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Mado no Mukougawa add
Kei Sonofuji is trying to get a new start by changing her image before getting into high school. But just as it seems everything is going to go well, she gets sick and ha... read more.
Mahou no Jumon add
Nomura Chizuko - a witch - is bored with her everyday life in the magic world. "That's it! I'll go to the human world and get some new motivation!" Wi... read more.
Near Equal add
Tsubaki is her school's most proficient student, being polite and is absolutely good at everything and little by little people are hailing her to be the school's queen...... read more.
Neko Kissa add
Aoba Koo works part time at a cafe at the capital of the demon world. Very cute and very funny. (Source: mangaupdates)
Nichoume Rojiura Tantei Kitan add
One night, Alice enters her master's bedroom to find him gone. After waiting 3 days with no word from him she finds a number for a detective agency. She later meets ... read more.
Sakura Ricetto add
Sansha Sanyou add
Sansha Sanyou is a 4koma manga featuring three hilarious characters, Odagiri Futaba, Hayama Teru and Nishikawa Youko. Futaba is the new transfer student with a super ener... read more.
Satsuki Complex add
Kouta is an ordinary high school student. He has a very feminine brother who is more like a sister. He dresses as a girl so even Kouta's friends mistake her as a girl. Ko... read more.
Shoujo Koudan Apartment add
Smile Style add
Yamazaki Yuri is a high school freshmen. She changes school in the second semester and moves to the dorm. Before her arrival, there are some rumors being spread in the do... read more.
Suima-san to Issho add
Sweet Home add
Tennen Aluminium! add
Tori Koro add
When Yae and her mother decide to take in two teenage boarders, Yae finally realizes what it's like to have sisters, an experience she has always dreamed of.
... read more.
Usakame Combo! add
Wakaba*Girl add
With Liz add
Liz, a young blue-eyed blonde girl, came from a distant country to live in downtown Tokyo with her grandfather.
Yuyushiki add
This 4-koma style manga features 3 school girls as they hang out and chat. Friendly, clueless Yukari, enthusiastic, childish Yuzuko, and the more level-headed Yui hang ou... read more.
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