-scenes, however, the drama annoyed me in the end.
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Koisuru Boukun dj - Aru Hi, Mori no Naka.
85Doujin ♥ Great little DJ. Weird how they were animals but still wore lab coats? Cute with some good drama/action. Just what i would expect from Hinako :3
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Koisuru Cupid
76Manga ♥ AKIRA Norikazu (aka Homerun Ken). Love her art, She always designs manly semes. 3 cute little arcs. I like the twin cousins one the best but LOLed when the ghost from the first story was watching them make love.
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Koisuru Finder no Hyouteki
62Manga ♥ This is a cross over between Finder Series and some other manga - which i haven't read. It might have made more sense if i had read it. Still nice though as i like Yamane's works.
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76Manga ♥ Shy guy who can't speak his mind against a loud guy whose popular with everyone. I like Moegi's art.
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Koko kara Dousuru?
76Manga ♥ I like the rough-style art. The romance and themes were pretty tame. The arc "I've Always Been Waiting", about the shop boy and the worker, was the best.
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Kokoro Kikai
72Manga ♥ Short, very short... a whole 2 chapters! but still made an impact :) cute little shounen-ai drama :P
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Kokoro no Kagi wo Mitsukete
65Manga ♥ by CJ Michalski. Her works are renown for smut-filled love, which this had. However the drama was touching. Half-brothers (one the heir and one the son of the mistress) fighting over love and family.
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Komata-kun to Komata-chan
52Doujin ♥ what? that's it? geees
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106Manga ♥ I really liked this. A guy left school after being bullied over being gay - starts working at a deli where he meets this rough looking guy and well yeah ;) Really really sweet and nice smexy times ↓
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Kono Ore ga Omae Nanka Suki na Wakenai
76Manga ♥ This started kinda shallow but turned out really sweet. The vain guy annoyed me at first but then got really cute as his emotions were like a yoyo. Typical 'misunderstanding' dramas between high school boys.
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Konoyo Ibun
7-Manga ♥ I liked the way he healed him - sucking out the black demons but felt it could have expanded more into that. I loved the art though! Nice clean with modern character designs. Pity the story lacked and at times jumped around.
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Konoyo no Hate Made I Love You
51One Shot ♥ sequel "Inu to Kami-sama". About a stalker follow a guy he bullied from school. I like hideyoshico's art.
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Konya mo Nemurenai
719Manga ♥ I love Honto Yajuu with a passion and started some of the Kotetsuko's other works because of it, but I don't like the meet-cue or characters with this one. Not my favourite but still okay.
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Konya wa Take-Out Night
88Manga ♥ This had cute little stories! The art was very good although the shadowing was different, it made the art looked 'unfinished'. Character personalities were very nice! *PURCHASED
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Konya, Mister de
79Manga ♥ I actually liked the second story, about Master (Momo) and the owner. It was bitter-sweet. Chika annoyed me. The art was nice but the plot was better.
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Koujitsusei no Tobira
96Manga ♥ Wow! What started as a typical yaoi evolved into drama about CIA and FBI! The romance is really sweet plus a good twist! Really enjoyed this :3
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Koukyuu no Arika
86Manga ♥ A serious drama involving a uke who was abused in the past and a seme who emotionally saves him. This was short but very good. I love the Great Danes ^^
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Koushaku no Himeta Kuchizuke
76Manga ♥ I like Fujikawa Ruri's art but her stories are a hit or miss. This one wasn't too bad but because they're so short they lack depth. High score for art and romance scenes.
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Koutetsu no Baby Leaf
75Manga ♥ I wrote a review.
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Kowarekake no Omocha
47Manga ♥ It's just seme raping uke. The plot was starting to get good but then just ended? Stupid plot and stupid ending. Didn't like this at all!
Add - More
Koyoi wa Kimi to Chi no Kisu wo
65Manga ♥ Old art and skinny characters = which i don't like. Story was touching but could have been more indepth. Wasn't bad but i wouldn't read again. Didn't like the second last arc. Always the rape=love plot! Bahhh
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Kozure Ookami
66Manga ♥ same mangaka as "SMOKER'. Very detailed art and themes. It's not fluffy romance but i still like it. Hot sex scenes.
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Kuchizuke wa Niji no Ue de
86Manga ♥ A depressed guy who brings the sun and a happy guy who brings the rain. Great pair hu? Good art. Nice romance. Short but cute.
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Kudan no Kuroneko
55Manga ♥ Didn't like the art, at all. Reminds me of those old Kamasutra portraits. And I think i missed the first arc? I should read it again... but not worth it.
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Kurayami ni Strobe
77Manga ♥ high school boy love. It was slow with lots of "thoughts" more than dialogue. About a guy who takes photos and his basketball playing best friend who fall in love. I liked the cute "holding hands" scenes but the dancing-around each other got tedious.
