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Aishite Aisare Nakucchane! add
Atashi wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai add
While working at an office, a very ordinary lady named Mahiro Yano becomes a slave to Kyoichi's passions. He fools around with her, so she gets exhausted physically and m... read more.
Bob and his Funky Crew add
Meet Bob, the Major League’s legendary cleanup batter who can’t run, can’t field, and can’t play under pressure. His experience, raunchy jokes, an... read more.
Fuwa Fuwa♥Cinnamon add
Cinnamoroll is a cloud puppy, born high above the earth. When he learns to fly, he decides to move the surface to interact with other puppies like him. He moves into Cafe... read more.
Idol de Ikou!! add
Junai no Lilith: Das Hexen Haus add
"This story is about my first but also my last love story." Lilith can't remember clearly her past. But she can still remember that one day her brother told her that he ... read more.
Katharsis add
Forbidden love between a beautiful vampire brother and sister. Hinata feels out of place in her family. Why does she look nothing like the rest of them? One day after the... read more.
Kimi no Kachi add
A collection of oneshot stories. 1. You Win I hate him--Ayu's classmate, Kataoka, is popular among girls. But Ayu doesn't like him that much, because she thinks that ... read more.
Koi no Arashi add
From MegKf: Anthology of oneshots. Keiko's at a wedding for the one she loved. She wants to cry, but sees that the guy, Haru, next to her crying. Keiko feels that the... read more.
Koigogoro ni Hizamazuku Bokura add
A guy is always getting dumped by girls who confessed to him. His best friend tries to help him find the reason.
Koimonogatari add
A collection of romantic stories.
Koisuru Heart ga No to Iu add
1. Koisuru Heart ga "NO" to lu Sawa is a representative of the student council and the valedictorian of her grade. A teacher had asked Sawa to persuade Tatsuki... read more.
Love & Tears add
Collection of sentimental love stories.
Onaji Kurai Ai add
Morio Ai is a lonely girl, daughter of a famous actress, who divorced many times. Ai, unhappy with her family's stuation, petulant at school, disrespectful with her... read more.
Onna Kyoushi add
Kyoko's a recent graduate who just began teaching at a local high school. Being a new teacher, she spends her days battling with the ups and downs that comes with the job... read more.
Red add
Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in Bend, Mississippi, Becky Lynn Lee doesn't have the luxury of dreaming. With an abusive father and a broken mother, she ... read more.
Satou Kashi Shounen add
She's Kids add
Shizuka, age 17, was raised by her mother, and the two are very close. However, the store her mom's worked hard to maintain was swindled by the Sakurasei Real Estate Comp... read more.
Shoujo Kakumei Utena add
Two Revolutionary Girl Utena "light novels" were published in Japan by Shougakukan under their female-targeted "Palette Books" label. They aren't directly based on eithe... read more.
SKY add
SKY is a manga composed of only four chapters about the relationship between man and sky.
Tabecha Dame add
Machi happens to take care of Kanata, a son of her father's boss, for three days. Kanata is younger than Machi and a junior high school student. Machi first consider... read more.
V - Egao no Tame ni add
Come spring, Nishiwaki Haruka becomes a second year high school student. For a second time. Due to accidents and illnesses, she didn't have enough attendance, thus t... read more.
Yatterman add