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2-A no Mahoutsukai add
Fuka Nanase, a 14-year-old in the 8th grade, falls in love for the first time. But when her heart beats, she becomes a witch!?

(Source: Jmanga)
20 Mensou ni Onegai!! add
Akira - who later appears in the CLAMP School Detectives manga series - is a dapper, debonair young thief-for-hire who becomes the object of 5-year-old Utako's affec... read more.
29-sai Dokushin wa Isekai de Jiyuu ni Ikita......katta. add
3 Hearts add
Thief Jin Tonic seeks the mysterious treasures known as "The Three Hearts". One night a mysterious woman falls from the sky claiming to be an escaped Princess from a sack... read more.
One Shot-7.07
3Ping Lovers! Kazuo ni Tsuma no Sekai e Youkoso♪ add
3x3 Eyes add
Through a strange series of events, a young man named Yakumo Fuuji becomes the immortal slave of the last of a race of 3 Eyed immortals. The immortal, Pai, absorbs his so... read more.
3x3 Eyes: Genjuu no Mori no Sounansha add
4 Spirits Plus 2 add
4-koma Koushiki Anthology: Nagi no Asukara add
A spin-off chronicling the various (and humorous) situations that happen to Hikari, Manaka, Chisaki, Tsumugu, and Kaname whem they are not in "scene" in the man... read more.
5 Cats add
In the space between the magical world and the human world, there is a cafe called 5 CATS, which is a meeting place for the residents of the magical world. After a series... read more.
50 Million Km add
Kim Sunhyun is a genius programmer. He is currently working on rovers in outer space when one night he sees a face appear on the screen.
556 lab add
As Kokoro discovers the secret laboratory of her late father, a new world full of wonders is opened up. Some of the inventions prove exceedingly useful.
666 Satan add
In the not too distant future, mankind battles over O-Parts, relics from an ancient civilization. It takes a special kind of person to unlock the full potential of these ... read more.
7 Call add
I can overcome everything because I love you...

Tsukasa, who lost her boyfriend Mizuki from the car accident one year ago, is living vaguely. Suddenly, the... read more.
7200 Byou no Romance add
This is a cinderella-like story in which a shy and common girl gets a pair of glass slippers. The slippers enable her to transform into a cinderella. In this form she's l... read more.
77 Sevens: And, two stars meet again add
There is a world where magic is widely spread. The story takes place at Tenryou International School, which is famous for an elite training school. The students are divid... read more.
7th Dragon the Comic add
7th Dragon takes place in the world of Eden of which 80% is ruled by dragons, so the premise of the manga is simple: Kill all the dragons, or the human race is going to b... read more.
9 Faces of Love add
A collection of oneshots:

Return of Princess Rouana - Asha was sent by her master Cayan, the so-called "evil sorcerer," to send a message to the ... read more.
9 Tails add
9S add
The Security System that Seals the Savage Science Smartly by its Supreme Sagacity and Strength.

9S is set in an age of science, but in a too distant future... read more.
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