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100% Perfect Girl (Manhwa)

100% Perfect Girl

Alternative Titles

English: 100% Perfect Girl
Japanese: 100%의 그녀


Type: Manhwa
Volumes: 11
Chapters: 83
Status: Finished
Published: Aug 22, 2006 to Nov 5, 2009
Authors: Wann (Story & Art)
Serialization: None


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If you haven't read 100% perfect girl, go read it now. 100% perfect girl is a manhwa, but the character development is pretty similar.. once you get deeper into the story. However, the beginning comes off like aw Cinderella story, but it's full of twists and crazy bishies (btw I can't tell them apart) LOL
Both have ordinary girls that marry into royalty.
They have a similar tragic feel where it feels as if the main characters' relationships are impossible. It also deals with society/wealth, kidnap/trauma, and an overall dark tones.
By the same mangaka, with similar hot guys. The main male characters in both stories fell crazily in love with the lady, and will resort to anything to stay together with her.
Strong characters, funky female heroines that move on their own and lots of love drama (PG has more drama while The One is more of a comedy)
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both have drama with many guys falling in love with Female lead ...^_^
Both manga are about a couple that fall in love not knowing the consequences of their relationship. Both of them go through people who want revenge or want something, so they are constantly in danger. Also, many people close to them do not approve of their relationship, thus creating more trouble. Furthermore, there are other characters who try to break them up many times because they are in love with one or the other. Both manga are a bit dark sometimes because of trauma and distrust.
The beginnings of these two manga are different, but they both have two people who fall in love, although both people have trouble trusting each other, creating a difficult relationship. Also, there's the idea of obsessive love, although it's deeper in 100% Perfect Girl. Finally, these manga are similar because there are consequences for the heroine for being with such a well-known and influential man.
Art in both is awesome and the heroines look kind of similar. The plot in The Bride of Water God is more interesting.
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Both stories have possessive male leads. Only similarity I can thing of at the moment.
Posessive lovers in both manga - who are ready to kill only to protect the one their love. Girl is popular among the guys, could say she is perfect but every men who goes near her, something bad is happening.
the guy is really overprotective/jealous in this manga as well. it's more cutesy (and smutty) than 100% perfect girl, which has it's dark sides. good read!
Both mangas have a female lead who is poor and a male character who is rich. The man is in love with the girl, but many events will happen between them.
They also share the same kind of feeling when your read them.
Both are about a common girl who meets and falls in love with a prince. Though private prince has more smut in it.
The series are both manhwa and have beautifully done art work. Totally Captivated is shounen ai while 100% Perfect Girl is shoujo. I couldn't help but be reminded of Totally Captivated while reading 100% Perfect Girl because the art was beautiful, which is surprising to find in many manhwa. If you love the art work in both stories, you'll love either one of the series. Plus, they both have similar love stories in a way, average girl/boy ending up with a hot rich guy.
The ideas are different and the characters are very different too in these two, but both of these have a very detailed stories and developed characters that go beyond the two main ones. and they are just two good reads
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Same mangaka
Same mangaka, Wann
Both are long and detailed stories about seemingly perfect guys and young girls pursuing art/photography. both have a lot of romance and drama, with the main characters misunderstanding each other to the point where you want to yell at them. But you still keep reading, no matter what.
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Both of the main male characters are princes from a foreign land and fell in love with an Asian girl. Both have their security force.^^
it didn't have the same story or genre but both are beautiful mangas
The similarities and purely due to the stories, and in no way are related to the art styles of the manga/manhwa. The Royal Hieroglyph has been published since the 70's, and so it has the distinctive older shoujo manga art style that may turn off some readers. However, both stories feature the heroine falling in love with a royal (albeit from different periods) and facing a lot of drama in their new lives, whether it be continuous kidnappings, bouts of amnesia, or people simply hoping to steal the girl.
Handsome prince, common girl, royal problems. But it's more dramatic, than The Prince's cactus.
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