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Beast Master (Manga)

Beast Master

Alternative Titles

English: Beast Master
Synonyms: Fly, Cactus Summer Surprise
Japanese: ビーストマスター


Type: Manga
Volumes: 2
Chapters: 9
Status: Finished
Published: 2007
Authors: Motomi, Kyousuke (Story & Art)
Serialization: Betsucomi


Score: 8.361 (scored by 20362 users)
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The main male characters are students that have a naturally scary appearance, but are kind on the inside. Not going to spoil but, as the story progresses, you see the real similarities between the storys. The main heroines are also similar.  
Each has a boy who tries to protect a girl because of their love. They're both adorable. 
Both talk about a boy raised in the wild and their relationship with a girl as they try to adjust to love and society. 
The stories have a similar feel to them. Both have a sweet love story and a bit of comedy involved. In both, the girls end up helping/saving/taming the boy. 
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In Beast Master, Leo is a guy who's avoided because he's scary-looking, when all he wants to do is make friends, just like Sadako-chan. Then he meets Kubozuka Yuiko, a popular girl who doesn't think he's scary and befriends him. Eventually everyone finds out that Leo isn't at all as scary as he looks. 
-Girls meeting boys with animalistic instincts.
-Boys aren't as bad as they seem
-Boys trying to protect the girls
-Boys are cute (inside and out)!
-Both are surpisingly good and heart warming (and sometimes heart wrenching).

If you enjoyed one you'll probably like the other 
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Light humor, also with a man that everyone thinks is Evil or Beastly... xD Very cute romance, Mamotte Agemasu has a little smut. 
The sleeves have two wild boys, that only the player can put a leash and they obey. (Osaerarenai actually happen, he wears a collar). 
They both involve a love between an "animal" or "beast" and a human (although technically Aoi in Beast Master is not a beast). 
Both male protagonists are "beasts"  
Both are short, cute series that revolve around an adorable character that has a vicious side and another character that accepts them for who they are. Also both have romance between the two characters. 
Both are about a guy who is scary looking, but is really a very sweet and nice guy. 
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both have a girl/woman who has a guy who is like an animal

however kimi wa pet is josei and beast master is shoujo 
A sweet, animal loving, high school age girl falls for rough-&-tumble looking, misunderstood boy, who actually has a kind personality. 
The guys in both mangas have an iron/scary face, but in reality they're two sweet big cats. and the girls are the tamers of the cats.^^ 
The story is different, but the main characters (Leo and Pansy) were raised in some part of they're life in Africa, both are wild, naive and energetic. 
A similar theme is that both of the boys are compared to animals and that they are later revealed to be very kind and cute. 
Both mangas have a very odd male character who behaves weirdly for different reasons and a fermale lead who somehow sort of has to take care of him. Both are very cute stories with really nice art and they're about the same lenght as well. If you liked one you will surely like the other as well. 
both have female main characters that 'tames' the guy. instead of a split personality getting out of control (beast master), in akuma to duet, the guy cannot control his demonic powers  
both main male characters become wild and rough (fighting) from the sight of blood. both main male characters have a secret personality/side to them, which only the main girl can see. both couples have to battle through the misunderstandings, family oppositions, rivals etc. 
In Guru Guru the male falls in love with a dog who is and acts like a human. In Beast Master the female falls in love with a human who acts like a beast (in a cute way) 
Both of the mangas deal with girls loving animals (one focuses on dogs, though). They both have the main characters encounter each other when one's trying to see the animal. They're also short, cute, and sweet.  
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In both mangas, an unusual and accepting girl meets a one-of-a-kind guy and sparks a friendship with him, it slowly turning into love. Both males in these mangas are usually kind and caring, however, when they see the female in trouble, they will rush to them and help them, sometimes going berserk, and in that situation, the female will be the only one to calm him down. Both females are also kind and caring people, and takes care of the male on a daily basis. Both mangas also show their budding relationship, and endings are similar, as they decide to ditch one thing to  read more 
The male lead is similar in both stories. He acts like a wild and reckless animal and can only be stopped by the girl he loves. Both of the male leads are adorable and have a puppy-like quality.  
In both manga the guy main leads have an adorable cute side. 
They have both a beast like boy who fell's for the girl, only in Kindan no Koi wo Ikou we have a literally wolf that transform in to a human.  
Both have guys which seem unapproachable and scary on the outside (but Reo is waayyy scarier) However, Yuiko and Emi are very different from each other. Whereas Yuiko takes care of Reo, Emi is the one being taken care of by Wanichin (her nickname for him)

