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Agake. add
No happy endings at all in this one. Every story ends with mind break, mind control, or the main character being used endlessly. (Source: Kizlan)
Manga 1 5.97
Agatsuma Kyoudai Junjouhen add
So close he can just reach out and touch her... Yuji Agatsuma is a lucky guy: His married older sister lives right near his university in Tokyo. He's not quite living on his own, but sharing an more.
Manga 2 6.72
Age Chichi add
A boy is cleaning a toilet stall when is large breasted classmate comes in and catches him staring at her breasts.
One-shot - 6.28
Age Chichi Summer add
One-shot - 6.48
Ageha Chou Aishiteru add
An older brother feels awkward bathing with his little sister like they used to when they were younger, but she doesn't want him to feel awkward around her.
One-shot - 6.81
Ageha no Otome add
1-4. Ageha no Otome 5. Shibatte Goshuujinsama 6-7. Shojoen (Virgin School) 8. Ura Shojoen 9. Chiyori ○○-sai (Chiyori ○○ Years Old) 10. Kyoushi no Yakutoku
Manga 1 6.66
Ah! Little Flower add
1. My Little Lovers 2. Secret Observation Diary 3. Summer Vacation's Gift 4. Apricot Taste 5. Do You Like to be Alone? 6. I Am a Freeloader! 7. After-School Kitten 8. Sensei! It's Health and more.
Manga 1 7.12
Ah, Nanase-sama add
The presidents of many clubs at school are begging the student council president for money, but she can't give it to all of them so she goes with them to another room to "discuss" the more.
Manga 1 7.03
Ahe Colle: Ahegao Collection add
1. Senpai Shiboritate (Freshly Milked Senpai) 2. Kyoudai Skinship (Sister Brother Skinship) 3. Ani Kare 4. Akaneiro no Osananajimi (A Madder Red Childhood Friend) 5. Asagiiro no Kataomoi 6. more.
Manga 1 6.78
Ahe-Can! add
1. Insei no Juliet 2. Bokutachi no Shippai (Our Failure) 3. Missing Girl 4-7. Shiawase no Lamb Chop 8. Katei Houmon 9. Mama no Himitsu (Mama's Secret)
Manga 1 6.35
Ahegao Minai de! Sensei wa Cool Taimashi add
Novel 1 -
Ahegao W Peace add
Anthology of one-shots by various mangaka dealing with ahegao.
Manga 2 6.81
Aheochi Harem: Houkago Ikigao Keiyakusho add
Novel 1 -
Aheochi♥3-byoumae add
1-3. Love & Less 4-9. Sun to Witch 10-11. Utakata Omoi 12. Sun to Witch After
Manga 1 7.26
Ai Color add
One-shot - -
Ai Cute! Kimi ni Koishiteru add
Novel 1 -
Ai da Koi dano Ittenaide add
1. Ookura-sensei to Tsunashima-kun 2. Tsunashima-kun Ookura san: Umi ni Iku 3. Tsunashima-kun Ookura-san to Hiyoshi-san 4. Koishiteru toka Suki da toka 5. Sonna Aki nano de (Because It's Autumn) 6. more.
Manga 1 7.17
Ai Doll Densetsu add
Doujinshi 1 -
Ai ga Areba Koibito ni Saiminjutsu wo Kakete mo Mondainai yo ne? add
Every day was a happy day for Akito and his girlfriend Natsuki, fellow members of the book committee, but Natsuki was reluctant to do more than kissing. (Does she not like me? thought Akito.) While more.
Novel 1 -
Ai ga Ippai Ero wa Oppai add
1. I Love Your Voice 2. Oh! My Lady 3. Fireworks in the Night with You 4. An Older Person 5. Tsukumo Tsuki 6. A Situation Between a Man and a Woman 7. Reunion 8. In Getting to Know You 9. I'm in the more.
