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12-nin no Yasashii Koroshiya - Libra: Kuroki Shinpan add
12-nin no Yasashii Koroshiya: Leo Murder Case add
Seducing the guests to make them pay the most, that is the job of a host. Takashi, currently the No. 1 host, is an apparent professional when it comes to being a host. On... read more.
12-sai kara no Himitsu add
• 12-sai kara no Himitsu • Moe-chan to Yuuji-kun • Wedding Summer • Room Number 106 (Room 106) • Virgin Crasher (Source: MU)
12-sai. add
The story begins with Hanahi, a sixth-grade girl who is neither an adult nor a child. She deals with issues such as accidentally witnessing her homeroom teacher kissing, ... read more.
12/24. Suki no Hito. add
13 Gatsu no Higeki add
After Marie loses her mother, her father sends her to a religious boearding school. First she just thinks this school is strict, but then she finds out, that there are ha... read more.
13 Nichi wa Kinyoubi? add
Ema is obsessed with ghosts, and is even part of her school's occult club. She'll do anything that has to do with some crazy superstition about ghosts or spirits, and mak... read more.
13th Boy add
It was love at first sight. The moment Hee-So’s eyes met Won-Jun’s she knew it was meant to be. Their relationship took off when Hee-So confessed her feelings... read more.
14-sai no Kisetsu add
During the school break, Morikawa Kasumi was walking with her friends, while they were stopping at the gift shop some girls misunderstood her for a boy called Morikawa. W... read more.
14R add
1. 14R 2. Mahiru ni Kakedasu 3. Watakushi-sama 4. Koi wo Hajimeru Bokutachi ni (For Us Who Begin to Love) 5. Daily News
15-byou dake: I Know I'm falling add
Hirose Kazumi, the school's beauty, is in love with her older sister's boyfriend. When she learned that they are getting married, she hooks up with Yamamura from her clas... read more.
16 Engage add
Yuiko's parents passed away leaving her to start her new life with her aunt. But Shun appeared and said he is her fiancee, however at school Yukio approach a couple that ... read more.
16 Life add
Saya is an ordinary lethargic female high school student. At karaoke while she was singing enthusiastically a song of her favorite artist, Takase Kazuki, the person himse... read more.
16-sai, Shinkon Hajimemashita. add
1-2. 16-sai, Shinkon Hajimemashita. (16 years old and a new start of lovely married life) 3. Akuma no Yuuwaku ni, Amaku Torokeru 4. Idol-sama wa Watashi ni Muchuu?! 5.... read more.
16-sai: KISS add
1. Yozora ni KISS (Miyasaka Kaho) 2. Powder Snow ni KISS (Miyasaka Kaho) 3. Shinai (Nakamura Sayumi) 4. Dakara, zutto... (Haga Yuina) 5. Koi to Iu Shiromono (Fukami Sakan... read more.
17 add
It's the start of their senior year, and Shiika happens to be in the same class as a guy named Megumi. It's a mystery to her why his voice echoes through her mind. (Sourc... read more.
17 Easy add
Asahara Yuu attends a private high school for the fine arts. Her parents are professional musicians and she herself is a good pianist. With her talent and looks, everyt... read more.
17-sai add
1. PS I Love You Arisu finds a letter stuck inside a book. The person who wrote the love letter is Himura Tsubaki and he meant to give it to Suzuko. She texts the number ... read more.
17-sai no Mama add
These are stories that deal with being an underage mother and how the characters dealt with the situation. - We are merely 17 years old and in love. And then I suddenly ... read more.
17-sai no Natsu Koi ni Shinu add
1. 17-sai no Natsu Koi ni Shinu 2. Koi no Yukue wa, Wakaranai 3. Torokeru Yubisaki
17-sai no Real add
It's Ruri's 17th birthday today. And also the day that her relationship with Jyunya begins. However, was it destiny that their love is going to be a tragic one? What will... read more.
17-sai, Kiss to Dilemma add
At 17 years old, I didn't know anything about life or love and I wasn't seeing my cousin as a "man".I'd like to not know anything at all but love changed everything... (... read more.
17-sai, Natsu.: Seifuku no Jouji add
1. 17-sai, Natsu.: Seifuku no Jouji 2. 17-sai, Fuyu.: Osanajimi 3. 17-sai, Haru.: Tsumeeri no Yokubou 4. 17-sai, Aki.: Houkago no Mitsu
17-sai: Hajimete no H add
A collection of short stories revolving around a girl's first time! 1. Shounen no Susume (A Boy's Suggestion) [Shinjo Mayu] 2. Virgin Beast [Minami Kanan] 3. Daitan ... read more.