Art isn't that good compared to Beauty is the Beast but this series will have you rolling on the floor laughing just the same. 
talk about taming a beast .. might as well like it 
One of the main character is a beast or was taught like one... i also love the art <3 
Firstly,the male leads are scary looking but they have beautiful, innocent hearts.Their classmates and even their teachers are scared of them and they often get into trouble with delinquents because of their appearance.Also they have no friends until they both find a girl they are really protective of.Finally, the sweetness of those manga is their most lovable similarity. 
The plots are different, but to me they seem very similar. For one, the guy is judged by how he looks (Leo looks scary in Beast Master, Miyamura looks like... a.... shady otaku with glasses?) but turn out to be completely different then expected (Leo turns out to be an animal-loving cutie and Miyamura turns out to be an awesome little spaz with earrings and tattoos... I love these characters~) And the girl quickly befriends the boy and the romance commences!!! If you like one, you'll like the other. 
The 2nd story immediately made me think of Beast Master. Both manga are about a boy who seems dangerous (and everyone's afraid of him) and a girl who gets to know him, and eventually falls in love with him. Also, they have very similar art.
Suki, Tokoro ni Yori Arashi is a lot shorter though, since it's a one shot. 
They have both a beast like boy who fell's for the girl, only in Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou we have a literally wolf that transform in to a human.  
Both of the main male characters are adorable. Nothing else it similar but both are very cute short reads. I love them both.  
They have both a beast like boy who fell's for the girl, only in Zoku- Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou we have a literally wolf that transform in to a human.  
They are both about a dangerous boy falling in love with an innocent girl. The guys in these mangas are extremely shy towards the main female characters. Also, the guys are almost owned by the female characters. Not only that but it just give you the same feel... Ya know? 
Both are short series with a male character that's a little different. Tarou from VNA is a weird artistic male while Leo from BM is rather childish. 
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In both, a character needs taming. The stories are both interesting, original and cute. Plus the humour in both is similar 
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These two short stories are a little mysterious, cute and adorable. Plus the romance is sweet and innocent in both! 
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The stories are very different, but these two have a similar feel, a girl who helps an outcast, and all the things she then gets involved in...both these stories are light, entertaining reads 
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These two have similar kinds of humor + the female character in both is bright and cheerful 
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i thought the 2 stories were similar because of the main male characters, leo and akumi are really similar in many ways, they even looked like eachother sometimes.. anyhoo both are really nice short stories, and worth to be read ^^ 
Both stories are about an ordinary, happy girl that manages to "tame" a guy with a temper. Both are really sweet, romantic, funny light reads and they have a similar feel to them. 
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Both the male characters are like wild animals, which the female leads are able to control 
The male lead's personality is mistaken by their classmates to be the opposite of how they really act (Seung Ha is thought to be the perfect prince, while Leo is thought to be scary).  
Girl becomes involved in a relationship with a guy viewed as "scary" by their classmates, however manages to beat "the odds" to eventually fall in love with him
Girl becomes involved in a relationship with a guy viewed as "scary" by their classmates, however manages to beat "the odds" and falls in love with him (2nd one shot of Animal Jungle)
The first story shares similarities with Beast Master. The male lead receives poor treatment from other members of his class due to misunderstandings/stereotypes about their appearances. Female lead discovers the male lead isn't so bad after all... And so on! 
~ Similar situation where the "ferocious beast" was brought along living in the city. He then meets his counterpart which will later "tame" him to be a good-natured person. 
story-wise both of these are very different. Beauty pop is about a girl named kiri getting involved with the "Sp", scissors project. Whereas Beast Master is about a girl who meets a beast-like boy and isn't frightened by his looks and gets to know him. Even if both of these stories are way different you get the same feeling while reading them and they are both very light-hearted and sweet mangas. There's a bit of romance in Beauty pop but if you want more of a cute and innocent love story I'd suggest Beast Master =) 
Both have sweet girls who love animals who fall for boys who are sometimes more animal than human. Plus, they're both adorable! These two mangas really couldn't be more similar. 
both have main female charas who love animals but dont seem to get there affection..but they find love in dudes who are some wat connected to animals 
ecently in chapter 5 his"true"self came out and now will she be afraid of him and stop loving him or will she continue to love him. In beast master this is the choice the heroine must make. 
Beast master is one of my favorites. It's short and cute and very funny. In beast master like in again the main male character is judged by his face but is definitely a very good guy. Beast master is much shorter than again and they have very different plots (prob cuz beat master is a shoujo) but if you like one then you will probably like the other. 
although the plot it's not the same, somehow they are similar because it's about two girls that fall inlove with a 'different' guy and also how the guy does anything to protect the girl, both are sweet and cute, and when you read one chapter it makes you want to keep reading. 
Both of these series has a main character reffered to as "a Beast". Not only that, they are both romantic series. :) 
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Both Beast Master and MARS are about a guy who is often is called a rebel and some people are scared of him cuz of his reckless attitudes but both are actually really nice guys! also in both mangas each main guy ends up falling for a girl that is their complete opposite! Both are really good read i really liked them both :) 
These manga's are almost the same things to a degree, as both feature an akward girl becoming responsable for an oblivious, innocent-to-the-point-of-alien males. Night and Leo are exceptionally simplar at times; as both lack common sense for good reason (Night is a robot, Leo was a ferrel child), yet are both very affectionate; attatched to their female 'care taker/love interest and both can fight in an agressive manner at times. Both manga's are comical for the most part and are both a good, short length. 
These two manga are exceptionally similar and both very enjoyable... Beastmaster features a pleasant girl who is an animal fanatic; she meets an 'animalistic' boy and is more or less stuck on gaurdian duty. Yasei no Bara features a pleasant plant fanatic who meets a plant in humonoid form and is soon stuck on gaurdian duty. Tasuku (the plant guy) and Leo (the beats guy); though on opposite ends of the spectum, are equally socially akward and attatch themselves to their only friend. Both 'odd' characters are in danger, as there are thoses after them. I would say, as an individual who favours shounens, it takes alot to impress me,  read more 
Both happens in schools with a teenagers and in both there is one male that is quite violent and behaving like a beast at times. His other half is the only one who can "tame" him and make him control his temper, while the other classmates are somewhat too scared to approach him.

Sono koi ni wa wake ga aru is yaoi, which means that the "other half" of "the beast" is also male. 
Both are pretty short stories (although Moujuu wa Ori no Naka is far more shorter since it's a oneshot) that deal with a master and beast relationship between a male and female. In both cases, the female must tame the "beast" they meet out of coincidence and thus develop intimate relationships with said beasts. These males are very loyal to their masters and do anything to protect their significant other, sometimes setting aside their non-serious exteriors to do so. In this way, these stories would be appealing to any person who read one and would like to read another with a similar relationship in it.  read more