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.hack//Another Birth
622/283/4 Basic novels, covering games which ONCE had an original concept, from the viewpoint of the best character from the games. These novels won't impress avid readers due to the overly simple descriptions.
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815/351/4 A manga without heroes. The lead does nothing outside of running away as a girl is kidnapped, gang-raped and tortured for a period of 44 days. The disgusting thing about it is that it was based on a true story. If you can handle it, a great read.
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20th Century Boys
754/2495/22 There's some The Usual Suspects deception going on. (Hint: FRIEND IS THE ONE PLAYING MUSIC, AT THE START!) Still undecided about a childhood world domination plan that's as intriguing as it is absurd, but the timeline / character jumping keeps it fresh.
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6000: Rokusen
611/222/4 The ocean floor isn't where you want to be when, previously, everyone at the facility died & the devil was summoned. Quality art adds to the creepiness, and the claustrophobic tension has built since the start... but it's been all build-up, little payoff.
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671/1366/12 Had potential before its romance-drama turn. Imamura keeps changing personality--as inconsistent as "Danchou" with her femininity. With Hiro pointlessly 'Again-ing', it's become a fad; not a life-changing miracle. Not enough memories/regret to hit home.
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Ajin Publishing
728/-6/- One of VERY FEW to improve after average start: FINALLY has structure. Writer left (V1): lead went from 'SAVE ME, NAKAMA!' to a calculating PSYCHO. The cinematic, OTT die-revive-KILL action & awesome villain saved it. HQ white paper + inking art smex FTW!
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Akatsuki no Yona Publishing
77/-1/- The newest manga created by the author of NG Life. The princess needs to stop acting like a princess. CUT YOUR HAIR, DAMNIT! Keeping the gift of the man who murdered her father = UGH. Has potential but turns into a reverse harem fest, later on.
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Aku no Hana
747/589/11 Aku Hana has always been absurd yet grounded by unhappiness. In v7-8 Nakamura's shadow hung over Kasuga--culminating in Saeki's unsettling return cameo. But in V9, a forced 'happy end' gloss got applied. Hot girl reads books = dead inside = GIRLFRIEND.
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725/1623/18 Ignoring the lack of character development, and the fact that the lead is a know-it-all, reincarnating, high school superhero, Akumetsu is great. The 'rich get richer; poor get poorer' dialogue is dull, but that's made up for by the art and kill count.
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Alive: Saishuu Shinkateki Shounen
631/838/21 Parasyte's premise was copied to start with, and then the story became heavily cliched. The lead goes through so many shounen cliches it's painful... and yet, the blend of action & comedy, decent characterization, and intense battles make it absorbing.
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Another Sky
71/6-/1 The lesson? Don't get revenge against attractive females. Even if you win, you lose. Making them stand in the rain and sending them to meet an old man for sex = self-hatred. Even demanding, uptight 2D girls look cute when they cry in the rain. TOO SHORT!!
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Ao no Exorcist Publishing
737/-9/- Varied characters & their expressions sells it. Lacks a plot, though. Post-anime, I was expecting excitement, only to get pointless monks. How Rin's 'friends' acted dickish then got over it was odd. V8's Yukio hate-demon development was intriguing.
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Ashita Dorobou
720/312/4 A salaryman reminisces about his beautiful-but-childish ex. Then an alien sphere appears, and his still-21 ex appears from it. She shoots lasers; he falls in love again. And his REAL, non-alien ex also gets involved. Crazy seinen rom-com sexiness.
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862/-7/48 Azumi is on-par with Berserk, BotI, etc. It just never came out in English until now. A BRUTAL child assassin saga where childish innocence remains even as brainwashed characters kill blindly. Azumi's eyes; her playfulness; her deadliness... LOVE.
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Übel Blatt Publishing
67/-1/- +vol0. The basic '7 heroes are BAD; 4 villains were GOOD' dark fantasy premise is VG. The CARTOONISH horse-fuck characterisation, less so. WEIRDO fan-service: random shotaxelf + fingering. Equivalent only to the CURRENT shounenish Berserk w/ its revenge.
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661/1767/20 Getting boring & repetitive. The writer's lack of female understanding makes it sexist. Miho has all the personality of a doll. The shounen cliches become irritating. An interesting insight into SJ, but comes across as scripted, with a so-so cast.
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Berserk Publishing
6324/-36/- 2 vols of 'comical' pirates & tentacle slashing filler. At least Griffth turning the world into a JRPG was relevant. Textless poses = pacing. Too lighthearted: NONE of the rapey despair of old. Miura's GONE--only Isma chasing her tail/boobies saving it.
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82/21-/3 The Romans even conquered dragons!? A dragon listens to a man's dying words and later finds itself acting as a parent to the man's son; both slaves at the colliseum. Sword meets wing in the arena as emotions rage over freedom. WHY NO SERIES!?
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517/423/6 As fun as it is seeing a humanoid terminator ride a bike along rooftops, taking on regenerating, evil looking baddies, the lack of story is increasingly bothersome. I get the feeling what I've seen so far is all I'll be getting, and that kind of sucks...
