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Meteor Methuselah (Manga)

Meteor Methuselah

Alternative Titles

English: Immortal Rain
Synonyms: Meteo Metosera
Japanese: メテオ・メトセラ


Type: Manga
Volumes: 11
Chapters: 66
Status: Finished
Published: Sep 1, 1999 to May 25, 2011
Authors: Ozaki, Kaori (Story & Art)
Serialization: Wings


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Both will draw you in with great stories and even greater characters... both deal with longevity, fighting monsters and close friends/siblings becoming enemies.

And you can't help but notice that Abel and Rain are like inter-dimensional twins XD
They both about a man who is plagued with immortality, trying to find a way to become human again and both meet a girl on their journey and start travelling together. But that's the only thing in common, as they are completely different in feel and genres. 
These stories are characters are so similar that you might swear they are simply an alternate universe of each other. Both stories involve a guy character with a huge bounty on his head, who has a dark past involving a girl who has died. Also, both of the guy characters cant die until they meet a certaint person.
If you like Immortal Rain, you will, without a doubt, like Trigun. 
The two are so much alike but so incredibly different; They're both about a girl who really has no one in the world, and begins a journey on a male who is basically immortal in a fictional world. Hanatsukihime is pretty short, but Immortal Rain is a rather decent length. If you like one, you'll definitely like the other a lot, too.  
Tsubasa wo Motsu Mono and Immortal Rain are so similar to me. You can easily fall in love with the characters and hope for them to have good luck. :) They both have a girl as the main character who is determined to get through life and have some sort of loss in their past. The main charaters also have a travelling companion who has a troubled pasts, and hard to defeat enemies.  
They're both about strangers going on a journey together to "change the future", kind of thing. 
I can't really compare the stories, but Issha from Nanika really reminds me of Yuca from Immortal Rain. 
Immortal people seeking death, and searching for someone from their past; in their words, they were cursed with immortality because "I ate a god/angel." Are constantly being chased and attacked by people for various reasons. Have a young person who sticks with them. Both have lots of action; "Immortal" also has adventure and sci-fi. Sort of "edgy" shoujos. 
both main male charas have a fate they didn't chose but make people hate them, a fighter main female chara following the steps of someone they admire, and there are "demons" or "angels". both manga have war settings and i really recommend both :) 
To deal with the inescapable boredom and pain of immortality. 
Both are made by the same mangaka. Both have a strong female lead, as well as lovable male lead. A romance between the two main characters. I had a very similar feeling while reading both. If you like one you probably like the other. :) 
Both series are set in the future and have action packed female protagonists who are kind of tomboyish. Both feature a male costar who travels with the tomboyish girl on their journey. Both have a pretty straightforward cartooning style.  
Both are wonderful manga.
The vision of life they describe is very similiar, as the description of feelings and relationships. The setting worlds are almost the same, too. 
Well Rikon Choutei is a shounen, and Immortal Rain is a shoujo (so obvious differences aside), but they both have the same vibe. Not only do they create a fantastic world where things such as currency is different, but they both focus on a young, independent girl trying to make her way in life, and a superhuman, immortal, down-to-earth man. 
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For some reason Priest reminds me a dark Immortal Rain despite the fact the two have almost nothing in common. Priest is similar to Immortal Rain by the fact that both are about men on a quest that can't die with a woman that for some reason or another, reminds them of their lost love and reason they are immortal in the first place. The girl, unable to leave well enough alone, gets caught up in the mess and begins searching for the immortal to find out just what is going on.
I imagine that if Immortal Rain was dark, it would be somewhat  read more 
Even though I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly that makes me correspond one manga with the other, there is definitely something about these two that strikes a similar chord.

