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Amai Kimi ga Suki add
Kawakami is a top student with a penchant for donuts. Kaji is a troublemaker who fell deeply in love with Kawakami. Although they ignore each other at school, when they'r... read more.
Arabian Tenkousei add
When a handsome Arabian transfer student mistakes fellow classmate, Futaba, for his missing lover, Futaba's world gets turned upside down as his maybe (?!) boyfriend, Wak... read more.
Bi no Isu add
Anthology of five one shots. 1. Bi no Isu Kabu and Nirasawa have a troubled relationship, to say the least. Harsh yakuza lifestyle, torture, and violent sex are everyday... read more.
Finder no Hyouteki add
The official novelization of the first chapter of the manga Viewfinder by Yamane Ayano, originally released as a short story in B-Boy Phoenix in 2007. Only the first chap... read more.
Haiiro no Umi add
The forbidden love between a samurai and a craftsman. (Source: MU)
Hanayome Sengen add
Toudou Manufacturer's Director, Toudo Kaoru, is doing his best to avoid an arranged marriage and ends up stringing part-time cleaner, Kagami Eiji, along in his spont... read more.
Hell & Heaven add
A novice mortician who takes care of death, and a surgeon who saves lives. They’re in very different positions, but the distance between them is closing… (Source: Na... read more.
Hinyari Rouka, Mangekyou add
1) Icy Corridor, Kaleidoscope Kousa is staying after school to help Nagai Sensei with some data entry. One thing leads to another, and data isn't the only thing bein... read more.
Kokui no Mure add
A high school teacher, Shirai Narumi, can't forget about his high school love who died in an accident. Unexpectedly, at the beginning of a new school year a student, who ... read more.
Matsugo no Yume add
"It'd be nice if the last thing I were to see was a happy dream..." In feudal Japan, Youjun has the gift of foreseeing dreams, but for this reason he is goin... read more.
Nee, Sensei? add
Ch. 1-4 + Extra This story is about a relationship between a teacher and his student, Homura. It just so happens that Homura's older sister Kaori was the teacher's 1st g... read more.
No.99: Ningen Omocha add
1. No.99: Ningen Omocha The Marquis Banford and his wife die in tragic circumstances leaving Graham, their butler, with the heavy burden of raising their sole heir, Leon... read more.
Okujou no Bye-Bye add
Nogi is the fearless and respected karate black-belt who beats up bullies without breaking a sweat. But to Fujiwara, he's just "Kei-chan", best friend and objec... read more.
One Day, Suddenly, Like Love. add
The god that got banished to the mortal world got an offering... Huh...what?! It's a guy?! (Source: M-U)
Shiranai Kao add
As a child Tanabe was always tagging behind Haruyama, but in high school after he became a ping pong ace their relationship is gradually getting worse. Who is the one t... read more.
Sono Hada, Tachiirikinshi add
- Sensei's Virtuous Kiss? If you kiss an arrogant prince, will your wish come true?! (Source: MangaUpdates)
Wasuretai Itoshii Hito add
Even after he forcefully ravished my body... my heart still yearns for him! (Source: Fantasy Shrine)