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10 Dance add
Sugiki, a standard ballroom dancer, offers to teach Suzuki, a latin american dancer, ballroom in exchange for Suzuki to teach him in return.

Their names ar... read more.
Calling Series add
Volume 1: Calling
1-2. Calling
3. read more.
Canvas ni Kuchizuke wo add
Chapters including:

1) Canvas ni Kuchizuke wo

2) Canvas wo Dakishimete

3) Canvas ga Itoshikute

4) Itoshii Yubi... read more.
Akanai Tobira add
Gochisou-sama add
Hiroto, a part-timer without a steady job, is on his lunch break in the park when a cute little boy appears in front of him and stares enviously at Hiroto's lunch. The ch... read more.
Ai no Gebokutachi add
Collection of short stories.

1-2) Ai no Gebokutachi
3) Sweet Hone... read more.
Choco Strawberry Vanilla add
Urahara to Dilemma add
1-2. Urahara to Dilemma
3. Yumiya no Tokushuu na Nichijou
4. read more.
Boku no Shiru Anata no Hanashi add
High-school student Matsumoto Haato has fallen in love with his abusive mother's ex-boyfriend, yakuza Shibusawa, who was nice to him in the past. When he has nowhere left... read more.
Yume ni Tobu Tori add
Collection of oneshots:

1) A bird in dream (Yume ni Tobu Tori)
Soichiro has a heart attack and is hit by a car on Yuuga's birthday right after a huge f... read more.
Yuuwaku Sentiment add
1-2. Yuuwaku Sentiment (Alluring Sentiment)
Tsukihara, vice-principal of a high school, is having an issue going about doing his everyday job. That issue being, Su... read more.
Ikujinashi no Shiawase add
Collection of short stories:

1) Ikujinashi no Shiawase (A Coward's Happiness) -
The owner of a rice shop, Kawada feeds a poor student, Mori, af... read more.
Hinata add
A reprint collection containing various oneshots and an extra story:

1) Hinata
2) Mayonaka Taiyou
3) Moment
4) Iku Michi, Yobu Tsuki<... read more.
Escape add
Jun hates his boring, lonely high school life. Kouji hates being a penniless thug. Even though they have absolutely nothing in common, Kouji ends up getting roped into ta... read more.
One Shot-7.36
Yuukyuu no Kanata add
Yuki and Hisakuni are twin brothers. Kanata, their childhood friend, was abused by his father in his own home so is staying with Yuki, Hisakuni, and their grandmother. Th... read more.
Natsujikan add
Compilation of five one-shots:

1. Natsujikan (Summertime Memories)
A boy goes to meet a stranger after his mother died. The mother left a lot of lov... read more.
Mimitabu no Riyuu add
Shinuhodo Suki add
A collection of one-shots with continuation from Dare ga Omae wo Suki dato Itta.

1. Shinuhodo Suki
2. Suki sugide Kirai (continuation of "Shinu... read more.
Hada no Ue no Renai Jijou add
Collection of one-shots:

1. Hada no Ue no Renai Jijou
2.... read more.
Melancholy Melancholic Melancholinist add
Although extremely reluctant, Ogata decides to go to the dentist after getting a tooth ache. The problem only seems to get bigger when he meets his dentist Dr. Kitagawa. ... read more.
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