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Skip Beat! (Manga)

Skip Beat!

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English: Skip Beat!
Japanese: スキップ・ビート!


Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
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Status: Publishing
Published: Feb 15, 2002 to ?
Authors: Nakamura, Yoshiki (Story & Art)
Serialization: Hana to Yume


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If you've read Skip Beat and liked the concept I think you'll defenitly like The One.
Both are about girls entering the entertainment business,(Skip beat-acting,The one-modelling) and how they struggle to make it, falling in love a long the way aso.
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They both are written by the same author, so the humor and drawings are similar. Both aren't your typical shoujo stories either; they are both unique. Tokyo Crazy Paradise has a whole lot more fighting scenes than Skip Beat where there's kicks and little devil spirits. But in both, the main character undergoes amazing transformations which make you want to see more. 
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With Glass Mask and Skip Beat, both of the female leads will do what it takes to make it in the entertainment world, even though their agenda and ultimate goals are different. They are also long running series. Skip Beat with over 20 volumes, and Glass Mask with over 40 - and still ongoing. If you like one, you would enjoy the other. 
The ends of the heroine are the same and that is to defeat a certain someone in showbizness that is (was) mutually related to them. Other than that, they both contain the love triangle scenario though that facade is yet to be seen in Honey Hunt.

Honey Hunt is a tale about a girl who wishes to have revenge on her superstar mother. Also, she wishes to make a name of her own since a lot of people only saw her as the daughter of one of the world's greatest musician and a talented actress.  
The revenge of the heroines is the common denominator. Also, both heroines joined the same league as the guy they are wishing to cast their revenge on. They are both determined to overthrow their former love because of the misery they caused them. And along the way, they'll meet colorful characters that will brighten up their gloomy facade - who knows if these characters will help them exact their vengeances? 
Both manga involve a girl rejected by the first boy she liked. So, they sink into a stae of depression (aka "black" or scary). Kyouko loves curses, voodoo dolls where as Sunako collects skeletons and creepy stuff. Both of them believe in fairy tales or fantasies.

The difference is in Skip Beat! Kyouko is trying her best to come to the top of showbiz world coz she loves it(though she started out to just get her revenge on sho). Whereas Sunako is trying to become a lady(not really!!) just because her aunt wants her to become one.

All in all these two are  read more 
Both stories are about a teenage girl who tries to make it in the acting world. While Skip Beat is a lot longer, Cat Street provides a heartwarming and original storyline. Cat Street is a short but sweet story that shouldn't be missed. 
If you love Kyoko you'll probably love Mafayu. Both girls scare those around them without realizing it, dream of shoujo-manga type romance, and start the manga by trying to restart their lives with a clean slate. 
Skip Beat! is very similar in that both have main characters aiming to be at the top of the entertainment industry, though Skip Beat! is more into acting. Both protagonists are very hardworking and would rather die than to give up. Furthermore, the mother of both the main characters treat their children as disappointments. I really recommend this manga! It has it's unique plot that will make you ask for more!  
The main characters in these two mangas are fairly similar. Both girls are energetic and not really used to the "pretty" role. Personality wise: they are a little bit strange, highly reactive emotionally, and somewhat awkward in social situations. The main male character is a cool guy who acts as a teacher to the main character. Overall, these are both very funny mangas with interesting situations happening all of the time. 
The friendship + comedy between the main characters [Kyoko and her best girl-friend, as well as Tanpopo and her best girl-friend] are quite similiar. (Going from the other hating the main character -> to acceptance & love ^_^)

Also, both main girls are strong-willed, hilarious, weird/different, and very influential. There are also "love triangles". [SkipBeat- Ren&Sho, Imadoki- Tanpopo&Erika]. Well, if you love one, you'll love the other. 
I would say that both are very interesting and engaging stories about a girl making it in show business. Both are shoujos and have obvious love stories but somehow both really develop solid relationships and ideas that make these two mangas very enjoyable and even a bit intellectual.