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Black Lagoon Publishing
887/-10/- Hiroe took BL as far as he can (or cares to) w/ the Roberta arc, which mixed EVERYTHING exciting & thought provoking into BL's longest arc. The HIATUS x2 since then is telling. v10's arc is good but not special. Rock is becoming a Light Yagami mastermind.
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Blade of the Immortal
8197/20729/30 24/25 Eng vols out. No pre-orders. SCAN TIME! Lost purpose after Rin stopped hating. The 'SAVE MANJI!' arc = GREAT - crystallizing Rin's womanly growth - but the last arc is 24/7 no-reason fighting. Makie's sexy dance-killing avoids 7/10. NEARLY FINISHED!
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Blood Alone Publishing
729/-6/- DtB x S&W's wordiness. TOO MUCH of the ADORABLE immortal loli sleeping with her protector & being scared of thunder. No cohesive flow: random vampires or random slice-of-life. Kuroe got "mounted" by his shotacon MILF teach, as part of his magic training.
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Blood Lad Publishing
630/-6/- Wrote-on-the-fly structure. Meant to be about reviving a ghost, but you wouldn't guess. Boxing; a loli-vamp prison; demonic power-levels... Bell's eccentric love-loveness + her expressions ALMOST make up for THE most generic-vanilla, doe-eyed heroine.
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Boku wa Mari no Naka Publishing
532/-3/- I'm calling it: there's NOTHING supernatural at play. The series ran out of plot after the 'YOU STOLE MY BOYFRIEND!' drama. Ch31 = a RANDOM 'body swapping' hentai (NIPPLE TWEAKING!) masturbation scene. Liked the period cramp/bloody pad seriousness, but...
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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Publishing
731/-7/- The author sums up why I prefer the manga: "As a reader, I can't wait to see the strange faces Y&S make, which are wildly inappropriate for heroines." I lose interest once the loli pair & nympho get in the way of Y&S 'bonding'. DRAMA PLZ NOOO
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Bokura ga Ita
712/703/16 Close to 8-9/10. I've been impressed with the story up to yet, it having been steady and devoid of melodrama. The love square seems like it'll be very involving. But I'm not liking how Yano has cried about being cheated on and, seemingly, cheated on Nana.
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833/665/11 Want to see kids die? Read this - the story where every kid dies after receiving character development. On-hold until Viz have released up to where I stopped reading.
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Break Blade Publishing
857/-10/- Anime, how could you skip Girge taking out EVERYONE, on one leg!? From psychotic to cool-as-fuck, in an instant. Why would a faithful adaptation suddenly diverge to the point of skipping THAT? Rygart will reject Sigyn's love>robot plan, methinks.
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Btooom! Publishing
749/-8/- On-hold until Yen Press catch-up. X360 + Battle Royale. Marrying the rapebait online helps 22x15yo lovin'. The lead is the fittest recluse EVER, and he can survive ANYTHING. Getting ruined by it being wrong to kill & 'fate' needing to lend a helping hand.
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Chinatsu no Uta
730/312/3 Chinatsu's smile, and her pure love of all things, ALMOST makes me believe in angels. Kitagawa is a true artist. It's slice-of-life at its absolute best. I just hope it ends happily, and that Chinatsu's "wife" line was foreshadowing. Incomplete @ 3/3?
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635/733/7 Badarse X comic relief yakuza team up to run a cake shop, whilst attempting to appease a bratty teenage 'princess'. Sanctuary this ain't! Chiyoko is the series' lifeblood--either ranting at her new yakuza 'family', or getting lovey-dovey AND ranting.
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681/15914/27 The manga kind of goes to shit after the oh-so-original shounen timeskip; Clare powering up a silly amount. Stick to the anime if you want to believe Claymore is brilliant. On-hold until more new volumes have been released.
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Cupid no Itazura: Nijidama
88/681/7 EVERY lady drawn by this author is S-E-X-Y! There's little smut, which makes it a tease, but the pervy rom-comedy makes up for it. 100% the lead will EVENTUALLY get with the friend he jizzed on the face of (when thinking of another girl on a school trip).
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84/61/2 Manga where sex is dealt with without shyness are rare. This is why I like Delivery. All of the characters were understandable to the point of sympathy; even when involving cheating. And the art? Expressive to the point of arousal.
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Destroy and Revolution Publishing
719/-2/- Unlike Kitoh's emotionally detached Nanika-w/e, D&R FIRST builds a believable broship bond AND THEN moves onto brain + power supernatural terrorism. A bit too wordy and slow, and the 'One-ness' universe-understanding bits only confuse, but promising.
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724/363/5 D's heroines are made into seductive weapons and then discarded after assassinating. Not your typical girly comic! Few stories are so captivating... BUT, progress soon halts. At first it was episodic backstories, now it's in a repetitive end-evading loop.
