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F add
Akagi Gunma is a young, impetuous, and rash teenager who decides to move to the big city to fulfill his dream of racing a Formula One car. The story follows how this simp... read more.
F no Meikyuu add
Having same face with a killed girl by her brother what would bring to her life. Mochizuki Remi experience it with her brother, a detective and her acquaintance who had m... read more.
F no Yuuwaku add
1. F no Yuuwaku 2. Kisei Musume 3. Futanari wa Suteki? 4. Futanaru 5. Onee-sama wa Milk ga Osuki 6. Secret Island Orgy 7. Shoot Without Using Your Hands 8. Zoushoku Futan... read more.
F-Cup no JC Imouto ga H na Itazura wo Shitekimasu. add
f-mode add
1. In Deep 2. Second Watch 3. Desk Work 4. Matroska 5. Gift 6. Kitakaze to Taiyou 7. Baby-Shit (Their Naptimes Special Surprise) 8. Room Mate... read more.
f-Ningyo add
A 4-koma about a mermaid who arrives in the land of men in hope of finding romance....between males of the human race.
F-Rank no Boukun add
The story takes place at the renowned private school "Nanahoshi" — also known as the school of the survival of the fittest. The school is famous for its incredibly skil... read more.
F-sensei's Pocket add
“F-sensei’s Pocket,” by Otsuichi (illustrated by Takeshi Obata): What would you do if you could make all your dreams come true? Here’s the story o... read more.
F. Compo add
Masahiko Yanagiba lost both parents and, following his mother's will, moved to his maternal uncle's family, the Wakanaes. Although Wakanaes' hospitality was heartwarming,... read more.
F.O.X add
Tiem Sum accidently sees a cute silver fox turning into a guy. He confronts her and tells her that she has to marry him since she saw him naked. He is also looking for hi... read more.
F.O.X II add
F.P. Ageha add
A woman F.P. Ageha helps people in their problems.
One Shot-6.26
F.S ISM add
4. Super Marao Bros.
Fabric Motion add
Facade add
It's a mysterious and haunting series about a man (?) who is tossed about in time and space, never knowing who he is or why he's fated to be a perpetual voyager. His name... read more.
Faeries' Landing add
A chance encounter with a mysterious character named Goodfellow leads Ryang to spring where faeries are bathing. Here, Ryang meets Fanta, a faerie who wants nothing more ... read more.
Fair Bianca add
Fair Lady wa Namida wo Nagasu add
This volume is a collection of older one-shots written by Akaishi Michiyo. Fair Lady wa Namida wo Nagasu: Takagi Sena walked by Sawaki Yoshitaka's new car and heard th... read more.
Fairial Garden add
A boy whose father is deeply involved in the research and sturdy of Fairies thought that he could never be able to raise a fairy again. But one day, a Fairy appears in fr... read more.
FairlyLife add
Based on Hooksoft's visual novel.
Fairy Fencer F: Sajin no Mantle wo Matou Mono-tachi add
A novel based on the video game [i]Fairy Fencer F[/i].
Fairy Field - Yousei Senjin add
Fairy Force: Ijigen kara no Inryaku add
Fairy Girls add
A story about the female guild members of Fairy Tail set after the Daimaou Enbu Magic Games.
Fairy Gone Garden add
A wandering blind man is taken off the street and brought to a brothel, where hopefully one of the girls can help him find the daughter he’s looking for.
Fairy Idol Kanon add
Kanon is an ordinary girl who loves to sing... until she meets a fairy named Alto who can help her be a star!
Fairy Tail add
Set in an imaginary world, the Earth Land, there exists a Mage Guild called "Fairy Tail." Fairy Tail is stationed in the town Magnolia, residing in the Kingdom ... read more.
Fairy Tail add
Light novel side stories of the [i]Fairy Tail[/i] series. Volume 1. [url=]Kokoro ni Yadoru Color[/url] (The Color... read more.
Fairy Tail x Nanatsu no Taizai Christmas Special add
A small holiday collaboration between Hiro Mashima and Nakaba Suzuki.
One Shot-6.74
Fairy Tail x Rave add
In a town far away, Lucy, Natsu and Happy, from Mashima's Fairy Tail manga, are on a mission to find a troublemaker and deal with her. Due to unknown circumstances they g... read more.
One Shot-7.64
Fairy Tail Zerø add
Details the meeting of the founders of Fairy Tail and exactly what happened between them to lead them to found the guild.
Fairy Tail+ add
This artbook contains 3 side stories that were not included in the main volumes. 1. [url=]Mira-sensei no Henshin Mahou Les... read more.
Fairy Tail: Blue Mistral add
In Fairy Tail Blue Mistral, Wendy—as a 12-year-old magical girl—will face the secrets of the dragon valley and she may find love in "Episode #0" sto... read more.
Fairy Tail: Houou no Miko - Hajimari no Asa add
Prologue of Fairy Tail the movie: Priestess of The Phoenix. An introduction of the movie's protagonist, Eclaire and Momo, how they met and how they went on their journey.
One Shot-7.19
Fairy Tales add
1. Koihimebana
2. Shippo no Goshujin-sama!
Fairytale of winter add
A story about a snow princess created by humans.
(Source: Shinnen).
One Shot-6.56
Fake add
Sanami Matoh's FAKE, a shounen-ai favorite, is the unlikely love story between two NYC cops--who both happen to be guys... Meet Ryo and Dee, two New York City cop... read more.
FAKE add
Fake add
Kouji's friend Kaoru is a quiet, anti-social guy who spends all his time on the web visiting weird gimmicky occult sites full of questionable information and advice. But ... read more.
One Shot-6.82
Fake Fur add
“When I was a junior in high school, I always thought about kissing someone. 15-year-old boys always pretend like that, right? One Valentine’s Day, I received... read more.
Fake na Junjou add
Sweet and pretty high school student Keita is aggressively courting his remedial class teacher, Soga. Soga, however, thinks it's just a childish joke, and that there is n... read more.
Fake Princess add
An evil warlock intends to kidnap a princess, but ends up with a boy instead, though it doesn't seem his course of action has changed. (Source: MangaUpdates)... read more.
One Shot--
FAKE Second Season add
Continues the story of Dee, Ryo, and the rest of the gang in the 27th precinct of the New York police department. A new crime, new faces, new clues, and new loves can all... read more.
Fake! add
Tanabe Yellow one shot collection, including her debut “Lost Princess” and the original pilot of Kekkaishi. Birthday Hiroshi, a boy who dislikes being spoiled and wa... read more.
Fallen Angels add
One girl, Hajin Seo. She tries to wash her past away, a past filled with murder. But she cannot. A teen star, who just happens to be infatuated with her, tries to cheer h... read more.
Fallen Flower add
Born only a reunion with you... Three hundred years ago, peony flower essence Lover's heart to find the reincarnation of Fallen and Qiushui Of time, unrequited love ... read more.
Fallen Moon add
A young man, Rukis, has left Eden and wanders the desert until he collapses and awakens in a strange mansion. There he meets the master of the house who has rescued him. ... read more.
Fallen Soldier: Androgynous no Kaze add
Fallintrash add
Hana, Hei and Kuro spend some private time with each other.
Falls in Love with 300-Year-Old Girl add
Lin Zuning was recently dumped by his girlfriend. Depressed and angry, he rode his motorcycle in the rain. Speeding as he went, he was met with an accident and broke his ... read more.
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