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Seikon no Qwaser add
The St. Mikhailov Academy student Oribe Mafuyu comes across a mysterious silver haired boy. He is called a Qwsaer, a being that draws power from Soma and is able to manip... read more.
Wreckage X add
For four curious children a newly-discovered crate on a remote island might become the biggest adventure of their youth. (Source: Kotonoha)
Uchuu wo Kaitaku suru Houhou add
A tale about people who have to shoulder the burden of mankind's progress... (Source: MU)
Rome Rome add
Being a housewife is no picnic, especially if you have to deal with an idiotic hubby, two reckless children, a mother whose hobby is to decapitate moving “things&rd... read more.
Jokyoushi wa Mousou suru add
This Oneshot's about a delusional teacher that attacks students with a mutated creature, which is a combination of dissected frogs, called Dorn... In other words, it's a ... read more.
Himichu no Ayako-sama add
In a school where the children of the elites gather to study, there exist a society dedicated to the eradication of anything they deem 'poisonous' mainly, otaku... read more.
Bakekano add
One day when average middle schooler Koji Miyahara came home from school, he found a naked girl sleeping in his bed. To his surprise, she was a ghost, and her name was Al... read more.
Rengoku no Joou add
Cinthia is an English nun on the run from mysterious supernatural beings who decimated her home... but the only person who will provide her with refuge is a brutal domina... read more.
Phase 20 2 add
When news of a magical girl bank robber spreads, Detective Kindaichi is called in to investigate. However, he won't get very far without the help of Ran once again.
Survival of the Dead add
A oneshot intended to serve as promotion for George A. Romero's film of the same name. (Source: MU)
Akishima Suicide Club add
16-year-old Sakura Ryousuke lives a relatively ordinary life, but he is disgusted by the unfairness of the world. One evening, he sees a girl dressed up as a 'magic girl,... read more.
Saint Seiya: Saintia Shou add
The whole Sanctuary was misled into danger due to the civil war instigated by the Gemini Gold Saint, Saga. Our story begins right after the end of those events... This is... read more.
Zettai Seifuku Yami Kami! add
Centuries ago, the Goddess Koyami no Hime no Mikoto was sealed away by the other gods as punishment for her alleged crimes, and she vowed to return. In the present day, a... read more.
Shibito no Koe wo Kiku ga Yoi add
Jun Kishida is a sickly high school student who can see dead people. One person in particular is following him around: his childhood friend Ryoko Hayakawa. Even after he ... read more.
Vaia'n Maiden add
In a world where the situation is rapidly worsening, an unusual all-girls high school is taking in first-year girls who have been orphaned. However, when they show up to ... read more.
Usagi no Frau add
Done by the mangaka Coolkyou Shinjya, it’s about a world where anthropomorphic animals called Anthros, humans and witches are at war with each other. A witch named Rony... read more.
Puppet Panic add
Nayumi is applying finishing touches to a hand puppet, but she is stuck with one thing, creating a cute face that could attract the audience. She wishes to finish before ... read more.
Kurumada Suikoden: Hero of Heroes add
The Mythology is the plan of the gods. A perfect story created by them, that should never be changed in any way. However, there where mortals who altered the Mythology wi... read more.
Yuri Tantei Yurianzu add
Amou Academy is an enormous educational establishment that boasts of 200,000 students and a gigantic campus that is actually its own city. Sakai Anzu is one of two member... read more.
Kenrantaru Grande Scène add
When Kanade was very young, she went to a ballet performance of her neighbour, Lisa, and was overwhelmed by her amazing dancing. She decided then and there that she wante... read more.
Shidenkai no Maki add
Hagoromo Maki is going to an all-girls high school, a special one that allows its students to commute by plane! She and her first friend at school, Hasegawa Motoko, have ... read more.