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DOLL: IC in a Doll
823/334/6 A sober look at the human condition. The irony of a machine teaching a human the value of life; the destructive nature of desire turning people into objects--these elements drive this beautifully tragic one-shot collection. Mihara = best at short stories.
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Dorohedoro Publishing
717/-3/- A grotesque-funny-brutal mix. A lizard man is BFF with a busty, kickass lady who cooks his food (/luv), and the duo intend to hunt down the one behind Mr. Liz's face. Two worlds exist: one for magic users; one for experimentation. Nothing else is like it.
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Dousei Recipe
645/646/8 At its best when DRAMA only came from hair removal / period cramp lulz. Began daft-funi: EVERY conversation being a two-way misunderstanding. Love rivals weighed it down, then arranged marriage FORCED SEPARATION ruined it. THE TOMBOY FEMDOM LESBIAN!!11!
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Eden: It's an Endless World!
764/1279/18 Great--Eden has gone down south after eight (mostly) amazing volumes. I was on the verge of 10/10ing it, and I even praised Endo before starting volume nine. Grrrrrrrr. Why do THAT to Helena!? It's now on the verge of being dropped.
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Emanon - Sasurai Emanon Episode: 1
68/81/1 The story so far: Emanon is NOT A KAPPA, and she has a NIIICE bush. Just an excuse for Emanon to swim around naked. I don't mind potential waifu nakedness, but I expected more after the dialogue-driven original. Should've ended as a single volume stunner.
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Fruits Basket
-12/1362/23 A shoujo, complete with lots of the usual blushing and ladyboys... who turn into animals. I fear I'm too manly to handle it. One day, I'll read volumes 1-5 and learn the truth about my manliness, once and for all.
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Full Metal Panic! Sigma
856/9013/19 HOW COULD THE POST-KURZxMAO SEX HILARITY BE SKIPPED!? The continuation of TSR's separation drama as Tokyo became a warzone = the best of FMP. Then came a two volume sidestory, Chidori not trying to escape and contrived meeting/timing irritation.
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Fullmetal Alchemist
795/11623/27 Romantic subplots: not seen through to conclusion/used for comedy. Killing: it's wrong for heroes to kill in a shounen series. Plot: 'The Day of Reckoning' came out of nowhere, without explanation. Positive: non-stop action finale = Brotherhood 9/10.
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7326/38330/37 'Good Gantz' ended w/ Kurono's memory loss. Was in its element when FRESH death-games against increasingly insane monsters excited, w/ CONSTANT character replacing. This 'Katastrophe' finale is... Independence Day + even worse/weirder? END, PLZ!
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Genshiken Publishing
867/-11/- Without Saki's 'outsider looking in' view on otakuism, pure masturbation. Genshiken was about its core cast growing together, then graduating. Restarting as a fujoshi series = THE AUTHOR SOLD-OUT! Only the hope Madarame gets with Saki keeps me interested.
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755/3447/39 Ah, this takes me back; back to the days when I was new to anime and discovered GB by chance. GB contains everything I LOVED about anime back then: lots of action, mixed with decent characterization, coolness, and silly humour. I'm into the manga already!
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Green Blood
617/492/5 Initially, I was sold on this gritty Wild West manga with such MAGNIFICENT art. But, in v2, it ALREADY seems to have run its course. And the 'handblade' gunfight reminded me of Equilibrium. The 'crisscrossing lines' stylistic choice doesn't appeal, also.
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GTO: Shonan 14 Days
719/772/9 This just got a hell of a lot more interesting with chapter 17: Shinomi from SJG - Onizuka's old 'love' - is going to be a main character! Let the perverted comedy ensue. (Please lose your virginity, Onizuka!!!)
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910/-1/3 Incredibly complex characters + unpredictability to the point it's impossible to guess its ending. Unique. The distinctive realistic art, that's full of emotion, is beautiful. The 'lesbian' duo are tragically flawed, and I'm drawn to their suicidal bond.
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Gunslinger Girl
-15/1002/15 Fuck you, ADV... and fuck me for being too lazy to read. FUCK EVERYONE!!!!
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Happy Negative Marriage
714/332/5 Mr. Dull Glasses gets a marrage meeting with a busty virgin beauty--THE dream girl. Until c14, the erotic 'sex' was the main plus of a reality-distant romance. But then, DRAMA! SHE ISN'T PERFECT! She meets a 40yo next?... TROLL END, PLZ!
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Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. Publishing
75/-1/- SLIGHTLY betters ep1 of the anime (pacing/info). Didn't finish the 'Princess' arc in v1 (ep1=3/5chs). The big eyes have a CUTE, non-moe appeal--enhanced by the 'cold rage' stoic reactions over the lead's antics. DMP a no-go: will read online, post-anime.
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai: Meakashi-hen
916/213/4 The relationship of twins Mion and Shion, and their differences, provide Higurashi's best characterisation. And the series is in its element when twisted drama plays out alongside murder mystery. This is why the first 'Kai' arc beats what came before.
