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Devil Survivor 2: Show Your Free Will add
The setting of Devil Survivor 2 spans the whole country of Japan. It tells the story of Japanese high-school students who receive emails from a website foretelling their ... read more.
Dracu-Riot! Honey! add
The story follows Erina's route in the Dracu-Riot game. Erina is a foreign vampire from Russia and she is very ecchi, her conversations often involve ecchi stuff which ma... read more.
Enka to Hanamichi add
The story follows Enka Misora and Hanamichi, two aspiring idols who decide that the best way to become stars is to sing enka (a style of ballad singing loosely inspired b... read more.
Holy Holy add
A class from an all-girls Christian school are stranded on what seems to be an uninhabited island after a shipwreck. The most admired girl in class, Shouko, keeps everyon... read more.
Koetama add
High school junior Sakimoto Wakaba is a normal girl, no matter how you look at her. Everyone around her is thinking about the future, but Wakaba still doesn't know what s... read more.
Magical Chef Shoujo Shizuru add
It is currently the Obento era, when humanity's home cooking skill has risen to such a level that specialized powers for cooking, called Tools, have begun to manifest in ... read more.
Mahou Shoujo nante Mou Ii desu kara. add
Yuzuka Hanami is approached by a mysterious creature that tells her she has the makings of becoming a magical girl. However, Yuzuka's magical form has her wearing a swims... read more.
Mangirl! add
The daily exploits of the naive, hyper-enthusiastic editor-in-chief Hana and Japan's cutest manga editors—cynical assistant editor-in-chief Aki, and editorial staff... read more.
Nobunagun add
Ogura Shio is a highschool girl who was attacked during a school excursion in Taiwan. This triggered the soul of Oda Nobunaga inside her to wake up. Later she met other p... read more.
Pandamic add
Pupa add
The "life-and-death sibling" story follows Utsutsu and Yume Hasegawa, a boy and his little sister who find themselves all alone. One day, Yume sees a mysterious... read more.
Record add
A number of strange events are taking place in a curious town called Otonari. What is this mysterious girl, Punk, trying to achieve as she races against time? (Source... read more.
Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! add
Hagiwara Sakura and Miyazawa Elena are the leading members of a popular idol group "Sweet Diva". One day, Elena is injured by the attack of a female pro-wrestle... read more.
Shin Chimoguri Ringo to Kingyobachi Otoko add
Shingeki no Bahamut: Mista Lucia Saga add
Shirumashi Pilgrim add
Zeo is the most powerful vampire of the land, unrivaled by anyone. One day, a nun named Lin is sent out by a religious order to cast a binding spell on Zeo, a spell that ... read more.
Suisei no Gargantia: Meguru Kouro, Haruka add
Ledo is living his new life with his companions aboard the Gargantia fleet, and he works diligently as a member of the salvage team working to recover bits and pieces of ... read more.
Takamiya Nasuno desu! add
Spin-off manga centers on the daily life of Nasuno Takamiya, the "exceedingly airheaded" school tennis club member in Teekyuu, and her friends. (Source: ANN)
Teekyuu add
The four girls of the Kameido High School tennis club play and don't play tennis in their side-splittingly funny daily lives. The new club member, Yuri Oshimoto, is force... read more.
Tokyo Jitensha Shoujo add
Looking forward to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, Shimano Iruka, an innocent girl, riding a bicycle from a island to Tokyo alone, meets with various companions, in order... read more.
Trace add
One day, monsters, known as "Troubles," appeared and began indiscriminately attacking people. Sometimes they took the form of humans, and sometimes they simply ... read more.
Tron: Legacy add
In 1989, Kevin Flynn, the innovative software engineer and the CEO of ENCOM International, disappears. Twenty years later, his son, Sam, now ENCOM's controlling sharehold... read more.
Uwaba Kids add
Water Cube add
Model student Daisuke Mizuki has a secret swimsuit fetish. What will happen when he gets caught taking pictures of girls in swimsuits by his teacher!? (Source: MU)
Yama no Susume add
The title tells the story of the childhood friends Aoi, a girl who prefers staying inside and who has acrophobia, and Hinata, a girl who loves mountains. The two decide t... read more.