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Kuroneko Kareshi no Amaekata
85Manga ♥ Sequel - continued story of Kuroneko Kareshi no Asobikata
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Kuroneko Kareshi no Asobikata
87Manga ♥ Neko-humans having bucket loads of sex. I swear every chapter had more than 3 sex scenes, still, I liked the drama, art and romance. Also I'm just a sucker for nekos!
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Kuroneko Kareshi no Nakasekata
83Manga ♥ Sequel - continued story of Kuroneko Kareshi no Amaekata.
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Kuroneko to Waltz
71One Shot ♥ HOMERUN Ken. Good art. One shot about a guy who gets cheated on and thinks his boyfriend turns into a cat. Kinda random but nice art.
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Kuroneko wa Shippo de Amaeru
86Manga ♥ I like the art. I like the character designs and clean panels. It was very cute about a student neighbour falling for a writer. Smutty but oh-so cute as the student was so innocent.
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Kuuchuu Teien
97Manga ♥ *cries* finally finished this! After a YEAR of waiting! I love the art and the story. Simple 'Prince saving slave' and so cute!!!
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Kyou, Hana no Gotoshi
76Manga ♥ this could have been more brutal and wasn't; I liked it. A relationship between an heir and the bodyguard.
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Kyoudai Gentei!: Brother x Brother
726Manga ♥ Step brothers who end up living together (as a request by their late dad) end up having more than just a brother relationship. Good drama, art and romance. I really like Hirotaka's art. his works are amazing!
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86Manga ♥ Brother incest for the win!
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Kyouken Breeder
47Manga ♥ honestly, I skimmed this. I read the first few chapters and lost interest after that. Can't even remember what ti was about, frankly.
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Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yume wo Miru
66Manga ♥ So a gay guy falls for a straight guy. Eventually the gay guy forces his love onto the other guy only for him to return his feelings. It was kinda like tennis: back and forth. The smexy times were good but drama was too much :/
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L'alleluja des Anges
68Manga ♥ So the art isn't to my liking cos it's old. The drama was okay but rushed because it was a short series. The romance was minimal. In the end it was okay but i wouldn't read it again.
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Last Client
87Manga ♥ I'm a fan of Kazusa's works and this is great BUT this got dropped and the last chapter was scrap sketches?! I really like this but I heard it not going to be completed. Real shame :(
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8-Doujin ♥ Another oneshot by Ogawa Chise. Just about two boys doing "laundry" together teehee
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Liberty Liberty!
77Manga ♥ Same artist as 'Tyrant Who Falls in Love'. Just a short n sweet shounen ai manga. No action (wink wink) but sweet romance :)
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Like a Hero
71One Shot ♥ One shot by Yamane Ayano (Finder Series)
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76Manga This is a side story from Magnolia about the sister Lily.
Add - More
Little Butterfly
815Manga ♥ Same author as 'Tyrant Who Fell in Love'. Good drama with sweet romance between the happy guy and the class outcast. I like how the author portrays the drama. Very touching.
Add - More
Lock Out
71One Shot ♥ One shot by Yamane Ayano (Finder Series)
Add - More
Lollipop Dragoon
57Manga ♥ Guy has a dragon within him that makes him horny but to get rid of it he has to have sex with a male doctor. Only down side is he's straight and a virgin. Kinda silly, random but funny. I didn't read the extra chapter.
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Loop (So-Sol)
62Manhwa ♥ Kinda sad. A guy makes a doll to replace someone he lost but it turns out the he is also dying?! It's very short and sad :/
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Lost Boys
57Manga ♥ Childish and boring. Based on the Peter Pan fairy tale.
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Love Diver
78Manga ♥ the blushing and kissing scenes were hot! Such cute characters and romance. Childhood friends who end up working together. I like how the story was in the seme's point-of-view.
Add - More
Love Hustler
511Manga ♥ meh. Their love developed so quickly. They met, fell in love, then some action and 'ta-da' you have a story!
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Love Kids!!
76Manga ♥ The sequel to 'Koishite Daddy', Sequel Love Limit!!
Add - More
Love Letter of Flowers
66Manga ♥ More one shots from Mishima. I liked 'Lovers Doll' and 'Papa I Love You'... but nothing from her. The first arc was cute. Second was creepy and last was sweet.
Add - More
Love Life
74Manga ♥ I really liked the drama around the kid's parent's death. I like how he didn't want the pity; so he didn't tell anyone. The seme and art was annoying, at times, overall it was a nice little story.
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Love Me Baby
65Manga ♥ It was cute. Popular guy vs the non-popular guy over getting girlfriends until the popular guy saw how cute the other guy was. Art was nice but it was too tame for me.
