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Battle Royale (Manga)

Battle Royale

Alternative Titles

English: Battle Royale
Japanese: バトル・ロワイアル


Type: Manga
Volumes: 15
Chapters: 119
Status: Finished
Published: Nov 2000 to Jan 2006
Authors: Taguchi, Masayuki (Art), Takami, Koushun (Story & Art)


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Both follow the same concept of people being forced into a death game. Both are very graphic and gory with interesting story and characters, GANTZ is a little more supernatural with more nudity as well but above all both are very similar.
Btooom! is the end result of the premise of Battle Royale being combined with a fictional Xbox 360 game. Simlple as that.

Instead of a class of school kids finding themselves forced to kill each other on a deserted island for lulz purposes, in Btooom! a game company decides to let those unwanted by society test out their online game in reality by blowing each other up with bomb-grenades on a deserted island. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE/A FEW, etc etc...

The lead just happens to be one of the top ten best players in Japan, and his online waifu JUST HAPPENS to also be along for the real-life game ride. (Even better, she's a busty 15-year-old school girl--RESULT!)
Both psychological thrillers are about people forced into a "kill or be killed" kind of survival game. Where the characters are forced to question their own morality.
The characters in both of these serialisations are relocated to an island that requires them to develop and refine survival techniques so they can keep alive.
Both pertain to normal kids getting wrapped up in a death game and being forced to deal with their situations. Doubt is a little more story centric while BR is simply survival
They both contain people who are put in a competition (mostly) against their will, and must compete against others to be the final one left through tricks, deception, or right out stealing/killing.
Both revolve around a group of characters who are left to fend for themselves on an isolated island.
Their plots are unquestionably similar: group of students/criminals is sent to an island/prison and forced to participate in twisted games. Each individual is given an irremovable collar, which either could explode any minute or constantly injects a poison in the person's body.
Both manga are violent, bloody, mature, and set in the future.
Also, both revolve around the specific time of 3 days (in BR, all the students must kill each other, and after 3 days there has to be only 1 winner alive; in DW, the prisoners have to eat a candy, the only antidote to defeat the poison, every 3 days, or else they'll die).
That said, DW > BR.
Ikigami is reminiscent of Battle Royale. In Battle Royale, a class of teenagers were given three days to kill everyone else before a bomb went off in their heads. In Ikigami, people unlucky enough to have been injected with something that makes their heart go bye-bye between the ages 18-24 get told - 24 hours before what was injected into them explodes - that they're going to die; they're even given their time of death.
Fight to survive , in battle royale the character fight each other and in king of thorns they fight together.
With gritty style and awesome story lines both Battle Royale and Parasyte caught me from the start and refused to let go. In both stories the characters are faced with seemingly hopeless circumstances that they desperately struggle to change. Battle Royale and Parasyte are fundamentally different in that one features an epic survival game while the other has parasitic aliens invading the Earth but both are amazing mangas!
people are taken to a place different from their everyday lives and forced into a game of survival
reportRecommended by lujsy - Add to favorites
The characters in both of had to adjust to the changing environment and also make drastic decisions.
Similarities: 3 Days, 1 Survivor Bloody Junkie is an online program where they can watch people kill each other in a Battle Royale-like setting live.
Both mangas are filled with action and violence and both have a great plot.
Both have students fight for there lifes in a game they didn't sign-up for.
both show a similiar concept like survival battles in order to show the strongest.
In both manga high school class participates in a game, which people life is at stake. Games are go by their own rules and they have masters of the game. In both we have different characters and interesting plot
both survival game on an island.
All i can say is action, action, and more of it. Very graphic and gory. Surprises around every corner, and will keep you at the edge of your seat.
reportRecommended by Lanet - Add to favorites
Imagine Left 4 Dead made into a manga and replace all the zombie hordes with a psychotic serial killer and a few misunderstood adults and instead of the fantastic four team mates, you have children with messed up childhood pasts. The result is Hohzuki Island. Thrilling, slightly predictable and very similar to Battle Royale. Both are must read manga if you enjoyed either of them.
Both of these manga are very similar they involve in kids fighting among themselves
Same type of characters, same type of characters make these two manga series very similar in terms of plot progression.
These two titles explore the psychological shifts amongst a group of characters when they are asked to kill others in order to survive.
It's evil, too!
reportRecommended by Dille - Add to favorites
Both are bloody, disgusting, pure gore.
They both provide constant stimuli, while demonstrating the dark side of human kind, and what everyone is capable of doing when giving the proper motivation.
reportRecommended by LiuPi - Add to favorites
Both are bloody, violent, kill-or-be-killed manga that take place in a school-as-a-battlefield situation. Fortified School though has much more of a plot, is more interesting, and the artwork is really unique. If you enjoyed Battle Royale, you will LOVE Fortified School.
reportRecommended by daya - Add to favorites
If you loved the extreme gore and genitaless sex of Battle Royale then you will probably fall in love with Berserk which also boasts a great story, amazing characters and a ton of monsters.
Has a similar art style, involves high school students battling each other, and extreme violence.
In both titles students try to defeat one another in a small isolated island being monitored by the Japanese government. In battle Royale the students (classmates and co-eds) kill each other in a deadly game in which the sole survivor will be granted his freedom. In Tokyo Girls Destruction the students from an entire school (composed of all girls) attack each other in order to gain each others badge and she who holds the badge is now the master of the previous owner Both titles are violent but Battle Royale is light years ahead of Tokyo Girls Destruction in this department and so far Tokyo Girls Destruction has yet to show any sexual scenes apart from the occasional panty flashes where as Battle Royale has rape scenes a plenty
Both titles are created by the same mangaka so its a given that both titles share very similar graphical styles and pacing. Both titles are also about survival and a whole lot of blood and sex with plenty of sexy chikas
Both are about a group of people placed in a circumstance where they have to eliminate one another. Both titles also focus heavily on each individual characters and the development that occurs between each other. Both also contain similar art style and extreme violence and sex scenes (Battle royale being the more gruesome and sexually charged than the other)
If you liked the brutality and slightly disturbing feel of Battle Royale, you will (well...maybe) also like Ichi The killer. Turn the Disturbing-O Meter almost to the max, and you have Ichi The Killer, where an interesting story of Yakuza warfare is stirred together with brilliantly twisted characters and an unusually graphic display of (Quite sickening) violence. You might want to be 18 if you plan on reading this :P
reportRecommended by Baman - Add to favorites
Graphic violence baby! Bloody, gory goodness. The art is gorgeous too!! Go. Get. Read. Now. :p
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