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U-so-tsu-ki★Knight add
Touko Momozono is a bright and eager shitamachi girl. She lives with an unwed mother and grandmother, all-female household. Her father had already gone when she was born,... read more.
Manga2- add
About a group of three girls who want to become idols.

(Source: http://www... read more.
U・BU U・BU add
KAZAMI Hyoko has a dream of becoming a nude model. On the day of an important talent contest for a famous photographer who is searching for a model, Hyoko attracts the a... read more.
Ubatte choudai add
Ubatte! Magical Confusion add
Ubatte, Daite. add
This volume includes short stories of two couples.
Ubau Otoko add
A collection of oneshots by Nishida Higashi.
Ubu-Love add
Ububae add
1. Iki wo Koro Shite
2-3. Torowa
4-5. Yoru no Samayoi
6. Anko Musume to Ganmen Kijo
7-8. Gaki no Koro kara Zutto Issho de
9-10. Houkago wa I... read more.
Ubume no Natsu add
A bizarre set of mysteries have befallen the Kuonji household. Kyoko Kuonji is said to be with child for the last twenty months, and her husband Makio disappeared a few m... read more.
Ubume no Natsu add
Adaptation of the first novel of Natsuhiko Kyogoku's "Hyakki Yakou Series."
Ucchare Goshogawara add
Uchūjin Tanaka Tarō add
Takashi is just a regular fifth grader when a new student, Taro Tanaka, appears. Later Toby realizes that Taro is an alien and tries to find out more about him. He has ma... read more.
Uchi de, Ocha demo. add
Ichie Sawa do not have family. One day, he was invited to have tea at a friend's house...

Included one-shot:
Volume 1: Toorisugari no,... read more.
Uchi no Ane ga OO Sugite Komatteiru Ken add
Uchi no Class no Tayorinai Last Boss add
Uchi no Imouto ga koko made M na Wake ga Nai add
Uchi no Imouto ga Sukoshi Kawaii Ikutsuka no Riyuu add
One Shot--
Uchi no Imouto ga!! add
Uchi no Imouto no Baai add
When Tatsuya was a child, his biological father abandoned him and his mother because she was always ill and had to stay in the hospital for a long time. Then she married ... read more.
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