Skip Beat is newer and more modern but I like the 90's feel and art of Ashita no Ousama. They both borrow different shoujo stereotypes. Ashita has the innocent girl (not annoying though, just more far-fetched) and Skip Beat has more unrealistic plot developments but none of these get in the way, especially compared with all  read more 
These two manga deal with show biz in Japan. Both protagonists are not your usual everyday talent and actually enter the show biz for other people (skip beat for revenge and akb49 to help). Both give a similar feel even though the storylines differ greatly. hope you enjoy both. 
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About a girl who went through adversity in her past and comes to change in their new situation. From here, these noble heroines do what they can to change themselves, inspire others, and pull these people into their "inner circle". Both Kyoko and Maria are very admirable to look up to and can be "pure" in their sense of feelings [also can be very straightforward & determined and happen to appeal to frills or fantasy]. They are without parents since early childhood, and are seen facing relentless bullying/torment, but eventually soften these people into friends (including the male leads, both whom first disdained [but not  read more 
Both have a strong female lead moving towards stardom or surrounded by it, cool guys, romance and comedy- though the stories approach the idea in very different way 
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- Both have a girl in the showbiz and in a love triangle.
- Great artwork in both.
SP is more drama though while SB is more comedy. 
It is very similiar with how both of the main male characters in it, both like the main female character. ^^ Also, they both have lots of bishies. 
Both are about the entertainment industries, with the main characters involved with acting (and one singer too, but shh). Two main guys. One girl. A good plot that'll get you absorbed. 
Girl follows guy into entertainment industry. Give me love has more adult romance and such. 
Skip Beat has stronger character development, but CD is also a cute, romantic short entertainment-world story 
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Same thing with Show Biz, but that's pretty much it. 
Both heroines will make you laugh a thousand times over with their un-shoujo-like charms. They are both perfect for a reader who is looking for a great manga that has characters with strong well-developed personalities. 
- Guy is head over heels in love the the lead female
- Guy won't admit love
- Girl is waaaaaay too dense to notice
- A hilarious romantic comedy ensues 
Both mangas follow an aspiring actress as she struggles to develop her career while dealing with aspects of rejection. They both have a different flavour but they both have similarities too. 
both about show biz and both heroines are not that good looking but never give up has a heroine with a manly face while skip beat has an ordinary plain girl

both girls start to change as they enter the show biz and interact with it`s people 
because the main character is both female with the determination to achieve anything, plus along the way they both have a mysterya or a peculiar thing that shock's people !!!! Just see ???? 
I think you would like to read V.B rose/skip beat beacuse they both have a special talent in the manga. They are both shojo mangas so they contain romance, slice of life and you just can´t help but to read them both over and over again. 
Both main characters are powerful, yet shy in a way and have many people who try to get into the way of their relationships and there are some tiny love triangles. Also, the main boy characters both have dark pasts. Even though Skip Beat is more about showbiz and more light-hearted, as Faster Than A Kiss (Kiss Yori mo Hayaku) is a little bit more romantic, both are very comedic mangas that anyone should read ^_^! 
both about the entertainment business and they both have characters that are incredibly good at acting so much so that it forces (others (in skip beat)) professional actors to follow their lead 
Though these two stories differ in many aspects they also have much in common. Both girls lead characters are modern girls who go all out in all they do and have lots of spunk. This particular quality, though odd, is also charming to the company who surround them and men of character, though hesitant, can not help but fall for these girls.

Additionally, a red thread bind these two stories and that is LOVE, the blazing unrequited love that borders on obsession! They both change there lives because of it, though one forsakes it and the other seeks it yet again. Furthermore, they are  read more 
Well the basic genres and stuff are entirely different but Skip Beat and Bakuman have this one thing in common -

A world within a world!

In Bakuman, its about creating worlds, characters and stories in manga
In Skip Beat, its about the different characters portrayed by a single one(Kyoko)

Skip beat has more depth to this theme but Kyoko lacks significant rivals..
Both are recommended! 
Both about making it big in showbiz and both are very funny! 
On the surface, they look like completely different series, but they have the same feel when you're reading them. Where Skip Beat focuses on an actress, Happy focuses on a tennis player.. but otherwise, there's just less romance and a bit more nudity. If you enjoyed Glass Mask and Skip Beat, you'll probably like this one, too. 
Half way into HWDI I realized that it's almost as if... Sho and Ren had the hots for each other. *shrug*. If you like Yaoi, and lots of sex scenes, then HWDI is the series for you.

Both series revolve around acting and the entertainment industries. SB has a very slow romantic progression, while HWDI's is really fast. That being said, both rely on the mix of acting and romance. So if you like long series with that type of mix, then either series is great.

