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The Breaker (Manhwa)

The Breaker

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Japanese: 브레이커


Type: Manhwa
Volumes: 10
Chapters: 72
Status: Finished
Published: Jun 1, 2007 to Jul 20, 2010
Authors: Park, Jin-Hwan (Art), Jeon, Geuk-jin (Story)
Serialization: Young Champ


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Both are about a boy that gets bullied and tries to overcome bullies by studying martial arts. Both of them are trained in several martial arts. They both have spirit, and don't give up easily. The Breaker is seinen, HSDK is shounen.
reportRecommended by bleeb - Add to favorites
Both main characters want to get stronger to protect the weak.
More in-line with plagiarism than a show of respect, the beginnings of The Breaker cannot but help one think of GTO/Onizuka. A new badarse teacher starts teaching at a school, bumps into a bullied kid, has to save him from jumping off the school roof and - of course - tries to get it on with a hot female teacher. If not for the art being so fantastic and GTO being equally fantastic, I'm sure this issue would be touched upon more than it has been.

Awhile after its GTO-theft introduction period, it does go off in its own martial arts / The Karate Kid direction. However, it completely goes to shit once the martial arts elite nonsense takes over completely, late on; becoming a subpar shounen fighting manga with A++++ art.
If you Like one then you will like the other, I promise you that. both martil arts, action, school life Manhwas, both protagonists want to get stronger, both have to beg masters to teach them, both get unreal powers. i could keep on going for a while. while they both have simlar settings the story are very different mainly because of the protagonists, one is a strength baka introduced into a world of genius and superhumans. while the other is weaking being pushed into a corner and make to get stronger to protect. the breaker is darker and in more real that veritas. trust me, to love one is to love the other
A series about fighting and martial arts. The Breaker and Girls of the Wild's explore the development of a main male character as he realizes his life changes forever after one faithful day. And in his new lifestyle, the main main male character must learn skills in order to defend himself. There are many characters in both series with techniques and serves as challenges for the MC. Throughout their perspective stories, romance also becomes a sub-plot as the MC impresses certain female characters. I recommend both series for anyone interested in a medium involving high paced action and a story of integrity.
Both interesting manhwa with high school protagonists.
The Breaker and Hajime no Ippo takes a main character who essentially starts out as an Average Joe but presents them with opportunities to challenge themselves. Chronicling their journey, we get a guy who defies odds and makes a name in their world. Throughout both series, they face off against powerful adversaries that truly tests the limits of their abilities. At the same time, they form relationships with others with a variety of feelings ranging from rivalries, antagonistic, brotherly, and even romantic. Both series can be described as an action packed tale to tell.
They are almost the same, the only diferens is the gender of the master and the power of the leed.
Boy getting bullied, and learns martial arts.
Both main characters want to get stronger to protect the weak. Both also learn and practice martial arts that are fast, strong, and mysterious. While the fights in both are violent due to the unrealistic power of their martial arts they practice, everything else in both series is grounded in reality. The setting of both are around high school and the dirty seedy side of the criminal underground.
Badass action, fighting schools.
reportRecommended by Welyn - Add to favorites
If you seek action, then both The Breaker and Beelzebub should definitely be considered for their similarities in fighting around the school neighborhood.

The main characters from both series have a hotblooded attitude and often tries to resolve problems with violence. However, they are also caring about their family and friends. Throughout both series, they make new friends but also powerful foes that tests their abilities.

