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090: Eko to Issho add
Hiroshi found a broken cellphone on the street and went to a shop to get it fixed. When it got delivered to his home, he got a life-sized girl instead but it is still a c... read more.
1 Love 9 add
Takuma Miyabe is a boy from an island who moved to Tokyo because his island doesn't have a high school there. However, the ratio of male to female is 1:9. There are too m... read more.
1 or W add
9 short stories by Rumiko Takahashi, published on a single volume in 1995.

1. Slim Kannon
2. Inu de Warui ka!!
3. Oba-san to Issho
4. Ganba... read more.
1 Pound no Fukuin add
Kosaku Hatanaka is a natural at boxing, but he can't control his voracious appetite. As a result, he has been forced to change his weight, going from flyweight, all the w... read more.
1 x 10 Fujimiya Tokiko wa Natsukanai add
1+2=Paradise add
Yusuke has been afraid of women since childhood. His problems are compounded when the very twins who caused his phobia come to live with him. Both girls have been in love... read more.
1-nen C-gumi Yoshida Kakari add
Taiyou Tsukishima dreams of having a peaceful high school life, but he is assigned to take care of a classmate, the handsome and popular Yuu Yoshida. By spending time wit... read more.
One Shot-7.18
1/2 add
Jiggy and Maggy, a single soul for two bodies, when the one wakes up the other one falls asleep but they remain bound by their five senses.
They live then surprisi... read more.
10, 20, and 30 add
A heartfelt drama of love and life-

Three extraordinary women in three age groups and three unforgettable
lives intersect in Morim Kang's fasci... read more.
10-sai no Hoken Taiiku add
100 add
1-3. 100-HANDRED-
4. Bonus Gamer Coming Out!
5. Josou Kyoudai
6. Saejima-san
101 Banme no Hyaku Monogatari add
Ichimonji Hayate, aka Monji is an energetic ordinary highschooler. Chatting about nothing with his best friend Kirika, going home with the senpai that he admires, and spe... read more.
11th Cat add
Cute and charming, but not so bright, little Rika is training to become a real wizard. The first step is to find a magic staff. That can’t be too hard, can it? As R... read more.
12 Beast add
From the creator of Monster Musume comes a New Age Cup one-shot entry, 12 Beast! Join Eita on an epic mini-adventure to save the Lizard Tribe from... whatever the hell th... read more.
One Shot-7.18
12 Beast add
Join ninja apprentice Eita Touga as he embarks on an epic adventure searching for his missing brother Kouki and save the Autana (Humanoid Beast) race of "Live-Earth&... read more.
12-ji no Kane ga Naru add
In this story, we’re treated to a twisted, gothic-horror remix of the classic Cinderella story as re-imagined by a shounen author for a shoujo audience, where we find, ... read more.
One Shot-6.97
13 add
Mondo Fujieda is in love with a girl named Izayo Gorugo. However, there's a problem: her family are all assassins. He ends up humiliating her and upon this humilation, sh... read more.
One Shot-6.67
13th Boy add
It was love at first sight. The moment Hee-So’s eyes met Won-Jun’s she knew it was meant to be. Their relationship took off when Hee-So confessed her feelings on nati... read more.
14 Juicy add
Welcome to Watermelon Junior High where everything is so JUICY!!

Short random school life chapters about of a girl who wears a cowsuit, a soccer fangirl and ... read more.
14-sai no Kisetsu add
During the school break, Morikawa Kasumi was walking with her friends, while they were stopping at the gift shop some girls misunderstood her for a boy called Morikawa. W... read more.
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