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Kacchuu-san add
Kachi-iro no Koi add
Kachiki na Onna ga Buzama na Ahegao wo Sarasu made add
1. Clone Seizouki Alice (Clone-Making Machine Alice) 2. Yuuwaku no Shiroi Mitsu 3. Shinsei Reizoku Seitokai 4. Abakareta Jokyoushi 5. Ochiru Akuma (Ochiru Demon) 6. ... read more.
Kachin☆Ko add
Hiromi has already planned his whole life, it will be peaceful and banal. But on arriving at Kawasaki School, he meets some strange fanatics: club members, who rule the s... read more.
Kachou Baka Ichidachi add
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Yagami-san, the only section chief you would never want to work with, unless you like the kind of stupid guy who got where he is by a gigantic ... read more.
Kachou Fuugetsu add
Itokawa has just moved out to his deceased grandfathers house. After being told that the house has been kept up while his grandfather has pass away he is in for a rude aw... read more.
Kachou no Kareshi add
Chief Kiritani is a sturdy employee of a huge corporation. One day, he woke up stark naked and being pinned downy by a man. Before he could protest, he was penetrated. Th... read more.
Kachou Reijou add
Kachou Shima Kousaku add
Kosaku Shima depicts the life of Kosaku Shima, a salaryman, a Japanese white-collar worker who devotes his life to his company. At the start of the long-running serie... read more.
Kachou wa Kakkoii add
More than with women, he is more affectionate with the male employees. Even with a bad personality, Manager Sakaki who only has his looks has taken a liking to the new em... read more.
Kachuu Hana add
Kachuu no Ou add
Prince Suou is betrayed by the Empress' aide, Ryuu. But what is the reason for Ryuu's treachery?

(Source: MU)
One Shot-6.08
Kadafuu Raiden add
Healing sicknesses and exterminating ghosts are his specialties! The story of the renowned doctor who has alighted to the earth, Hua Tuo’s great accomplishments! The se... read more.
Kaden Tantei wa Shizuka ni Warau. add
Kaede Typhoon add
Kaede, the heiress of the Kisaragi ninja clan has decided to run out on her arranged marriage, and take matters into her own hands. Searching for a companion on her own, ... read more.
Kaerazaru Hyouga add
Taken from Stage Storm: Eleanor is the daughter of the king and a opera singer. Some assasins are sent to kill them due to the scandal so her mother made her promise t... read more.
Kaerazaru Toki no Monogatari add
Collection of 24 short stories on the theme of time published in Play Comic in the 70s.
Kaerenai n da yo add
A collection of stories revolving around a gallery that sells fake paintings. 1. [url=]Kaerenai n da yo[/url] (I Can't Go B... read more.
Kaeribana no Kanojo add
A shy boy practices speaking with cats.

(Source: MU)
One Shot-6.96
Kaerimichi add
Collection of stories that feature mostly rape. The only "unusual" content to speak of is some weird enlargement of clits in some of the chapters (not the futan... read more.
Kaerimichi add
A man is followed on his way home.
One Shot-5.92
Kaerimichi de Koi ni Madou add
Kaeru no Ossan add
“There’s an old man with a face like a frog living in my house…what’s up with that?” A short comedy about what happens when an elementary school student who loo... read more.
Kaeru no Prince-sama add
Socially awkward Aono was perfectly happy working in Quality Control as but fate would have it he's been transferred to the Sales Department?? As if being ridiculed by hi... read more.
Kaeru no Shippo add
1. Push! Gush! Rush!
2-5. Kaeru no Shippo
6. Law of the Destiny
7. Koukishin to Kousenryaku
8. Natsu no Owari
9. Secret Thought
Kaette Kita! Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san add
Kaettekita Sachiko-san add
After going back 70 years in the past and spend 10 years of her life there, Sachiko comes back to to the present.
