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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Manga)

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Alternative Titles

English: Sailor Moon
Synonyms: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Japanese: 美少女戦士セーラームーン


Type: Manga
Volumes: 18
Chapters: 61
Status: Finished
Published: Dec 28, 1991 to Feb 3, 1997
Authors: Takeuchi, Naoko (Story & Art)
Serialization: Nakayoshi


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Tsukino Usagi is 14-year-old and in her second year of middle school. She's a bit of a crybaby and klutzy. However, she can transform into a warrior of justice, Sailormoon! An eternal classic that should be read by all.

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Aino, Minako
Chiba, Mamoru
Hino, Rei
Kaiou, Michiru
Kino, Makoto
Meiou, Setsuna

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Jan 29, 2008
Story: The Sailor Moon series (dubbed) is what got me into anime and manga. Fans of the anime or of shoujo in general would love this series. The story spans over 17 of the 18 volumes in 5 arcs (one of the volumes is filler). The manga story often deviates from its anime counterpart, often taking a darker turn. However, the manga still has plenty of comedy, especially in the Exam Battle Chapters. Fans of romance would enjoy the story as well. I gave the story a 10 because I found it epic, classic shoujo.

Art: The artwork is great. I really love the trademark read more
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Jul 15, 2008
You are going to find that this is a very biased review. Because I LOVED THIS MANGA. I have perferred the manga over the anime before I had even read the manga, and now that I have... Wow. It did not disappoint me.

Story: The story, and all five story arcs, were great. My favorite arcs were Black Moon and Stars. The story rather quickly goes from 'pretty girls in uniforms saving the world from aliens' to something much deeper, and that is a great thing.

Art: The art is great as well. I love Naoko Takeuchi's style; it is so flowy and pretty.

Character: Great read more
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May 24, 2014
Sailor Moon is definitely one of the classic anime. Nearly everyone who watches or reads Japanese cartoons, and even those that don't, have heard of this popular show named after the main character.

I read this years ago, and enjoyed it immensely. The strong, positive female role models make it a wonderful read for impressionable young girls, and the romance to ass-kicking ratio is fairly even. However, the manga is not nearly as light-hearted as the anime, but it still has it's comedic moments.

Each of the Sailor Senshi have a distinct personality and complimenting traits. People can easily relate to at least one main character in read more
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May 16, 2008
I first watched the dubbed anime when I was little, and it along with Speed Racer is what got me into anime in the first place. Sailor Moon holds a special little spot in my heart because of that, it was the first anime show I couldn't get enough of.

Starting a few days ago I decided that I would read the manga, and I just recently finished all of it, and it was wonderful, but it seemed rather rushed. Each villian went down so quickly, and each story arc ended rather fast. I prefer the anime to the manga because of this. When I watched read more
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User Recommendations

These two have a very good magical girl element
Sailor Moon and Tokyo Mew Mew both have elements of super powers, transformations, action, and romance. If you like Sailor Moon, you'll like Tokyo Mew Mew as well.
Both are magical girl series with sparkly art. CLAMP's art is of course more detailed and refined, but Naoko's has it's own charm. Both series can appeal to an older audience and are classics of their genre. Both feature young girls in middle school who discover that they have magical powers and in both series the girls receive upgrades to their 'armor'. There are some overlaps in character personalities as well.
Both saints and sailor warriors have some kinda uniform and have titles based on astronomical objects. Both have epic fights, drama and supernatural element. Each saint/warrior have unique special attacs. Even one of the characters in Sailor Moon, also have name Seiya ^_^
Madoka is quite fresh while Sailor Moon is the true classic. Sailor Moon is at times far more cheerful manga than Madoka but sometimes is equally dramatic. I also find Madoka & Usagi kinda similar
They are both magical girl themed and not really dark or inappropriate at all.

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