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Liar Game (Manga)

Liar Game

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Japanese: ライアーゲーム


Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: 2005 to ?
Authors: Kaitani, Shinobu (Story & Art)
Serialization: Young Jump


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The psychological genre is evident in both and the main male leads are both cunningly intelligent.
Characters play games that seemed be luck based for money, but the main characters of each find tricks to guarantee victory.
Who can you trust? How can you deceive others? Both titles explore these questions and the morality of the answers provided by the characters involved in their narrative.
Both series present the audience with an engaging psychological warfare. In order to survive, characters need to outsmart each other.
Both of them contains plot about people lie to each other.
The difference is, Liar game have a story on a game about lying, and Kurosagi is a story about a liar who only lie to takes money from another liar who takes money from innocent people.
"A cornered rat will bite the cat"
No other sentence would have fittingly yet succinctly described what the two have in common.

Human nature is such that when pushed to a tight corner, they terminate all perceptions of fear and focus on eliminating the source of it. That is to say, they would do anything to protect their existence in the least if it were threatened. But what if you haven't cornered a rat, but rather... a Lion.
This is what they have in common. Liar Game has a genius whose talents is constantly pushed to the limits, while Hakomari puts common folk on the spotlight, except for a single person who displays his full intellectual prowess on Volumes 3&4.

I will mostly be focusing on the similarities between Liar game and the 3rd and 4th volumes of Hakomari since they are similar on so many levels, but I'll have you know that these similarities can be extended to whatever volume.

The overarching theme for both pieces is of course the mystery, and what's good is readers can participate in it. Red herrings are intrinsic in all mystery stories, but both have different ways of using red herrings. Hakomari is flawless in its use of it, meaning all red herrings are true while in Liar Game, I would often encounter red herrings which would have been illogical backtracking from the outcome.

The plots are presented as puzzles - the characters are presented with do or die situations that they must overcome in order to return to a semblance of their normal lives. Liar game deals with it directly, its reasoning resembles "pure logic" more than anything else while Hakomari deals with it in a more subtle yet intricate way. If it couldn't get more similar, you'll come to a point where you'll come across a game about conquest (alluding to kingdoms) and domination/control.

Both pieces would often feature a cunning play of deception, strategy and counter-strategy.
Liar game has a rather naive conception for its premise while Hakomari has a more down-to-earth one. Both have their shares of cliche but you can't help but disregard them because the plot offers way more.

Both contain psychological battles, and the plots are similar. Art is also similar. I my opinion both are really good.
They both contain people who are put in a competition (mostly) against their will, and must compete against others to be the final one left through tricks, deception, or right out stealing/killing.
A lot of lying; backstabbing; aliances, both fake and real and smart plans to win to reach the main objective. They're both knockout races. The penalty of Liar Game is dept while the penalty of Btooom! death is.
In a way it's similar to gantz, since people are basically forced to be a part of a 'game', the purpose of which they aren't told.
Alice in Borderland and Liar Game's similarty is that the people who joined said games are forced to join their psychological and mind breaking game...
The two series are very similiar. Both involve trust and lying for your own gain with a lot of emphasis on human nature and psychology. While Liar Game is more about money, Doubt is more about a persons life, but both have the same basic idea of playing a game with a lot at stake.
Both of these mangas have a considerable amount of gambling involves and putting your life on the line to either go deeply in debt or walk out a millionaire... They also contain alot of physiological warfare which will doubts all of your senses.
Both have main characters that are geniuses and both are about games where it is possible to win a ridiculously large sum of money, also both main characters aim to take down the organization involved in their respective stories.
Authored by the same mangaka, both feature a male protagonist who are adept with manipulating how others think.
Even though the stories are unrelated, both titles give the same impression. They are both dark in theme and the protagonists are honest and justice oriented.
If you like twists and turns in a story like in Liar Game and how both lead characters manage to overcome all the obstacles (puzzles and riddles) thrown upon them
Both lead characters tend to outwit the masterminds and obstacles thrown upon them
Do or die gamble, you must read this.
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It's not so much that the mangas are similar, but that I wanted to read a manga like Liar Game right after I read Bakuman. This was because the majority of manga that the main characters in Bakuman worked on were this type of manga, and I find it extremely fascinating.
If u like shikamaru aspect(mind games)

