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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (Manga)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Alternative Titles

English: Reborn!
Synonyms: Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!, Home Tutor Hitman Reborn!, Minna no Sasai na Nichijou, Kaibutsu-Zukai Tsuna!
Japanese: 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!


Type: Manga
Volumes: 42
Chapters: 411
Status: Finished
Published: May 24, 2004 to Nov 12, 2012
Authors: Amano, Akira (Story & Art)
Serialization: Shounen Jump (Weekly)


Score: 8.301 (scored by 34286 users)
Ranked: #3722
Popularity: #16
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Sawada Tsunayoshi is regular boy who has never excelled in sports, school or social life, thus being named "No Good Tsuna". Everyday, he leads just a normal life, living with his mother, while his father is away for work. But the thing Tsunayoshi doesn't know is that his family is actual lineage of the great Mafia Boss, the first head of Vongola, Giotto.

Because of the Sawada history, Tsuna has been chosen to become tenth head of the Vongola family, an infamous Italian mafia family which rules the Mafia world. To become worthy of the title, Tsuna is being aided by professional hitman and infant, Reborn, who takes the role of Tsunayoshi's mafia tutor.

[Written by Katekyo Hitman Reborn! FC]

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Adaptation: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


Dokuro, Chrome
Gokudera, Hayato
Hibari, Kyouya
Rokudo, Mukuro
Sasagawa, Ryohei

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Sep 7, 2009
If you're able to stand seven manga worth of one chapter mini crack stories, only to get hit with a bag full of PLOT, then Katekyo hitman reborn might be the manga for you.

Tsuna Sawada, the main protagonist, is introduced as a middle school boy who can do nothing right, and is a constant screwup. In comes Reborn, an assassin in the shape of a baby, who's badassery knows no bounds, and who consequently informs Tsuna that he's the unlikely successor to the greatest mafia family in the world, the Vongola. Tsuna certainly doesn't want this thrown upon him, but has no choice read more
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May 15, 2013
I have to say Reborn is one of the mangas I've liked the most out of the many I've read. What I liked the most, and the reason why I even started reading it is because of the genre shift that made Reborn so famous, and it's something really amazing. It really shows you how the story grows and changes from the original lighthearted and quirky gag manga to a darker and more action based version with great characters and developtment.

Tsuna is one of my favorite characters in all of manga because of his growth from a shy, insecure and cowardly boy into read more
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Oct 11, 2014
Katekyo Hitman Reborn is a shounen about Tsuna, a no good loser from japan. Until he is visited by Reborn, a hitman home tutor from the vongola family. Together with Reborn tsuna must train to become the next mafia boss of the vongola.
Hitman Reborn has a fairly slow start but once the second arc begins you wont be able to stop watching.
The characters unfortunately is where the show falls down. All the characters are predictable with one or two exceptions and some characters become useless and annoying towards the later parts of the manga.
The artwork is quite good, the the attacks look awesome and emotional read more
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Mar 9, 2010
*This review may contain spoilers*

There's so many things that can be said about Katekyo Hitman Reborn (KHR) - good and bad things, but mostly the latter.

Our main protagonist, Tsuna, is a rather atypical hero in comparison to what you'd find in your standard fare of shounen manga in a sense. Tsuna has little to no self-confidence and believes he amounts to nothing much at all, himself and others referring to him as "No Good Tsuna" for having no spine, poor grades, terrible luck, and a lack of athleticism as he catches basketballs with his face in P.E. Bad news for Tsuna is he's assigned a read more
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User Recommendations

Both of these Weekly Jump titles revolve around male protagonists who are the successors of highly decorated organisations (the Nura clan in Nurarihyon no Mago and the Vongola family in Reborn!). The narrative of both titles generally feature the male protagonist developing alliances with other characters, as well as fighting those that get in their way. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
both of the main characters start out very similar both very weak willed, give up easily and bullied by their peers.In Boku no Hero Academia the main protagonist is smart however alienated by his classmates for being the only one not having superpowers.While in Katekyo Hitman Reborn the main protagonist is bullied simply because he is bad at everything, from sports,to school and social life.As the plot deepens however they grow stronger as an individual. 
reportRecommended by forgottenangel94
the main characters start out very similar both very weak willed and give up easy, the story's although very different bring about change to them and along with the help of some brilliant supporting characters they find out they are far stronger then they first thought. 
reportRecommended by drognen
The fights, the enemies and the reason why they fight. The first 7 tankoubon are crack but then it starts the good part of the history. 
reportRecommended by sakurita_chan92
Although the theme of Reborn! and One Piece are entirely different, the values they represent are quite similar. For instance, you have the whole concept of "family" in Reborn! which complimenets One Piece's notion of a "nakama". Another similarity is that you have various organisations - different mafia groups in Reborn! as oppose to different pirate groups in One Piece. In addition, each character, in both mangas, tends to have a specific way of fighting. Thus, highlighting another similarity found between Reborn! and One Piece. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
Same author.
And the Main character in both story's end up turning to be something they don't want.
KHR(mafia leader) elDLIVE(space police) 
reportRecommended by riqueterremoto

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