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Code:Breaker (Manga)


Alternative Titles

Synonyms: C0de:Breaker
Japanese: CØDE:BREAKER コード:ブレイカー


Type: Manga
Volumes: 26
Chapters: 230
Status: Finished
Published: Jun 9, 2008 to Jul 20, 2013
Authors: Kamijyo, Akimine (Story & Art)


Score: 7.731 (scored by 10500 users)
Ranked: #20882
Popularity: #96
Members: 22,436
Favorites: 856
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written by the same author. Similar characters. Same type of romance, fighting genre thing.
Very similar feeling shounen series. Chances are if you enjoy one you'll like the other too.
Both main characters bring justice upon criminals.
They destroy evil by killing criminals.

Both are Shounen, Supernatural and Action mangas.
Fighting against corrupt and evil people!
reportRecommended by jour - Add to favorites
Both manga have main characters who were once cold-blooded killers working for an organization. But, both Rei and Rayet are actually good people who refuse to kill people later in the series.
reportRecommended by Kyo- - Add to favorites
They both have a protagonist with awesome skills, terrible pasts, and ....interesting personalities.
The protagonists work for the government to eliminate/execute 'evildoers'.
The art is very pretty to look at and the plots are extremely interesting.
I'd like to tell you more, but that would ruin the mangas ^w^;
Both series have a main character who uses blue flames as his power.

Ao no Exorcist and Code Breaker are both shounen mangas with action and supernatural themes.
Both main characters use the same sort of power (flames around their arms)
Beelzebub and Code:breaker are similar in the fact that they both have OP protagonists and most prominently, demons. They both have characters that use the power of Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Mammon etc. They are both action shounen with lots of comedy.
Both main character girls have adoptive families and rare blood in a sense.
Hibari and Rei are pretty similar They're both loners (with the same attitude-ish) and unbelievably strong, as well as animals liking them. They even look similar. For Rei fans: Here's your chance to see someone like Rei being just a BAMF, as well as 2 clones of said person. *coughcoughFonandAlaudecoughcough* For Hibari fans: Deeper character and seeing a lookalike being beatup, and then coming back full force with badass. (Also a bit of romance and him being put in awkward situations) And yes for Mukuro or Heike fans, there is a perverted pineapple/senpai. For Code:Breaker fans, don't be discouraged by the gag manga in the front, after maybe 70 chapters or less (persevere my friends!) it gets to be an action manga with a whole bunch of plot and drama stuffers. (The art also improves drastically) For Katekyo Hitman Reborn fans: Just... epicness. Read through the first chapter and try to tell me it isn't awesome. The art of each reminds me of each other occasionally, (mostly Lancia-Kouji) and both are hilarious at parts. These are both underappreciated manga, but trust me, I think they're both at least 100000000000000% better than the popular mainstreams (AKA Naruto/Bleach/One Piece) Also these are both great mangas to fangirl over (the characters are all extremely...nice..looking) And for those that are weirded out by Shibuya/Reborn, don't worry they get extremely cool looking later (lol) *Edit* Also Rei & almost all characters in KHR use flames to fight. (7 flame types too, how coincidental is that?)
Both series has a similar premise involving an organization dealing with criminal events and strange happenings in their cities.

The main male protagonist from both series are cold, independent, and often does his own things his way. However, he does have a caring side especially towards his comrades.

Both series has action, drama, and some super power elements.
Main male character tries to fit in a school life while he actually has a secret mission to accomplish.
Rising x Rydeen is similar to Code:Breaker in it's lighter moments. Both are manga about a team of teenagers with superpowers that can be dangerous to themselves and have the same demographic public.
It's not only they have "Code" in the name,the plot in both have many similarities.They both have a organisation of people with special powers,a mysterious villain,a girl that sometimes bothers the main characters.
When I started reading Out Code I soon remenbered Code:Breaker.
The two series are about a group that have special powers,and take on villains like the mobsters and that thing.A group that also have mission,in GB is to take back objects and in CB is to fight off the criminals. Also Akimine Kamijyo and Yuya Aoki are friends in real life,there was a one-shot whem the Samurai Deeper Kyo and GB crew thry to retrive Plue from Rave Master to Mr.Mashima(Hiro Mashima),just a example of their friendship.
Both have the main girl able to stop the powers of the main guy who controls fire. Both are a little dark though code breaker is darker. Both main girls live with some people that aren't their real parents, and the main girl has two guys beside her(one with blonde hair, one with black). Both main guys appear to be evil in the beginning.
This is a very promising manga - I read the first 30 chapters and I totally loved it, but I took a break because I wanted it to publish more chapters before I start reading it from the beginning again. This manga is also a MUST -it is really really good.
somehow the main characters sakura fra CB and hiyori from Noragami reminds me of each other in personality a bit and in looks, and yato and ogami kind of looks alike too in looks.
Code Breaker is more like the Darker than Black anime than manga.

Both series has to do with a mysterious secret organization,and supernatural powers people.

Like Oogami in code breaker, the main character in darker than black is a mysterious assassin/agent code name Hei, who works for a secret organization. Hei is cold heart-ed and very dark but pulls off a fake smile when around others (like when Oogami is at school with his classmates.). He also have supernatural powers but also have a price to pay while after using them. Hei and Oogami both look alike and close in personality,wear close to the same outfits as each other, and they both have a similar goal in life, to find a certain someone.
People with powers fight to change the world (actually these 2 manga series just strongly resemble each other).
reportRecommended by R0LAN - Add to favorites
Similar powers, and another very mainstream battle manga. I enjoy them both.
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