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C- add
1. kissing number problem
2. Theobromin
3. Reizokusei Club
4. Hishigyaku Shindo
5. on
6. off
7. Katte ni Rakuen-chan (Kari)
8. S... read more.
C-blossom - Case 729 add
Matsumiya Kana’s world is turned upside down when her father is arrested on charges of embezzling from the Ministry of Defense. She decides to escape the trauma by tran... read more.
C-Kei Otome Renmei add
A series of one-shots. Ultra-cute romances that come along with relationship life-lessons.
C-R-O-S-S add
Two youths, Ray and Saki, are leaving the majestic european St.Hainheratsu Theological School for Japan - their task? To subdue the vampires that have spread across the w... read more.
C.A.T. add
The third World War is nearing. Each super power country is going through a communications war to prepare for it, a war to obtain the top profiles' information of enemy c... read more.
C.M.B. Shinra Hakubutsukan no Jiken Mokuroku add
During the age of exploration and discovery, Europeans who explored the world far away bring home specimens yet unknown in Europe. Those aristocrats and explorers gathere... read more.
Cabbage na Futari add
Mochizuki Hana has a crush on Hibino Sentarou, a novel writer when she first saw his picture on the back of the book's cover. One day she found out that a mysterious... read more.
Cactus, Go to Heaven! add
Café de Romance add
Café e Youkoso add
About a boy who dreamt of having sex with the owner of a nearby cafe, and things take into a weird direction after that when dreams become reality.
Café Kichijoji de add
"Irasshai!" Welcome to the most unruly cafe in Kichijouji and its charming staff of five who have absolutely nothing in common. When tempers rise, so do mop handles, gian... read more.
Café Kichijouji de - Niban Senji add
In a corner of Kichijouji, there's a small café where five good-looking young men work... but there's no end to the trouble they cause!

Glas... read more.
Café Latte Rhapsody add
A bookstore employee, Serizawa - a short, comical, and adorable young man - spots Keito - a immensely tall and intense-eyed man - in the store. It was a love at first sig... read more.
Café Relish ni Oide add
Virtual reality? Nope, it's a café!

When the restaurant owned by Inui Yasamoto's big brother runs into financial difficulty, their ex-host regular Ookami co... read more.
Café to Ore no Senpai add
Café Velomano add
Taemuk han is a 39-year-old Barista who opens his own coffee shop. He likes being free and finds it hard to get the right woman. Yeoun Sun is a 28-year-old woman who want... read more.
Café-Café add
The troubles of Kazuno, proprietor of the Japanese-style café "An", are thus: There aren't enough customers, the coffee she makes is really horrible, and… she's gettin... read more.
Cafe Junkie add
Even though Masaru is about to graduate from a technical college pretty soon he still has no job. One and only pleasure for him is to spend time at a cafe called "H... read more.
Cafe Milk Paradise add
One Shot-6.31
Cafe Occult add
Taking shelter from the rain, Suh Rin goes into a little cafe called Cafe Occult. Soon after leaving the cafe, she is hit by a car, and then a strange man pulls her down ... read more.
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