With characters who are rarely who they initially seem, motives that cannot be taken at face value, friendships and loyalties that will amaze, and plots (largely centered around the strive for the perfect being) that will keep you on your toes, these are two stories — full of action, humour and romance (both open and underlying) — that will make you question aspects of what you believe, and move  read more 
Both main male chara have lived for a long time and have sad pasts involving a female chara, both mangas have main female chara who fight and who develope a close relationship with the main charas. in one manga you have "demons" and in the other you have "angels".  
both have immortal males and strong girls that end up following them on journeys. both are romantic and both are pretty darn good. 
Although the plot is totally different, both have a main girl [Machika/Kayuki] which main goal is to kill the main protagonist[Strauss/Rain]that is an immortal guy, very nice and talkative although he has a dark past and he´s very powerful. Also in both there is character that desperately wants to find peace and so he wants to die[Yuca/Strauss]. A character who made a terrible mistake and killed many humans[Yuca/Adelheid], and both plots deal with a circle of endless reincarnation[Spirit of Methuselah/ Black Swan] that everytime it dies, reincarnates again in a new body [Kayuki/Yuca].  
Very similar plot: Both are about 3 best friends (one girl and two boys) who lived together in a orphanage: the graceful girl, a boy who is energetic and funny and another one who was quiet. Eventually the quiet kind boy which is the reincarnation of an ancient god /spirit, betrays them all, kills everyone at the orphanage, wants to kill the girl too, but somehow wants the other boy to live and "chase" after him and his true goal is to destroy the world and kill all humanity so he can obtain true peace.  
Actually plot is completely different, but both are great comedies and romances. Heroines are also kinda alike with their childish charcter. 
Invincible guys and brave girls are traveling and escaping from bad guys in strange worlds. Reading Immortal Rain I've found From Far Away very similar. I recomended both manga. Immortal Rain have got more humour though.  
The stories are different, but both are epic, fantasy-ish tales with strong characters, good plot, and great romance. Rain is not truly historical, but it has a historical feel to it.  
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Both are epic, developed stories that take place in another world, where a girl teams up with a "wanted" man 
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Immortal Rain and Aegis are two great mangas who share many similar plot elements: Two childhood friends who grew up together in a orphanage, and they were both very close to a girl there, (one of the boys even had love feelings for her) but later they are taken from the orphanage and a sudden unexpected twist happens: one of the three betrays the other two, and because of that the other two end up in a cruel fate connected to some organizations that make weird experiences with children.
Years pass and one of the boys befriends a lively girl, but then his childhood  read more 
In both in the "past" arc, there are two best friends, but one of them is secretly "evil" and wants to end the world as he knows, for a certain purpose. In the middle of those two best friends there is an extremely important girl for both, yet one of them ends up killing her. Then the "evil" guy reveals his plans and they become enemies, but deep down, the "evil" guy is not entirely evil and it is capable of feeling and loving, he cries a lot or he is usually emotionless with empty eyes. Usually the nice flashbacks of the "evil" guy with  read more 
They both have Immortals with mysterious pasts. But, unlike Bolt, Rain constantly shows emotions and is mostly a goof-off through the series.  
Basara is a lot longer, and it has more of a serious plot, but immortal rain is just so cute and funny, that you'll be sure to love it if you like basara 
Both are about a strong female who leaves on her own to go on some sort of journey, and end up meeting male(s) who join her on her journey. Both are about the male companion being 'special' ie. immortal or something other (its a mystery what is really up with the male companions in Hatenkou Yuugi, i dont want to spoil it ^^), and both deal with ppl who try to exploit these abnormal powers in the male companions in order to re-create it for themselves or others. Both also deal with the question on humanity and the cruelty humans can commit in order to  read more 
This might contain minor spoilers. These manga are wonderful underrated reads! Also, they display several similarities like:
- Two male best friends who grew up together in a orphanage until a tragedy occurred.
- They are separated and one of those friends becomes the hero and the other an anti-hero which adds lots of angst to their relationship.
- The hero is the only thing keeping his "friend" from letting go of his humanity.
- An intricate plot about destroying humanity.
- Immortality is an issue.
While Owari no Seraph has more action and blood, Immortal Rain focus more on  read more 
You wonder why I'd reccomend two shoujo that are nothing alike. Akatsuki no Yona is based in a fictional ancient country and it goes around politics while Immortal Rain is based in a fictional world on the present day/future being also sci-fi. So why do I reccomend one to the fans of other? Its very simple: - You enjoy a group of friends tagging along helping the heroine and the hero? - You love the theme best friends turn into enemies? - Love triangle and lots and lots of angst? - Comedy moments that are very kawaii? Then you have it. In both you have characters suffering with their  read more 
If you liked triun the anime or the manga, you will lover Immortal rain. Both main charachters are immortal. They both haev happy go lucky attatudies, and great fighting talent.