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Lovely★Complex (Manga)


Alternative Titles

English: Love★Com
Synonyms: Love Com, Lovely Complex Plus, Love★Com Plus
Japanese: ラブ★コン


Type: Manga
Volumes: 17
Chapters: 68
Status: Finished
Published: Aug 13, 2001 to Aug 13, 2007
Authors: Nakahara, Aya (Story & Art)
Serialization: Bessatsu Margaret


Score: 8.601 (scored by 10588 users)
Ranked: #902
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The heroines of these manga want to get a boyfriend, but that's not so easy for them. Risa is a bit too tall while Haruna has a bad fashion sense and a masuline build due to playing baseball in middle school. Along the way they end up going out with the guy who supported them and helped them from the beginning.
reportRecommended by Canal - Add to favorites
Lovecom and Saruyama both deal with a completely mismatched couple. Both couples frequently argue, but care for each other in their own ways. The overall feel of both is light hearted and very enjoyable. If you loved one, you should definitely check out the other.
Both are cute shojo romances in which the heroine is taller then her love interest.
reportRecommended by Emiey - Add to favorites
Both mangas deal with girls who are "different" from other girls in their grade, they've fallen in love with a popular boy. These two mangas are under the comedy, shoujo, romance, and school life genres. They mostly fall under the typical shoujo plot, like angry love rivals, but nonetheless, they're worth reading.
reportRecommended by Bou - Add to favorites
If you liked the one shot Tonari no Danshi you should definitely check out Lovely Complex. There's a similar dynamic between the two couples and it should keep you entertained for a much longer time period.
It`s the same author....
Anime is good as well
reportRecommended by Rju - Add to favorites
the art is very similar but the storyline is completely different. a lot of people say that the two main male characters look the same
Tall girl and a short guy in a relationship

Lovely Complex is shoujo will Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki is Seinen
The set-up is a bit the same.
Well, to not spoil anything I'll just say this.
In Saboten no Himitsu the guy is also incredibly dense, and they have to go through some hardships as well. You'll see when you read. <3
Both females have a height problem and they're both looking for someone to love. They both carry the same tone as well, enjoyable reads.
Both romance manga are about tall girl and short guy.
Their from the same author.
Both girls dont want to admit that they like the guy and kept being mean to him.
Both involve a central pair of characters where the female lead is much taller than the male lead. Hilarity ensues.
Now, at first glance, these two seem to be completely different, aside from both being shoujo romantic comedy manga. But as I was reading Baby Love, it, to me, was permeated with such throwbacks to Lovely Complex (I say this because I read lovely complex waaay before baby love, and not because I think the author did this) that I simply have to recommend one to the other.
Well, for starters, The art style and author are quite the same. Both mangas give a message about not giving up on each others dream. But Love Com is more longer than Bokura no Ibasho.
They're both about Romance. The girl also fell for the guy first & the guy didn't respond to her feelings. Both have great friends who support them. Both are really funny too. They have the same mood, although Lovely Everywhere has some serious moments about the background of the characters.
They are both from same mangaka and hilarious :)
Shoujos with a tall girl that has an odd argumentative friendship with a short guy and lots of humor about their awkwardness.
If you are a fan of the rom com Lovely Complex you might like the oneshot My Hero. The guy is shorter than the girl and clowns around to make up for his height. The bickering, argueing relationship but still mutual love is very much like it too. They are both comedy shoujos with a light fun tone.
Well mainly both follow the story of a highshcool girl,and a boy that she's falling in love with.Both stories have lots of ups and downs,love triangles and share the same genres:romance,comedy,a little bit of drama...highschool life etc.
But definitely the stories,the circumstances are different.
So if you liked Lovely Complex,you'll love Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun too.
Enjoy reading!

