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Zankokuna Kimi ni Tomoni add
The older brother's company is at the verge of bankruptcy. The only way to prevent bankrupts is to depend on his younger step-brother's support. And the stepbro... read more.
Zanma Kenden add
Zannen Kunoichi Den add
Reika isn’t just a high school student; she's also the military’s secret ninja agent. Transferring to Seiou Academy is part of her mission to locate a person of inter... read more.
Zannen na Hakoniwa add
Two strangers, one purpose! The man who disappeared, where did he go?

(Source: The Moon in a Box)
One Shot--
Zannen Ouji to Dokuzetsu Maid add
1-2. Zannen Ouji to Dokuzetsu Maid (Pathetic Prince & Spiteful Maid)
3. Renai Kinshi!! Suieibu (Love is Forbidden Swimming Club)
4. LV69
5. Refill..... read more.
Zannen Ouji to Dokuzetsu Ninpu add
One Shot--
Zansho add
A collection of Mohiro Kitoh's short stories, covering everything from his debut story to his more recent works. Some have supernatural elements while some don't, but all... read more.
Zantei, Koibito add
From Storm in Heaven:

They'd been drunk. More specifically, his boss had been drunk. So when Sakamoto jumped him, Kurahashi just went along with it. A... read more.
Zanzou add
A collection of Western-style science fiction stories.
Zarathustra e no Kaidan add
Zaregoto Series add
It’s the vacation of a lifetime, a trip to a remote island filled with geniuses–and murder.

On Wet Crow’s Feather Island, a tiny speck in the Sea of Ja... read more.
Zashiki Onna add
One night, mild-mannered college student, Hiroshi Mori, bumps into a woman visiting his next-door neighbor. A large, creepy woman, she has long hair, wears a coat and car... read more.
Zashiki Warashi no Okite: Boufu wa Tsuyameku Nyotai wo Nie ni add
Zassou Onna add
Zassoukan no Juunintachi add
Oozeki Arata is a first year high school student who has to find new living arrangements after his parents move overseas. Arata moves into Zassoukan, which contains four... read more.
Zatoichi add
This one-shot is the adaptation of two movies: Zatoichi's Vengeance (Tokuzo Tanaka) and Zatoichi's Pilgrimage (Kazuo Ikehiro).

The Ballad of Zato... read more.
Ze add
In the weird house of Wakeari, Raizou has fallen in love. His object of desire is Kon. Even though Kon is an antisocial pretty boy, he does not laugh at Raizou. As the in... read more.
Ze Fan Book add
Collection of stories:

- Haru mo Yoiyoi (Hot springs) [[i]Shimizu Yuki[/i]]
- Genma to Chikkoi no (Genma and the tiny one) [[i]Kane Hikaru[/i]]
read more.
Ze: Kami no Hon add
Featuring events such as Genma being immature and making Ryuusei drink more than he can handle, Himi begging Genma until his anger subdues, Asari teasing Shoui, and Waki ... read more.
Zebraman add
The movie was adapted into a five volume manga by Reiji Yamada. The manga told its own story, focusing on the relationship the main character has with his two children. U... read more.
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