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Abunai Kagaku to Onee-chan add
Aero add
1. Maid-Tsuma
2. Houkago Himitsu Mensetsu
3. White Comet
4. Motto Onee-san to Issho
5-6. Debareba Devilon
7. Tenshi no Iru Basho
8-9. ... read more.
Aikawarazu add
One Shot--
Aisare Shouwaru Love Bitch add
Akarui Eros Keikaku add
Collection of 10 short stories including:

• HSS: His sister is envy of his girlfriend. Suddenly, his girlfriend saw them in an inexcusable position. T... read more.
Amaenbo! add
1. Boku no Sensei
2. Mama Kano
3. Mamagoto
4. Boku no Mama Manko
5. Joushi Naburi
6. Chinko no Nayami
7. Saishuu Kareshi Dangi
8... read more.
Amanee! add
1. Sense!
2. Otanari Nurse
3. Tomodachinchi
4. Visit Boss
5. Reisei to Jounetsu no Hazama de
6. Hanmen! Kateikyoushi (The Tutor)
7. Sh... read more.
Ame no Ato. add
A guy offers to hold an umbrella for his senpai whom he has a crush on. On the way home, a car splashes water on him so the girl lets him come into her house to get clean... read more.
One Shot-6.67
Ane-Idiri add
1. Onee-san Overflow
2. Milk Oppai to no Tsukiaikata
3. Cable!? Daishoten
4. Toilet ne Tsuma no Kankei
5. Hachimitsu Oppai (Honey Breasts)
6... read more.
Ane-Koi add
0-5. Ane Koi (Sis Love)
6-7. Suki Kirai Daisuki (Love, Hate, I Love You)
8. Kaich... read more.
Ano Hito no Angura! add
A guy confesses to his crush only to discover that hiding inside of her there is a horny femdoming sexual predator ready for action. Which doesn't matter much, since on t... read more.
One Shot--
Aqua Bless add
Collection of one-shots.

1. TELEPAsweet☆
2. Travel And LOVE-Ru
... read more.
As a Teacher add
One Shot-6.51
Asemizu Onna add
A collection of short stories. Each chapter illustraits a woman at a certain workplace.

(Source: B-U Manga)
Askin' Bustin' add
One Shot--
Avatar☆Trans! add
Boy starts up a new virtual reality porn game he bought and is placed in the role of the game's girl instead of the player, while a virtual girl has her way with his fema... read more.
Bitch Bitch♥Mermaid add
One Shot--
Bitch's Beach add
A mother and daughter compete to see who can have sex with the most guys on the beach.
One Shot--
Body Crawl add
A girl hasn't been swimming as well recently as she usually does, but her instructor thinks he knows what she needs to do to improve.
One Shot--
Bokunchi no Onahole Maid-san add
One Shot--
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