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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Manga)

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

Alternative Titles

English: Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom
Synonyms: Hanakimi, The Thirsty Moon, The Cage of Summer, Natsu no Ori, Kawaki no Tsuki, Hanazakari no Kimi-tachi e
Japanese: 花ざかりの君たちへ


Type: Manga
Volumes: 23
Chapters: 148
Status: Finished
Published: Aug 20, 1996 to Aug 20, 2004
Authors: Nakajo, Hisaya (Story & Art)
Serialization: Hana to Yume


Score: 8.451 (scored by 11878 users)
Ranked: #2002
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This is also where a girl cross dresses to get into an all boy school, but the sport is basketball instead of high jump
Both have incredible comical aspects to the stories as well as a slight incorporation of drama. Additionally, they're both based during the main actresses' high school days. And, well, the main protagonists cross-dress, and are admired by main male students. Really, both stories have similar plots except Hana-Kimi is driven with one major goal while Ouran continues many episodes of stories that seem to not lead to a major plot ending as of yet, at least. Both are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the comedy and just overall amazingness of each story.
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they both are about girls cross-dressing and going to an all-boys school then falling in love
Both these manga are gender bender stories taking place at a high school where students live in dorms. Of course, the schools are single-gender only. In hana-kimi it's an all boys school, while in Tenshi ja nai it's an all girls school. In both stories, the two main characters end up living in the same room, and one of them is dressing up as the other gender! And of course, the other roomate discovers this quite early in the series. Both are also very funny series and highly entertaining.
Both have a girl disguised as a boy, and the boy they like knows they are a girl. Both are also hilarious!
both are about cute girls that disguise themselves to enroll in allboys schools
also both of them are discover and protected by their roomates wich ends up falling inlove with the girls.
Both stories are cute and touching

gender bender, its about a girl who cross dresses to beat up bad guys to relief stress
and who is tortured by her "princess"
Another love story that involves a girl crossdressing in order to get into an all boys school. In Kill Me Kiss Me, the main character switches places with an identical cousin to meet a male model and the story revolves around both of them in their new environment and the problems they encounter. While in Hana-Kimi, the main character enrolls in an overseas school to be closer to her athletic idol and ends up boarding in the same room with him <3 Both shoujo comedies.
Well it is rather the same, simply the girl version for this manga. Really well done too.
these mangas both pass off as the hilarious good-for nothing manga to pass time. Don't get me wrong; some of the time it was like that. But once you read deeper into them, you will notice a deeper theme and complicated relationships. Both have hilarious moments and bittersweet moments that will make you want so much more.
Both have the main girl having to live with other guys. They both include sports (one's volleyball, one's high jump and other stuff). They both are kind of tomboys but in the end the guy they like eventually falls for them. Hana kimi's more romance and crimsom hero's more sports, but they have a bit of each other too...
Both Maramalade boy and Hana-Kimi are alike because the main couple somehow end up living together and also a few of the characters seemed similar in both mangas: Minami Nanba(hana-kimi) for me is like Satoshi Miwa (marlade boy). Both are good romantic, comedy, dramas i really liked both mangas :)
Both Sano (hana-kimi) and Arima (kare kano) to me are very similar the way they look and act and how are keeping all their family problems to themselves until they meet Mizuki (hana kimi) Yukino (kare kano) who i also think act alike because they are both really dense but very kind. Both Hana-kimi and kare kano are really good drama, romantic comedies I really enjoyed both these mangas :)
both involve gender-bending. in both, the girl tries her hardest to make the guy achieve his dream.
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both contain a love triangle and a girl oblivious to the guys who like her
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Cross dressing, close calls and a lover =P its like Hana Kimi with a guy as main character... scary but fun Dx
both these manga are similar in genre. it's gender bender stories which taking place at samurai high's about a twin kou,the brother,is very feminine.excels in cooking n stuffs like that.while tsukiko,the sister,loves fighting n she's like a samurai..the twins learn about the samurai high school where men test their strength and women test their femininity, but the only way they can attend is by swapping i think both these manga are about cross dressing..enjoy:)
They are both about a girl dressing up as guys to go to an all-boys school, for some particular reason. However, Savage Garden has a more mature, darker feel, whereas Hana Kimi is more light-hearted and fluffy. They are both very good reads, nonetheless.
Both stories are about a girl, two guys (one guy always smiling & open-hearted, one guy shy & restrained) who stand by her side and support her. Even some mean persons change through experiencing the protagonist. Both mangas deal with school life and romance.
Both involve a girl living as a guy, falling in love with the lead guy, and having another guy fall in love with them without realizing she is a girl. Both have moments of high comedy and are very enjoyable, though Love in the Mask is much more serious, dramatic, and at times tragic than Hazakari no Kimi Tachi e, which has a far more relaxed and easygoing feel to it, at least for the 40 chapters I have read so far.
A girl cross dresses as a boy to enter an all-boys' school to follow another boy (whether romance or admiration). In Hana Kimi, the series is longer and the girl's real gender is the climax of the end of the story. In Gekkou Teien, the series is sweet and short and the girl's identity is already known.