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635/433/4 As initially intriguing as the lead was with his 'dream' of normality, where's the plot? Just a bunch of borderline filler characters involved with nastiness; adding to the overall nihilistic tone. Do I care if the lead kills others, or himself?... No.
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Holy Knight Publishing
49/-1/- If there's a story beyond a seductive red-head wanting the lead's seed, it's well-hidden. Vampires are involved, and a dog-man NTR'd the lead (raping his childhood friend), but that's it for plot. Miyazaki's faces, nipples & hidden-penis-touch = BESTEST.
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79/1669/15 "why go to a psychiatrist when you could get yourself raped and get rid of any mental illness" -- Like a shounen where the lead has the power to heal others, but with cum-eating + other 18+ filth. The disurbing realism/detail of the art is off the charts.
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9112/16710/15 A slice-of-life master's take on GTO. Enzo is pretty much Onizuka with a daughter & four younger siblings. Where as Oni made his class his 'family', Enzo sacrifices himself for his real family as he deals with the mistakes of his past. Too hot.
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Houkago Hokenshitsu
632/398/10 Early on, I was into it. However, I now see why someone eBayed it at 8/10. I've lost interest due to the characters going around in big circles; nothing being explained about the plot AT ALL and the love triangle being painfully straightforward.
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I Am a Hero Publishing
6143/-12/- Goes from a zombie series where 2chan/recluses take over, w/ social commentary non-reactions (/passive Japanese)... to a Gantz underwear war. Snail-paced (w/ RANDOM jumps) + SHORT chapters. Only the STRONG female characters kept me reading.
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Ichigo 100%
6116/16713/19 At first, it was paced well. But then everything started going in circles. If not for it being a rom-com, I'd hate the lead for leading on 5+ girls; ignoring the fact his original love is always there. On-hold indefinitely, thanks to an ending spoiler.
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Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit
854/609/10 Has grown stale & formulaic with its 3-chapter-per-story set-up. Only so many ways despair can be drawn. I still like it but it could've been so much more, had the lead/world been better explored. A rushed 'government falls--THE END!' conclusion?
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Inuyashiki Publishing
78/-1/- The depiction of the average JP salaryman - exaggerated by HOW LOOK SO OLD? + cancer - really sells this. Not respecte, with only a dog for wuv... then, Gantz UNEXPLAINED aliens turn him and some other guy into a robot. OK! No clue where story going...
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Jisatsutou Publishing
730/-3/- The lead's change from no-confidence loser to The Deer Hunter was great. Numerous chapters were spent on his thoughts alone as he hunted. So, why 7? The art is unappealing and the pacing is so slow that the love interest has yet to be named, 3 volumes in.
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 2: Sentou Chuuryuu
818/691/7 Joseph is just as dazzling as in manga form. ANY other character and I'd be screaming "ARSEPULLS!", but his lulzy 'mind-games' are too entertaining. Looking forward to 'Team Man-Thongs' introduction. The anime seems to have been REALLY faithful to pt2...
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Joshikousei: Girls-Live
86/--/6 More of High School Girls' educational perversion, in a spin-off? SIGN ME UP! Made me laugh a good few times as I learned about vibrators and how women would prefer them to come with a backstory; such as the vibe being a fictional person's penis.
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Kamisama no Iutoori
615/213/5 Apparently, manga in Shingeki's magazine aren't exactly typical shounen titles. Exploding head unpredictability as teens play death-games against aliens. Goes from WTF-good to plain stupid, once the first lot of craziness gets cubed.
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510/292/5 A lot of action, a lot of death, and decent entertainment. I actually want to know what lead to an alien woman spreading a deadly virus around the globe, and I'd also like to know about how the lead got himself his very own loli. Scissor Shotguns FTW!
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Kanojo ga Tonda Hi
-2/5-/1 I'm fond of depressing slice-of-life types, but the first story had unrealistic characters (they were too happy for a suicide story) and the second, though far more realistic and powerful, had a poor ending. I'll need to read more to grade it.
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Karakuri Odette
611/352/6 Starts out funny, with an android going to school as an ordinary girl and the daftness you'd expect ensuing. But it quickly becomes shoujish--Odette acting too human, a love triangle forming & initially cool characters losing their charm via repetition.
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Kimi ni shika Kikoenai: Calling You
72/3-/1 More short story goodness from the author of Goth. Not as dark and twisted as his other work, but far from light-hearted. When an author can make a story about imaginary phones powerful, the author in question is talented.
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Kimi no Knife
652/716/10 Becoming increasingly stale. There's no goal to work towards: a group of characters are contracted to kill for money. There's drama/trouble over every 'mission'. The characterisation isn't bad but it's all too... fillerish; without a main plot thread.
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Kimi wa Pet
722/824/14 I still think it's pandering to women with the desire to treat a young, flexible ladyman as a pet a bit too much, but I'm warming to it. I do like like the characters; the outwardly strong Sumire in particular. Nothing ever really happens, though...