17-sai: Tabidachi no Futari add
170 cm☆Otometica add
Karen's dream is that she will be a big model. But one day, the office a large pinch. Global artistic genius Nanaitoguchi showed up at such time. At the hands of ... read more.
18 Diary add
1. 18diary 2. 17's Bible 3. Tadashii Hoshi no Miagekata
18 Years Old, We Got Married add
Life isn't that great when it's composed of a stubborn sister, single mom, and a dad that left you for someone else? If that's not enough, you meet a dwarf that's part of... read more.
18-sai no Kodou add
Another tender love story which fails to run smoothly from the master of such works Yukari Kawachi! This is a one volume "novel" type manga. Rui will be a model, and Tou... read more.
1LDK♥Shitsuji add
1. 1LDK♥Shitsuji 2. Ochiru Junjou 3. Liar Heart 4. Kirakira no Uta 5. Motto 1LDK♥Shitsuji
1~2m wo Kakeru Shoujo add
Consists of four one-shots. In each story, a girl has an accent, giving her some kind of superpower. 1. 1~2m wo Kakeru Shoujo: a girl can teleport herself 2. 2~3s ni Kak... read more.
2 Kaime no Hajimete no Koi add
Yumika’s first love was her tutor Shin. As she hope to meet Shin once again, which really happens, how will Yumika proceed on to confess to Shin about her feelings… ... read more.
2.5-jigen Kareshi add
Koino Tsumugi is a 16-year-old otaku who only has eyes for Tokki, a 2D character in her favourite otome game! She has no interest in real boys... Then one day she's rescu... read more.
20 Mensou ni Onegai!! add
20 Mensou ni Onegai!! is a about a nine-year-old boy named Ijuuin Akira who steals beautiful and valuable objects to please his two mothers and is known to the public as ... read more.
203 Goushitsu no Jinko-san add
Jinko is a girl with a strange gift. She can see and talk to ghosts. She's living in an apartment room 203 together with her parents. Lot of curious ghosts visit her room... read more.
21 Seiki no Kimi e add
Because her parents divorced, she stopped believing in love. While skipping class one day she knocked into Math teacher Takada sensei and accidentally fell from the 4th s... read more.
22XX add
About a robot, Jack, who appears frequently in Shimizu's SF stories. He's a robot with very human-like psyche. He once believed that he was human and he can eve... read more.
23:00 add
A cool high school romance laced with the thrill of street dancing! Midori just started high school and isn't interested in guys. She thinks they're all like her broth... read more.
24 Colors: Hatsukoi no Palette add
Nanaka loves to paint. So when she enters high school, she gets excited at the prospect of jointing the arts club. However, there's only two members—the mysterious ... read more.
24-jikan Renaichuu add
Miki always gets turned down so she frequently seeks consultation in love from the convenience store's shop assistant Azuma. Will that be all their relationship ever be? ... read more.
3 Banme no Kareshi add
Rio's main worry is the size of her breasts.Rio even lost her boyfriend because of that! She wants someone to love here for her inside, and at that moment a handsome... read more.
3 Hearts add
Thief Jin Tonic seeks the mysterious treasures known as "The Three Hearts". One night a mysterious woman falls from the sky claiming to be an escaped Princess from a sack... read more.
3 Years add
With her brother's influence, China grew up to become very boyish. But she is a 15 year-old girl who dreams from her heart for a romantic relationship. Now that she's in ... read more.
3-byou, Sude ni Koi. add
Included one-shots: Nanka Suki, Spicy Chocolate Chip
3-gatsu no Dai-2 Button add
1. 1-gatsu no Merry-Go-Round 2. 3-gatsu no Dai-2 Button 3-5. Onnanoko wa Genki!! 6. Basket Girl!!
3-gatsu no Yume add
From Intercross: Yayoi is an energetic girl who is living happily with her single dad. All her life, she's always blamed herself for the death of her mom, and also she... read more.
3-iro♪Signal add
Love triangle between 3 childhood friends.
31☆Idream add
A 31-year-old woman dreams of returning to her high school days. She was the class president and the idol of the school. However, she did not have the courage to reply to... read more.
360° Material add
Taki is cool and is very smart, but likes to go at his own pace. Mio sees Taki at the subway station one day, but suddenly, Taki does something really strange....!? (So... read more.
365-nichi no Koibito add
Collection of 5 stories
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