The art in Gekkou is more appealing because it is more modernized (to me). Both rate at least an 8 because the storyline is believable and not too outrageous.
- Gender bender
- Sports and overcoming difficultis; both in said sport and in the main-characters relationships
- Romance; much more so in Hana Kimi than Nonono though

A few differences is that Nonono is more focused on the sport aspect of it while Hana Kimi focuses more on the romance, but both are very good and entertaining gender-benders.
It's more on comedy, romance, especially it's more about love triangle.
Both of these mangas feature the concept of cross-dressing and impersonating the opposite sex as a main theme, as well as major romantic involvement. However in Hana Kimi, it is a reverse situation and it is a female who is disguising herself as a man in order to attend an all-boys school.

The art and story of Hana Kimi is much more mature, though.
It's the same in the way that the main character fell inlove with the other main character after seeing them high jump.
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Two great love stories (though very different) where a girl crossdresses to achieve her dreams and be close to a person she admires
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Both mangas have a fun, care free air to them, yet have their serious moments. Plus, add in the love-triangle aspect, and you have two great stories!
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Both of these series deal with girls supporting a high jumper after they have been in an accident and helping them jump agian. Kakedashita is a one volume story, while HanaKimi is much longer...but both are just as enjoyable.
They're both shoujo comedies and there is a same feeling while reading them. :)
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Although SPY isn't a gender bender, both manga are about sports and determination, and the main characters' personalities are very similar, i think
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Two funny gender benders. HK is more sports-focused, plus it's a classic, but DK is nice too.
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Comedy and romance, what more can you ask?
They both have heroines that seem blunt, fangirlish, and happy-go-lucky. There's also heroes who can't seem to take a break because of worrying for they're crush. But there's a lot of laugh in both of them and did I say that both contains kissing monsters?
The female protagonists in both HK and PG are very similar; they are hot tempered, have effervescent vibrant personalities and do not fail to make you laugh. Both are constantly going beyond their means to help the male protagonists they adore and in turn lead to the build up of an enjoyable and entertaining plot. If you liked one, I would suggest trying the other!
Frankly, story-wise, it's different in plot though very similar in atmosphere. But the similarities with the characters are very uncanny.

It's pretty much that the main female protagonist is overly positive and her smiles brighten everyone she's with. She also creates a strong impact on everyone she interacts with. She sticks her nose in other people's business without telling the person concerned because she cares. She's clumsy and lacks self-awareness, too. Plus, almost any guy she hangs out/interacts with end up falling in love with her.

The main male protagonist has parental issues. They're perceived as stoic, but goes to great lengths to protect the main female protagonist.
its made by the same mangaka and they both have a mix of romance and sports
hisaya fans should definitely read both the series
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both are about a girl who dresses up as a boy to go into a all boys school
Both of these mangs are "gender-bender", Hanakimi deals with a girl dressing as a boy, and in W-Juliet there is a guy dressing as a girl. Both are very adorable romance stories with comedy. They're defenitely both worth reading :)