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V - Egao no Tame ni add
Come spring, Nishiwaki Haruka becomes a second year high school student. For a second time. Due to accidents and illnesses, she didn't have enough attendance, thus t... read more.
V Hunter add
A story of demon-possessed video tapes and Kurebayashi Mieko the "v hunter" who battles them. But in truth, she's just a pervert who *only* saves pretty gi... read more.
V.B. Rose add
Ageha's older sister is getting married. But Ageha, who suffers from an enormous sister complex won't accept it. One day, in order to get Ageha more involved in... read more.
Vaelber Saga add
Vagabond add
Growing up in 17th century Sengoku era Japan, Shinmen Takezou is shunned by the local villagers as a devil child due to his wild and violent nature. Running away from hom... read more.
Vahlia no Hanamuko add
Collection of one shots: 1. Vahlia no Hanamuko 2. Ryuu no Moriuta 3. Ginsekai no Shoumei 4. Otogibanashi no Fude
Vaia'n Maiden add
In a world where the situation is rapidly worsening, an unusual all-girls high school is taking in first-year girls who have been orphaned. However, when they show up to ... read more.
Vaizard add
Soma is a Vaizard, a protector of ancient tombs and their priceless treasures. Young archeologist Asuke hires him, but this routine job turns deadly when an ancient magic... read more.
Valentine Lovers add
When the mother of a particular girl disappeared, her father began to ignore her. Ten years later, she meets a pervert at a crowded bus stop. A mysterious boy saves her..... read more.
Valentine's Magic add
Kaho gives her friend Asami chocolate on White Day, and Asami kisses her on the cheek. When the next Valentine's Day comes, Asami is filled with doubt.
Valhalla Valkyries: Megami-sama wa Ecchi na Yuusha-sama wo Sagashite Imasu! add
Valkyria Episode 1: "Svahilder" + α add
1. Valkyria Episode 1: "Svahilder" The story of Svahhilde, a Valkyrie searching for a hero, and Dug Volsung, a unscrupulous fellow said to have defeated Demon ... read more.
Valkyria Episode 2: "Qrowbet" add
The story of a valkyrie named Qrowbet, a valkyrie looking for the true meaning of a hero, and her meeting with Dug Volsung, still living his life through. (Source: The... read more.
Valkyria: Neav Saga add
The story of the Valkyrie Neav and her relationship with the Demon Lord Jormungand. A closer look at the harsh path of a valkyrie, along with a glimmer of hope. (Sourc... read more.
Valkyrie Choukyou Semen Tank no Ikusa Otome 10-nin Shimai: Seishi wo Hossuru Megami no Shikyuu add
The Valkyrie are charged with maintaining peace between the realm of gods, the realm of humans and the realm of the dead. The peace has started to breakdown and one of th... read more.
Valkyrie Complex Zero add
The story takes place on the continent which is divided into seven countries. Leo was born and grown up in a small village in the Reysol Kingdom. He, who is involved in a... read more.
Valkyrie Profile add
Ragnarok, the End of the World, draws near. Odin, Lord of the Gods, summons Lenneth Valkyrie, one of the three Goddesses of Destiny. Lenneth is assigned the task of recru... read more.
Valkyrie Profile add
Ragnarok, the End of the World, draws near. Odin, Lord of the Gods, summons Lenneth Valkyrie, one of the three Goddesses of Destiny. Lenneth is assigned the task of recru... read more.
Valkyrie Profile 2: Comic Anthology - EX add
Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria Anthology.
Valkyrie Profile Enix Supercomic Gekijoh add
A manga anthology, based on the first Valkyrie Profile Game "Lenneth". It's a collection of several comedy shortstories by 10 different mangaka.
Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria add
The sequel to the Valkyrie Profile Lenneth Manga. Adaption of the homonymous Videogame for Playstation 2.
Valkyrie Profile: The Dark Alchemist add
Humans are suited to be come a warrior of the Gods world. Once proven to be the holder of an honourable soul, a Goddess - The Warrior Virgin - will lead and show those th... read more.
