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Shokugeki no Souma (Manga)

Shokugeki no Souma

Alternative Titles

English: Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma
Synonyms: Kimi to Watashi no Renai Soudan, Our Love Counseling
Japanese: 食戟のソーマ


Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Nov 26, 2012 to ?
Genres: Ecchi, School, Shounen
Authors: Saeki, Shun (Art), Tsukuda, Yuuto (Story), Morisaki, Yuki (Story)
Serialization: Shounen Jump (Weekly)


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deals with food in a unique way 
Soma is basically Addicted to Curry's shounen version, we have a main male who's a great cook and keeps winning cooking battles. Well, Soma has ecchi when people eat food, Addicted to Curry has ecchi in other parts xD 
reportRecommended by Eru13 - Add to favorites
Despite the gimmicky way both series attempt to adapt a shounen series, they are clever with their style. The main characters from both series engages in conflicts related to cooking. There's a wide variety of flavorful dishes that are presented in both series. Their perspective stories also has uniqueness for its satirical themes. Definitely recommended for anyone who is seeking a manga with unorthodox style of writing. 
Shounen mangas about cooking with a similar main character. They have a battle manga feeling in them despise not having fights but cooking battles. 
Gin no Saji and Shokugeki no Souma chronicles the journey of a main protagonist who enters a field of study that may change his life forever. Throughout their journey, they master certain skills that makes them stand out and earn the respect of others. There is competition when it comes to the work but also the same time has its rewards. Gin no Saji is more defined by its life style tone of the story while Shokugeki no Souma has more food gimmicks in shounen style battles. However, both series has a similar feeling when it establishes their journey to become professional talents. 
Although both series take place in different settings, they both portray the theme of culinary arts effectively with their premise. The main male protagonists are skilled at cooking and seek to become a skilled chef in their world. At the same time, they face competition and demand from others. Both series test the skills of the characters as they are challenged to their limits. Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars) has more school life gimmicks with fanservice while Nobunaga no Chef delivers more realism with historical themes. I recommend both series if you are looking for a conventional manga of culinary arts. 
They are similar in the sense that Shokugeki no Souma is to cooking while Soul Catcher(S) is to music. The art style and comedy is similar in nature as well. 
- MC who is good at cooking with spiky hair
- harem
- talented, attractive, blond tsun character
- cute, easily-flustered sweet character
- very curvy tsundere with short hair character
Both are about cooking and competition. The main characters are both young and strive to be a great chef. 
You'd enjoy both since they somewhat have the same concept. In Bakuman, the protagonists 'battle' using their mangaka skills, while in Shokugeki, they 'battle' using their cooking skills. They have 'rivals' who aren't totally against them; rather, they encourage each other in their own ways. Both of them are great page-turners! They'll leave you wanting to know what comes next. Both inspire readers to keep pushing towards their goals and dreams. Regarding the writing style, they both make you feel like you're in the protagonists' position so you want to keep rooting for them. Even during intense 'battles', there are some funny parts which balances the  read more 
Both have talented MCs (Main Characters)
They have lots of battles (Souma is battles with food awesomeness and Kikou is with cute girly magical killing machines)
Both MCs have strong senses of right and wrong and get into trouble fighting for Truth, Justice and the Japanese Way (a few ppl should get that joke)
Though they are both pretty good... Souma is waaaaaaaaaay more epic (as of chapter 27) just sayin' 
They both follow a boy chasing their dreams. They have similar art styles. They both meet interesting people along the way and have that bit of love happening. They just give the same feeling. 
Both have great drawing style and plot revolves around being a cook (food). 
While following a different set of principles and premise, both series has an innate similar feeling when it comes to the style of their story. Both series' main male protagonist has a hotblooded personality and is always eager to take on any challenge. Their relationship with others offers a wide variety of emotions with other characters. There is the concept of 'battles' that takes place throughout both series' story although portrayed different. For Beelzebub, they involve action with shounen gimmicks at school. For Shokugeki no Souma, it revolves around food competitions satirized by clever ideas. 
Both are about young arrogant highly skilled chefs challenging the establishment. Both are more concerned with being entertaining than being realistic. IWJ isnt quite as "echhi" as SnS 
Shokugeki is the fanservice version of Mister Ajikko. Both are cooking manga about a talented boy from a humble background trying to distinguish himself in a world of high-class cuisine. In both manga the protagonist is already really good in the beginning. The way the battles play out and the way the food is described and portrayed are identical. Both will give you cooking ideas you probably shouldn't try. You're not good enough. 
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These 2 mangas are by right, fundamentally different, but carry similar traits.
Similar: Both the main characters have this initial introduction of one that has overcomed many obstacles and opponents, then they start on a journey due to some reasons, and start facing more powerful opponents at a high risk.
They are very shounen-ish and reminds me of One Piece. The main guy character's design is kinda similar too.

Different: Shokugeki is a cooking manga with a side focus on ecchi while Gamaran is a samurai manga focusing on sword techniques, combat instincts and the like, and has consideable gore. 
Weekly Shounen Jump and Shounen Magazine are probably the two most dominant manga companies today and these two series are very similar in the way they tell their stories. AKB is based on the real life idol group AKB48 and a main protagonists who cross dresses so he can participate in auditions to help his love interest while Shokugeki no Souma is about a boy who tries to meet his fathers expectations by going to a top class chef school and becoming the best chef there. The art styles are very similar and alot of the panels are dedicated to tiny detail things like ingredients  read more 
This has a similar feel to this manga if you love the competition and cooking side mixed together. If you love one then you will definitely love the other 
Despite one manga being about A.T. and the other about cooking their overall feeling is very similar. Also, both are beautifully drawn shounen with tons of eroticism included (and it never gets boring!) Not to mention the protagonists are basically the same.