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Ageha no Otome add
Another Tankoubon by Kou Nishikawa. The main story from the title of this one involves this kid who just suddenly finds out that he’s the heir of a huge zaibatsu and he... read more.
Alice add
This one’s about this ‘detective’ guy who defeats this assassin chick that’s trying to kill him and turns her into his assistant. And it turns out... read more.
Ame Onna to Amayadori add
Anata ga Fureru Tabi ni add
The first work in the tankōbon series by Dr.P, centered around a certain high school where good things happen. Most of the time it follows a two chapters per couple form... read more.
Ane-sama Inkou add
1. Sisplay 2. Mahou ga Tokeru made (Until the Magic Comes Off) 3. Charm Point 4. Sunao ni Naretara (Why Not Be Honest with Yourself) 5. Sispara 6. Ane to Shite (Having Se... read more.
Anipyu! add
1. Mama-chan 2-5, 11. Anipyu (1-5) 6-8. Henai 9-10. Ayaka: Tsutanai Joou-sama
Ayashii Haha to Midara na Oba add
1. Kaa-san to Oba-san (Mom and Aunt) 2. Oba-san to Boku (Aunt and Me) 3. Kaa-san to Boku (Mom and Me) 4. Oku-sama Jingi (A Wife's Duty) 5. Milk Time 6. Zansho Kewashiku ... read more.
Girlie add
1-2. Kimi ga Mezametara. 3-5. Doubles! 6-7. Haiiro Hiiro 8. Big Surprise 9. Order Maid
Graduation add
When a female classmate tells Sensei that Tanaka has never been kissed, Tanaka asks her if she will give him his first kiss.
Guilty add
1-2. XXX Addict 3. Tender 4-5. Yasashi Tomodachi (Gentle Friend) 6. Imouto no Anna Toko 7-8. Mukou no Hito
H na... add
This volume contains 14 stories: 1. H Service 2. Dirty Kanako 3. Dirty Ruka 4. Dirty Yuki & Haruka 5. Dirty Toy 6. Dirty Afternoon... 7. Dirty Door... 8. Di... read more.
Hatsujou Milk Hall add
9. Honorable Young Lady's Knowledge on Sex
Houjuu Onshitsu: The Garden of Sweet add
1-8. Houjuu Onshitsu -THE GARDEN OF SWEET- 9. Fukou Iinchou 10. Barbarian no Musume-tachi
Houkago Rankou Club add
1. One Week 5. Delusion Super Express
Libido In The Beaker add
Collection of short stories dealing with sex and the slightly strange. 1. Go with the Accident Flow! In the bathroom Sho limbers up his wrist with his mother's pa... read more.
Love Kachuu add
1. End of Club Activities 2. Poolside at Night 3-4. Manga Research Triangle 5. Break the Shell 6. My Name Is Student Council President 7. Calories Off 8. Sibling Fe... read more.
Manatsu no Hanazono: Oba + Shimai Ohame H add
1-4. Manatsu no Hanazono 5. Goshimei wa Oneechan Horny teenaged boy goes to a brothel, and discovers his stacked older sister works there and is assigned to service him.... read more.
Matatabi Panic add
When Chacha the cat is reincarnated as a cat girl, it's not to repay kindness, but for revenge. Himuro Sensei's cruelty has not changed however, and he gets the upper han... read more.
Metropolitan Eros Academy add
Kiri Ikeda is a member of her school's swim team. One day after practice, she heads to the locker room only to find her kouhai, Rumi getting gangbanged by a bunch of... read more.
Momo Muite Kuri Namete add
1-2. Kame no Yu 3. Aneki no Shoushin Ryokou (Aneki's Brokenhearted Trip) 4. Mukotori 5. Anege 6. Genba Shunin Sakura-chan 7. Conveni no Onna 8. Shishashitsu Paradaise 9. ... read more.
Momoiro Geshuku Utopian add
A boy inherits a mysterious boarding house from his grandfather. The girls staying there won't tell him what the deal with the house is and instead sleep with him and ref... read more.
Momoiro Hokenshitsu add
1. Momoiro Hokenshitsu: Momoko no Oyatsu-hen 2-3. Momoiro Hokenshitsu: OL to Momoko Sensei-hen 4. Boku to Kimi to Momoiro Hokenshitsu 5. Seifuku no Midare wa Sei no Midar... read more.
Namanaka. add
1. Sunset Melon 2-8. Remember Me! -When I Remember those Days- 9. Young Master's House 10. I-It's Not Like I Like You, Or... 11. Rino Iro 12. Secret Party
Niso Shoujo de ooo add
1. Senpai's Secret Nectar 2. She's Up to Her Neck with Him! 3. Crazy about her Smell! 4. Ani-Mania (Older Brother Mania) 5. Ane-Mania (Younger Sister Mania) 6. Turn to Lo... read more.
Otome Gokoro add
1. Afterwards My Girlfriend's Sister 2. My Girlfriend's Sister 3. Love Kotatsu 4. Invited My Girlfriend Over To My House 5. Ane Revenger 6. Let's Examine You After S... read more.
Response add
Rinkan Shimai add
Ryouko-san add
Seiya Kyousoukyoku add
Shinryakuteki Renai Shugi add
A collection of short stories around a "peculiar" group of students and teachers enjoying their daily school life. 1. Feelings I Want To Show 2. Late Relations 3. Tiny T... read more.
Sokonashi Tsuyudaku Clinic add
1-3, 5-7. NFC 4. Phantom P 8. Kanna and Her Friends 9. Kanna's 24 Hours 10. Kanna's Errand 11. Rosario Kashimasu (Rosario Rental)
Sweetish Temptation add
Sweetish Temptation is the funny story of 3 succubus girls.
Tenshi no Shizuku add
An angel is sent down from heaven to see why there has been an alarming decrease in the number of souls making it there....she has no idea what she's in for.
The Sex Hound add
This one-shot is about a squad of busty special ops agents that are sent in for a hostage rescue. They are easily distracted however...
Tsutanai Joou-sama add
1. Saisho no Bokurano Himegoto 2. Tsutanai Joou-sama 3. Seitsuu 4. Hiro-niichan no Onanii 5-7. Tonari no Kanrinin-san 8-10. Sharin no Youna Bokurano Himegoto