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Love Mission @
66Manga ♥ Bara. Smut. One shots. Nothing worth seeing here folks.
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Love Monster
67Manga ♥ The art is really good! Nice clean images with modern character designs... but the plot is simple smut: deliver sexy times by any means possible. For that, i score low.
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Love Neco
77Manga ♥ I love the art/characters. There is another 'Love Doll' manga from the same artist, which is better ...but this was still cute :D
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Love Pheromone
53Manga ♥ yeah, this wasn't too bad. I liked the last arc the best; one about the idol and the actor. Besides that, it was generic and kinda boring. Whateves.
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Love Romance Sweet Kiss
58Manga ♥ rape is NOT love!!! This was so boring. Stupid characters. Stupid plots. Art was... okay.
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Love Skit
85Manga ♥ The drama was very touching, involving loosing someone and feeling guilty about loving someone you shouldn't. It was short but heartwarming.
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Love Song
56Manga ♥ I don't like music themed stories. The romance was twisted and boring. People who cheat, can't commit to one person and people who love people they shouldn't, pisses me off. Yeah yeah good art etc blah blah *PURCHASED
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Love Training
66Manga ♥ *sigh* another boring school related plot. Gay guy forcing straight guy into a relationship. Seriously, THAT NEVER HAPPENS!
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56Manga ♥ This had an interesting plot but was designed to delivery smut. It was distasteful and pretentious.
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47Manga ♥ This is a very light yaoi. It could have been a lot better. The scenes are weak and boring. The story had potential but was wasted :/
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Lovers Doll
86Manga ♥ i guy falls in love with a bastard of a doll that comes to life. Good drama, sad but happy ending and great art XD
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Lucky Number 13
813Manga ♥ Another one of Kotetsuko's works (mangaka of Honto Yarjuu). I'm working my way through her collections cos i just LOVE her! This was so cute. An unlucky guy gets lucky.
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Luo Xue Cheng Bai
511Manhua ♥ hmmm ok kinda boring
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813Manga ♥ It's a yaoi with blood, guts, fighting and a gang leader trying to devour a young preist lol same artist as 'Brave 10'
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945Manga wow...i'm REALLY liking this! The art is breathtaking! The moe scenes and those kisses... *sigh* they SHOULD make this into an anime! They have a drama CD... but no english copy *cries*
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Mahoutsukai no Koi
77Manga ♥ This was a sweet romance with an over the top guy pursuing the quiet insecure guy. The quiet guy was so adorable! The art was great and the drama was cute.
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65Manga ♥ Another manga from Homerun Ken. Not bad. Bunch of one shots about high school boys. Starting to realise 'Floating Garden' and 'Your Bird' might be her best works.
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Mainichi Seiten
78Manga ♥ VOL 1 of 6: this is an in-depth drama involving a family of boys. Most of the manga is about the boys fighting with each other and coming to terms with their issues. I'm happy to follow this.
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Mamiya Seitai Ningyouten
57Manga ♥ 'Lovers Doll' was the best from Mishima. I'm slowly realising i'm not liking her other works. This was 2 short one shots that were not very interesting.
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Manazashi no Hayagane
87Manga ♥ I really like Kakine's art. I have now read all her completed works. This had a nice little story about a gay teacher learning to accept himself and teaches other gays to do the same. I like the trauma/drama, the romance and the art.
Add - More
Mankai Darling
811Manga ♥ I love Yamamoto Kotetsuko! This is one of her earlier works but still really good. This is the sequel to 'Love and Trap' *PURCHASED
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Maou no Amai Keiyaku
76Manga ♥ About a demon who loves cake and the baker! I love the managaka's art. Her characters always look like dogs-cats :)
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Masaka-dou e Irasshai
71One Shot ♥ Another Yamato Kotetsuko manga (same mangaka as Like a Beast). Just a cute one shot about a guy who owns a bird shop.
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Mayonaka no Oyatsu
84Manga ♥ Really cute and really nice art! Clean crisp panels and attractive characters. Made me blush and laugh. It's a cute little story.
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Mazu wa, Hitokuchi.
77Manga ♥ The plot was dead-boring but those pigs were SO FRICKIN CUTE! OMG! This is the same mangaka who did Koketsu Dining. She really knows how to draw animals.
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Me de Shireru Yoru no Junjou
814Manga ♥ Funny how reading this the second time was MUCH better. Very good and happy ending for the prostitues :)
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Me ni wa Sayaka ni
73Manga ♥ Some weird kid can see ghost, spirits, etc and can share his ability with his friend when he touches him. Cute and sweet.
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Me wo Tojite 3-byou
75Manga ♥ LOVE the art. It's detailed but still had chibi comedy as well. I was disappointed with no 'juicy' scenes but loved the plot and romance. I also liked how it showed both sides of the story. This was really cute!