Dead Tube add
Distributing thrilling videos in secret! A school game that puts life and death on the line! (Source: Kawa Scanlations)
Kamisama no Enmusubi add
Seitokai Fukukaichou Yagami Sayuri wa Ganbatteiru! add
Yagami Sayuri is the student council vice president, and her demanding president hates the fact that boys are in their school at all. There is a school legend that if a m... read more.
Captain Harlock: Jigen Koukai add
Choujin Sensen add
A mysterious beautiful woman hosts a death match that results in either death or rebirth. Pitting an Expert who reaches the peak limit as a result from training against a... read more.
Tide-Line Blue add
The catastrophe, "Hammer of Eden," resulted in the loss of six billion lives and the flooding of 90% of the land. The New United Nations were formed to pursue p... read more.
Alien 9: Emulators add
The girls have finally graduated 6th grade and are now in junior high... but are they really prepared for the challenges that await them? There's a new girl in town and s... read more.
El Cazador add
Bounty hunter Nadie protects Ellis, a magical bounty head, to the mysterious city of Winay Marka. They are intercepted by Alice, who seems to have a strange connection to... read more.
Dosperado add
There are four elements to the magic world: fire, water, wind and earth. A mysterous man of great power claims to posess the fifth element. His element is: "Moe!&quo... read more.
Mono Kuro add
Kuro is a high school student who leads a gloomy life - has no friends and no girlfriend. But one day he gains the ability to put his soul into any inanimate object, and ... read more.
Alice no 100°Cc add
Aoi Kururi is an onmyou-ji who is studying smells at a private academy. He in fact hates using onmyou magic, but when a spell is mysteriously cast on his whole class that... read more.
AI: Pato! add
Riki has been reassigned to a different department in the police department. Riki, disliking paperwork, is glad to hear that he doesn't have to do any paperwork sinc... read more.
Virgin Rope add
1. Virgin Rope 2. Virgin Train 3. Virgin Costume 4. Virgin Bikini 5. Virgin Beans 6. Virgin Pregnant 7. Virgin Persona
Shin Mazinger: Shougeki! H-hen add
1. Shin Mazinger: Shogeki! H-hen 2-3. Cutie Honey vs Abashiri Ikka
Majo no Kishi add
The story revolves around a guy named Chord Belote, who is forced to become a knight, in order to support his poor family. He is treated as an errand boy, but he gets los... read more.
Chichin Pui! add
Scissor Man add
Devilman vs Getter Robo add
Akira and Miki from Devilman are visiting the Getter Robo base when it happens to be attacked. But who are the attackers? The demon Silene has joined with the Dinosaur E... read more.
Ningen Shikkaku Kai add
Manga based on the original classic novel by Dazai Osamu.
The Shanglad Shinki add
Fuuhyou Hakai Tenshi Lovely Curie add
Alien parasites have invaded earth, infecting businessmen, and making them turn into... swim-goggle and speedo-clad giants destroying everything in their path? Not exactl... read more.
Deku: Block Head add
The story follows the journey of a traveling female sword fighter, who is burdened with a tragic fate, and her lover. (Source: ANN)
Baki Gaiden: Kenjin add
Spin-off series, written and illustrated by Miyatani Kengo, representing and describing Doppo's adventures.
Shounen☆Princess add
Soukou Akki Muramasa: Minagoroshi add
The first of the manga spin-off of the original visual novel by Nitroplus. Minagoroshi takes place prior to the game's prologue and follows the story of Minato Kageaki ar... read more.
TS Witch Rie x Norn add
1-4. TS Witch Rie x Norn 5-6. Princess wa Mimodaeru
Akihabara Muhougai: Gun Maid add
Maou Dante Tai Getter Robo G add
Crossover manga beteen Maou Dante and Getter Robo G.
Kurogane no Linebarrel 0 add
1. Kurogane no Linebarrel Bangai-hen: Nankai yori Ai wo Komete 2. Koutetsu no Hana 3. Android Musume. 4-8. Tennen Bishoujo Mecha Roboko-chan!
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