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Kingyoya Koshoten Publishing
721/-3/- Interesting? Yes. Educational, even? Yes. Exciting? Nein. Seeing manga worked into episodic shorts about the meaning of life and the daily struggles of average people is nice and all, but a number of the shorts come off as shallow and - sometimes - fake.
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Koe no Katachi
723/643/7 From depressingly human BULLYING of a deaf girl... to do-gooder ZZZ. If not for the cat-ears BITCH girl suggesting she'll NTR deaf girl & "I LUB MOOOO", my will to live/read would have eroded. CONVENIENT TWEEN REUNIONS: THE MANGA! Fatty needs to die ASAP.
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Koharu no Hibi
720/243/4 No other 'romance' like KnH. Usually, stalkers get restraining orders, but Koharu is SO cute-creepy (+tongue-happy) that no-one stops her. Only reading for lulz after Koharu force-kissing (/fap) a girl became a non-issue. Koharu NEEDS to turn into Yano.
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57/201/5 Like Bakuman, but with a T&A + harem approach to the manga creation process. A career woman acting like a ditz/housewife hybrid, as well as getting naked to bring out the lead's talent?... +1 for realism. Better than reading UxU's v10 melodrama shitfest?
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Koko wa Green Wood
55/711/11 Life at an all-boys' school, with a cast of pretty boys you'd expect in such a story. Not especially funny, it's going to be near enough entirely episodic, and the art is average shoujo quality. Strikes me as being very much a 5-6/10.
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Kono Oneesan wa Fiction desu!?
78/491/8 In a parallel 2D universe, HOT 28yo women are virgins. They also get drunk and use the body of young men as a pillows. What sets this apart from the ecchi crowd is the MUCH YOUNGER lead acting mature; fending off Ms. Virgin's advances. (..Maybe he's gay?)
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7102/14214/19 Ever since Kurokami peaked with the Okinawa arc it's been going nowhere. New goodies & baddies appear, they fight, and nothing significant occurs. Keita's gradually building a harem but I'm fast losing interest. Akane's boobs need to get it back on track.
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Let's☆Lagoon Publishing
612/-1/- The wet dream of every male: being stranded on a deserted island, with a young 'n fresh, big-boobed hottie. The art is attractive and the timeslip aspect makes it more interesting, but it seems to be heading in a bizarre haremish direction. Might be good?
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937/809/20 I got V9, for £16. HURRAY!!!... wait a sec, I can only read two more chapters on the net, AND I'VE READ THEM ALREADY. Help!? Life is 100% over the top for entertainment purposes, but it's hard not to want to see what else can go wrong in Ayumi's life.
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615/234/6 Limit is a microcosm of the survival genre. SMALL cast + more concerned with school social hierarchy than murder. Hard to accept modern JP school girls can go off the map in this shoujo LotF. ACTUAL DEATH in v4, but goes in a DAFT nice=evil direction.
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Living Game
636/1193/10 A very cute / lighthearted rom-com about work being mixed with young/old(er) cohabitation. The rom-com shenanigans as an old flame of the lead moves in to create a love triangle/quad do amuse... but the art is plain and it soon grows stale. Lost interest.
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Maou: Juvenile Remix
767/977/10 Examines the bystander effect & the herd mentality. Ando's realisation that he'd only be existing if he didn't act + people being manipulated into a mob impressed me. But the ESP gets in the way, and Ando = worthless. Lost momentum with the Junya twist.
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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: 'Kono Watashi no Mono to Nare, Yuusha yo' 'Kotowaru!' Publishing
75/--/- A Hero is sent to kill the Demon Queen. He gets a lesson about the econimical benefits of war and ends up as her 'lover'. Educational - taught me the importance of potatoes. Ms. Busty needs to stop acting like a teenage girl and start flirting like Howo.
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March Story
719/244/5 SAO's best-art-ever, with too much lightheartedness. Starts with demon hunting, before a CURVY bath-time reveal. Gets less dark (recurring comic relief). Too much 'sparkly shoujo'... BUT, v4 had start-to-end villain nastiness pacing--MUCH better than v3!
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Mardock Scramble
57/332/7 Two interlinked aspects make me prefer the anime. #1 is Balot not coming across like an ex-prostitute, desperate for love. #2 is the ok art not matching the anime's futuristic grit. It also lacked the courtroom interrogation scene; opting for more action.
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Megane Ouji
53/121/4 Essentially, it's another one of those shoujo where the male treats the female badly but, regardless, gets lucky in the end. The arseholism hasn't been TOO bad, up to yet, and it has been a good read, but a lot depends on what happens next.
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Mel Kano.
618/352/5 E-dating leads to much lulz irl, so a manga about it by the author of HSG was destined to be fun. What's holding it back is the main relationship drama being dumb due to Towa wanting the two involved to be recurring characters in an episodic series.
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715/582/7 Desire for pussy leads to running to a PC. What happens next? You guessed it--a tiny girl appears out of the DVD drive. And for a lil' thing wearing a hanky, she's one hell of an abusive tsundere! Full-colour (v1) nipples + mini-girl rom-comedy = YES!