What I really like to recommend is "TOWER OF GOD"
Look it up on net
it is the same GENRE BLENDER and EPICNESS
I.e. if u don't find one piece and bleach similar to it
Both mangas are about a game in which you're given a certain delay, and you should eliminate in some way a opponent, though this will become different in Liar Game. In both of them, you see a useless main character becoming stronger. They're also both more psychological than anything else.
Different genre and plot but both manga pretty much using strategy than luck. Both protagonist is also very smart.
Minus the romance Iris Zero and Liar Game has similar characters.
Both have a male lead that have analytical skills, wanted to be left alone, and always help out the female lead.
The female leads have something the male lead does not have, and that is bringing people together.
One is sports, other is game... but they have one big thing in common: interesting main character that is practically a con-man and uses his skills and knowledge in order to help a naive party succeed (to go to the Koshien or not ending up with humongous debt). If you enjoyed either one of them you're certainly going to like other - expecially if your thrill is getting insight in strategy, tactics, mind games and sometimes antiheroic, but necessary means.
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While ultimately, Liar Game and :REverSAL fall under different genres, there are also some great similarities between the two. In both of these mangas, the main protagonist is a naive girl who gets stuck in a very sticky situation which she is expected by all her peers to resolve by harming others. However, as this goes against her very nature, she tries to solve everything by being nice to others instead, making others mock her initially yet producing unexpected results.
Plot is different but both protagonist in this manga pretty much similar, sly, cunning, smart and very good at solving problems even at desperate situation. Also both arts is very well drawn and really neat.
The characters in both are involved in a life or death game. The "game" in 20th century boys involves the entire world, while Liar Game is much smaller.
Both focus mainly on psychological conflits and character development. You need to actually think to understand the story of either
Same author/artist. Both feature a brilliant (jerk with a heart of gold) protagonist who makes use of their observational skills and knowledge of human nature to deduce what has happened, as well as to manipulate the future outcome towards a happy ending. ROKnU is the more light-hearted of the two, with Odagiri solving minor, stand-alone mysteries, while in Liar Game, the characters are pitted against a large, scheming organisation.
Both involve games involving large amounts of money and psychological warfare.
The mangas both test your mind and cause you to think. They are both incredibly good psychological mangas and keep you in suspense. Both great reads.
If you liked the hamfisted attempt at a psychological battle found in LOST + BRAIN, Liar Game will probably blow you away.
The art to me is quite similar and the logic behind these stories is so interesting. It will keep you gripped and wanting to know more! Not everything is what you think it appears to be. The Liar Game is not as optimistic as Shibatora though. Anyway, if you like the other you should definitely check this out.
The theme of these two series revolve around lies, manipulation, and scamming.
As these two publications highlight, one needs to take risks and gamble in order to succeed.
They both possess a psychological element with an unique plot line and a sense of mystery.

Godchild doesn't explain anything and is up to much of the reader's own interpretation whereas Liar Game explains everything but still manages to leave the reader hanging.

Both are psychological mangas.
It comes down to Shounen VS Seinen with Uttare Daikichi! being the emotionally tied band of friends overcoming the many dangerous obsticles given to them. With the complexity of the individual games being the only real plot difference, what Liar Game has through its undeniable logic, Uttare Daikichi! makes up for it in a more unique character-based deception style plot.
They are both similar in the context that they are trying to win their freedom. The characters are kind of similar as well.. caring for other people.. Both will pull you in as soon as you start reading it.. Shounen as well..

Both games are about losing money in games
and fight each other in a "money debt game"
In both mangas is a girl the main protagonist.
Both are psychological mangas, where young prodigy is good at solving mysteries and difficult problems.
reportRecommended by DIX - Add to favorites
Both Liar Game and Enigma have some mystery, psychological, and game elements, but most importantly they both have the same general feel. Enigma can be a bit goofy at times (and it also has some supernatural elements), but I still believe that most people who liked one of these manga will like the other.
in both manga protagonist have to win against their opponents in games seems to be based on luck or else they will in fall into huge debt .
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