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L Change the WorLd add
L Change the WorLd is a sequel to the Death Note movie based on the popular anime. This movie is entirely dedicated to L, and his last 23 days on Earth after having caugh... read more.
L'alleluja des Anges add
Sei Kagano has an angel gene, which gives the bearer special powers. For Sei, every time he smells roses, he transforms into the White Maria, a heavenly lady with the pow... read more.
L'Arc~en~Ciel Maximum add
L'Etoile Solitaire add
Micah, a cut throat American businessman is intent on taking over a floundering Japanese hotel chain and whipping it into shape. All that currently stands in his way is i... read more.
L'idiota add
A story of Seung-ryong, a 27 year old, mentally challenged guy because of a brain damage he suffered when young. A huge online hit.
L'Oiseau Bleu add
L-Egg add
L.A.G. Complex add
L.A.T.: Kyuushuu! Matsukita Koukou Houritsu Soudan-bu add
L.O.F add
1. Nakayoki Koto wa Utsukushii Koto kana? 2. Kanojo no Yuuutsu 3. I wish 4. Chotto Stalker kamo!? 5. Ki ni Naru Otonari-san 6. Hontou ni Attara Kowai Hanashi 7. Sok... read more.
L: Ladies & Girls Love add
Yuri anthology by various mangaka.
L: Sagishi Flatland no Osoraku wa Karei naru Densetsu add
La Esperança add
In a European school dorm, Georges Saphir is admired and loved by everyone. However, afraid of others doing him harm, he has never allowed anyone to get close. Why is it ... read more.
La La La add
Kirishima Shirou (age 24) was suddenly downsized from work and his girlfriend dumped him. When he was complaining to his friend at a bar, a mysterious, beautiful, big bre... read more.
La La La Hallelujah! add
La Legende de Paris-Paris add
Manga written by Junko Kawanami. Five volumes have been released at present.
La Mosca add
Kashoo, the incredibly popular confectionery and coffee company, produces the most addicting products. However, there is a mystery behind how the company obtains its raw ... read more.
La Partita add
A young businessman loves his nephew, a high school musician.
La Pomme Prisonnière add
Imari likes cats. She loves cats! She also loves doing nothing. Like cats. So cats love her back.
La Quinta Camera add
In a small city in Italy there is a cheap room for rent, great for foreign students, only if they can deal with the four middle aged men already living there. La Quinta ... read more.
La Satanica add
"My fingers are sweet." Mashita suddenly said that. After hearing this, Matsushima is affected. He doesn’t intend to confess even though he is holding ... read more.
La Satanica dj - Fluffy Thing add
Can't get enough of Matsushima and Mashita? A little peek into our boys during year one and what turns Mashita on...? (Source: Attractive Fascinante)
La Suite D'amour Du Chat Noir add
Have you heard of the world where a witch and her black cat live happily together? It's a paradise where nothing bad happens and no one gets sad. But then, the witch dies... read more.
La Vie en Bouzu add
La Vie en Doll add
Haruno Kasumi, a 14-year-old girl, is quiet and shy girl who gets bullied at school and has a crush on a classmate. Her mother has no interest in what happens at home and... read more.
La Vie en Rose add
La Vie en Rose is a compilation of seven short stories by famed creator Sakurako Yamada. A romance novelist’s newest publication finds his work at the top of the be... read more.
La vie en rose add
The everyday life of Aoi, a successful manga, and her husband Kai, a busy salaryman.
Labian Extase add
Haruka is an unlucky high schooler, but one day she was able to receive happiness. She is going to get married with her fated husband, Masayoshi. He had been married once... read more.
Labradorescence add
Lacrosse Shoujo Kataoka Ririn-san wa Totemo Moteru add
Ladies versus Butlers! add
Hino Akiharu lost his parents when he was small and was adopted into his uncle's family. But he noticed his uncle is after the inheritance of his parents, so he decides t... read more.
Ladies versus Butlers! add
Hino Akiharu lost his parents when he was an elementary student and was taken in by his uncle's family. One day, he sees on the news about the newly-established Hakureiry... read more.
Lady & Oldman add
The story takes place in Los Angeles in the 1960's. A pair known as "Lady and Oldman" wander from street to street, sometimes getting caught in cases and someti... read more.
Lady Cool add
Lady Detective add
Lizzie is a noble lady of England in Industrial Revolution era. She is very lady-like on surface but is quite famous for her creative writing as a new rising author. Alth... read more.
Lady Justice add
Marufuji Enta has a crush on Kenzaki Ameri and as they visit the same class for the first time the best day of his life starts! Ironically, he gets kidnapped until a myst... read more.
Lady Lady add
Inspector Reiko Kujou is a problematic detective who gave up the big-city police work to be transferred to the Akasaka Police Department. She's got the face and figure of... read more.
Lady Love add
Michelle is passionate about ballet but belongs to a poor family that can not afford the Academy of Dance. However, a prima ballerina who takes a liking to Michelle decid... read more.
Lady M. wo Sagase! add
1. Lady M. wo Sagase! 2. Natsu no Niwa 3. Sugar Days
Lady Marianne Series add
Lady Masquerade add
[From MangaArt]: The distorted memory becomes a masquerade. Everyone hides behind a mask and performs the wildest acts with no consequence. But, life is not a masquera... read more.
Lady Midnight add
Nishina is a nurse by day, and the crime fighter "Lady Midnight" at night!
Lady Mitsuko add
Mitsuko was born with a star-shaped birthmark in her palm, signifying that she will climb to greatness - but as a middle-class Japanese girl in the late 1800s, the best t... read more.
Lady Ready Swimming add
Lady Sarah no Bouken add
Sarah Hunter was a lady of the night. Not in the salacious sense, but Ethan Travis had no way of knowing her close-held secrets. He saw, instead of an avenging angel, a l... read more.
Lady Snowblood add
A story of pure vengeance, Lady Snowblood tells the tale of a daughter born of a singular purpose, to avenge the death of her family at the hands of a gang of thugs, a pu... read more.
Lady Snowblood - Fukkatsu no Shou add
Japan in the time of the Meiji dynasty is a country in transition, torn and dominated by exploitation and moral decline. Lady Snowblood want's to leave her bloody p... read more.
Lady Snowblood - Gaiden add
The international success of Lady Snowblood encouraged the inventor Kazuo Koike to go back to this series to create more tales of revenge with Ryoichi Ikigami as his illu... read more.
Lady Squad add
Lady Victorian add
This story takes place the Victorian England. Belle is a 16 year-old governess and fresh from the country on her first job. She expected life in London to be marvellous, ... read more.
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