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Mirai no Utena
5-/745/11 Comes off as if Hiwatari wrote without a plan... and she basically admitted that by saying she hadn't planned out the sci-fi side. Starts as a moving drama, then becomes a rom-com, and now the focus is on basic RPG elements / good vs. evil. Not PSME2...
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813/331/5 I assumed it was gonna be an 'episodic woman/sex' series. But there's only four heroines--each connected to the lead's past. And none of them outright love/want to sex him. Full of heartbreak and character growth. THAT ART!... makes me wish it was trashy.
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Mousou Shoujo Otaku-kei
923/513/7 I never thought I'd add a title with 'Shounen Ai' as a genre. But you know what? Not only is it a new love of mine, it's made me think nice thoughts about yaoi fangirls. Seriously. It even has a steamy romance included. Media Blasters, FINISH IT!!!!
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MPD Psycho Publishing
-6/-1/- So, there's a group of serial killers linked together by eye barcodes and a flower terrorist from the 60's, and there's also a special investigation department made up of two people (one being a nutjub)? The hell!?
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Musunde Hiraite
76/421/8 Similar to Hatsukoi Limited. The episodic, interlinked execution is the same, and the beautiful-eyed school girls resemble Mizuki's. I already want the recurring characters to get more time. Hopefully it lasts long enough for relationship advancement.
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7422/70045/72 As much as I want to 9/10 it for the first half, the vastly inferior second half makes it an 8/10 AT BEST. I'm hoping I'll start thinking highly of Naruto again when/if I finish it, but my rating will no doubt lower CONSIDERABLY.
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Natsu no Zenjitsu
-5/38-/5 Not sure about this, or where it's going. The sex scenes have been erotic (and cute) and the older womanxyounger man relationship is interesting - that's all I can say, really... I don't like how a beautiful woman has chased after a cold/dull guy.
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Neon Genesis Evangelion
863/979/14 NEVER will I comprehend Eva's biblical reference jibberish plot. No Asuka kiss, or Misato sex (their facial art makes up for it). I preferred the manga, but now I find it long-winded, with less battles. The End of Eva CUMS (w/ Shinji) in omnibus 4.
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Ookami no Kuchi: Wolfsmund Publishing
723/-6/- "Clenched teeth, meet cruel smile." Wolfram, what a MAGNIFICENT bastard you were! The unexpected knife duel = OMGINTENSE. Like Bride's Story, Wolfs' magazine changed (v1-2=10/10): shorter chs; war replacing episodic CRUELTY. 'Wolf's Maw' DONE: END, PLZ!
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Ookami to Koushinryou Publishing
847/-8/- The art captures the essence of Howo. Childish; flirtatious; lonely--EXPRESSIVE! As if skipping content (S2 anime) + rushing wasn't BAD, v8 used stuff from one of the two the skipped light novels... WHHHAT!? Might be best to read the novels instead.
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Ookami to Koushinryou
827/1025/17 Explanation for S&WII's AWFUL lip-kiss: Howo was kissed on the CHEEK! Howo's flirted away ALL sexual tension, they've shared beds... and it's "I like you, " *kisses cheek*!? 24/7 Verbal foreplay, without penetration, makes me hate serialized romance anew.
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Otome no Teikoku Publishing
58/--/- Virgins (/all-girl school) fondle each other as lots of 'yuri' relationships advance, touch-by-touch. Has some of Towa's humour - girls crotch-fanning in class - but it's all a bit too cheap & pervy. Not on par with the author's other les-licious work.
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Otoyomegatari Publishing
835/-6/- The DETAILED period piece nomadic attire won me over. A slow but charming 'heroine switch' marriage slice-of-lifer. Mori had *A LOT* of fun with the IN-SYNC twins. v6 returned to Amir as her family went to war. MUCH better when focusing on romance.
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Ousama Game
69/251/5 I've read MANY survival manga. This is the first where couples get split by trolling text-messages; telling them to sleep with others or die. TONS of (fulfilled) NTR potential. The lead is a hypocrite--he needs to suffer for 'lending' his girl.
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Perfect Twin
727/492/5 Kitagawa's ability to create lovable females is limitless. On one-hand there's the energetic but shy Mitsuki dealing with feeling ALL of her sister's 'joy', and on the other there's her nympho, take-no-shit twin, Mitsumi. An original mix of twins & ESP.
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Poppoya Love Letter
75/5-/1 The last half is based on the same novel as the film 'Failan'. An unusual tragedy: a criminal has to collect the body of the woman he 'married' so she could stay in the country as a whore. Can love bloom after death? 50% translated--will never finish.
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Prison School Publishing
741/-4/- Essential for men-boys. Five braves are outnumbered 200-to-1 at a co-ed school, and a failed bath-peeking attempt lands them in femdom prison. Pissing, anal misunderstandings & sumo date prison escape keep me hooked. The art makes me crave a 'H' version.
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57/1451/16 Starts out like the shounen equivalent of Gantz, with empty backgrounds and little gore to match the death ratio. Since it's from SJ, there's no chance of it matching seinen survival intensity, but it's good enough to follow Viz's releases of... for now.