Manga 1 6.84
Ai Love Angel add
1-2. Hi-Ka-Ru!! 3-4. Shutsudou!! Shitamachi Tokusou-ka 5. Panic Seishin Jogakuin 6. Ponytail Club 7-8. Idol Dokkiri Maruhi Report! 9-10. Ruru wa Sister!! 11. Keiken shitai no♡
Manga 1 -
Ai Love Nyuu add
1. Hitozuma Bakunyuu Shibori (Wife's Huge Tit Wringing) 2. Hatsujou Burumax (Bloomers in Max Heat) 3. Hokenshitsu no Majo (Witch of the Infirmary) 4. Yuuwaku Costume 5. Chichibanare 6. Yokujou Chair ( more.
Manga 1 6.29
Ai Mai Mii Main add
1-6. Ai Mai Mii Main (I, My, Me, Mine) 7. Kanojo no Shitagi ni Kubittake! 8. Hajimete no Otouto Ijiri 9. Amaenbo x 2 10. Ai Mai Mii Main: Again
Manga 1 6.82
Ai no Bansan add
One-shot - -
Ai no Katachi add
An unassuming high school teacher is secretly married to the school idol.
One-shot - 6.34
Ai no Mahou wo Oshiete! add
1. Mahou Shoujo Ichigo (Magic Girl Ichigo) 2. Mahou Shoujo Mint (Magic Girl Mint) 3. Sakura Testament 4. Yoiko no Jouken (Condition of good child) 5. Pool no Junbi (Preparation for pool) 6. Nice more.
Manga 1 7.27
Ai no Risshou Houshiki add
One-shot - -
Ai Senshi Maria: Black Mission 1999 add
Novel 1 -
Ai to Bonyuu to Yamada-jiru add
Behold the power of the Legendary Breast-Lover! A girl's got a crush on a guy she heard hates huge chests, so she keeps her breasts bound up... until one day it all comes undone and the truth is out! more.
One-shot - 6.83
Ai to Eki no Beat add
One-shot - -
Ai to Eki to ni Mamireta Karada add
1. Koi no Omajinai 2. Kimi no Tsubomi ni Koishiteru 3. Shiri Suki 4. Mizu mo Shitataru Ero Onna 5. Zanshomimai Moushiagemasu
Manga 1 -
Ai to Ikari to Kanashimi no Otoko Isari add
One-shot - -
Ai to Sei Haru no Kemikaru X add
One-shot - 5.74
Ai-Sis! Anata dake no Idol Imouto add
Novel 1 -
Ai♥Doku add
A girl meets her favorite author. (Source: MU)
One-shot - 6.22
Ai♥Kagi add
One-shot - 6.84
Aibiki Renshuu add
One-shot - 6.37
Aibuka! (Kari) add
A club is on the verge of shutting down, so what will the club president do to save his club? Of course, create an idol! (Source: MU) Included one-shot: You're My Idol
Manga 1 7.26
Aigan Kibou Shoujo add
Doujinshi 1 -
Aigan Masochist add
1. Taste Punishment 2. Garden of Beasts 3. Deathbed Game 4. Lust Junkie 5. Training x Teacher 6. Binding Candy 7. Demon Nursery 8. Thorough Vampire 9. Space Captain Lyla
Manga 1 6.51
Aigan Ningyou to Kako ni Torawareta Kanojo add
Doujinshi 1 -
Aigan Robot Lilly add
Manga 3 -
Aigan Ryoujoku Sho add
A collection of three stories. The first is about a young girl who gets married for some guy just to save her fathers business. And there it starts all kinds of BDSM plays. The second story is about more.
Manga 1 6.35
Aiin Reijou add
Manga 1 -
Aiiro Fetishism add
Manga 1 -
Aikagi: Hidamari to Kanojo no Heyagi - Ayane-hen add
Novel 1 -
Aikagi: Hidamari to Kanojo no Heyagi - Chika-hen add
Novel 1 -
Aiken Azukarimasu: Wan-chan to Kyoudo Seikatsu add
One-shot - -
Aimai Lesson: Chimitsu no Leotard add
Novel 1 -
Aimai Mask add
1. Tarinai ne Sacchan 2. Aimai Mask 3. Folder no Kanojo 4. Folder no Kanojo Plus 5. Tomodachi Kareshi (Friend Boyfriend) 6-7. Overtime 8. Korinai Kankei♥ 9. Himitsu no Chihiro-chan 10. Hajimete no more.
Manga 1 -