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Banana Fish add
Nature made Ash Lynx beautiful; nurture made him a cold ruthless killer. A runaway brought up as the adopted heir and sex toy of "Papa" Dino Golzine, Ash, now at the rebe... read more.
Black Bird add
The world is full of mysterious "things," but life keeps on going peacefully because no one can see them--except Misao. Harada Misao has the special power to se... read more.
Bokura ga Ita add
The start of high school life. To the girls, that also meant the start of their love lives. For brand new first year student, Takahashi Nanami (Nana for short), it was no... read more.
Dengeki Daisy add
Before he died, Kurebayashi Teru's brother gave her only a cell phone, telling her to contact "Daisy" if she ever needs someone to talk to. Now, even though she... read more.
Hajime-chan ga Ichiban! add
Okano Hajime is an ordinary - or maybe below ordinary - girl who was forced to take care everything in the family since she was young because the Okanos were very poor. H... read more.
Hot Gimmick add
In company-owned rabbit-hutch apartments live tenants who can't afford to live anywhere else, and the apartment complex in which high-school girl Hatsumi Narita lives is ... read more.
Yasha add
Arisue Sei is a youth who lives alone with his mother on an outlying island of Okinawa. Though his mother is quiet and fears being conspicuous, they were living happily. ... read more.
Kokoro Button add
During the high school entrance ceremony, Koga Eito from the special class helps Kasuga Niina from her poor health. His gentle manner captivates Niina, making her confess... read more.
Sunadokei add
After her parents get divorced, Ann Uekusa and her mother move from Tokyo to rural Shimane. Accustomed to the anonymity of city living, Ann can't get used to the almost o... read more.
Piece add
One day, Mizuho, a university student, receive news that her classmate in high school, Origuchi Haruka, passed away. Mizuho doesn’t remember being best friends with Ori... read more.
Soratobu Penguin add
Sonnan ja nee yo add
Shizuka Maku is just an ordinary high school girl with only slightly above average looks. That wouldn't be a problem but her older twin brothers are the school heartthrob... read more.
Shocking Pink-Sky add
Menou Aoi pledged to be a great stewardess (or cabin attendant?) after Hanzo—her childhood love interest—said an ugly-looking girl cannot be a stewardess. She... read more.
Saruyama! add
After her politician father is disgraced in a scandal, Haruna Aizawa transfers to a new school. Haruna is convinced that school life is just like a monkey mountain—... read more.
Cat Street add
The story centers around Keito Aoyama, a former famous child actor. Due to a childhood incident, she retired from her career early and withdrew from normal society. Now 1... read more.
Men's Kou add
Seiho High School is a private male high school dormitory known as the Japan's Alcatraz Jail among students. Located in a remote place, it is surrounded by sea and mounta... read more.
There Goes Tomoe! add
After the death of a close friend Tomoe, a former roller skater, joins a famous stunt men troupe, the Green Ship. And also the head of this troupe, Kazusa, becomes her lo... read more.
Kimi no Tonari de Seishunchuu. add
Miu is living with her dad since her mom left them some years ago. While taking care of the house, Miu has missed the breaking news about the new transfer student. When s... read more.
Ichirei shite, Kiss add
Since middle school, An has been devoted to archery for six years. However, the last tournament of high school is ending without those results being preserved. Despite ha... read more.
Seiten Taisei add
Ako Doumoto's an everyday gal, she likes shopping and has no big aspirations since her exams are a ways away. That all changes when she meets Katayose-sensei, a teacher a... read more.
Doubt!! add
Ai Maekawa is a jimi—a homely, studious girl. After being horribly embarrassed by a popular student towards the end of middle school, Ai uses the break between midd... read more.
Galism: Renai Joutou 3 Shimai add
Adventurist parents left three Ugajin sisters alone in the house and now they are living in freedom paradise! But their parents adventure financer wants the sisters to pr... read more.
So Bad! add
Kyoko is a model student competing for S.O.Y. (Student Of the Year) and is not very happy with having to go clean and make the food of those three guys. But when she star... read more.
Nemurihime Age add
Ayane's seventeenth birthday may very well be the worst day of her life. From the moment she opens her eyes in the morning, it just goes from bad to worse. The crowning g... read more.
Naisho no Half Moon add
Yu Enoki has dreams of becoming a famous actress, following the footsteps of her infamous older step brother, Shinichi Serizawa. No one knows about their family connecti... read more.
Poe no Ichizoku add
The Poe family has to suffer the thirst for blood, as they live for eternity. They see loved ones die around them, and cannot be treated like normal humans, and have to l... read more.
