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A Fairytale for the Demon Lord add
There once was a princess who fell for a curse. Countless times have a knight come in vain attempts to save the poor princess. They all failed, killed by a demon. When a ... read more.
A Patch of Dreams add
Renei thinks she's going crazy. After many years, she has begun to dream about "Ku's World" all the time, a place beneath the shadow of the mysterious Mount Ba... read more.
A Thousand Year Love Of Acacia add
Princess Acacia (name of a flower) of Libya is engaged to the the prince of Hittite. They are madly in love with each other. But Lamec, the young king of Egypt, while con... read more.
A+B add
A "battle fantasy" involving university students battling "angels" to save mankind.

(Source: MU)
A-kun (17) no Sensou add
A-kun (17) no Sensou - I, the Tycoon? add
Onodera Goushi is an high-schooler who isn't much noticed in other people's daily life, in a sense, his life feels like it would be the same if he wasn't around, then one... read more.
Aa! Megami-sama! add
Alone in his dorm room one Saturday night (a frequent occurrence, to be honest), young Keiichi Morisato accidentally dials a wrong number that will literally change his l... read more.
Aa! Megami-sama!: First End add
Keiichi Morisato was a typical college student, a failure with women, struggling to get through his classes, and in general living a pretty nondescript life. That is, unt... read more.
A・D: Tenshi no Uso add
The fourth son of the famous Caluanthes family is, well, quite infamous. Mockingly referred to as a bird of paradise, Fourth dresses gaudily, spends money like water, and... read more.
Abenobashi Mahou☆Shoutengai add
Sasshi's world is in disarray. His best gal pal, Arumi, is about to move away, and his Osaka neighborhood is being demolished in the name of urban renewal.

... read more.
Abide in the Wind add
One day a young glider technician crashes into a strange tree that turns out to be the nest of the last dragon on earth. The technician accidently bonds with the dragons... read more.
Absolute Duo add
After losing a loved one, Tooru Kokonoe enrolls at Kouryou Academy so as to gain a 《Blaze》, a weapon that is his soul manifestation, for the sake of revenge. He was e... read more.
Absolute Witch add
Skyla is a young witch in a world where witches no longer exist. On her way to meet her husband she is picked up by an easily bored old woman and her servant, and a myste... read more.
Academia no Boukensha add
At Academia, a space colony intended to be the world university, a place that gather college students from all walk of life, a group of scientist finally succeed in inven... read more.
Acony add
When Motomi Utsuki moves in his grandfather's apartment , he meets this girl named Acony who claims to be a dead person and eventually he gets to know that this place and... read more.
Ada Senki add
Adabana add
The "Dark Flower" is a sword of legend; a horrible legend of a gruesome slaughter three hundred years past. Lilia, a small girl from a village threatened by the... read more.
One Shot-7.24
Adam Head Dorothy add
Adarshan no Hanayome add
The small country of Adarshan was conquered by the Castoria Empire. To tie the alliance between the two countries, the victorious shogun, Alexid Deke Adars, was forced in... read more.
Addolorato add
A cute little oneshot about two fox deities living in a shrine together with their foul-mouthed master, Shio. True to their fox spirit, they are up to no good all the tim... read more.
One Shot-6.86
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