But again, HWDI is YAOI and has TONS of sex scenes. I legit skimmed the  read more 
Talented girl. Weird in someways. I dunno they're both just awesome! 
Both are dealing with someone struggling to make it big in the entertainment industry- in this case, kyouko and the five main protagonist in Teen Spirit- from there the differences grow enormously. Kyouko begins her struggle with Ren and the boys begin to struggle against their differences and getting along. 
Strong female lead seeking revenge plus surrounded by good-looking guys. The big difference is that Love Sick does not involve acting or the entertainment industry. 
I think Love so life is similar to Skip Beat because there is an older guy in both mangas that like a high school girl. 
If you are a fan of Skip Beat! then I suggest you check out the new shoujo manga Full Dozer. We have a plucky heroine who is on a path similar to the heroine in Skip Beat! towards a celebrity. The set up of the story is similar as well. It's also by a well known mangaka so I'm expecting good things.  
Skip Beat! Is all about acting; Doll is all about ballet.
For some reasons, with such plots, those two wouldn't click together (I know).
However, as I was reading Doll, I couldn't help but have flashbacks of Skip Beat--probably because the art is similar, but no not really-- and I couldn't help but keep remembering it.
Well, both of them have a bit of acts here and there. In SB, it's acting in movies and such; doll on the other hand has ballet musical plays.
SB is longer though, but both is a great read! 
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Okay...this is going to sound weird, but I'm recommending Skip Beat!for those who like Number. This is mostly due to character similarities.
Both main characters, Toneriko and Kyoko (for Number and Skip Beat! respectively) went into the business in order to get revenge.
Their enemies, Tekirai and Shotarou, didn't care about them until later chapters, in which they showed an interest towards them.
Both characters received help in order to get into the business,from Ageha and Sawara-san respectively.
And the main characters both found their first and best friends while wroking in the business. (Mizuto and Kanae respectiuvely)
Other than that, they're quite different. SB!  read more 
Skip Beat . . . & . . . Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru . . are both about showbiz but are different too, Skip Beat is about Acting mostly whereas Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru is about the Sing/Music. Both are about 16 year old girls & relationship with older guys. Skip Beat is biggest on Comedy while Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru is biggest on Romance, yet, if you love one then you'll definitely like the other! {Sidenote, Skip Beat is currently longer than Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru} 
The main female characters are a lot alike. Their aggressiveness and motivation. They're funny too.  
Both heroiness aim to be an actress in showbiz... Love celeb is more mature and has adult scenes... And they both involve male rivals for the female heroine...
Both have people wanting to become actors/Actresses or an idol, and will do what tbh can to get there. The main charters are amazing actors.  
Both girls enter the entertainment world and learn to develop a love for acting. Skip Beat! is more shoujo while Haruka 17 is more seinen and slice of life. The female leads have a strong determination towards their goal.  
Its dealing with the entertainment business similar to skip beat the main difference is that instead of an entertainer as the main character it's the manager.. It's very cute and sorta funny..enjoy :p  
The girl is entering the entertainment business, where she uses mainly hard work and determination to move forward. Additionally there's romance between her and two guys. Both already established in the business which is similar to in Nice Guy Syndrome 
Both of the male character has a darkness he has in the past and he doesn't want to pull the female lead down with him. He loves the female character, quite possessive of the female lead. There is an age difference both manga. Both of the art in here is also beautiful.  
About normal high school girls who enter the entertainment business.
Both mangas are about girls who are very plain looking but once they step in front of the camera they are able to shine. Skip is about acting and Film Girl is about modeling but both are very good reads. 
Both are about girls that are underestimated and who want to prove themselves. Skip beat is about acting and red about photography. Kyoko in skip beat followed a famous singer but discovers that he only sees her as a maid. Red is a poor, bullied girl that runs away from home to Hollywood. There are more similarities but that would spoil the story's.
Both female characters dont want to fall in love and they dont notice the love from the main male characters. And they dont like watching people being clingy or lovely dovey 
Both are strong-minded and independent heroines who aren't afraid to speak their minds. Both don't focus their attention on getting boyfriends but concentrate on goals and hobbies/careers instead. 
The desire to follow a dream. Skip Beat and Kuragehime sets a mission to adapt such a theme with our main female character. There is a variety of character in both series with flamboyant personalities. It's important to note that the relationships they form with these characters are portrayed with unique appeals. Comedy is also a strength that lies with both series whether it's the dialogues or the gags that are adapted. Both series also has some a great style of fashion in diversity. 
The heroine in both is emotionally strong, initially gets rejected by the one that they love but develops and gets strong because of it, and pursues something that they are both passionate about and extremely talented at. In Beniiro Hero the main character has a natural talent for volleyball, and in Skip Beat she has a natural talent for acting. This results in other characters having reactions such as:
-"What... how is that rookie doing something so skilled when they don't have any experience..!!"
-"That girl is... scary...!"
-"Has she given up?" "No, look!" "*Gasp* her aura has completely changed..!!"
Also in both series the  read more 
