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Tegami Bachi (Manga)

Tegami Bachi

Alternative Titles

English: Letter Bee
Synonyms: Tegamibachi, Tegami Bachi to Dingo
Japanese: テガミバチ


Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Sep 6, 2006 to ?
Authors: Asada, Hiroyuki (Story & Art)
Serialization: Jump SQ


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Both have almost the same kind of traces, aspects and world, besides the "dark" atmosphere they transmit. The action part is the same kind too.
similar set up and initial framework. i think both are enjoyable reads.
reportRecommended by danm - Add to favorites
The settings are pretty similar: Letter Bee: people are corralled in 3 different areas based on class, those of higher class get to live closer towards the middle. People do not venture out of their regions due to Gaichuu which are large insects which steal peoples' "hearts". In Shingeki no Kyojin: There are 3 different areas or they call them walls. While it does not explicitly say that the areas are divided into classes, the king resides in the innermost area with the military police. The people do not venture outside the walls due to the titans that would kill them.
There is a lot of mystery involved in Shingeki no Kyojin and the nature of the titans as well as in Tegami Bachi and the Gaichuu's as well as the capital Akatsuki.
About a young boy who enters a service industry (mail delivery, train conductor). Have similar sorts of worlds, with an undercurrent of class struggles. The people use magical stones (spirit amber, rainbow stone).
Kiba feels like a more adult version of Tegami. They start off with a young boy who loses his family, and is taken around by a rather stoic adult. This adult works a maligned trade (as a letter bee, arms peddler). They explain that their wares are ambiguous: they can be used for good or evil. Weapons can be used to kill, letters can be used to tell lies or hurtful truths. The boy's eyes are opened to the truth of the world he lives in. Have a similar steampunk/Western style.
Tegami Bachi and Shinigami x Doctor have organizations that fight against a monster who kills humanity ,and when that monster is defeated they both live behind the memories of their victim in Tegami bachi it's in form of heart and in Shinigami x Doctor is in form of pollen.
Both stories where characters go on journeys. Often with that feeling of gentle sadness along the way. Although MnS is somewhat darker in tone.
Completely different settings and plot but Aria has some chapters about delivering letters that holds people's hearts and memories, so both manga shares the same magical image of writing and getting letters
Both main characters work for government so they're disliked by some people, powerful gems, loosing someone important in the childdhood.There are lot of similarities, also the plot strongly resambles Alchemist , especially Reverse and their way of acting
The main characters has to deliver important letters or a person. They risk their lives for the letters.
reportRecommended by csen - Add to favorites
Both stories center on a kid who grows up to follow a profession because they admire someone they met. In Cristo, it's Towa, who admires the Orange-eyed Messiah and becomes a sweeper. In Letter Bee, it's Lag, who admires Gauche and becomes a letter bee to meet with him again.
Both animes display some similarities like, for instance, they involve Organizations and have as main protagonist a little boy who searches for his lost friend. Along the way he starts working for the organization and makes new friends while he tries to find out the truth about the disappearance of his friend.
They feature young protagonists including a white haired boy that doesn't remember much about his past. Plus they're set in land with no sun with a very rigid class structure.
Both main characters go on a journey to find someone while fighting with guns of power (magic). In both stories the main characters have a type of cute fighting assistant. The drawings have some similarity. The plots are both interesting; in Letter Bee he fights monsters as he journeys to find his lost friend, in Witch Hunter he fights witches as he tries to hunt down his witch-turned sister. Both characters posses unique powers that they grow into as the story moves forward.
both have to deliver important letters
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