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Megane Cafe Glass
85Manga It's a cafe aimed for Fujoshi's where the waiters act out boy love scenes for their guests. Oh and they all wear glasses. Really funny/cute but so short. Again, high scores for Nekota's art. This would be a really cute anime!
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74Manga ♥ Had some nice moments. A guy makes dolls to save people but ends up being a "doll" to the guy he loves. It was a weird story but delivered nicely. Fujikawa Ruri has good art.
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Melancholic Mellow Mellow
88Manga ♥ Ootsuki Miu's has good smut. I liked the story, about a useless guy forcing himself onto his friend. I don't normally like rape=love but it was good.
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Merry Checker
66Manga ♥ good art by suzuki tsuta. Romance and story were traveling along nicely. Building, building then it just ended? A waste really :/
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Meteor Methuselah
866Manga COMPLETED! This manga has it all: romance, action, fantasy, drama, comedy and GREAT art work. I would recommend this manga to everyone and now that it's finished NO MORE WAITING XD
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Michiru Heya
813Doujin ♥ This was on hiatus for YEARS! I even removed it from MAL with no hope of it ever getting finished. It's now complete. YAYS!!!! I love Nekota's art. I don't like the drama around the rape but it has such sweet scenes. Love this one.
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Michizure Policy
77Manga ♥ Lots of drama.I got confused at time between some characters as they looked the same. It had some cute moments and scenes. The sex scenes were surprisingly detailed!
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Mienai Hoshi
96Manga ♥ The continued story to 'Silent Voice'. I wrote a review. *PURCHASED
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Mimi Paradise
712Manga ♥ a collection of oneshots involving animals x humans from different mangakas. Lots of smutty cat-boys. Some cute. Some too much. Overall good.
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Mimitabu no Riyuu
65Manga ♥ This was funny but also pointless. Their relationship was tedious and at times frivolous. It also just ended. Like, their relationship was still rocky but I guess life goes on.
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Missing Code
57Manga ♥ The drama is interesting but the smexy scenes are rushed and pointless, i mean, the uke puts out without even thinking about it?! It was like he was ordering fries with his burger 'okay, sure, why not'.
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Mister Convenience
86Manga ♥ Some times the art was juicy but it was also very messy. The romance was a little real, in the respect that it wasn't fluffy or heart-felt. I did like the romance and the ending though. First manga by Aniya Yuiji *PURCHASED
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76Manga ♥ typical misunderstanding between friends. The scenes are cute and well drawn. A typical 'straight to gay' relationship but i was happy.
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Mitsu no Tsumatta Joushi
57Manga ♥ Bunch of one shot smutty yaois. Meh. Same old.
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82Doujin ♥ The follow on from "Nibiiro no Hana" by WATANABE Asia. Fantastic art and amazing panels.
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Miwaku no Ringo
78Manga ♥ Typical 'Mishima' Manga; great art work and hot guys... but cliche story
Add - More
Miwaku Shikake: Amai Wana
73Manga ♥ Latest manga from Nekota Tonezou. It was okay but It just ended. I wonder if this was a test-trial manga and if she will continue the story?
Add - More
Mizu no Kioku
75Manga ♥ a bunch of one shots by Yaya Sakuragi
Add - More
Momo Mimi♥Pheromone
510Manga ♥ Tsundere cat boy in love with the school slut. Cute, cos they were nekos, but that's about it.
Add - More
Mori no Animal Company
67Manga ♥ Human-animals with smutty love scenes by CJ Michalski. Silly and cute.
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Moshi Koi da Toshite - Sayonara, Itoshi no My Friend
74Manga ♥ This is the second arc to "Sayonara, Itoshi no My Friend", about the brother who is always compared to Hajime.
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Motto Aishiaimasho
65Manga ♥ This is the sequel to a whole bunch of stories. Cute with some hawt scenes ↓
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Mottomo Utsukushii Uso no Koto
64Manga ♥ The art is amazing! Very nice characters and moe scenes but the plot took a turn and got weird? I felt like i had missed pages? I'm giving high score for art alone *PURCHASED
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Mousou Cherry
66Manga ♥ Bunch of hot ones shots! I like chapter 2.
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Mousou Elektel dj - Fumi-kun mo Mousou
91Doujin ♥ A extra that takes place after chapter 3 of Mousou Elektel.
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Mousou Elektel dj - Mousou Graffiti
92Doujin ♥ Doujinshi featuring Fumi and Shunpei from Elektel Delusion. Includes Fumi's delusions prior to Volume 1, and during Volume 4.
Add - More
Mousou Elektel dj - Shinaide + Elektel
81Doujin ♥ A cross Doujin featuring Maya x Nemu from "Treat me Gently, Please?" and Fumi x Shunpei from Mousou Elektel.