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Puppy Lovers
511/49-/3 In a parallel 2D universe, 20yo female wannabe mangakas are busty beauts (+virgins), despite never caring about looks. And when a 13yo boy moves in? TIME TO TEASE & FALL IN LOVE! Cute, full-colour and erotic... but most chapters last only a few pages.
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76/24-/3 Region's message is clear: don't fuck with rodents. Pests turning into predators is a nice twist for the genre. I never thought I'd see an army of rats at war with humanity as they devour everyone in their path, but manga is nothing if not diverse!
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Renai Kaidan Sayoko-san
76/541/8 A seinen rom-com where an eccentric heroine falls in love first. That alone would've been enough for me, but she's also friends with 800+ spirits and isn't afraid to stalk the ONE man she can mate with. Made me laugh, but been no releases for a year...
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Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa
641/905/11 I liked it when it was about on old, lonely guy trying to connect with his work colleagues.. only to end up awkwardly making them dislike him. Since then, there's been NEVER-ENDING fights vs. middle schoolers, complete with Kaiji-esque OTT info/narration.
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Sakura no Hana Saku Koro
81/4-/1 Umibozu, selling flowers?... Better than the full-series (/Dapple) since it didn't outstay its welcome. And the ending wasn't premature; matching the one-shot execution. Sara continued travelling, after engraving herself into a boy's memory--THE END!
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Sakuranbo Syndrome - Cupid no Itazura II
848/985/11 Proves Taku can do manga without constant sex. The complicated love lives of the leads is the focus as Agawa juggles his tsundere career woman with a loli he must kiss daily in order to save. Exciting catfights. Women will be trying to rape Agawa in v6!?
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64/591/11 The anime offered a more artsy and... hands on depiction of Rea's psychological distress over her treatment by her CREEPY FUCK father. The manga came across as more rushed to my anime-first eyes. SEXY art... but why only childhood friend nipples!?
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Saru Lock
843/2434/22 Like City Hunter, without Ryo's slickness. The lead is a mere locksmith, yet is always saving busty damsels in distress. He's in his school's virgin club, and the SLOW romance subplot isn't helping. Nudity, action & hilarity = possible future fav.
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Sekitou Elegy
949/-4/15 'GOOD-FOR-NOTHINGS LOVE WOMEN WITH GUTS' = Truest chapter title EVER. I luuuv Chiiko's swearing, violence & sweatpants. 1.5 vols in, kissy-kissy. 2.5? Sex. 3.7? Cohabitation + sex positions. A romance where lower-class characters act human... Yay?
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Sense. Publishing
614/-1/- If Katsura had gone beyond ecchi romance, Sense would've been his. Haruki once drew doujins of his work, and it shows in this 'borderline H' delusional teacher-student sexing. An Iori lookalike receives detailed-panties lovin' + girl-of-the-chap fapter.
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Sensen Spike Hills
632/573/7 What do a pickpocket, slutty virgin and math wiz have in common? A plan to steal the questions for Japan's #1 university exam, of course! Strong starter but quickly bogged down by pacing woes. The granny 'use the force to steal' bullshit was annoying.
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Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu made
648/2176/26 A modern day take on blind samurai badarsery. 'Future husband' predictions aside, ALL about SEXY art depicting showdowns between assassins & a hi-tech swordsman (as he acts as a bodyguard). Little story, and tries a lil' TOO HARD to be kewl.
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Shikeishuu 042
716/292/5 A story about a killer of seven being given a second chance... with a bomb in his head. I expected lots of blood and death, but I ended up getting a heart-warming tale about love (/blind girl) and gardening. Never let a woman do a man's job.
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Shingeki no Kyojin Publishing
662/-15/- I internally facepalmed when Levi met Kenny and had a WILD WEST SALOON shootout. NO TITANS since ch50! Humans kill humans as subplots within subplots play out. Filler padding. STILL no answers, or deaths. From a fav manga to... nothing. PUK KYU, Isayama!
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Shingeki no Kyojin: Before the Fall Publishing
613/-4/- The 'son of a titan' abuse leading into romance = INITIALLY intriguing. And pre-3DMG horses vs. titans world building = COOL! But SLOW action, and the messy art is hard to follow. The DAFT 'knife jumping' titan fights make it a lamer version of Shingeki.
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Shinobi Life
735/647/13 After a pacey start, involving ninjas falling from the sky + love, it's become clear SL wasn't meant to last. Beni's gone from "Bite me!" to crying for others, and the romance has stopped. But I'm finding myself heavily invested in the past ninjaing...
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Shonan Junai Gumi!
7179/26720/31 After buying ten volumes, reading 179 chapters, Tokyopop dropped it. And even the fucking internet has failed me. WHY!?
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Spotted Flower Publishing
69/--/- SHORT chapters. Luckily, the pairing of a pregnant married woman, desperate for sex, and her otaku husband that can't bring himself to have sex with her is different and just about amusing enough to make it work. The wife's 'JUMP ON ERECT COCK!' schemes..
