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Ultraman Tiga add
In the year 2049, the Earth has settled into a period of relative peace, thanks in large part to the global efforts of GUTS--the Global Unlimited Task Squad--an internati... read more.
Unbeatable Youth add
XIANG Wei-er, who has exceptional grades and a sense of justice, upon transferring to a new school and class, got named by the teacher as a little teacher dedicated to gu... read more.
Unhuman add
Before he started The Ravages of Time, Chen Mou penned a two volume series called Unhuman. The volumes are broken up into three seperate stories, each focusing on a diffe... read more.
U Don't Know Me add
Seyun, a lithe and catty high-schooler with a mysterious past, and Yoojin, a rough-and-tumble, straight-laced Judo star, have known each other since they were children. G... read more.
Ugly Duckling to Swan add
The heroine is a short, overweight and ugly girl but one day an old man turns her into a real beauty. But whenever raindrops touch her she turns back to her original form... read more.
Ultimate Special High School add
Children with special power forced to go to different school near Korea.
Unbalance x2 add
A young man finds and returns a lost wallet and cell phone to a beautiful young lady, thus begins the destined relationship between two strangers. Sound typical? Well the... read more.
Undecided add
A collection of shorts by Byungjun Byun, artist of young sensible works on the life in the city, including "Princess Anna" and "Run, Bonggu". Many included shorts have re... read more.
Under Prin add
Lord Perdien is a 1st class demon who has been living in the human world with his son. He has no intentions for his son, Miryu, to follow the path of the demons and while... read more.
Under the Glass Moon add
Under the Glass Moon is a supernatural gothic fantasy from Korea. Wizards and witches with a fetishist/androgynous fashion sense ... think (Harry Potter meets Edward Scis... read more.
Unplugged Boy add
Not only does Jee Yool have high school to worry about, she has her love life to worry about, too! The guy she likes, Hyun Kyum, doesn't see her (or any other women) as m... read more.
Utopia of Homosexuality add
At first, one of the main characters thinks back to childhood in which the person and another promised to marry. The story then starts from there 10 years later. Jung S... read more.
Utopia's Avenger add
Once there was a legendary kingdom called Yuldo, an ideal country in which peace and prosperity flourished for years. The heroic warrior Hong Gil-Dong created this Utopia... read more.
Uchi no Imouto ga!! add
Uchujin Desuga Shitsumon desu. add
Alien attempts to learn about modern society by asking questions.
Ufufufu Mama ga Shite Ageru add
Umi to Anata to Taiyou to add
Nozomi is a normal girl working in Akihabara in Tokyo. A female foreigner, Kiara, from a southern island comes into the cafe she works at after a long day of shopping. Th... read more.
Under (xGround) Grand Hotel dj add
Takes place a month or so into the Under Grand Hotel storyline.

(Source: MU)
Under (xGround) Grand Hotel dj - Honeymoon add
What does one do when your lover just won't lay off the sex? Well Sen certainly has the answer! In an attempt to get Sword to lay off the sex some, Sen screams for the Wa... read more.
Under Ground add
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