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Alice in Underground add
This short oneshot tells the adventures of Alice, but with a slightly darker tone.

(Source: MU)
Hayabusa add
They are coming, and Kazuki must find a way to harness the power of the Falcon before They come to kill him. But becoming the Official Falcon is no easy task, and even if... read more.
Mouryo Kiden add
Two families, both alike in dignity...and in their hunger for revenge! When Akaya of the nymphs and Kai of the ogres met, it was love at first sight. Little did these sta... read more.
Baby Birth add
An ancient seal has been broken, sending a flood of demons into the mortal realm. Hizuru Oborozuki and Takuya Hijou, descendants of the great savior who banished the demo... read more.
Kyuuketsuki to Boku add
The story is told of a vampire...before dinner time.
Vision of Escaflowne add
When high school girl Hoshino Hitomi dabbles with tarot cards she suddenly finds herself on a strange world called Gaea. With her new found friend, Van Fanel, the young p... read more.
Zeus add
Kira Yuuki is a 15 year old boy whose only wish is to be a normal teenager. Despite what he wants, he isn't really human at all -- he's a Lemora Saramanda. Ther... read more.
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland add
In CLAMP's take on the Alice in Wonderland saga, Miyuki finds herself in a world which seems to be populated solely by a series of scantily-clad women interested exclusiv... read more.
Tenshi no Wakemae add
A simple, but touching story about the afterlife. Before heading to the path of heaven or hell, a human soul enters an afterworld bar that is situated between the split p... read more.
The Fairy and the Hunter add
A man tries to capture a fairy.
Hitomi: The Vision of Escaflowne add
Escaflowne, the God Protector of Fanalia, has been stolen and the country is left in ruins. Desperate to find the key to Escaflowne's seal and recover the legendary ... read more.
Aquadom add
Tastumi is a normal boy going to school and living with his strict older brother. Orphaned at a young age, his brother has been both a mother and a father to him. One day... read more.
Angel Dust Neo add
Little Akido has no idea that an innocent prayer at a shrine would turn his simple existence upside down. Suddenly a bevy of cute gals comes into his life - some claiming... read more.
Cut The Angel With A Scythe add
[From ShoujoMagic]: Angela is suffering from a terrible illness that keeps her confined... One day a magician comes to her window to visit... Will his magic change her... read more.
Deserted Place add
The story follows the journey of a mysterious boy who brings peace to deserted places and things... (Source: M-U)
S to M no Sekai add
To survive a fatal train wreck, Sekai Maihime is thrust back in time where she discovers she has hidden powers that are connected to a doll, 'S.' She is both ai... read more.
Angel/Dust add
A mysterious creature has fallen from the sky and landed right at young Yuina's feet! Branded as the master of this new angelic being, Yuina is forced into an otherworldl... read more.
KaNa add
Yuuji Abe meets a mysterious girl at the subway station. This chance encounter with Kana and Rou, her wolf companion entangles Yuuji in a plot concocted by the Seven Head... read more.
Scrapped Princess add
Fifteen years ago, a set of twins—a girl and a boy—was born to the king of Linevan. Shortly after their birth, a prophecy foretold that when the girl turned 16, she w... read more.
Koori-hime Kitan add
Doujima Kenji and his friends decide to spend their winter vacation ghost hunting, however all but one of them cancel. Now, he finds himself alone with the girl he likes,... read more.
Dei Ecchi Ei add
Ai Shiratori is your average junior high school student with a crush on a boy, Hikaru Kamishiro. With a love so rampant and true, and an imagination as wild as any girl's... read more.
Aqua Knight add
On a small island in the vast ocean of Marmundo lives an old man and a little boy, Arrabarus and Ashika. They are the guardians of a lighthouse, which stores a mystical l... read more.
Slice of Black Chocolate add
A story about sweet guy trying to hook up with an egotistical girl... but it's not really like that.

(Source: MU)
9th Sleep add
The planet had died once before… On the day of Despaira, a god appeared in the sky and saved the world. His name was King Shishioh. But now with the throne of the king ... read more.
Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi add
A sorcerer who once been the top student of the famous Tower of Fang, now spends his time chasing around his hopeless clients as a moneylender; at least until his client ... read more.
Tokyo Mew Mew add
Ichigo is out on a hot date with her 'crush' when suddenly she's involved in an odd incident in which her DNA is merged with the DNA of an almost extinct wildcat. When fo... read more.
Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar add
Season Fairies create and control the weather using special musical instruments. Sugar, an apprentice Snow Fairy, and her friends Salt and Pepper, all want to become full... read more.
Valkyrie Profile add
Ragnarok, the End of the World, draws near. Odin, Lord of the Gods, summons Lenneth Valkyrie, one of the three Goddesses of Destiny. Lenneth is assigned the task of recru... read more.
Otogibanashi wo Anata ni add
A collection of oneshots: 1) A Fairy Tale for You Once upon a time, a boy who wanted to be a great warrior met a girl who he always fought with. He soon fell in love ... read more.
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de add
The plot revolves around an ordinary high school girl, Akane, who is mysteriously transported back in time to the Heian period of ancient Japan. Kyou, now known as Kyoto.... read more.
Sorayume no Uta add
In the future, a devastating war has forced mankind to take refuge under ground. While most of humanity is content, several people dream of the impossible–of seeing the... read more.
Brave Story -Shinsetsu- add
Wataru Mitani's life was as ordinary as any other until he found the new transfer student to his school battling a giant monster in his neighborhood. In search of cl... read more.
Kowarehajimeta Tenshi Tachi add
Fujiwara Sunao is a rather unusual young lady. Not only does she prefer to wear her hair short and dress like a boy, but she also possesses the power to control water! On... read more.
Les Bijoux add
Welcome to a world divided into 12 Mines - each of them its own land - dominated by a rigid social class structure in which the 'Habit' exists to rule and the &... read more.
Full Moon ni Sasayaite add
Marlo has a problem. On the night of the full moon, this half-werewolf, half-vampire undergoes a mysterious and terrifying transformation: He turns into a girl. Despera... read more.
Dakishimete! Noir add
From AnimeNewsNetwork: Suzu is a 16 year old girl who's never had a boyfriend and can understand what animals are thinking. She finds an injured cat, Noir and takes... read more.
Sareki Oukoku add
The world, now covered in sand, is where a war is raged between the humans and the cause of earth's destruction, the Sandbiters. The Sandbiters devour humans and control ... read more.
Snow in the Dark add
Collection of 4 one-shots. 1. MP0 An early version of Mx0. The names are different and there are differences, but the contents are the same. 2. She Monkey Focuses on a ... read more.
Planet Ladder add
Kaguya is a quiet orphan who has lived with a Japanese family since she was a little girl. Another boring high school day becomes the adventure of her life when she's mys... read more.
Shinobi no Onna add
Another collection of short stories by Kayono involving strange worlds. 1. [url=]Shinobi no Onna[/url] (Secretly a Woman) ... read more.
Tales of Innocence add
For a long time now, the Capital Kingdom of Regunum has kept its dominance over the land during the raging wars, and kept the world at peace. There are, however, the rece... read more.
Juushin Enbu: Hero Tales add
Legend speaks of seven heroes, each one bearing the power of one of the stars of the Big Dipper. Two of these stars are constantly in conflict, destined to battle and thr... read more.
Arcana add
Inez is a young orphan girl with a special gift that allows her to communicate with all creatures. A great destiny awaits her, the nature of which she is yet unaware. As ... read more.
Acony add
When Motomi Utsuki moves in his grandfather's apartment , he meets this girl named Acony who claims to be a dead person and eventually he gets to know that this place and... read more.
Heart no Kuni de Ochakai add
Minami Alice wants friends but being rich prevents her pride from making any. Tomachi Yuu tries to get close to her but is rebuffed by Alice because she is jealous of his... read more.
Mugen Densetsu Takamagahara add
This fantasy adventure fairy tale is based on an adorable sweet girl named Yuuki Wakasa. She's just your typical 5th grader and big sister who's responsible for her three... read more.
Lost Boys add
One evening, a boy named "Air" suddenly appears at Mizuki’s window, forcibly transporting him to Neverland. Having grown up most of his life without his own father, Miz... read more.
I.O.N add
Ion Tsuburagi is a simple but cheery girl that decided to devote herself to a man that is serious to make their own dreams come true. She then found out that Mikado, one ... read more.
Kannazuki no Miko add
On the moon, there is an old shrine that has fallen into ruin. On the birthday of Himeko Kurusugawa and Chikane Himemiya, there is a sudden eclipse, and a voice calls the... read more.
Chronicles of the Cursed Sword add
Rey Yan was an orphan with no home, no skills, and no purpose. But when he comes upon the PaSa sword, a cursed blade made from the bones of the demon king, he suddenly fi... read more.
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