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Eien no Shichigatsu add
As the engagement to the company president’s daughter had been settled, days passed in smooth sailing for Tachibana when in front of him, the university senpai who he h... read more.
Honey Rabbit! add
Fumiko lives together with her parents and her Rabbit. One day, when her parents aren't at home, her Rabbit is gone and instead there is a sweet boy with bunny ears.
read more.
Kiken na Kiss wa Mitsu no Aji add
1-3. [url=]Kiken na Kiss wa Mitsu no Aji[/url]
4. 22-ji ni wa Kiss wo Shite
5. Kocchi wo Muite Dakishimete
read more.
Chiteki Koukishin add
1-4. Do Esper Asami
5. Hokenshitsu yori Ai wo Komete (From Infirmary with Love...)
6. Meiki Tantei (Pussy Detective)
7. Nakahata the Esper
Live Cum add
1. Live Cum Full Color: Aitou Sena no Baai (Sena Aitou's Case)
2. Live Cum Full Color: Haruna-chan & Tamano-chan no Baai
3. Boku no Hatsutaiken
4. L... read more.
Sayonara Fairies add
1-4. Sayonara Fairy (Goodbye Fairy)
5. Cut
6. Anata no Shikai
7. T... read more.
Takamagahara add
Inside of every human lie dormant superpowers. When these powers are awakened, some people use them for evil. Others use their power to stop those who commit evil deeds. ... read more.
Sakura Juuyuushi add
The manga revolves around the Sakura household, which has since ancient times worked as sake brewers. One day the daughter of the household finds a katana in her family's... read more.
Kingyozaka Noboru add
"The plot ... takes place in a small town made up of many hills and slopes where Nishiki, a high-school girl, has taken on the title of a Sukuiya ("rescuer") trying to do... read more.
Haru Meguru add
Life can be so wonderful as terrible.
The young Umeno, bullied since she started high school, decided to put an end to her life, but her suicide attempt failed and ... read more.
Otomodachi kara Hajimemashou. add
Kuu Nomu Tokoro ni Taberu Toko add
Shishunki na Adam: Evil Eyes add
A noisy little family, a cheerful group of classmates, and a boy, born on the first year of the lunar calendar living a never changing life. Then one day he notices a gir... read more.
Koisuru Bitch-kun add
Sugiura-kun became an assistant for the manga artist he admired most, only to find out that Sensei is a complete slut. Being attacked in bed immediately after he began wo... read more.
Fate/Prototype Tribute Phantasm add
This book contains anthology comics, illustrations, settings introductions and interviews.
Akumu no Sumu Ie: Ghost Hunt add
Midori's mother has finally acquired her dream home, but it isn't long before supernatural phenomenas disrupt the peace of the family. And if unexplained electricity fail... read more.
Torikago no Tsugai add
To search for a missing friend, 6 people arrived in a closed theme park.

"Birdcage Castle" which should be deserted...

However, in there, groups... read more.
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Innocent add
Set in a world parallel to other continuities.

Summer 2010: a strange researcher from a suburban city developed a total-immersion virtual reality game that w... read more.
Pink to Gray add
Kawada Daiki and Shiraki Rengo (Shingo) are two childhood friends who worked together in order to get into the business industry. In the process, Daiki is left behind in ... read more.
Sherlock add
Manga adaptation of BBC's Sherlock television series.

Sherlock Series:
Volume 1: Pink Study (ピンク色の研究, Pink-Iro no... read more.
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