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630/565/10 Women LOVE this slow-paced, mature romance type. It's no surprise it has a TV adaptation. My problem is that nothing advances most of the time; Fuji going through never-ending romance drama and dealing with the same old work-related / gender stress.
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7106/17112/18 Suzuka acts like a bitch when showing affection... and she also acts like a bitch when she's not. Her skill is jumping high, and she only cares about sports. So, why would Yamato want to date her? On-hold until the Del Rey 13-15 release is out.
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The Legend of Maian Publishing
775/7514/14 v1-10: Felicia's seductively sexy personsality, aided by art that brought her to life, carried the series (LOVED the bickering-wuv). Then, everyone died, the lead got NTR'd & he became a slappy berserker. V11-12's seinen darkness quickly went 'JRPG-time'.
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Thermae Romae
710/382/6 For a manga about bathing, the TOTAL LACK of T&A service disappoints. (Hadrian's non-mixed bathing law = SAD) EVERY chap has Lucius fall in water, come out in modern Japan, then take his insights back to Rome. Best chap? The phallus worship/riding one.
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Tiger & Bunny
64/381/9 So far, an ep-to-ep anime adaptation, with minor cuts (Tiger not being shown receiving a dressing-down). Katsura's art & the cool-fun have been carried over... but it just ain't the same without those varied, vibrant colours giving life to the costumes.
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Tokyo Ghoul
679/1448/14 Turns into a battle manga. So much for the UNIQUE ghoul culture coffee shop blend! Former enemies become TEAM NAKAMA & Touka becomes Useless Female. Kaneki's jump from passive-weak to sadistic-strong was SO rushed he may as well be a different character.
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Tsumi to Batsu: A Falsified Romance
872/938/10 Dialogue heavy intensity. An anti-social recluse plans a murder that backfires. Loses direction after an ILLOGICAL gangrape flashback. The confession = great, but then Sudo returned / TALK CIRCLES. OMG@ch72's NTR cliffhanger: "Make it good for me, baby!"
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Unbalance x2
772/829/10 BY FAR the best studentxteacher romance I've encountered. My next 10/10? EDIT: Read most of the v10 RAWs. A horribly rushed conclusion where awful melodrama comes out of nowhere and the lead turns into a pussy. Ruined.
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79/171/3 A guy invisible to others ponders about why he exists... as he spies on girls with cameras. It isn't long before he's in a 'kill without killing' death-game, versus a psychopath. The poor lil' sis got vagi-sticked: RAGE!
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Usagi Drop
718/623/10 Although the mangaka is female, Bunny Drop is very much a tale of parenthood from a male perspective. The awkward devotedness of Daikichi and cute maturity of Rin work together well. It's a bit disappointing not to see any early MILF romance.
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Vagabond Publishing
731/-3/- V1-2 = the first Mifune film. V3 was a Shigurui re-read, minus the gore. The art takes it up a notch--Otsu (ugly crying faces~) depicted as innocence personified; her IQ enhancing her charm. Musahi's STILL killing with a wooden sword, 4yrs on. 33x£3-4...
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Vinland Saga Publishing
781/-11/- Making Snorfin the lead was a mistake. Most of the series focused on him caring for nothing other than revenge. The rest of the time he's been an empty shell. Without Ylfa's tomboy spunk or Askeladd's cunning mind, Farmland Saga has lost its edge.
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! Publishing
766/-7/- The yandere-eyed PSYCHO lil' cousin's face as she lay awake plotting revenge = Oooo. School years passing FAST... but no changes bar four-eyed loser rival girl. Bestest still the ANTI-OREIMO bro's reactions. Dat 3rd-year loner graduation relation scene...
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Witch Craft Works Publishing
616/-4/- A giantess with HUGE boobies, protecting an average guy by carrying him like a princess. Tall girl fetish FTW! Nonsensical 'magic + school' story, saved by STOIC-FEMDOM full-page lulz+ obsessive jealous lil' sister. Created w/o a plan but fun... for now.
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XO Sisters
613/173/3 Koreans = HAWT ART! Generic Bleach rip-off plot, but its humour sells it: the tough guy lead being sent to an all-girl school... as a gay. His bickering love with Young-Hee = YES! +1 for 4x heroines NOT being T&A fluff. -- EDIT: Discontinued = NOOOOO!!1
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Yotsubato! Publishing
734/-5/- After five volumes, the lack of direction and randomness is getting a bit if an issue, but it remains highly enjoyable to read. As much as I enjoy FAR darker stories, it's nice to read about a retarded little girl every once in awhile.
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680/2267/20 Katsura is GOD at drawing girls in panties. But when he strays away from love, he only offers convoluted explanations as he copies from other 'dark hero' works. Without "Auntie" bath-time and orgies, idc. Needs more romance/sex. On-hold until finished.
Chapters: 5,750, Volumes: 771, Days: 38.55, Mean Score: 6.8, Score Dev.: -1.08