Add - More
Mujihi na Otoko
76Manga ♥ Volume 6
Add - More
Mukuchi na Koi no Tsutaekata
78Manga ♥ This is a slow romance build over 2 vols. I really like the soft/pretty art but the characters annoyed me. It started out very good but just dragged out and then flopped. Good drama but 'okay' BL romance.
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56Manga ♥ DUO BRAND. It was okay. Based in edo period with a homeless guy getting abused by his savoir and recused by some doctor. I don't like the art or love scenes. Pointless moments.
Add - More
Muse no Gakuen de Aou
512Manga ♥ This was really boring. Found it really hard to finish. It's like a bunch of little stories involving students *yawn*
Add - More
My Life With You
64Manga ♥ waaah it was so wishy washy. Cute characters and art but so much dialogue *yawn* get on with the lovin'!
Add - More
Nakagami-ke no Ichizoku
74Manga ♥ HOMERUN ken. The art is amazing. This was short, random but totally funny. So cute but no action *wink wink*
Add - More
Nakanai Hotaru
76Manga ♥ About a guy coming back to the country and running into his childhood friend who is gay. Simple themes and simple art but had a nice feeling.
Add - More
Namida Hanamizu Gushogusho Danshi
81Doujin ♥ Same mangaka as Mousou Elektel and this is just as delicious! Short, hot one shot ;)
Add - More
728Manga ♥ I am actually enjoying this, it has some good drama and well designed characters. It also has some moments of 'awe' between the brothers. Love scenes are tame but still plenty. The ending was rushed, but okay.
Add - More
Nanairo no Enbukyoku
-7Manga I bought this...and never read it. I'm hopeless >< *PURCHASED
Add - More
Nar Kiss
77Manga ♥ The school prince falls for a narcissist guy. Lots of comedy and great "glossy" art; like shoujo. Dragged on a bit and I got over the comedy by chp3. Ending was satisfying though.
Add - More
Natsu to Fuyu node Au Basho
61One Shot ♥ A onset by NAKAMURA Asumiko about an Uncle who kidnaps his kid for ransom but ends up loving him. Smutty, short and pointless.
Add - More
Natsu, Kimi ga Saku
86Manga ♥ Rather cute! The drama is slow but interesting. The supernatural is minimal and it's more about the characters and their relationships. Enjoyed this.
Add - More
Negative-kun to Positive-kun
79Manga ♥ This reminds me of Puku's works; Light BL involving high school boys and their daily lives.
Add - More
Neko ga Hako no Naka
68Manga ♥ This 16yro boy falls for a frickin 11yro boy! It's weird. Of course the 16yro knows it's weird and is also being pursued by his gay friend who thinks it's normal?! It's such a odd little manga. I like the ending but at the same time i don't * Purchase
Add - More
Neko Mata
86Manga ♥ I like the art and the characters. The love/hate comedy reminds me of 'Lovers Dolls' and 'Love Neco'. It was cute: boy saves cat who give him a wish to help 'get' the guy he likes.
Add - More
Neko no Koi
77Manga ♥ Typical plot: master of the house falling for the bodyguard. It was sweet, cute, no smut and good relationships.
Add - More
Neko no Yomeiri
85Manga ♥ This seems shallow, at first. Guy's cat comes back as a human but if he has sex with him he returns to heaven. So touching and sweet! Really enjoyed this *PURCHASED
Add - More
Neko to Matatabi
61One Shot , 2009, yaoi, KATOU Setsuko, oneshot, good art.
Add - More
Nekoka Kareshi no Ayashikata
87Manga ♥ Another cat-human manga from UKYOU Ayane. I love her smut-romance. So cute. Sure it's over the top but I like cat-boys :P
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47Manga ♥ stupid smutty vampire themed crap. Kusari ni Kiss (Side Story), Lollipop Dragoon (Side Story), Licensed, WASABI Maguro
Add - More
Nemurenu Yoru wa Dare no Sei
75Manga ♥ I wrote a review *PURCHASED
Add - More
Nemureru Mori
81One Shot ♥ Naughty brothers doing naughty things. Hot.
Add - More
Nemureru Tsuki
612Manga ♥ The drama around time travel with a slice of history was kinda boring. The characters were so flat. Nice art but not very interesting and little-to-no action. Just 'we're cursed! lets find out why and stop it'. Yeah
Add - More
Nennen Saisai
75Manga ♥ Bunch of oneshots by Hideyoshico. Really random without happy endings, kinda.
Add - More
Neo Arcadia - Yami ni Saku Niji
79Manga ♥ A fantasy adventure about light and darkness by AKIRA Norikazu (aka Homerun Ken). Her art is beautiful but story lacked depth. High scores for art and characters.
