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S add
Shiba is a detective in the fifth anti-organized crime division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, a.k.a. "Anti-Gang 5" specializing in handgun seizures. Shiba&#... read more.
S add
S Joshi-kai add
One Shot--
S kara Hajimaru add
One Shot--
S Kareshi Joujou add
Ordinary girl Chiaki finally gets into her dream highschool after tons of hardwork! After a lucky draw on her first visit to the hostel she became the school prince Shimc... read more.
S Kyuu Hero! add
S Love add
27, single, a normal office lady. It's not like she's not interested in a relationship, but she doesn't want to get married. In front of this kind of modern woman, Kanako... read more.
S no Kaikoroku add
Natsukawa gets slowly swept into a dangerous S&M relationship with his girlfriend Sakurai.

(Source: MU)
One Shot-6.43
S no Shouzou add
One Shot--
S no Yuiitsu! M no Zettai add
1. Solely S, Absolutely M
Mamiya has gorgeous looks, terrific grades and outstanding sports reflexes. He’s very popular with the girls in his class, but seem... read more.
S to F add
S to M no Mitsugetsu add
This volume includes stories of two couples.
S to M no Sekai add
To survive a fatal train wreck, Sekai Maihime is thrust back in time where she discovers she has hidden powers that are connected to a doll, 'S.' She is both ai... read more.
S to N no Kankei: Tsunagaru made Hanarenai! add
S x M add
One day, Kirie, the daughter of a count's family, found a beautiful, blue-eyed man collapsed in the street. What's more, when he woke up, he seemed to have lost his memor... read more.
S!X add
1. Sai wa Nagasareta
2. Imouto2
3-5. Chiyo ni
6. Koma ga Isameba
7. S.M.L.
8. Chijo wo Tazunete (A Visit with a Pervert)
S+ add
A group called ICA shows up at school and takes Akane away telling her to provide information about her brother Akihei, but she refuses to. After a while she changed her ... read more.
S+M add
Ryou has the biggest breasts of any shoujo manga heroine to date! But life isn't any piece of (cheese) cake, because she's constantly being assaulted by perverts who want... read more.
S-dere na Kouhai Joshi ga Ore wo Choukyou Shiyou to Shitekimasu add
S-ka Chuuihou! add
Yuuna is the proud owner of Yuuri an android who was designed to look like Yuuna's twin. However, now that Yuuri is back from a tune up at his creators he's act... read more.
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