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School Rumble (Manga)

School Rumble

Alternative Titles

English: School Rumble
Japanese: スクールランブル


Type: Manga
Volumes: 22
Chapters: 345
Status: Finished
Published: Oct 23, 2002 to Apr 19, 2008
Authors: Kobayashi, Jin (Story & Art)


Score: 8.131 (scored by 8181 users)
Ranked: #6742
Popularity: #205
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Favorites: 1,089
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Both series highlight a chain of one-sided love and love polygons.
Both are High-School comedies, and really entertaining and fun. The art is amazing in both as well.
Same comedic, high school life centered on a group of friends, though Hyakko isn't quite as eccentric as School Rumble gets. In both, the students in the high school each have their own idiosyncrasies.
both are very funny schoolmangas

the only different are the characters:
in school rumble they have a "kawaii"-factor
and in CHS the charas looks more like gorillas (even a real gorilla appears!)

but for those people who love school-comedies: a "must-see"
Both have similar main characters--Harima and Hanamichi are both delinquents who will go the extra mile for the girl they love, and their comedic appeal is similar. Basketball is also a common theme in both, but Slam Dunk obviously showcases the sport more than School Rumble does.
Both are romantic comedies. Harima & Seiji are quite similar (i.e. both are delinquents). School rumble has more characters whereas Midori no Hibi focuses mainly on two people.
If you want a shounen romance comedy manga, but you don't want the always the same harem manga, one of these should surely be your choice.
Both protagonists are really funny school delinquents. The background of both stories are schools and involve characters from all the school, not only one boy with a lot of girls in love with him, everyne in the same classroom, and that's what makes these come out among the others!

Two of my favorite mangas!
Both center on whirlwind love stories; complete with double love triangles, unrequited affections, and grandiose emotionality on part of the afflicted characters. They both have a similar tempo, in terms of story and character interactions. Both are romantic comedies, though School Rumble has more elements similar to a situational comedy, while Gatcha Gacha comedic elements are more derived from the romantic plots. School Rumble is also much lighter in tone overall, and features a larger cast of characters. Relatively, Gatcha Gacha has a more intimate focus on a finite cast, and a more serious undertone guiding interactions.
It's similar to its genre and the characters. Both have "delinquent" protagonists whose wanna change the way they live. Both series have a similar humor, but School Rumble shows some amount of randomness.
Sure, Gintama is not Slice of life but both School Rumble and Gintama have a similar type of humour and are 2 of the funniest mangas ever.
Some people may not agree, but I like these two manga because they can be both funny and serious (although Kare Kano is more serious while School Rumble is funnier) and they don't just focus on the main characters or one love triangle, but multiple characters, such as the main character's friends and their love/issues.
If you're looking for a similar OTT humour style, then try School Rumble! Both have a romantic plot, are relatively episodic and subvert romantic cliches such as the high school mangaka and love misunderstandings tropes.
These mangas have quite an unusal take at school. The similarites are maybe not so obvious, but the "feel" is very similar. The strangest situations arise from nowhere and both have a very strong cast of recognizable charaters. Both also have quite some witty dialogue.
Both are shounens, comedies, school, rom-com, and a guy who is drawing manga in order to get the girl they like. But School Rumble (as the title states) is more based on school life while Bakuman is more about manga.
Both of these titles feature very similar aesthetics; particularly in regard to their large casts and seemingly normal yet random circumstances they are put in.
Similarities include: love polygons involving students attending the same school; similar character designs and aesthetics (particularly the main male character); and a comedy narrative that sometimes mixes in drama to progress plot.
Light-hearted romantic titles that are sure to give you a laugh or two.
Both titles have very distinguishable comedy in that comedic narratives often involve more than one character and sometimes span in locations away from the school setting. Do note however that although both titles have drama, it is far more present in Ouran Koukou Host Club than in School Rumble.
Both are funny love-comedies
School comedies with nonsense but hilarious situations that will sure make you laugh. Also, Mokocchi and Harima remind me of each other: they just want people to like them, but nothing goes as planned so they end up failing at everything they do.
The guy from chocolat reminds me of Harima. Chocolat seems to be unknown by most people though.
If you like some tsundere action, misundestanding scenes(ecchi) and lots of comedy related to love you'd like any of them.....
The main girl is in love with a guy who is not interested in her. At the same time, another boy likes the main girl, but she doesn't realize it. There's comedy, romance and many love polygons.
Kodomo no Omocha, also known as Kodocha, is the more polished, mature version of School Rumble. Wherever School Rumble failed (ex: ending, lame mangaka jokes), Kodocha picked up and illustrated it in a new way. It's a must read for anyone who felt very disappointed after completing School Rumble.
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