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"Suki" to Ienai. add
Shiina has 2 secrets. She loves her brother Kiri a lot, and Kiri doesn't know that they are not blood related. She doesn't know what to do, she's been hiding it for a lon... read more.
One Shot-7.05
1/6 Jump! add
This is a story about a group of five good friends who are the same age and live in the same apartment building owned by their parents' company. Among the five, there's K... read more.
7 Senchi! add
One day, while in search for more food, our heroine stumbles upon a jar of what looked like umeboshi; little did she know that it would bring her more than just a full st... read more.
Manga37.76 add
Collection of short stories:


• Koi no Arashi ga Yattekuru

• Senchi na Futari
Ai no Kotoba add
Hitomi Kosaka, who wants to be a novelist, admires Takeru Murasaki, a genius writer and high-school student. She dreams that he would help her make her debut, and enters ... read more.
Ani-Com add
Maachi is a 15 year old girl who loves her brother Riichi. Actually, the two of them are not related by blood, but due to their parents work situation they are forced to ... read more.
Cherry Love add
Contains one main story and two one-shots.

The heroine is a girl who has no clue about romance.

Her point of view:
My childhood frie... read more.
Choco to Mint to add
Keiko is a junior 2nd year student, but has no experience in love. One day, while going to school, she helped an unconscious 'cute boy' who fainted from anemia. Being 2-f... read more.
Danshi Kinshi!! add
Starting today, Shimomura Mao, who goes to Shirasagi Academy for daughters of super rich families, becomes a member of the student council, "Shirasagi Council." Very soon... read more.
Datte, Kimi ga Warau kara add
Let’s get into a time machine and return to that time where it was always fun and you were always laughing...

"I only have three more months to live." Yui ... read more.
Fire on Ice add
Full Moon Joker add
Yukihara Mutsuki has a strange ability: the ability to understand peoples' feelings. However, usually she acts as a normal girl who is looking for love. One day, Mutsuki ... read more.
Futari Koi Fuwari add
A collection of short stories
Ch 1-3: Futari Koi Fuwari
Ch 4: Futari Koi Fuwari - Yomikiri version
Ch 5: Shitsuji na Mondai
Garimega! add
Girls Be Lovely!! add
Having to move schools from the Countryside to Tokyo, Chinami realizes that 'being like a girl' is quite vastly different!?

(Source: Divine Sanc... read more.
One Shot-6.55
Hatsukoi Shinan add
Nao is a girl who wants to become a shoujo mangaka and Kento is a boy famous for being a player. Though Nao believes Kento is a bit irritating she needs to experience lov... read more.
Heaven's Will add
Sudou Mikuzu has a very special talent--she can see ghosts. And because of this predisposition, she's become a magnet for all sorts of unwelcome monsters. Luckily for her... read more.
Himitsu de Scandal add
From Toothpaste Scanlations:
Maria is #1 in every guy's heart and lots of guys want her to be their girlfriend. Even though she is very popular, she actually ... read more.
Hitohira no Koi ga Furu add
There's a jinx at Haruru's school - if a couple sees the bullet train at 6 am together, they'll be together forever! But if a couple sees the bullet train at 10 pm togeth... read more.
Hitotsu no Shigusa mo add
His name is Itou Hiroyuki, nickname: Hiro-kun. He's a math teacher at the private Taihei Academy, as well as the homeroom teacher of class 3-3. He's young, cool, and tall... read more.
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