Add - More
Nessa no Kusari
78Manga ♥ I like TAMAQUIS Wrens seme's. Typical "prince takes sex-slave" plot but I still liked it. It had some hot scenes, although shallow. Prequel "Honoo no Suna".
Add - More
Netsujou Innocence
55Manga ♥ art by DUO BRAND. Drama was intense. Art was okay; detailed at times but giant stick figure characters. The suicidal twins was touching and the best arc.
Add - More
Netsuryou - Calorie
76Manga ♥ I like SAKURAGI Yaya's art and stories. This was one of her earlier works about a one-sided love for 15 years! It was cute but I like her other mangas better.
Add - More
Never Complex
106Manga ♥ This is great! The art is all sketchy and rough but i just love it! It's different. I love the first arc only though. I like how loyal Hiro is and how their relationship develops.
Add - More
Nichijousahan Bi - Beautiful Life
85Manga ♥ Even though this was amazing... it lacked. There could have been more back story and more scenes. I won't be greedy though and just say 'It was really nice'. About a waiter who gets rescued by a father who owns a restaurant.
Add - More
86Manga ♥ I own "Kanjou Spectrum" and read the other two online. *PURCHASED
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Nii-chan to!!
71Doujin ♥ another bara by Mentaiko. Teehee so naughty, neighbour taking the kid-next-door.
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Nikushokujuu no Table Manners
76Manga ♥ A guy lives below twins who fight very loudly everynight, so, he invites one of the twins over to get away from his brother. It was really cute. I liked the sloppy art. This had a few little stories but the twins one was the best.
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Ningyo ga Fuchi
61One Shot Okay, this is not about Mermaids. It's about a girl who swims and is love with the brother of a guy who loves her. Some might say this was 'touching' but i found it frustrating. Oh well. One shot.
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Nise x Koi Boyfriend
75Manga ♥ Cute. Sweet. Good art. Nice. About a guy who cross dresses and starts dating a guy who has no idea that he's really a guy inches class.
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Nishikaidan no Akuma
61Doujin ♥ I like Ogawa's art, a lot, but this was a little disturbing. A boy bumps into a "demon" at school and he assaults him psychically and sexually. Yeah.
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835Manga Just like the anime but with extra little scenes and amazing art! I like the ending XD
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No.99: Ningen Omocha
73Manga ♥ Another Ike Reibun (Not Equal) manga. This is 3 one shots. I like the first one the best, about the slave and his master. Cute.
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NON Tea Room
76Manga ♥ Going through Shoowa's works. This was okay. I've come to realise that i only like her art... but not her plots. So high score for the art. I didn't want to hate on this manga, cos it was good, but i don't like any of her other works.
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79Manga ♥ The story is interesting. Some homeless boy latches onto a detective and they become lovers. At first it was just sex but then feelings started developing. It wasn't smut and was really sweet with good art. Good drama and ending.
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Nozomu Nozomi
915Manga A full colour manga that is cute and incredibly sexy! So, a boy turns into a girl. He keeps it a secret and must learn how to be a girl. It was fun when he thought about "playing" with his new body: hot!
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Nurse ga Oshigoto
68Manga ♥ HOSHINO Lily. Great art but stupid nurse themed smut. Bleh.
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Nyan Cafe e Youkoso!
817Manga I wrote a review. One word: CUTE! this was a bunch of short arcs involving nekos *PURCHASED
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811Manga ♥ ♥ I am loving this series. It's so sweet and cute. I actually love the art. It has solid colours and sketchy lines. The romance is so cute. Some of the oneshots were okay but I like Hikaru and Rihito the best.
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Oboreru Hitomi
77Manga ♥ I like HINO Garasu's art and characters. Story was okay, about a modern day prostitute falling for his client. I liked how he was a prostitute by choice and not forced into it or abused. Romance was cute. High score for art and love scenes.
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Oitekebori Blues
77Manga ♥ A bunch of oneshots by YUKIMURA. Nothing terribly memorable. Nice art. Cute romances. Some with drama and angst. Most were work colleague relationships. meh.
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Okurete Kita Renjou
85Manga ♥ about a playboy who sleeps with a high school student, who loves him. It was nice with good art. I like the student, very mature for his age and kinda simple-cute.
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Okusan no Mousouteki Nichijou
716Manga ♥ Guy falls in love with the delivery man so he orders things just to see him. This was so funny *PURCHASED
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Okutsuki Mura no Yukai Sou
76Manga , 2007, Drama, Mature, School Life, Shounen Ai, Supernatural, Yaoi, IKE Reibun, random oneshots but good art and stories, including side story "Tsuki ni Ichido no Omeshi Agari".
