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Kyouhaku 2: Kizu ni Saku Hana Senketsu no Kurenai add
Akehime Saki has a beautiful girl who has an English mother. She has a secret. She is going out with her teacher, Tsuge Akito, and holding such an immoral secret makes he... read more.
Elfina: Yoru e to Urareta Oukoku de... add
Elfina lived a life of luxury as a member of the royal family. She was waited on hand and foot and had a team of servants. That was until her country was invaded! Now Elf... read more.
Aiyoku no Nakaba, In to You no Doukoku: Injoku wa Seifuku no Shita ni add
Sara is back to her hometown for the first time in ten years. She looks forward to meeting Mari, her old friend. They made a promise at the hill before, "Let's take ... read more.
Chikan: Shoujo wa Etsurakuiki no Densha ni Notte add
Shiori is just a quiet girl. One day, someone gropes around her body in the train...

She wants to stop it, but can't say anything, just standing...
... read more.
Dorei Ichiba Renaissance add
Dorei Ichiba add
Looking for some flesh? Then you've come to the right place! Welcome to the slave market, where all of your perverted fantasies can be fulfilled... for a price!
read more.
Dare mo Shiranai Tou no Aru Machi add
Fujiwara Hakushaku no Junan add
Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai add
The story is set at Shiomi Academy, a vast, prestigious academy with a Daitoshokan (literally, "great library") that rivals Japan's national library. As a membe... read more.
Gakuen Chaika! add
Kodoku no Naka no Watashi add
Ange Vierge: Linkage add
Manga adaption of the online browser card game, Ange Vierge.
Terpsichore! add
1. Asoko 120%
2. Suit no Sukima de Dogfight (The dogfight In the suit crevices.)
3. Pafupafu Sprechchor
4-5. Yorukawa-san no Katei no Okite
6.... read more.
Hoshigari na Honey☆ add
Koi, Kakueki Teisha add
1. Hatsukoi Densha
2. Himitsu Densha (Secret Train)
3. Katakoi Densha
4. Junjou Densha
Gameko no Chouboroku add
One Shot10-05-11
Tsugou no Yoi Sexfriend? add
Hadaka no Ousama add
I'm a president of a small game software maker. I just wanna go to the top of this industry. If I get there, no one will be able to talk back to me. I can run my company ... read more.
Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2 add
Yuu & Mii add
The title "Yuu & Mii" is a pun on the English phrase "You and Me". Aimu Yuu [i](remark: his name sounds like "I'm you")[/i] is a boy who... read more.
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