Koi*Oto add
Ichigo goes to her grandmother's house for the summer where she meets the two cousins Kouki and Taiga. Ichigo vows to keep her memories of that summer forever. But whe... read more.
Mizu ni Sumu Hana add
It happened in the blink of an eye. Rikka's world turned upside down when her school field trip bus flipped and plummeted into a lake. Everyone inside that bus drowned...... read more.
Boku to Kimi to de Niji ni Naru add
Because she loved the word "wisdom," Rui hated the words "waste" and "fuzzy." One day, a guy named Shou appeared in her life. Thanks to that... read more.
Mune ga Naru no wa Kimi no Sei add
We were sharing the same feelings but he didn't realize it at all. Even though, I love him. That's what I have always thought for the past two years... (Source: Chibi ... read more.
Koisuru Harinezumi add
To change from 'like' to 'love,' what strategies must Ozawa use on Hozuki? Hozuki Heiji is the troublemaker. He gets into fights and is very cold to everyone. Ozawa Ki... read more.
"Aruto" no "A" add
Aruto Kashiwayama is a budding pianist. She lodges at a famous conductor's house. Aruto's relationships with the conductor's son Hokuto and her first love Masaru are reve... read more.
Tenshi no Kiss add
When a young girl loses her confidence to dance, she fears she'll never set foot on the stage again. But then she falls in love with an all-guy avant-garde dance troupe a... read more.
Dream Kiss add
Azuki, a young girl whose father is the president of an entertainment Inc., is always out of luck when it comes to dating. It seems like every boy she had dated before, a... read more.
Haruyuki Bus add
A boy riding on a bicycle is always observed from the bus at the same time of the day and the same place. One day, a girl happens to meet his gaze. Her eyes met his. Thou... read more.
Hime 100% add
Hime wants answers. How could her father, an expert driver, die in a car accident caused by his own carelessness? What about the mysterious note he left behind? What exac... read more.
Kisshou Tennyo add
This psychological mystery is centered around a daughter of the Kanou family, Sayoko, who is said to be a descendant of a goddess. She has a face of a noble goddess and a... read more.
Sora Log add
Our protagonist, Hikaru, is a member of the astronomy club at her school. On one beautiful starry night, she encounters a tall boy with blonde hair that looks almost whit... read more.
Bon Courage! La Pucelle add
Ever since the day pretty young Yurie met the handsome Tokatoshi, everything around her has changed. Angels appear and some even say Yurie is a reincarnation of Jeanne d'... read more.
Made in Nippon add
Due to a childhood trauma Keiko has a really bad Gaijin Complex. She can't even stand the looks of blonde and blue-eyed people! Luckily of course there aren't that much p... read more.
Shiritsu! Bijinzaka Joshi Kouko add
Nonomiya En, previously expelled from her old school following three suspensions, is forced by her father to enter Bijinzaka, a prestigious all-girls' high school where t... read more.
Maison de Beauties add
A low-price, high-quality apartment in the metropolitan area of Tokyo is nothing short of a miracle! It exists, but there's a catch—tenants must be good-looking and... read more.
Ai Hime: Ai to Himegoto add
They met. They kissed. The fate has brought them to be uncle and niece. Even though they're not blood-related, can Mao decide to love him and go through the struggles to ... read more.
Kiss/Hug add
Ryuu, a super-business-like transfer student from England with black hair and blue eyes just arrived! During the night of the Tanabata festival, Ryuu and Yukino became at... read more.
Sora ni Taiyou ga Aru Kagiri add
Rieko Edogawa is a second year student at East Edogawa Academy - a private school. She is full of energy and courage, and she is so popular that there is not a soul in he... read more.
Derby Queen add
The best stage for a thoroughbred to shine is a derby race. For young Hime and her jockey dad, the day of that derby race was supposed to be the best day of their lives.... read more.
Tennen Bitter Chocolate add
When Chinatsu falls in love, she falls in love hard. Her current crush is the boys' tennis team ace Kasai-senpai, whom she has liked ever since she saw him on her first ... read more.
Runway no Koibito add
The N°1 dream of every woman in the whole country, Charisma's model Shinsato Yui. Yanada Aki was scouted as a future model in the rural Do. Aki admires Yui, the cool ... read more.
Noah! add
Noah decided to follow the one she loves to the art high school Saint Rinnell. And then she will start a love story like those her parents used to tell her... (Sourc... read more.
Hatsukoi Asterism add
Minako entered in the same high school as her friend Shuu. And then she figured out that one of her classmate is the guy she loves: Takuma. She will have to make a choice... read more.
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