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Both is about actresses talented and passionate in acting. Some aspects is the same. Both actresses have the ability to merge with an character. In the last chapters of Skip Beat, the actress "acts" in real life. In P.A. the actress work as an actor that can be hired for any role in real life. 
Both girls had a very unique childhood and had difficult relationships with their mothers. Dance! Subaru is darker than Skip Beat, while Skip Beat has more comedy. Both are about two young girls who posses a very strong talent in their fields, Skip Beat its acting and Subaru its ballet. 
They are about the main character doing something in order to get revenge on a certain person and both anime have a good balance of humor and seriousness.
But the plot, setting and characters are nothing alike. 
Both mangas have main protagonists that are unlike the usual shoujo girl: SB, she becomes disillusioned from love and determined to exact her revenge, in MM she snaps when provoked and her personality changes to a girl who one could describe as outrageous. Also both of these mangas deal with the main character entering the entertainment industry. Shoujo/Romance/Drama 
When it comes to entertainment, Nana and Skip Beat takes the stage and presents them in a very creative way. Both series deals with characters who gets involved in mainstream entertainment revolving around their professional careers. Throughout their stories, the characters develop both personally and professionally. There is romance in both series as well; do note that Nana has much more mature themes while Skip Beat is more humorous. Nonetheless, there is realism that is evident in both series along with suitable gags fitting for their premises. Definitely recommended for fans who are looking for a shoujo that expands more than just romance. 
Random relationship problems, and mishaps with love!  
If you like the stories about people trying to break through in show-biz, becoming idols, some funny dark undertones (ie revenge) and so on, these two are must reads! Both are really funny, sweet and romantic. Tenshi is a bit more focused gender-bender aspect of the story, but both are equally good.  
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So, the stories are very different, but both are funny, great stories that never get boring. In both, the main female character is very strong, but lacks confidence and seems misunderstood - though in different settings. Both have romance and some show biz. 
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These two are really great, both look at show-biz, have romance, comedy and great story-lines. 
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I prefer Skip Beat, but NRS is also a good read about stardome and love. 
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theese manga are similar because of the same kind of comedy..."the little kyoko"-the grudges..same situations but in different context  
Both are about the path to stardom. ^_^ 
In both series the main heoine is slightly dense and unaware of her own feelings, with dark pasts and are generally kind to others. Both series mix comedy and drama well. The main and side characters are interesting and add deminson to the plot. 
her bf asks her to come to tokyo with him so he can adjust to the city life..once he gets famous he forgets everything about her ignoring her :( 
Of the two Skip Beat is definitely better, but if you are looking for a story about an up and coming model/actor these two definitely compare. Both of these have a strong female lead who is quirky and tomboyish. Also, they have similar settings and side characters. 
Ichigo Channel and Skip Beat share the common element of comedy, romance and showbiz. The main character is a female lead who does not appear to most to be the typical celebrity face. Both of these main characters are up and coming stars who have to work hard to learn their jobs. Both main characters do not start out wanting to actually become an actor/model, but eventually find themselves deciding upon that career.  
I am always on the look-out for fantastic shojou that fails to follow typical shojou conventions. Both of these stories are very different in almost every way (Skip Beat is humorous and revolves around show business while Apothecarius Argentum is more dramatic and revolves around pharmacy and politics) but they both are high quality pieces of work with strong female leads, suitors that I actually root for and fantastic characterization even in the secondary characters. 
Both are focused on conflicting feelings with love in show business. Also both have strong female lead that aren't afraid to take care of business and have a past where they had been taken advantage of by another who wanted to advance their own career.  
These mangas are revolving in romance and show business, has a strong female lead and supplies the right amount of comedy. The male leads are also strong characters and has a similar mean streak to them. 
The vindictive atmosphere is very similar in both mangas, which have the same sort of humourous bent on revenge. Also, both of the heroines have the same sort of personality, not being the kind to back down or give in, but to fight their perceived enemy fulling intending to win! 
both manga are about entering show business in oder to get something. in skip a beat it to get paid back, in Teppen! it to find she lose brother. both girl are clueless about love and have guy that fall in love with them. 
When reading Penguin Brothers I kept thinking how similar it was to Skip Beat. These two mangas share VERY similar main characters.... The main character in both of these is a fierce, but simple-minded female who can hold her own against many different opponents including bullies. Both characters are very likable and make friends with lots of people who seem like enemies at first. Also, the lead has a difficult goal which she is trying to accomplish. There are many obstacles in the way for these characters, but both work very hard to overcome them. 
Both series feature an energetic female character who is trying to make it in the acting business. This character has to deal with entertainment issues, as well as all the trials of real life. If you liked one, you'll like the other... especially if you are looking for something that is funny, interesting and unique. 
Naka (NJ) and Kyoko (SB) are both scary girls and are into the limelight industry (modeling - NJ and talent - SB).

