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1-nen 5-kumi Ikimono Gakari add
Eru Yamada can't seem to get away from the supernatural. She's being stalked by a vampire. Her teacher is a werewolf, who also happens to think she belongs to him! As if ... read more.
12 no Tsuki no Meguru Aida ni add
After Kasukabe Kaede turns 17 years old, she finds out that she is the daughter of a vampire. She must now decide if she wants to embrace her vampiric roots or her human... read more.
@Full Moon add
David and Marlo are a newly wed couple looking for a new place to live. However, they aren't your ordinary couple—David is a vampire and Marlo is a man that transf... read more.
Aka no Haikyo add
Minato Yuzuriha suddenly lost her parents. Without a single relative, she must return to my father's birthplace, a village, where she can finish school. But she still can... read more.
Akai Hana add
Having fallen in love with a sick mortal, a vampire still strives to find love.

(Source: MU)
One Shot-6.97
Akai Ito add
The first thing that Makoto remembers is crying guy who've just "broke his crimson colored thread". When she'll grow up Makoto will see him again...
One Shot-7.05
Ao no Yami Gin no Yume add
Arcana - Kyuuketsuki add
The Zero-Sum Original Anthology Series features themed oneshots from various mangaka that publish in Ichijinsha's Zero-Sum and Ward magazines. Volume 4 theme: vampir... read more.
Ashita no Familia add
Tachimori Ashita inherited the Tachimori Mansion when his parents died in an accident. Originally owned by his great grandfather, the estate has been traditionally an inn... read more.
Babelheim no Shounin add
"The golden coin of destiny..., it is the golden gate that connects humans and non-humans. Obtaining this is the goal, and around the world, demons and ghosts have a... read more.
Betsukiss add
April is a vampire who is freeloading at Hikari's house. She needs food to sustain her body, and that is...

(Source: Yuri Project)
Black Blood Brothers add
Ten years after the Holy War in Hong Kong, Mochizuki Jirou, aka the Silver Blade, and the lone hero who fought and defeated the Kowloon Children despite the loss of his l... read more.
Black Borders add
Blood Alone add
Witness the touching relationship between young vampiress Misaki and her human companion, the former vampire hunter turned investigative author, Kurose Kuroe, whom she'd ... read more.
Blood Honey add
What will happen when a vampire meet a donor enthusiast? The popular nurse, Akabane Yuki, is a descendant of the vampire. He found the blood of a donor enthusiast, Mayuzu... read more.
Blood Lad add
The vampire Staz is one of the most powerful district bosses in the demon world, fending off everyone who dares challenge him. But secretly, the fearsome Staz is obsessed... read more.
Blood Lunch add
A young man looking into a room for rent discovers his landlords, a widow and her daughter, are not what they may appear to be.
Blood Parade add
The duty of the Twelve Apostles is to seek out and destroy the vampires of this world. Bearing a grudge against vampires and the pure blood who created them, Gil has succ... read more.
Blood Soul add
The Van Helsing Church Order is bent on destroying all supernatural creatures, as well as anyone else who gets in their way. However, a certain silver-haired man and red-... read more.
Blood Sucker add
Three centuries ago, a vampire by the name of Migiri was running a reign of terror across Japan when a hero named Naonosuke Kobayashi cut off his head and sent him to ete... read more.
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