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666 Satan add
In the not too distant future, mankind battles over O-Parts, relics from an ancient civilization. It takes a special kind of person to unlock the full potential of these ... read more.
Akuma Jiten add
Hiroyuki is a 16 year old boy, starting high school, and a life of living alone. He gets a great deal on a house to rent, even if it is a little run down, but there is on... read more.
Akuma Kari add
Arc the Lad II: Honoo no Elk add
Astrawberry add
A guy named Betty, who happens to be an alien, comes to earth to clone the perfect human slave and sell them in space to make a fortune. But the sample of a girl he used ... read more.
B.Ichi add
Most normal humans use only 30% of their brains, but a group of people known as the "Dokeshi" can use 50 to 60% of their brains, and thus have special abilities. These po... read more.
Bamboo Blade B add
Ookido Yuu is an extremely tall girl who just entered middle school. Because of her height everyone is trying to recruit her into their sports club, even though she is te... read more.
Banoten! add
When Chinatsu joined the student council, she found it wasn't nearly as cool as she had expected. The president just slept all the time, and the vice president just did p... read more.
Blade Sangokushi add
Set in 2194 AD, China, which is now a prosperous, super-modern country. The characters are mostly reincarnations of warriors from the 3 Kingdoms period.

The ... read more.
Blood Type V add
Mikoto Hiiragi isn't any normal teenage boy. His blood has the special ability to give life to anything, from humans to plants. This makes him very valuable, as those wit... read more.
One Shot-7.07
Bloody Cross add
Half angels: Individuals cursed because of their impure lineage. Tsukimiya is a Vampire Half Angel, and with her companion-of-convenience Hinata, with whom she shares a s... read more.
Chichi to Ko add
Chronicle add
Demons of Shanghai add
In the year 2050 AD, Humans live in a world filled with science and electronics, but the "Demon Capital" Shanghai has never been rid of demons. Fortunately, th... read more.
Doubt add
There's a game going around Japan called 'Rabbit Doubt'. The premise of the game is that all of the players are rabbits in a colony, and one amongst them is randomly chos... read more.
Dragon Quest: Eden no Senshitachi add
Dragon Quest VII tells the story of a young boy named Arus, the son of a prominent fisherman in the small island town of Fishbel. Estard Island, the only land in a world ... read more.
Dragon Quest: Maboroshi no Daichi add
Chronicles the story of Dragon Quest VI

The story begins with three travelers sitting around a fire. The leader says the time is right and the trio walks o... read more.
Dragon Quest: Monsters+ add
This story acts as a sequel to the original "Dragon Quest Monsters" game for the Gameboy.

Kurio, a child who wishes to be a hero, is thrown to a ... read more.
Evil Crusher Maya add
A young girl was praying, a red balloon flies away ...

In a medieval-style village, a young girl trying to escape a soldier with three dogs. As she is abou... read more.
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Hatenaki Sora no Mukou ni add
Adaptation of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.
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