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512Manga Fucking sad and twisted. It had so much dialogue and no resolve. What was the point?? I gave it a 5/10 ONLY because of the art.
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Omae de Nakya Dame Mitai
75Manga ♥ 4 oneshots by HAKUTOU Noriko. The art was detailed and HOT. I was laughing out loud with arc 3 (the glasses fetish guy). So funny and cute! High score for comedy and art.
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Omamori Shimasu, Dokomademo
87Manga ♥ This is so cute! I love ANYTHING by Junko... but i wish this was a yaoi!
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Omerta: Kochou no Yume no Hate
84Manga ♥ This is based off a game. Very good art and scenes. I don't really like love-rape. The story was short and lacked because of that. Juicy moments and good action. This would make a good series.
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Oni ni Hatsujou
66Manga ♥ The uke is rude, strick and a teacher guardian to the seme. So, typical yaoi high school love but with some nice drama twists. I love the art the most. Good little manga
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Onozomi no Mama ni
86Manga ♥ Art is hawt!! Story is cute about a orphan boy inheriting a mansion and butler. I really like the art and the 'moe' moments :P
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Ookami no Ketsuzoku
65Manga ♥ This is the sequel to Kozure Ookami and it's about the kids growing up and falling in love. INOUE Satou has this realism that I can respect but I don't really enjoy. The art is not really something I like but the story was nice.
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Ookami Shounen to Hamu no Hito
81Doujin ♥ a simple oneshot by Mentaiko, but the story was so touching! I really felt for Kimikazu when he rejected him. So sad. Oh and the love scenes were HOT, OMG SO HOT! Woah. I am following Mentaiko on pixiv.
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Ookami wa Mahou wo
87Manga ♥ Love the art. Clean and fresh designs with detailed works. I like the style of drama (minor but so touching) and the romance style (figuring yourself out first before you can let someone in). Nice little stories that I enjoyed. *PURCHASED
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Ookami-kun to Shichihiki no Oyagi
41Doujin ♥ GOD this was lame. A werewolf gets raped by a goat?! Yeeeep, that's it!
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Ookamidomo no Shitsukekata
75Manga Similar to 'Beast Master' but this time it's the girl who snaps. It's cute. Has nice art and actually has kissing *moe moe*
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Ore no Mono ni Narinasai
76Manga ♥ I like FUJIKAWA Ruri's art... but not so much her plots. This was about a over protective model and his half-brother.
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Ore no Mune de Sake
66Manga ♥ Another Fujikawa Ruri; great art and some good romance scenes. I didn't like how this started as it gave off the "rape-love" vibe, but it got better and delivered more depth. Not bad overall.
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Ore no Tenshi wa Mayonaka Akuma
58Manga ♥ This had some random drama depths with a twist of supernatural. It was still a smutty-comedy but not too bad. About a young boy who stop growing but when asleep his 'real' self comes out and molests his teacher.
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Ore tte, Tenshi
63Manga ♥ A cute little yaoi about a guy's pet rabbit that died and a guy in his class resembled his rabbit's eyes :P
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Oresama no Toriko
65Manga ♥ LOVE the art...but don't like smut or pointless plots that deliver smut. Yeah
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Osoba de Misasete!
66Manga ♥ One of HIIRO Reiichi's earlier works. It was okay.
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55Manga ♥ The drama is deceptive. First you think the character's morals are typical rebelling teenager ethics but you soon find out that he's been through a hell of a lot! Art's not the best but good drama.
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Oto no Nai Ame wa Furitsuzuku
66Manga ♥ I'm too tired to write notes right now. I don't personally like 'I rape you because i love you' stories and this is one of them *PURCHASED
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78Manga ♥ Bunch of One Shots. I've read a few of Setsuko's works and she really knows how to express the romance. No chibis or annoying personalities, just cute/sweet little stories with nice pairings :3
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Otoko Hiroimashita
67Manga ♥ I like the seme. He was really sweet and charming. A few one shots about a gay bar. I like the one about the gay host club owner who nurses some thug back to health.
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77Manga ♥ Part 1 to Koibitogokoro. I'm only reading what's being scanulated (2 chapters). See comments...
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Otokonoko Dakara ne
58Manga ♥ Another manga from Asia Watanabe. I got over her manga's at one point and had to just stop. It's smut with good art but you have to be in the mood for it.
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Otona Keikenchi
76Manga ♥ About a high school guy who is impotent. Another guy falls for him and cures him. Nice art and moe moments. Love the art and am following the mangaka!
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Otona Keikenchi dj - Boku wa Sunao ja Nai.
9-Doujin ♥ Doujinshi
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Otona no Manner
81One Shot ♥ one shot by SUZUKI Tsuta. So cute! About a store clerk falling for the manager.
