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K: Memory of Red add
In Shizume city there's a legend about a red king with demon-like abilities that single-handendly created the Homra organization, as long as you get accepted into Homra, ... read more.
K: Stray Dog Story add
Yatogami Kuroh has lost the only thing remotely close to family he had left—and to make matters worse, he's been charged with a final task by his master that he isn't e... read more.
K: The First add
The story takes place in a world where seven people with unusual powers are crowned as "kings," and revolves around the "bonds" and "fate" between the people more.
Ka-Non add
[b]AiON Bangaihen:[/b]
1. Anju to Ayashii Futago
2. Kouya no Tabi
3. Shumi no Jikan
4. Seine Tokyo e Iku

[b]Karin Bangaihen:[/b... read more.
Manga1- add
Mei Shirakura is a dim-witted, super-genius high school freshman. Ever since she was saved from becoming a delinquent, she believes that Naoki Daito, an upperclassman at ... read more.
Kaa-san ga Nandemo Shite Kureru add
Kaa-san no Ijou na Aijou add
Mother loves her son a little too much. She tends to caress his "morning wood" while he is asleep or masturbate with his underwear when he's at school. But once... read more.
Kaasa no Nekomura-san add
Nekomura the cat has found another place of employment. She gets to work once a month at "Casa Brutus" editorial department.

(Source: MU)
Kaasan wa Natural♥Taste add
The book is a collection of stories spread over ten chapters. The first story takes place over two parts and uses the title of the book, Natural Taste. It's about one Shi... read more.
Kaban Toridori add
Kabe ni Umekomareta Shoujo de Seiyoku Shori add
Anthology of one-shots by various mangaka dealing with wo... read more.
Kabe no Hana: Hisoyaka na Shoka no Yoru no add
Four young ladies enter London society with one common goal: they must use their feminine wit and wiles to find a husband. So a daring husband-hunting scheme is born.
read more.
Kabe no Naka no Tenshi add
Lorentz Dinkel, a local artist, was commissioned to paint on a store's wall. Little did he know the angels, Julius and Marion, come alive at night. Julius and Marion have... read more.
Kabe no Naka no Tenshi add
Monsters invade high schools and attack the students. Female students with supernatural powers fight back.

Waning: contains bestiality, futanari, and tentacl... read more.
Kabe Otoko add
Kabocha Atama no Lanthan add
Kabocha no Bouken add
The natural daily life of a cat and his owner. This manga is a diary of country living and it's perfect for cat lovers. (Source: MangaUpdates)
Kabocha Ouji add
Kabocha to Mayonnaise add
Ten stories about the everyday life of Sei, an idealistic songwriter, and Miho, the young woman who struggles to support the both of them.

(Source: MU)
Kabu no Isaki add
In the process of growing up, one gains greater freedom and is given more responsibilities at the same time. For Isaki, who had just turned 16, this adventure and challen... read more.
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