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A Bewildering Flower add
Kyouko, a university student, is in love with her best friend Masumi, and is getting to the point where she can't stand it any more. Cue alcohol.
One Shot-6.27
A Bias Girl add
The antics of two high school girls: Kim Peongyon and Choi Boa. Kim aka "Bias Girl," is a foul mouthed, overactive girl and idiot who weird and strange, bias ideas on peo... read more.
A Book of Dreams add
An ordinary highschool girl, SEONWU Rin, who is actually a woman saint holding the 'Jade of Bango', the power of ancient times, however she does not recognize t... read more.
A Boy Who Fishes Dreams add
This one shot has won 3rd spot of Daewon manwha contest, and thus the author has a high(er) chance of being employed by Issue magazine.

(Source: Sura's Pl... read more.
One Shot-6.92
A Cat and a Bird add
Jin Young is a good student with good grades, but she has a little bit of an unstable mind. Hye Jung is a cheerful girl who helps out at her mom's "snack shop&q... read more.
A Cat That Loved a Fish add
The heartwarming story of two young people who love each other but can not be together.
A Clockwork Ley-Line: Unmei no Mawaru Mori add
A novel based off of the eroge Tokeijikake no Ley-Line.
A Cruel God add
Kei is interested in a woman at the gym. Imagine her surprise when she sees her in a lesbian bar!

(Source: Lilliious)
One Shot-5.24
A Cup of... add
1. [url=]A Cup of...[/url]
2. Shunshoku no Shouzou
3. *Blossom Season*
4. Aka Ito Reel
5. Poco a ... read more.
A Day In The Life - We Can Work It Out add
A Day in the Typhoon add
One Shot--
A Diffusion Disease add
Katsuhiko Tobe faces an odd dilemma. Losing control of his physical self, his body diffuses into nothingness as his disembodied consciousness flows throughout the world c... read more.
A Drunken Dream and Other Stories add
A Drunken Dream is a collection of literary short stories by Hagio falling into multiple genres, created between 1971-2007. This tome travels through several of Hagio... read more.
A Fairytale for the Demon Lord add
There once was a princess who fell for a curse. Countless times have a knight come in vain attempts to save the poor princess. They all failed, killed by a demon. When a ... read more.
A Family Reunion add
Family gets together again to...
A Girls add
Kazao is happy with his life on Mirai ("Future") Island. Sure, his parents abandoned him after he was born, leaving him to be raised at the orphanage-like facility, but h... read more.
A Is for April add
One Shot--
A Kiss to the Prince add
Everyone always says to set high goals for oneself. Sei-Ann, an orphaned young lady who was raised in the care of a noblewoman, does just that when she decides she’... read more.
A la Carte add
1. Kohrogi
read more.
A Lifeform in Puberty - Vega add
Vega is an alien who fights to protect Earth from Monsters. One day, she loses her powers and in order to get them back, she constantly asks her friend, Washimine to kis... read more.
One Shot-7.02
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