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Otouto ni Koi Shitara
76Manga , 2009, SAKURA Ryou, Drama, Romance, Yaoi, great art! I like the first arc the best, about the brothers, didn't like the others. High scores for art.
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Ouchou Haru no Yoi no Romance
612Manga ♥ This isn't too bad. A abanned boy was found at a temple and raised by the monks. Some of the monks try and abuse him so he escapes. He is then rescued by a monk and they fall in love. I don't like the pairing but the story is good.
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Ouji Hiroimashita
67Manga ♥ considering this is by OOTSUKI Miu, it was tame and the story lacked. It had it's cute moments but overall was okay. About a innocent-ignorant heir making friends with a poor guy and learning about life values.
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Ouji no Hakobune
67Manga ♥ I like ENJIN Yamimaru, 's "I Can't Even Breath Without You" but I didn't like this. The story was so confusing and messed up. I like her art intros button the plot(s).
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Ouji no Hakoniwa
76Manga ♥ I really like the art: clean and new. The stories although sweet, were a little twisted. One with the stockholm syndrome and one about school room mates.
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Ouji no Kikan
89Manga ♥ This is really cute! the story is a little weird with predicable drama but I'm a fan of Junko's works! She really knows how to draw cute boys.
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Ouji to Kotori
58Manga ♥ Kinda confusing. Story jumps all over but i got the general idea and it isn't too bad. Art is kinda plain. I hope to think this was just badly scanulated and may have to give this another go?
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45Manga ♥ Plot jumped all over the place. Characters were stupid. I got bored. Terrible!
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Oujitachi wa Izonsuru
65Manga Incest romances between half-siblings, bot female AND male. This could have been a good long series... but it was cut short?
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Ousama no Bed
84Manga ♥ 3 oneshots by KUSAMA Sakae. I like her art. Her drama can be deep and bitter-sweet. She also does such interesting plots. She does quirky romances that make me feel good *PURCHASED
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76Manga ♥ The art is AMAZING! but the ukes are soooo girly. This is based off a game. I like the typical damsel in distress scenes, even though these were a bit weak. High score for art.
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44Manga ♥ So this guy is in love with this pig of a man. He cheats, is rude and abuses his kindness BUT he still loves him. So they break up and the pig starts to miss him. After months they get back together. The end. This wasn't sweet or nice or anything = sh
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Oyaji Hiroimashita
76Manga ♥ i love Mishima's art work. This yaoi is a bunch of short cliche' stories.... but it has hot guys. Feeds my yaoi addiction :P
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Papa★I Love You
75Manga ♥ i wrote a review, 1 of my fav Mishima's mangas :D
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Paradise Baby
88Manga ♥ Sequel to Ukkari Cherry. The art is top stuff. Typical high school love dramas but still a joy to read.
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71One Shot ♥ it was cute but i got confused by whose thoughts we were reading? I like FUJITANI Youko's art and other works.
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710Manga ♥ the art is REALLY old and not to my tastes but the story and themes are very good! Yaoi Vampire with over the top emotional drama. Not bad... but not great.
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Pet Oshigotochuu
66Manga ♥ Different story but typical pairing. It was cute but tried to drag out the proposed romance and failed. Scenes of moe were created for no reason really. Oh well *crosses off*
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Porno Superstar
76Manga ♥ I don't like how the Seme bully's the uke because he likes him. Not a fan of that. But the drama and art was really good! I liked the low point of the story, was touching :)
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Puchi Puri
66Manga ♥ what can i say? i love her art ...but stories are short and predictable. Anyway, much love towards her work XD
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78Manga 2006, Shota, animals, Yaoi, Lolita,
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Puchitto Hajiketa,
76Manga ♥ A guy bottoms for his first time and becomes traumatised. So he only ever tops until he runs into his 'first' love. Art is good and comedy/romance is good. It ends at chapter 4?
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Pure Blood
78Manga The art was the best thing. This was so tame, I mean, there was a "shocking" kiss... on the forehead *gasps* [sarcasm]. It was cute but aimed for very very innocent audience. Meh.
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Rakuda Tsukai to Ouji no Yoru
76Manga ♥ A bunch of oneshots by Ogawa Chise. I have read all arcs. My favourite was "Night of the Cameleer and the Prince".
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Rakuen no Pet
66Manga ♥ A bunch of oneshots by WATANABE Asia. Honeycomb Child was a bit messed up. Major incest. Oujisama no Boku was the best.
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Rakuen no Torikago
6-Manga ♥ I have only read 3 chapters. The art was old but not bad. This was weird and twisted but okay. I felt it could have given more and just lacked overall. About children experiments who love one another.
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Re Set
55Manga ♥ Fan service and smut *PURCHASED
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Recipe no Ouji-sama