Valkyrie Ragnarok add
Valkyrie Slave: Sei Shoujo no Shitsuke add
Valkyrie Works add
Valkyrja Engine add
A battle love comedy centered around the military student Shiroyama Reiji, who is blessed with the ability to break any guns he lays hands on immediately. The students op... read more.
Vamp ni Barabara add
Marika only entered this haunted house to impress her love, but she meets a new love in form of an obnoxious, but likeable vampire. Third of Iisaka's Vampire-series. (So... read more.
Vamp on the Deadline add
"ME," a decent of vampire bleed, works for the girl who has the town under her command. Living under the same roof, there are always reports of "incidents&... read more.
Vamp! add
The island of Growerth in northern Germany is home to Viscount Gerhardt von Waldstein, a vampire who rules the island as the Master of the Night. His accepting and mercif... read more.
Vampir add
He died, only for a minute. Minakawa Ryo was an ordinary high school student until the day a girl jumped off a building, killing him with her. He miraculously comes back ... read more.
Vampir Jäger add
Clemens is a student at a prestigious military school somewhere in Europe. What his fellow students don't know is that he also assists his master in hunting vampires.
Vampira add
Vampire add
When approaching Vampire, many readers are confused by the fact that it seems to be about werewolves. The story begins in a village of vampires who are destroying their h... read more.
Vampire Beast add
A young man named Hibiki encounters a mysterious man who soon becomes his lover. But the man is not normal...
Vampire Crisis add
"For my love, the price to pay is your blood." In order to punish her loathsome ex-boyfriend, Hisoka attempts to use black magic on him. However, she makes a... read more.
Vampire Doll: Guilt-na-Zan add
Guilt-Na-Zan is a vampire aristocrat who was sealed into a cross by Kyouji's ancestor more than 100 years ago. Now Kyouji has revived him--although he was resurrected as ... read more.
Vampire Dorobou Steel add
Vampire Erotics add
Vampire Game add
A century ago, the good king Phelios and the Vampire King Duzell had a life-threatening duel. Phelios defeated Duzell, but he was killed in the process. Now Duzell has be... read more.
Vampire Girl add
After reading a popular cell phone novel, Manami becomes obsessed with vampires. When she meets the new substitute teacher for her class who is very similar to the vampir... read more.
Vampire Hunter D add
The series that spawned the Vampire Hunter D anime. 12,090 A.D. It is a dark time for the world. Humanity is just crawling out from under three hundred years of domina... read more.
Vampire Hunter D add
The year is 12,090 A.D., and what little is left of humanity has finally crawled out from the ashes of war and destruction. From the darkness of the fallout, mutants and ... read more.
Vampire Hunter Natsuki: Juin no Gakuen add
Vampire Juujikai add
There is a legend that tells of how the world was almost destroyed thousands of years ago by the vampire queen after she unleashed her latent powers. Despite their effort... read more.
Vampire Kiss add
Takara meets Aoyama, a guy in her class who is really cute and a great athlete. Deciding she likes him on the spot, Takara asks him out on a date! However, despite her cu... read more.
Vampire Knight add
Cross Academy is an elite boarding school with two separate, isolated classes: the Day Class and the Night Class. On the surface, Yuuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu are prefects... read more.
Vampire Knight Tokubetsu-hen add
Chapter 1 Sometime after Kaname's sacrifice, Sayori reflects back on the occurrences that happened after the final battle at Cross Academy and how everyone lived th... read more.
Vampire Knight: Flail no Yume add
A collection of short stories based on Vampire Knight. 1. Kyouki no Ai (Deranged Love) 2. Yuuki no Okurimono (Gifts for Yuki) 3. Himeta Omoi wa (Hidden Love) 4. Shi... read more.
Vampire Knight: Ice Blue no Tsumi add
Ice Blue Sin (Main Story) In the hours of twilight, an intrepid Day Class girl sneaks into the most forbidden place on campus – the Moon Dormitory of the Night Class s... read more.
Vampire Knight: Noir no Wana add
Three short stories are contained in this novel. In the first, we see the events leading up to Zero's decision to attend senior high school. The second features Sh... read more.
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