One Shot--
Kaettekita! Oshiri Kajiri Yarou add
Kafe Kara Hajimaru Love Life add
The lovers’ refuge, Café Gem. There, the college student Kouta fell in love at first sight with the regular customer, Nanjyou. Due to unexpected events, he b... read more.
Kafun Shoujo add
Sex-filled tales from the mind and pen of mangaka Koume Keito. Each story is full of sex and comedy with some full of sex-crazed lolita-like pollen girls who engage both ... read more.
Kagai Jugyou wa Ato ni Shi-te! Mizuho-chan no Dokidoki H na Daisakusen add
Kagai Katsudou Survival Method add
Kagaku na Yatsura add
A "scientific" perverted manga with a lot of tentacles. Komaba Haruki is a high school boy who has two eccentric girl friends: Hizuki Ayana and Kuze Airi. Ayana... read more.
Kagakushitsu e Douzo add
First yaoi book by Honjou. 1) Welcome to the Chemistry Lab (Kagakushitsu e Douzo). (Two chapters). Shibaura, the Chemistry teacher, usually seems gentle and kind but, ... read more.
Kagakushitsu e Oide add
Ootsuki and Tsubaki have been best friends since their college years and are now colleagues at the same university. They can seemingly talk and confide with each other a... read more.
Kagakushitsu no Ouji add
1. In the End, Love Is Your Own Doing 2. Kagakushitsu no Ouji (Princes of Chemistry) 3. Mitsugetsukei Honey 4. Younger Man 5. Junsui yori mo Aimai na (More Impure than Pu... read more.
Kagami ga Kita add
A mirror that can see people's evil heart.
One Shot--
Kagami Kai no Shinigami add
There's a mirror in the stairwell in old school building. It is said that this mirror is a doorway to a parallel world where any wish will be granted. What happens when ... read more.
One Shot-6.99
Kagami no Kuni no Alice add
Alice waits with her mom in an elevator. All the men look at her mom's breasts. Alice doesn't see the reason in it. Although, for some reason, it doesn't seem right. Whi... read more.
One Shot-4.88
Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa add
"Boys are creatures whose sight will follow the girl they like wherever she is. And if there it comes the chance that the boy realizes that the girl is in danger, if he i... read more.
Kagami no Miko Ayaka add
Ayaka is a shrine maiden from a powerful family (modern) and the ability to trap evil spirits in mirrors (or anything reflective for that matter, including windows and ey... read more.
Kagami no Mukou no Watashi e add
1-2, 12. Kagami no Mukou no Watashi e
9-11. Succubus-san, Please Take Care
Kagami no Naka no Yami add
Story 1: Natsumi always sees an apparition of a monk in her house that scared her. One day a shadow holding a scythe started to follow and target her. Story 2: Ever si... read more.
Kagamigami add
A serial killer is on the loose and authorities are baffled! What they do not know is that this case requires non-traditional research methods. That's where Mako Miyoshi ... read more.
Kagayake! Daitoua Kyoueiken add
This early work from Shintaro Kago is an alternative history of World War II in which the fighting nations discover a way to turn women into giant-sized bio mechanical we... read more.
Kagayaku!! Otoko no Ko Juku add
In an effort to gain an apprenticeship with his favorite author, the author imposes a set of various guidelines and conditions for his apprentice to follow which involve ... read more.
Kage Aru Tokoro ni add
Pediatric surgeon Nakamichi grapples with grief when his older lover, hospital director Tsutsumi, is critically ill following a stroke. His problems are compounded when t... read more.
Kage Fumikiri add
Story about a boy being taught shadow puppets by a strange man. Contains no dialogue.
One Shot--
Kage kara Mamoru! add
In times gone past there was a Lord, one who loved Konnyaku. He loved it so much that he ordered his ninjas to protect the family of the finest Konnyaku makers in his lan... read more.
Kage kara Mamoru! add
In times gone past there was a Lord, one who loved Konnyaku. He loved it so much that he ordered his ninjas to protect the family of the finest Konnyaku makers in his lan... read more.
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