Naka did not really receive much appreciation for her potentials.
However, Kyoko, although she appears to really be scary and emits a strong aura when angry, she's well appreciated by the talent she posses like she was born to become an actress herself. 
While their plots are very different, they're humor is very similar. Both feature strong female leads who constantly surprise the men around them. And lots and lots and lots of over-the-top, but hilarious, facial expressions. 
If you really liked Skip Beat than this will definitely be a manga you'll like. It is similar to Skip Beat because both the parents don't care about there child. There is also a character like Ren who also had difficulties in his life. It's actually a sad story but there is still romance in it. So this is one of my favorites just like skip beat. So as I said before...if you like SKIP BEAT you'll definitely like SANAGI TO OUSAMA!! ♥♥♥ 
Both are about girls involved in show business and trying their best to succeed (but for vastly different reasons). There are also two handsome guys trying to get the girl. "Skip Beat!" is lighter and has more comedic moments. "Cinema to Teikoku" is more somber. Overall, I like "Skip Beat!" better, but they are both good.  
Both are about strong (be it physically or strong-willed) protagonists who hate men (either in general or specific ones), who'd do everything to achieve their goals. Both are shoujo&comedy, both include bishounen. :)  
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The girl similar wants to revenge on the guy and goes to the show business 
Both romantic comedies with heavy emphasis on the comedy, featuring strong, female leads who are trying hard to reinvent themselves, though are quick to revert back to old habits and eccentricities (in Kyokos case, her grudges and love of fairy tales, for Naedoko, behavioral observation and skillful manipulation). Both are furthermore entirely oblivious to the romantic advances of the male lead, getting far more exited at the prospect of going windowshopping or eating ice cream with their first ever (female) friend. I think if you like one, you're bound to like the other.  
both have to do with people drifting apart because of the entertainment industry
Both have strong/unique heroines. ...same atmosphere-you'll feel it if you read it. 
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For whatever reason, this is the manga I thought of most the further I got into Ao Haru Ride.
Both have headstrong female characters that start out being timid, but then decide to change themselves for the better.
Both have male leads that seem cold and distant, but gradually you can start to see them warming up to the female lead in a really cute way.
I totally recommend Skip Beat! to anyone who likes Ao Haru Ride, though the art style is completely different. Much more pointy haha. I personally love both styles. 
Both Najika (Kitchen no Ohime-sama) and Kyoko (Skip Beat!) were not raised by their parents and have a special skill (Kyoko- acting; Najika- cooking). Also, in the past, the two of them met a boy that helps them, but they don't remember him really well (so they search for him). The two stories include comedy, romance and drama. Skip Beat! is longer and Kitchen no Ohime-sama is more tragic. They're both worth reading. 
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The two characters are very charismatic and good. But because of a hate in the heart because of a child releasing a monster or demons. Both are a very funny story. 
quite similar situation and main female character,also in both there are two boys of different character, who can possibly be with the girl 
They both have girls who want to be "Japan's Next Big Thing", but for different reasons. They're both determined to make their dream a reality. 
Both are hilarious romance comedies 
both have a girl who disguises herself to get revenge on a guy.
the guy tricked the girl into falling in love with him (silver)
the guy betrayed the girl who loved him (skip beat)
similar, no?

however, silver is josei and skip beat is shoujo 
In both there is a boy that the main girl fondly remembers from their childhood, except they don't know who that boy is in the present! He may be closer to them than they think... 
both shoujo and easy going but also enjouable 
The same author, so, similar style of art. Also, main character of Dramatic Love Album is very similar to Kyoko in Skip Beat! by personality and appearance too. 
Well, for starters they're fun romances filled with bishounen suitors. The main male characters in both have a somewhat sadistic streak to them but are lovable nonetheless. Skip beat is much longer than SLH and has more of a romcom feel where as SLH is very much centered around the reverse harem.