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Witch Hunter (Manhwa)

Witch Hunter

Alternative Titles

English: Witch Buster
Japanese: μœ„μΉ˜ν—Œν„°


Type: Manhwa
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: 2006 to ?
Authors: Jung-man, CHO (Story & Art)
Serialization: Daiwon


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The weaponry in both series are similar in that they are varied among users and have different degrees of use.
The context of both series are highly similar. Both feature organisations that are in conflict against witches. There are also strong horror references throughout the two.
North, South, East, West. In both mangas, there are four big shot bad guys that dominate each of the four sides of the globe, and they all act independent of each other. There is also one organization whose primary focus is to take down these big shot bad guys, as well as their loyal yet powerful subordinates, and protect the ordinary people at the same time. In Claymore, the bad guys are Yoma. In Witch Hunter, the bad guys are witches. Also, both mangas seem to make a significance in gender in that it is relevant to the premise of power. In Witch Hunter, obviously, only women become witches. Similarly, in Claymore, generally only women can become claymore. Claymore are also known as the "Silver Eyed Witches". Although this is a vague comparison, it does imply certain gender limitations on the male side, primarily in that men cannot directly use the witches' power. In either case, both claymore and witches are regarded as a stigma in society and are shunned by normal people.
Two of the main-story related characters, Tasha and Natsu relate with very similar characteristics and personalities, especially their ability to grow stronger through their emotions, and they both have a partner whom they share a close relationship, like a close family. The main teams consist of a group that have known each other for a long period of time, at times being quite crude and violent with one another (Almost everytime, this is for comedic purposes), but in each group, the team are as close as family, willing to protect each other with their lives. [PS: If you haven't read Fairy Tail, then I would recommend that you read Witch Hunter first. It's better to start off with the serious/moderately comedy, then heading for epic/highly comedic.]
The concept of witches become a pivotal point for both series. In fact, magic is a major form of art that is practiced as a way to fight both offensively and defensively. Witch Craft Works and Witch Hunter revolves around a story with supernatural elements. The main character get into conflict with the witches as they learn more about them while discovering untold secrets in their worlds. Although their settings contrast, both series provides insight on the MC's development over the course through experience in battle. Relationships are also fleshed out that concentrates on a variety of emotions for both series.
Having both white haired protagonist that are also fighting for a younger girl. These protagonist go to extreme measures for them even killing... but both try to avoid killing as much as possible.
Even though Witch Hunter and Naruto are about two completely different supernatural entities, the themes presented in both mangas are similar. They deal with the value of relationships, the mental frailty presented in humans, the unbiased cruelty people can present, and the ambiguous nature of an enemy. The death of humans become a prominent tragedy in the protagonists of both mangas but they are both forced to get past this and become better people as a result of this. Both of the manga focus much of the character development on the central characters, but it doesn't make the mangas any less good. Witch Hunter and Naruto deals with the sense of duty a person must make to its village/government even with the hidden darkness. The characters are often forced into situations that force them to choose between themselves or a person close to them.
These two manga actually belong to very different categories. But I feel like that in both manga the protagonist try to fight against impossible fate under a certain belief. Both manga have epic fighting scenes (and both have really slow updates ~).
the contracts and gov't agencies and character interactions seem similar and i believe it you enjoy one then you'll enjoy the other.
reportRecommended by danm - Add to favorites
Both main characters go on a journey to find someone while fighting with guns of power (magic). In both stories the main characters have a type of cute fighting assistant. The drawings have some similarity. The plots are both interesting; in Letter Bee he fights monsters as he journeys to find his lost friend, in Witch Hunter he fights witches as he tries to hunt down his witch-turned sister. Both characters posses unique powers that they grow into as the story moves forward.
Both main characters are similar as they are both quite short and easily get on peoples nerves.There personalitys are quite similar also with the way they act and talk. They are both organisations fighting against something (withches for Witch Hunter and monsters in Dragon Eye) they both have a similar feel to them.
Both of these great manga include good art and illustrations and an interesting story and plot. Both Heroines are trying to protect their sister from a harsh life. While Tasha in Witch Hunter is trying to save his sister, from the clutches of the evil witches. In Mother Keeper it is a fantasy like WH, involving guns and death, where they strive to be together, but fighting a world against them. They're are various things in common in the story if you look deep enough, however Mother Keeper only has bout 6 chapters out.
Witch Hunter is kind of similar to Tactics due to the characters.
The main Character loves money, and they worry alot about expenses (Tasha/Kantarou) but both chooses not to kill what they meant to kill (Tasha - Witches, Kantarou - Youkais) They don't kill them but instead try to help. both main characters always goes around with a guardian at their side (Tasha - Halloween, Kantarou - Haruka) The main character partly has the same personailty traits. Their guardians (Haruka and Halloween) both consider to have a past they dont remember of know. Also both of them consider their master's well...yea. But they end up thinking that they arent that bad...Also they somewhat has a certain person liking them or just friends, (Halloween - Lancelot, Haruka - Sugino)The main characters gets scowled at by someone (Tasha - pretty much alot of the ppl in WH, Kantarou - Youko) The main characters have an advisor...(Tasha - Linda, Kantarou - Reiko) not to mention they both tend to give off a really dark related aura to people...
Both mangas are action oriented and take place in a magical world setting. The main character in each series controls and fights along side of a puppet/supporter that was given to them by someone else.
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