reportRecommended by kl-m - Add to favorites
They're both extremely hilarious to the extent that just remembering them will make you laugh out loud so hard that people will start thinking you're crazy. Both series contain stupid couples who never fail to make people laugh. And they don't only focus on the main couple's love story but also on their idiotic friends' love stories as well.
Both are great light-hearted romcoms where the guy and girl have ceratin height complexes
In Hiyokoi, the girl is too small and the guy, too tall.
In Lovely Complex the girl is taller than the average female and the guy is shorter than the average male.
both have a short guy and a tall girl who like each other and has the same kinda of humor about the difference and they involve basketball in a way
reportRecommended by lseed - Add to favorites
Ah these manga are both so refreshing!! they are both absolutely adorable and both make you constantly burst out in laughter! the art isnt exactly similar but i love how both the mangaka use extreme expressions to show the humor in funny situations. the perfect mix of comedy and love! SKS is a way slower love development than LC but then they really have their own way to them so even though they are both in the same category, they arent really to be compared :D oh! and both of these i put off reading because the art looked too childish at first. DONT MISS OUT!
Both females have a height complex, personality-wise they're different but enjoyable regardless.
About 2 unlikely friends making a deal with each other to help them with the people they're in love with.
There is a girl taller than average, and a boy shorter than average
They both have a similar storyline. The girl confess to the boy who reject her in the beginning and the girl tries her best.
At first glance, though both mangas are shoujos, they seem quite different. Indeed, their stories ARE quite different, but the feelings they evoke in their readers are just the same. Never have any mangas made me laugh like Ouran and Lovely Complex. Never have any mangas made me smile like Ouran and Lovely Complex. Never have two mangas made me tear like Ouran and Lovely Complex... theyre two fanatastic series witht the same kind of wacky humour, the same kind of sugary sweet romance, and the same kind of heroine.

Actually, this is the redeeming factor for both mangas. While Ouran's Haruhi has more of a wtf-i-dont-care attitude, Risa has more of a wtf-is-wrong-with-you-you-have-problems attitude. But they BOTH have a sense of rationality, and can make incredibly funny comments from anything (especially haruhi... she's so down to earth, I love her :D).

You'll like both series, to be sure.

One of Kare wa Tsumetai Furi o Shite's stories is also about love between a tall girl and a short guy, although it has some differences with Lovely Complex is a really cute love's story too.
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji is still being published but I get the same vibe from these two. If you loved Lovely Complex like I did, I highly recommend this one. Both main female characters stuggle to obtain the love of the male.
Same author. Both stories have strong female protagonists and dense co-protagonists. Touching moments and a love rival! I highly recommend this if you loved Lovely Complex.
Kotoko and Naoki's relationship really reminded me of Risa and Otani in Love*Com. I think if you like one, you'll like the other.
The 4th short story in Suki, Tokoro ni Yori Arashi is very similar to the plot of Lovely Complex. The tallest girl in the class must deal with someone who once was the smallest person in the class, and while it's not as developed (it is a one shot) it is still sweet to see the developing relationship despite the height obstacle.
Takami~chan(Venus Cappricio) and Koizumi (Lovely Complex) are really similar.
A lot of the plot twists are similar in both mangas, and also a lot of the side characters. Geez, at one point of Akuma de Sourou, I thought I was reading Lovely Complex, lol.
Both series are quirky love comedies about couples that often act more like manzai comedy duos -- and who doesn't like manzai?
Both are great shoujo romance series about a couple no one thought would ever happen, whose biggest relationship obstacle seems to be themselves. Both also have great supporting casts who gradually get fleshed out and have their own great subplots.
The feeling while reading both of them is the same.Lots of comedy and romance.
The main characters, Risa and Takeo are very similar : ridiculous and complexed by their appearance (Risa is taller than her crush while Takeo has unappealing figure and a huge constitution)
The part where it is similar is that the boy has also a bit of close connection with the girl and the main female characters likes playing video games (e.g. otome games)
Both include a couple facing incoming/personal difficulties. Similar highschool life and a similar humorous feel to it.
Both have "comedy duo" and "starting as friends" as part of the story. The main characters are a bit stupid and get to know each other in a funny way. The boy is rude to the main girl, but actually cares about her. Also, both are good shoujos for those who like love triangle/s (even though Love Com never really tried to have a serious love triangle). Nakanmon! deals with a serious matter (death of a family member), while Love Com is more comedy-like, but both of them have a good character growth.
reportRecommended by dalek - Add to favorites
Both involve a couple that don't get along at the start but later have feelings for each other. beauty pop is more focused on hairstyling rather than romance but has romance later on.both manga are really cute and soo funny :D Lovely Complex:comedy, romance, shoujo Beauty Pop:comedy, romance, shoujo, slice of life both of these mangas are awesome and are two of my favorite mangas that i've read i think that if you like one you will like the other :)
A boy and a girl who at first are friends later they fall in love
They both start with a similar love hate relationship. Really cute and interesting manga/ manhwa
The main girl and guy in both stories hit and make fun of eachother.
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