There is decent amount of drama and comedy. The Breaker has a more serious tone and more violence along with romance while Beelzebub maintains mostly a lighthearted tone. However, both series has a sense of fighting spirit involving its story.
Both are about a skilled martial artist who helps a younger boy/girl, similar art, awesome action, tho the breaker has more ecchi content.
-In The Breaker it's clans but in Hitman Reborn! it's a mafia family.
-Main characters have to train their powers
-Main Characters are dragged into a world unknown to others. (Mafia and Murim)
-Both have an excellent teacher
-Both characters are wimpy at first, but grow to be more mature.
Both of these manga involved the main protagonist who were once normal people without any super-natural power. That however changed and now they're introduce to a brand new environment and must adapt quickly. Both had some sort of guidance to help them into the world and to teach them how to fight in this new world which are divided by 2 beings. In the breaker the 2 different beings do not collide because 1 side stops themselves from doing so, however in tokyo ghoul they're fighting eachother at the sametime fighting their own kind. Both protagonist were weak at first, however as the story progress they power-up and when angered a burst of strength will ignite to defeat the opponent. Tokyo ghoul howerver is darker than the breaker as well shows much more gore. If you enjoy one, you'll likely to enjoy the other.
Replace Korea with japan, and male martial-arts genius turned teacher, to female Yakuza-princess turned teacher and you'll have an idea why these too stories are similar. Gokusen is much more light hearted and funny slice-of-life-ish, while The Breaker gets rather epic and dark near the end, but both have that great badass-teacher dynamic.
Although following different premises, both series involves gangs and yakuza. There is a noticeable amount of violent present in both series' storyline to illustrate the brutality of characters' behaviors. The MC gets themselves involved in an event that changes their lives forever. Throughout the course of both series, they also develop relationships with other characters but also faces powerful adversaries. Danger awaits in the lives as they get involved with dangerous conflict. Recommended for a mature audience interested in action/seinen.
The teacher in both the mangas, Joukyuu and Gumoonryong, are very similar. Both are martial arts prodigies and both take a student/students even though initially they are not willing to do it. Both of them have a badboy/playboy character. Though Aiki is considerably lighter and has a lot more ecchi than Breaker.
the main characters are similar. the protagonist has a female friend whom he wants to protect, therefore he tried to get stronger. The character of Yun Seong Kim ends up developing a perspective of the world and the people who govern it similar to Woo Han Chun. both have really strong character development.
reportRecommended by lujsy - Add to favorites
both have a lot of action and fighting on a supernatural level. the plot trajectories of both are similar although the initial set up is different.
reportRecommended by lujsy - Add to favorites
They are similar in the sense that there are pros, but they are training someone to become even better - and they both look really cool because they have to put in a lot of effort to improve. It's about having a good fighting spirit and not being cold blooded. The senseis in both are untouchable (almost). In The Breaker the main kid is brought in to karate from scratch.. worthless..weak pathetic..scratch. He grows a backbone and becomes admirable. In Karate..blah blah..the main kid is already a gymnast so he's got the phyique and a lot of technique that he builds off - he's not a fighter in the beginning.. but he's not that weak either. The breaker takes you into a world of underground fighting factions in a more adult world, while the karate one is a school related one that deals with other clubs.
Over Drive and The Breaker have similar types of main characters. Within each series, we're introduced to two weak, abused, manly-heart individuals that struggle out of their lowly positions with determination and effort, eventually making big names of themselves.

Over Drive is extremely unique in its emphasis on professional biking. There is a clear sports-focus for sports fan while it also shows off hints of romance and comedy. The Breaker is based on martial arts, but it is more so supernatural/action oriented than an indepth sports commentary.
Treats from Korea. While The Breaker is more serious, Baljak stands out with it's amazing pacing and humour. If you like fighting you must read them both.
reportRecommended by rmd12 - Add to favorites
Plot-wise these two don't seem similar at all, Guardian Dog is Sci-fi while as The Breaker is about gangs and martial arts. Despite the genre differences, the vibe and overall feeling of the series is quite the same. Both are great reads with lots of action, great characters and an intriguing plot.
While Ruler of the Land is set in the past while The Breaker is set up in Modern society, both share a couple similarities. Both main characters start off knowing almost no Martial Arts however improve at a very rapid pace although the reason why is for different reasons (both why they improve so fast and why they started from knowing none). Also both involve the "Murim" or martial arts world, and therefore deal with strifes between different Martial Arts Clans. It should be noted however that while both are usually pretty serious during fights, Ruler of the Land has many more comedic moments due to the fact that the main protagonists are nothing alike.
Made by the same artist (PARK Jin-Hwan). They have the same kind of main character. Although one is sci-fi and the other abuot marital-arts they feel very similar. So, if you liked one give the other one a try.
reportRecommended by Xiob - Add to favorites
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